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Once Thaygaraja Mudaliar was on the banks of Kaveri river, drying
his tuft hair, after bath.  A student of him and came and asked:
Can you not, Sir, write a commentary on Tiruvachakam?"  Shocked,
Thyagraja Mudaliar told the student, "Me?  You better ask me to
jump into Kaveri and drown myslef.  That will be easier to do for me!
Tiruvachakam is a Raja Sarpam, the King Cobra.  Only a baby-cobra
can go near that.  Not people like me!  You are asking me to write
a commentary on Tiruvachakam!"

Tiruvachakam is such a difficult book.  What I am writing or some
authors have written in books, are mere literal meanings for the songs.  Each song has got four layers of meaning!  On bhakti marga, raja yoga marga, karma marga and Jnana marga!  Nobody has so far understood
all these layers of meaning!       

Subramaniam Sir

It is true Thiruvachagam is a difficult text to be understood just like that .Once Velayutha Mudaliar ,a close devotee of Saint Ramalinga Swamigal ( Vallalar ) asked Vallalar to explain to him the meaning of Thiruvachagam and Vallalar told him that he is ready to do but is he ready to listen and Mudaliar told him he is ready and then Vallalar started with Sivapuranam and started with the first word "Namah Shivaya Vazhgah" and he explained the significance  of "N" in Namah Shivaya itself for more than 2 hrs and Mudaliar had to fall at his feet and accept that he is not fit to receive the meaning of Thiruvachagam . Note : Velayutha Mudaliar himself was a great Scholar at that time .

Subramaniam Sir

Did  Saint Thayumanvar follow Advaita  or Saiva Siddhantha or something different ?
Do u have any info about the Mouna Guru ? Swami Omkarananda has given talks on some of Saint Thayumanavar Songs and I am yet to listen to them fully .


I concur with what you say . Your last line sums it up very well between the teacher and student ,unless there is a wavelength it will not work .
As regarding Nochur I am sorry I have never attended any personal talk of his but have got a few CDs of his that I will listen in the coming days . Actually I never listened to any talks in the past few years of anyone as I was sort of keeping myself in silent sadhana , reflecting on what I have read and listened to earlier .I have only now started listening again slowly and started with Swami Omkarananda's Bhagvad Gita Talk for 30 mts in Shankara TV from 10.30 a.m - 11 a.m and attended couple of his talks here on Uddhava Gita at Padmanabha Swamy Temple .
Om Peace .

General Discussion / Re: How many here do or dont do sandhya vandhanam
« on: August 21, 2012, 04:54:55 PM »
Note : These are just pointers from me , do what pleases you but do it with sincerity , faith and devotion and God will guide you accordingly .

Dear Atma Vichar,

These simple words are of great inspiration and trust me it also made me emotional coz I dont have any spiritual knowledge and the only two books I have read completely till date is "guide to girivalam" and "short story on cow lakshmi"(since I love animals) and nothing else. Much of all I am liking self realization and would continue doing it.

Thank you so much for your heart touching words(just reminded of my father after so many years).


Dear Vinod

Do not bother much about acquiring much spiritual knowledge . Bhagawan Ramana was available both to the scholarly as well as to the ordinary people . Those who had a pure and innocent mind received his grace and guidance .
So keep up with whatever Sadhana you are doing and surrender the fruits of the same to Bhagawan and he will guide you accordingly .
Thanks for reminding me about the book on Cow Lakshmi , I got the same for my brothers daughter ( who is in USA ) and who loves animals but could not send it last time as they had excess luggage .I just have the book by my table and will read it before I find  a way to send it to her by post or through some one .
BTW I am not old enough to be your fathers age and you can consider me as your elder brother .
Happy that you found inspiration from my post .Take Care .Bye Om Peace .

Yes Krishna.I agree and that is what I have mentioned in my post as well.It is just that I have either not grown to that level of understanding that I come to appreciate those things or that they are not meant for me perhaps.As I said,that these speeches are always well attended and that seems to go along with what you have said as well.


I had to cut my message short in my last reply as power went off and hence continuing again .
Thanks for mentioning Nochur , I have listened to a few talks of his and also have his CDs and I do agree that he has his own style of talk .
Thanks also for providing the sumukam link , I know about it but good to remind me again .
Recently Sringeri Acharya Sri Bharathi Theertha Swamigal who is observing his Chaturmasya Vrata in Chennai says that he likes to keep his anugraha bashanam to just 30 mts as he feels that if he talks more than 30 mts ,however interesting it may be ,people will either fall asleep or have a head ache . He says in current context people are mentally strained a lot due to information overload ,thanks to technology and hence he does not want to add to that strain and confines his talk to 30 mts .
I have recently started a project with my family priest to record a series of short talks in Tamil  related to Vedas and other values as prescribed in the Vedas and Sashtras ( with reference to also Tamil Scriptures like Thirukural , Nan Naeri , Naal Adiyar etc ) and they will be freely uploaded in the web after some time and people can freely download those talks .I have seen to it that the talks are 20-22 mts duration only as :
1) Most people have less time these day for listening to these type of talks
2) Even for those who listen I found that their attention span is not more than 20 mts and thanks to Sringeri Acharya for providing me that hint .
3) I have given download facility as today almost everyone carried a LapTop ,IPAD ,IPHONE ,IPOD or have a Cell Phone with MP3 Facility and even if they cant listen at home , they can listen to these talks during their spare time while traveling in a Bus , Train , Flight etc . I gave Swami Guruparananda's link as he has given everything for a free download .
Actually Advaita Vedanta is prescribed only for people who are willing to invest full time( so only Sanyasis , serious spiritual aspirants and retired people come in this category )  in it and since most house holders  cant devote much time ,they get a strain listening to it and also since it does not deal with solving issues on a day to day matter ,they find the matter dry and un-inspiring . That is why they tell House holders not to read Vedanta but to read Bhakti literature like Bhagavatham ,Ramayanam etc which are in the form of stories and easy to listen .

More than what to listen I feel people need to learn first the art of listening which is a big art but never taught in any schools or collages nor by parents .I will share more about it later as I am only recently learning about art of listening and its various benefits . Mpre about it later .Bye Om Peace .

I always get an impression that I am sitting in a 'Class Room' or a 'Workshop' ,being informed,being taught like a Student,Learning something in a Structured way,listening to a 'Lecture'.I do accept that there may be a need for this sort of approach for people in general,and I do find there are capacity crowd coming to listen to these Lectures.They do have a place and serve a need.

Yet,I find myself unable to be interested or involved in this sort of 'cerebral' approach that leaves me totally untouched.
Ravi Sir

Everything has its own place in the world for different individuals and even for the same individuals different things mean differently at various times .
So let us take what we need currently and leave the rest . Internet has given as good choice in this matter and we need to thank the almighty for the same .
More later .Om Peace .


You have echoed my own views . I guess that Ramana Stuti Panchakam was composed by Lord Arunachala himself in the guise of Satyamangalam Sri Venkataramana Iyer .
Even a novice can easily chant it .I never get tired chanting it many times .

Arunachala / Re: Arunachala - Sins - Salvation
« on: August 21, 2012, 01:50:24 PM »
I would just like to add my bit here .
It is not just Girivalam , any spiritual thing be it Parayana , Japa , Puja ,Reading a spiritual book , listening to a spiritual talk , visiting a temple ,holy place etc must be done with great interest and focused attention . There is word in Yogic / Buddhist terminology called "Mindfullness" , doing any act with "Mindfullness" will increase the sacredness of the act and you will feel really energized by it .

In the context of Girivalam it is quite difficult to have complete focus for the entire trip as :
1) It takes 3 hrs - 4 hrs to complete it and human attention span is quite short and there is lack of focus in anything for more than 20 mts
2) There is lot of external diversion like crowd , traffic , other people taklking , shops etc .

To take care of Point -1 practice mindful chanting of any of Bhagwan's stotras like Akshara Mana Malai or other Shiva Stotras from Thevaram , Thiruvachagam or Shiva Stutis in Sanskrit . Once you have learnt by heart few of these sacred hymns , keep mentally chanting these while doing Giri Valam .The mind will not go out to chatter if it is kept occupied .If you do not know any hyms keep chanting Om Namah Shivaya or Om Sri Arunachalasweraya Namah very mindfully or just chant the Maha Mantra :Arunachala Siva Arunachala Siva Arunachala Siva Arunachala .
Carry a water bottle with you so that u do not have to break your journey for tea /coffee /water on the way .If you break your journey for some slight refreshments there is a tendency for loose talks .

To take care of Point-2 , better to start Girivalam early morning at 4 a.m or even earlier so to avoid traffic , crowd ,external disturbance .

Note : the above rule is applicable to healthy , young and middle aged individuals . If you are going with Older people or people who have some health problems , you need to relax the rules a bit and be bit patient but try avoid taking un-necessarily .

Dear Subramaniam Sir

Is there any information about Satyamangalam Sri Venkataramana Iyer .I could not find any info about him in Ramanashram publications /David Godman books .
Ramana Stuti Panchakam is what I found the easiest to chant among all the Tamil Parayana and I do it whenever I have time .
Would be glad if you have any info about its author and what sort of interaction he had with Bhagwan Ramana prior to writing these hymns .
Om Peace .

General Discussion / Re: How many here do or dont do sandhya vandhanam
« on: August 21, 2012, 11:31:29 AM »
Dear Atma Vichar,

I dont do anything. Is sandhya vandanam means just doing namaskaar to the sun god after bath in early hours?
I dont even know what is gayatri mantram, why we have to do and how many times?

I've just recently started doing self enquiry, thats it!


Dear Vinod

I am not competent to prescribe to others what should be done / not done and I can only share some pointers .
Sandhya Vandanam  and Gayathri Japa is a daily ritual invoking of  Water Oblation ( Karma Yoga )+ Prayer ( Bhakti Yoga  ) + Japa of Gayathri ( Jnana Yoga ) to the Sun God ( at the beginner level you invoke the physical sun and once you mature you invoke the inner sun i.e Atman ) .
It is a perfect combination of Karma , Bhakti and Jnana  Yogas.
Actually 3 varnas were supposed to do and it got declined to only Brahmins doing the same and the tragedy today is that even the Brahmins have stopped doing the same . If you want to know why Brahmins need to do then you must read Kanchi Paramacharaya's Deivathin Kural .
I am a Brahmin and though I have been involved in my Yogic Sadhana ,have not done my Sandhya Vandanam properly and I feel it is high time I start putting it as part of my regular schedule .
If you are not a Brahmin do not worry about not doing Sandhya Vandanam .
But the Hymn Aditya Hridyam is an excellent Hymn that is invoking the sun God and anyone can chant it and our Puranas talk about Lord Rama being dejected in his war against Ravana as he was unable to defeat him and Sage Agastya initiated him with the Aditya Hridayam Mantra ( it is a long hymn ) and after chanting it ,  Lord Rama got the strength to fight Ravana and defeat him .
My take on the whole issue ( this is only my interpretation ) is Ravana represents the Tamasic qualities in us and at times we feel lazy and tired and lack motivation and so Chanting this Aditya Hridyam will awaken the energy in us and make us dynamic to face life with confidence .

So in conclusion :
If you are happy doing your current sadhana of Atma Vichar or Self Enquiry  by all means continue with it .But if you are interested in getting the Grace of Sun God then kindly chant Aditya Hridayam .If you have difficulty in following Sanskrit then learn Thirupalli ezuchi of Saint Manickavachagar which is actually chanted in the Mornings at all Temples .This is the best way to start the day i.e Chanting Aditya Hridayam( Sanskrit ) or Tirupalli Ezuchi ( Tamil ) ,if you have time chant Both .
But do not worry if u are unable to do anything . If you have faith in Bhagawan Ramana or Arunachala chant the Mantra : Om Namo Bhagavate Sri  Ramanaya , Om Arunachaleshwaraya Namaha , 108 times when you get up in morning and also in evening .
Note : These are just pointers from me , do what pleases you but do it with sincerity , faith and devotion and God will guide you accordingly .

Welcome Subramaniam Sir

I just want to add the point that there is also Swamiji's Talk on Thayumanvar's Ananda Kalipu in the section "6.Vedantic Texts" and it has 18 talks of 1 hr duration in Tamil on Ananda Kalippu + it has a free PDF download of the text of the Anand Kalippu .
and in "7.General Talks" there is a 1hr talk on  "Thayumanavar Prayer "(Thayumanavar has composed a number of Tamil verses praising the Lord and describing the nature of the Lord. This talk explains one such prayer.).
This is just to inform those who are interested in Thayumanavar Songs .
Om Peace .

Welcome to Poornalayam

The Vedanta classes conducted by Swami Guruparananda( a disciple of Swami Paramarthananda ) , are now available in this site. The message given by Swamiji, guides the listeners to progress steadily, in their study of Vedanta.

All his classes have been classified under the following topics:( Complete free downloads as well as online listening )

   1. Introduction to Vedanta
   2. Bhagavad Gita
   3. Upanishads
   4. Brahma Sutra
   5. Meditation
   6. Vedantic Texts
   7. General Talks

This site enables listening to the classes directly, and also facilitates free downloads.

All are welcome to make use of this facility and be benefited.

Kindly make use of this site and pass on this information to other interested people . Entire Advaita Vedanta Philosophy is now available for free listening in Tamil at the Comfort of your home /IPOD etc .

General Discussion / Re: How many here do or dont do sandhya vandhanam
« on: August 20, 2012, 06:37:56 PM »
Dear atmavichar,

This month being Tamizh Sravana (Avani Avittam), one can chant at least on Sundays, 108 Gayatri and read Aditya
Hridyam.  Sravana is the month, when the Sun is in the zodiac of Leo which is his own house. Hence he is powerful
to confer benefits.  Aditya Hridayam and Gayatri japa is good to propitiate him.

Sure Subramanyam Sir

There is absolutely no excuse for not chanting Gayathri 108 or more times on Sundays or Holidays or when we are free .According to all Acharya's doing Sandhya Vandanam /Gayathri is not just for the individual but for the welfare of the entire society and hence they ask us to take it seriously as a great service that one is doing for the welfare of the society .
I am happy that this forum is discussing this important topic .

General Discussion / Re: How many here do or dont do sandhya vandhanam
« on: August 20, 2012, 06:04:23 PM »
I am also working my way to do twice regular sandhyavandanam properly but since I have already invested my time in my Yoga Sadhana ,need to do some adjustment in the same .But I have read enough to understand the fact that Sandhya Vandanam is the best sadhana for any householder /brahmachari if it is understood and done with full seriousness as it is a combination of Karma , Bhakthi and Jnana .
The alternative for me for Sandhya Vanadanam is Chanting Aditya Hridyam , Gayathri Japa 54 times .

General topics / Re: What I learned in my spiritual quest so far
« on: August 20, 2012, 04:58:13 PM »
In this case,  the sadhaka is following Swami Sivananda's teachings.  And here is Osho who has spoken badly about many Gurus including Swami Sivananda his holiness.

Hence all I wanted to know is how the yoga marga teacher and sadhak is able to re-concile the two

Dear kskat27

Kindly re-read my Lesson-1 : It talks about the apparent contradictions in life and we must learn to live with it without loosing our focus on our primary sadhana and without sacrificing our integrity .
Bhagawan's Maha Mantra - "Mind your business and attend to what you came here for " - to people  who keep questioning him and the ways by which the ashram was being run is the guiding principle for me in this .
Of course as I said , this is my way of approach and it may not be true for others and I have no complaints against the same .

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