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General Discussion / Re: pronuniciaton of gayathri mantra
« on: September 18, 2012, 11:28:20 PM »
I found this good piece of advice on Chanting Gayathri Mantra from the site :
So better use this site that has a comprehensive coverage of Gayathri Mantra
Chanting gAyatrI

1. The gAyatrI should be chanted as five parts, with four passes, thus:
AUM | bhUr bhuva suvaH | tat savitur vareNyam | bhargo devasya dhImahi | dhiyo yo naH prachodayAt AUM ||

2. Specific care should be taken to follow the svara marks in the Sanskrit version of the mantra. Here is an image of the mantra with the svara notations: ...
Here is an audio version of the mantra chanted with svaras : ...

Note : I was able to get the Mantra downloaded from the above link but the image could not be opened .

3. When doing gAyatrI japam , the meaning of the mantra should be contemplated. The japam must be preceded by a saMkalpam and a count is always maintained, either using a japamAla or the knuckles of the right hand. The person in gAyatrI japam should sit erect and still and should not let the mind wander outside the scope of the mantra.

4. The gAyatrI proper should never be chanted in isolation in gAyatrI japam . It is ordained that the gAyatrI should be chanted with the praNavam and the vyAhRutis , and that the chanting should be done in nitya-karma --daily religious routine and in prAyashchittam --atonement.

General topics / Re: What is purpose of chakras ?
« on: September 18, 2012, 01:14:17 PM »
Dear ivac_d.

It is not exactly Self Realization, but one yogi's ascent from lower chakra to the crown, the prana is said to break open
the crown and reach the Pure Space.  You can also call it Self Realization.

Arunachala Siva.


Subramaniam Sir

Kundalini raising no doubt gives a blissful experience but it is not Self realization . It is a mental /pranic effort and has nothing to do with Atma .
However most of people on the path of spirituality are attracted by Kundalini awakening and opening up of Chakras and while it is certainly blissful ,it is not self realization . I have myself done these things as a student of Yoga Marga  and have tasted some of the benefits of the same  but given it up now and also  ask people not to follow it and just confine themselves to doing asanas and basic pranayama to maintain health of the body and keep a calm mind .

General Discussion / Re: my musings
« on: September 18, 2012, 12:40:24 PM »
Dear Nagaraj,

Patience is quite important. While JK said: Effortless and Choicless Awarenss, Sri Bhagavan said that to attain that
Awareness, one has to have a lot of patience and perseverance. Sri Bhagavan's case, it took only 15 minutes, but His
case was special. For all others, one need to put in a lot of efforts.   Upansidads speak of disciples grazing cows for 32 years
and this was three times, and then Atma Upadesam came to be understood and revealed.

Arunachala Siva.

True patience is important and we are impatient because we want a quick fix solution to all our problems .
Laxmana Swamy has mentioned in his book "No Mind I am Self" that many people used to come to him asking if they stay with him for 3 years will they get Moksha for which Laxmana Swamy used to smilingly reply that he is not conducting a degree course in Moksha where people will get a Certificate saying they have attained moksha after 3 years stay with him .

Many people used to ask Bhagwan Ramana that whether he has the capacity to give spiritual power to them the same way Sri Ramakrishna Paramahmsa gave the spiritual power to Vivekananda and Bhagwan's reply was simple : are u first Vivekananda ?

General topics / Re: Brahma Sutra Bhashya
« on: September 17, 2012, 10:54:54 PM »
Brahma Sutram talk in Tamil by Swami Guruparananda
Vyasacharya wrote the Brahma Sutras to clarify various possible doubts that could arise while studying the Upanishad mantras.

In these 33 classes, the first four sutras are explained.

General topics / Re: Brahma Sutra Bhashya
« on: September 17, 2012, 08:47:57 PM »
Kindly go through the following link for a basic primer on Brahma Sutra by Swami Krishnananda
An Analysis of the Brahma Sutra

by Swami Krishnananda


Kindly note that I have already mentioned that I am not against the Gurus mentioned in this article .
Here is what I said :
Note : I am not against many of the New Age Gurus or their programs mentioned in this article but want people to take what is essential and useful for them and handle their life which is in front of them instead of living in the myth that everything is rosy after attending few programs or courses offered by these new age Gurus .

There is a larger social issue post liberalization and that is the reason why these New Age Gurus keep mushrooming and many Urban youth are not aware of that and hence kindly reflect on this last para .This is the whole issue :

Unless they realize that the real reason for their miseries is the capitalist fueled economies and that these gurus are actually encouraged and supported by the very same biggies who exploit them, there will be no reprieve from this syndrome. Today, it is Nithyananda. Tomorrow, it’ll be someone else.

General topics / Re: Karma and jnAna-KAnchi mahAswami
« on: September 16, 2012, 02:37:48 PM »
Dear Krishnan,

Yes. The karma marga in Vedic sense is referring only to rituals like yagna and homa.  The modern day social service is not
karma marga. 
Kindly go through the article of Arthur Osborne being posted by me in parts in David's blog. It appeared originally
in Mountain Path, Jan 1965.

Arunachala Siva.

Traditional Karma refers to Pancha Maha Yajna of which Social Service has also been built in :
1) Deva Yajna - Worship to God and Devas
2) Rishi Yajna - Worship to Rishis
3) Pitru Yajna - Worship to Pitrus
4) Manushya Yajna - Service to other human beings - this is what is modern social service done my many people and Organizations
5) Bhuta Yajna - taking care of animals , birds - this is again a modern social service done by many people and Organizations

For a balanced life , all the above 5 needs to be done . It is difficult in Modern times but we must find ways to integrate all these 5 as best in our lives .

The Swami Syndrome

The following article came after Nityananda was exposed on TV .But the message is important and warning for many people especially Urban Middle Class youth you get trapped in the programs and activities of many New Age Gurus .Note : I am not against many of the New Age Gurus or their programs mentioned in this article but want people to take what is essential and useful for them and handle their life which is in front of them instead of living in the myth that everything is rosy after attending few programs or courses offered by these new age Gurus .

Another day. Another Swami. Over the last few days, all television channels have been abuzz with news of the Nithyananda scandal, a sting operation which has captured the swami in a compromising position with a popular actress. As expected, this has incensed the general public who have damaged his ashrams and burnt his effigies. A swami getting exposed is not a new occurrence. In spite of this, why do people fall prey to these fraudsters time and again? To understand this, one needs to take an in depth look into this complex relationship.

A country like India has never been in dearth of religious gurus. From the usual street corner tantrik or fakir to high profile gurus such as Sai Baba, Amrita, DGS Dinakaran etc, the gurus are many. In fact, the gurus would probably outnumber the different gods of all religions put together. Traditionally, their roles were mostly restricted to performing gimmicks such as vomiting lingams and necklaces, giving out oracles (arul vaaku) and spewing out some Sanskrit mumbo jumbo which no one can make any sense of. People like DGS Dinakaran made their riches by organizing miracle gatherings where ‘acts of god’ were performed. This included things like people suffering from incurable diseases being cured instantly, the physically challenged being able to walk etc. In addition to making millions out of people’s misery, these people often wielded powerful political clouts which gave them elite status. Most often, the people who were followers of these gurus were poles apart. They were either the super rich or the very poor. But this trend took a change during the mid 90s. With the advent of globalisation, not only did the society in general begin to evolve, so did the gurus. With a burgeoning middle class, the swamis adopted new techniques to tap this new market.

Though globalisation has been a bane for many, it has also been a boon for some.
With more and more multinationals setting shop in various metros, the young and educated middle class benefited the most from the job opportunities created by these new ventures. Though their new careers helped them procure the material comforts which they have always dreamt of, the stressful work life left them burnt out with little time or energy to enjoy those riches. Instead of introspecting into the reasons and system which has led to such a situation, more of these ‘educated and knowledgeable’ people went in search of gurus who will be able to rid them of all these worries. The gurus capitalised on this need and came up with different fancy ideas to make money. Programs such as ‘The Art of Living’ by Ravishankar, ‘LifeBliss Foundation’ by Nithyananda, “Transcendental Meditation movement” by Mahesh Yogi claim to show us how to lead a better life through Yoga and meditation.

A closer look at all these programs and discourses will show all that these gurus preach are basic facts of life known by everyone. But each one claims that their program is the only means by which one can achieve happiness and peace. And these programs do not come cheap. They are specifically designed for the corporate world and cost thousands of dollars. Naturally, the participants feel rejuvenated at the end of the program. If someone is housed in a serene environment with all facilities for a few days and does nothing but relax and enjoy clean and fresh air, they are bound to feel good. There is nothing spiritual or magical about it. But this temporary escape will vanish when reality returns. When these gurus get exposed, it obviously aggravates the followers because all these days they were being fed with crap that ‘worldly pleasures’ are bad and one needs to rid themselves of such ‘pleasures’ in order to achieve ‘true happiness’. When they see the same guy who said such things indulging in those ‘pleasures’, they feel cheated. Their misery is analogous to that of people who lose money by investing heavily in chit funds. They are not angry that they have been foolish enough to let themselves be cheated by someone who only told them those things that they wanted to hear; they are just angry that they didn’t choose the ‘right’ guru.

Even when these swamis get defamed, no doubt some people will still continue to stand by them. Others will continue their quest to find a ‘more effective’ guru. Its almost as if they need one guru or the other to tell them how to lead their lives. Unless they realize that the real reason for their miseries is the capitalist fueled economies and that these gurus are actually encouraged and supported by the very same biggies who exploit them, there will be no reprieve from this syndrome. Today, it is Nithyananda. Tomorrow, it’ll be someone else.

General topics / Re: a practical advise need from all
« on: September 16, 2012, 01:33:41 PM »
Wonderful post that every earnest seeker should take note of.I fully concur with your recommendation.I have not gone through the post that initiated this or the subsequent posts,yet I can figure out what your post addresses.

Yogi ShuddhAnanda Bharati used to advise:பசித்திரு,விழித்திரு,தனித்திரு!(Stay Hungry,Stay awake,Stay Alone!)



It was Saint Ramalinga Swamigal ( Vallalar ) who used that terminology first  i.e பசித்திரு,விழித்திரு,தனித்திரு.

General topics / Re: a practical advise need from all
« on: September 16, 2012, 11:20:27 AM »
Dear Kskat

This is an old post that I recently came across and I do not know whether it is still relevant for you .Anway let me share my basic inputs :

1) No one can tell you exactly what you must do as each one will give an advice based on their own personal situation and condition and it may not practically apply to you .
2) Most of the great sages gave generic answers and that is also of not much help as you have found out yourself .
So what to do ?
Understand simply the fact that you have to wage a lone battle in this and this is the way all sadhaks have done it .I have never found one spiritual aspirant who had it easy i.e getting a good name / good understanding from anyone , more so from the family . Why even Bhagwan Ramana had a fight with his brother before leaving his house for Arunacahala .

But we are not Bhagawan Ramana as we still keeping asking other's opinion for what to do .
No doubt we can take Bhagwan Ramana for inspiration but let us be clear that we need to handle the life in front of us  till we  reach a spiritual maturity where u understand that everything works by the grace of God and no point in fighting with anything .
So the path of Surrender is ruled out for you currently and hence u need to focus on the path of effort .
Now what sort of effort do I mean ?
You need to put it those efforts that help u not only immediately but also help you help you in your future .
The only thing that comes to my mind is the Sadhana for you will be "Sandhya Vandana with Gayatri Japa" done with nishkama bhava .I am suggesting this as you are a Brahmin .
Many people do not feel Sandhya Vandam is a sadhana , it is a very high sadhana that also paves way for self enquiry later and also blesses the person with a sharp intellect and lot of spiritual power that he is able to do the day to day easily as well as handle his spiritual tasks as well as his family affairs .I myself understood the benefits of Sandhya Vandanam and Gayathri Japa only later and hence sharing the same here .
If you care a damn for others and want to lead life by your own dictates then follow the path of Bhagwan seriously and take in whatever comes as a prasad .
If you want to go adjusting with others bit by bit then follow the path of Karma Marga as given by our Vedas and Dharma Shastras so that it leads you to Jnana Marga later on its own accord .
So final choice is urs .This is just a pointer from me and please do not take this as a final advice .
By the way your problem is not just unqiue to you and I find many young people  who got interested in spirituality facing this same problem i.e unable to balance work , home , sadhana .
There are no easy answers here .
All the best in your life and sadhana .
Om Peace .

General topics / Re: Shiva Temple
« on: September 16, 2012, 10:45:44 AM »
I used to frequently visit the Kapleeshwar Temple in Mylapore in Chennai on Thursdays offering prayers to Sri Dakshinamurti and Kapaleeshwar there but now not going much there or in fact to any temple .
However I like Kapaleeshwar Temple and apart from that the Shiva Temples that I liked best is the Mahalinga Swamy Temple in Thiruvadai Maruthur , near Kumbakonam. A beautiful temple and that has a great history to it . When Adi Shankara went on his Vijaya Yatra propagating Advaita , Mahalinga Swamy blessed him with the a hand appearing from the Linga saying  "Advaitam Satyam"

General topics / Re: Rama Maharshi practice centre in Bangalore?
« on: September 16, 2012, 10:28:02 AM »
Seems Delhi, Hyedarabad has got Ramana Kendras where in weekends devotees gather a lot.

Unfortunately,  in Bangalore,  I searched to the best of my efforts and the only centres are RMCL and the other one in Mekhri circle but both dont have any weekend Bhagvan related re-treats like Ribhu Gita chanting,  Tamil Parayana or fixed silent meditation.

I feel in Bangalore devotees must come forward and open a centre in the heart of the city.

In Madras,  enormouse places should be there I believe -- the one I know is in Abhirama Puram where someone has donated his house for Ramana's activities.

So bottom line is nowadays in Saturdays I visist Ramakarishna math at Basavangudi,  because I find peace in such satsangs and one is not available yet for our beloved Bhagavan Ramana Maharishee's devotees exclusively in Bangalore -- main city.


Why do u wait for others to start ? Why dont u start ur own Ramana Satsang where ever you are .
Keep a picture of Ramana ,offer some flowers to it and either chant Arunachala Stuti Panchkam or Ramana Stuti Panchakam or play it on the MP3 Cd and listen to it .
Do not bother about numbers .If you are the only person present so be it .

Here Ramanashram has given the basic details about how to start a Ramana Satsang :
What are Ramana satsang?

A Ramana satsang is a group of devotees of Sri Ramana Maharshi who gather together to strengthen their experience of the presence of Sri Ramana, deepen their understanding of his teachings and receive inspiration from fellow seekers on the path of practice as taught and lived by the Master. 

These meetings usually take place at devotees’ homes, on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. A typical satsang program is as follows:
1.Reading of the Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi, from Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi, or some similar book.
2.satsang Recitations: Given below
3.Silent Meditation: this will vary from 15 minutes to an hour.
4.A reading of Reminiscences of the Maharshi, from books like Letters from Sri Ramanasramam, etc.
5.If parents bring their children to the satsang, the children are encouraged to sing a bhajan or song from the Ramana Bhaje Namam CD or from some other composition on or about Sri Ramana.

This concludes the satsang. Often arrangements for refreshments are made and then served to the devotees at this time.

Satsang recitations :
1. Aksharamanamalai
2. Ramana Sadguru   
3. Upadesa Saram
4. Arunachala Pancharatnam
5. Nakarmana

Note : They have given free audio downloads and PDF files of the above recitations so that u can download and make a copy .

So better start one on your own and let it grow slowly .Even if it does not grow in number so what , u are in communion with Bhagwan and that is more than enough .Try it and see the benefits for urself .

General topics / Re: Spiritual practice after retirement
« on: September 14, 2012, 05:51:46 PM »
Sometimes I get only more confusion in the place of bliss
This is a phase everyone goes through and confusion will be there when u have conflicting interest / conflicting desires and unless and until these conflicts resolve ,you will go through the confusion .

However Do not let these disturb you from your sadhana .Continue to do your sadhana , engage in Ramana Satsang whenever you find time and that will strengthen you .

General topics / Re: Spiritual practice after retirement
« on: September 14, 2012, 02:13:32 PM »
Most of us, in the past and also in the present times, think that
spiritual practice can be reserved for post-retirement life.  This
is, as if the life is on our hands.  Anything can happen by the time
you become 60.
One can have a heart attack and kick the bucket.
Or one can be afflicted with some diseases, which come in the
way of one's concentration or attention.  Or, mere senility will
give tiredness, sleepiness, and one complaint everyday.

A relative of mine who had planned to be more relaxed after retirement and had put all plans in place for  going through various pilgrimages etc and had also booked tickets in advance 2 months before his retirement but after he retired within a few weeks he suddenly died due to heart attack and his plans did not materialize .I met his wife who wept showing all the booked tickets etc .
There are many people who postpone these things waiting for right conditions to materialize but by the time such conditions arrive they become too old or physically weak and unable to do so .
As regards Scriptural study/ Sanskrit Study etc  I find most people post retirement very tired and sleepy in the class and either they doze off or mechanically come for the class .
And that is one reason why I tell everyone that while we must plan for future but we must always believe that future is not completely in our control and if we have any good spiritual wish like pilgrimage ,sanskrit study ,scriptural study etc it is better to fulfill that while we are alive , hale and healthy .
All said and done , one needs to have the blessing of Almighty to have these insights much earlier in life to make retirement a blissful period but I see more bitterness and frustration among many retired people .

I grew up in an atmosphere of Muruga bhakti, because my father
used to chant Tiruppugazh songs everyday in the pooja.  Muruga
is also our family deity. 
My father turned to Sri Satya Sai Baba and stopped all reading and rituals in his later years, but that is another matter.  I started reading Tiruvachakam, from late 1980s and this book attracted me very much.  I was reading one decad everyday and the whole of 566 songs of Tiruvachakam on Sundays.  When later, I was given the Tamil book, Bhagavad Vachnamrutam, Tamil
translation of Talks of Munagala Venkatramiah by Sri A.R. Natarajan in Bangalore. And this made me to arrive at Sri Ramana.  The equation, Muruga (six faced Siva) = Siva (five faced) = Sri Ramana, fitted very well.

Arunachala Siva.   

Subramaniam Sir

Lord Subramanya is also our family deity and our family deity is Tinniyam Subramanya Swami ( few kms away from Lalgudi near Trichy ) . The speciality of this Subramanya is that here Subramanya is facing South i.e Like Lord Dakshinamurti .I visited it only last week . In my life Lord Subramanya comes in various forms ,first as Saint Ramalinga Swamigal , then Swami Sivananda ( I opened a book on Kandar Anubuti by Divine Life Society ,Rishikesh and found a picture of Swami Sivananda with a Vel ) , then Bhagwan Ramana who is Lord Subramanya himself .
My first visit outside India was to Canada as a guest by the Sivananda Ashram in ValMorin , near Quebec and guess what the visit was for - it was for the Kumbabhishekam of Lord Subramanya Temple there .The entire visit was fully sponsored by them ( plane ticket , stay ,food , sight seeing etc ) .
My father expired exactly on the day of Shahsti titi .
Few years back I was pulled deeply in to the devotional songs of Pamban Swamigal - Shanmuga Kavacham , Panchamrutha Vannam, Pagai Kathidal ,Kumarasthavam and I used to visit the Samadhi of Pamban Swamigal on Thursdays and just spend time in silence there . After Bhagwan's Samadhi in Ramanasharm , this is the only samadhi shrine I am comfortable with  that I can visit in a short notice .
When my mother visited America for the first time , she was travelling alone by flight and that was her maiden flight journey to USA and she was quite afraid as it was an International travel and she had to change flights etc ,I told her not to worry and trust in Lord Subramanya and LO she was luckily to have the Main Trustee of the Arupadai Veedu Temple in Besant Nagar Mrs.Alamelu Arunachalam as her co-passenger and she completed helped her out as she was a frequent traveller .
And like this I can continue many things regarding the blessings I received from Lord Subramanya . Why even in this forum , it is through ur help ( u have Subramaniam as the name itself ) to help me out with Bhagwan's Tamil works .Of course I treasure everyone's inputs here .Since I refer to you regularly I am bringing out this Subramanya co-incidence .But I value everyone's contribution here .
I am choked with emotion when I write all these things .
Will share more later . So just let me know which Subramanya is your family deity ?

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