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General Discussion / Re: pronuniciaton of gayathri mantra
« on: September 08, 2012, 08:06:33 PM »


I got the following input from a friend of mine about why many people are unable to get proper benefits of Chanting Gayathri Mantra . He said that Devi Bhagavatham has dealt on this issue .
As Kali Yuga is characterized by materialistic tendencies and straying far
away from Dharma, it is believed that the sages have cast curses on various sacred
mantras to become ineffective in Kali Yuga in order to prevent these mantras from
being misused. There are mantras that  seek to remove the curses of Lord Brahma,
Sage Vasishta and Sage Vishvamitra on Gayatri Mantram. In Devi Bhagavatam, it is
given that  Shapa Vimochana Mantras should be chanted prior to
Gayatri Japam, though this practice is not strictly in vogue.

Those who have more inputs on the same can share it .

General Discussion / Re: pronuniciaton of gayathri mantra
« on: September 07, 2012, 05:45:35 PM »
It is better to follow the Sandhya Vandanam CD of Prakash Kaushik or other that has a chant or instructions of Vedic Scholars . Do not get the CDs that have just Gayathri playing in the form of music or like a Bhajan .They are pleasing to hear but are not correct with regard to pronunciation of the Mantra . Sringeri Sri Sharada Peetam has released a Sandhya Vandanam CD + book and that should help .

General Discussion / Re: how many of you here do japa
« on: September 07, 2012, 05:40:20 PM »
Dear Kskat

Before trying to force urself in doing Japa of any nama/mantra , try learning or listening to few devotional songs / bhajans of your favorite deity / Guru for 20-30mts daily  and that is the first step towards developing any other sadhana further . If u like Shiva then listen to SPB's Shiva Stutis , If u like lord Vishnu then start with MS Subhalakshmi's Vishnu Sahasranamam , Venkatesa Suprabatham , if u like Lord Subramanya then listen to Soolamangalam Sisters Skanda Shasti Kavacham , Skanda Guru Kavacham etc . Try listening to any thing that is lighter , simple to listen and that keeps u interested in listening to it for 20-30 daily .First u need to develop a daily association with ur favorite Guru / Deity and it does not have to be  in the form of Mantra , Nama and it can be in the form of simple ,devotional Bhajans.Once u start with this , the next step will follow accordingly .

Subramaniam Sir

Thanks for the inputs about invoking rain God in various Classical songs and ragas in our culture . Even the daily sandhya vandanam has one mantra chanted in evening "Imam me varuna srudhi havam. adya cha mridaya.." i.e invoking God Varuna - the rain God . This was highlighted by Sringeri Guru Maha Sannidhanam Sri Chandrasekharendra Sarswathi when some one asked him which Mantra to chant to invoke the rain God and he said if he did Sandhya Vandanam properly that is itself enough and pointed out this mantra .
However I feel many great Mahatmas in our Land have given beautiful hyms , songs , ragas to invoke rain God and we must make best use of it .
I feel it would be better if we can start a separate thread where Mantras , Hymns ,Ragas invoking Rain God can be shared . Few weeks back my family Vadhiyar showed me a list of shlokas from Narayaneeyam to invoke rain Gods .I will see if I can get it from him  and share the same here
Om Peace  .
Om Peace .

Subramaniam Sir

I had already mentioned about the efforts of Sri Damodaran in my first post in a quote .Anyway nice to remind people of it again . It is good that Thiruvachagam Parayana is being organized at various places .

Subramaniam Sir

What a Miracle today Sun 2 Sept 2012  in Chennai . At 5 p.m when the Thiruvachagam Parayanam was completed in Kanchi Mahaswamy Mantapan in Gandhi Nagar ,Adyar there was heavy downpour in Adyar , Mylapore areas .I do not know about other Areas where there was rain .It seems Gods where themselves pleased by this effort and showered their blessings .

I understood more of Tiruvachakam only by reading again and again the Tamizh verses.

Subramaniam Sir

My approach is also the same . I just intend to parayanam of Thiruvachagam , Thirukural and Thevarams , Thayumanavar songs , Thiruarutpa and Bhagwan Ramana's Tamil works bit by bit and slowly understand its meaning .In the meanwhile I am open to listening to talks on the above Tamil works as well as read Translations of the same .

Subramaniam Sir

Thanks for these inputs .Thiruvachagam is a priceless treasure . But I feel to understand "its depths"  one needs to be a quite an evolved soul .Anyway till then let us enjoy its verses as best as we can .

This is just to inform all interested people that there will be a complete Parayana of Thiruvachagam on Sun 2 Sept 2012 at Sri Kanchi Mahaswamy Anatha Mandapam , close to Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple in Adyar ,Gandhi Nagar

Timings : 9 a.m - 5 p.m
Swami Omkarananda who is observing his Chaturmasya Vrata there is conducting it and many other Thiruvachagam scholars and Parayana Groups will be participating in the same .

Just now found in Sri Ramanaashram Saranagati News Letter the Sept 2012 issue , a short clip about a similar effort taken by one Sri Damodaran in popularizing Thiruvachagam complete Parayana at many places in Tamil Nadu .
Here is the news clip:

Sri Damodharan of Tirukazhukundram, the town where Jnana Sambandar, Appar, Sundara,and Manikavachakar came and sang their hymns, began sponsoring biksha for 50 pilgrims
each day at the holy kshetra. Discovering the power of Manikavachakar’s great work, the
Tiruvachakam, Sri Damodharan began sponsoring all-day chanting programmes, first in Avudaiyar Kovil (for 1,000) in April, then Chidambaram (4,000) in June, and finally, a full-day programmei n Tiruvannamalai (very close to the Ashram) on the 29th July which hosted more than10,000 participants. The next programme is to take place in Kanchipuram in September

« on: September 01, 2012, 05:10:18 PM »
There are many instance of disciples asking their Guru to give the meaning of Life in a single sentence etc and one such reply I heard from a story is the meaning of life is "Behave to others ,as you expect others to behave with you " .
There is another dialogue between Ashtavakara and King Janaka when I believe Ashtavakara asks King Jnaka to give him atmajnana in a split second or so .I am not fully aware of the story but something similar to that .

General Discussion / Re: Non Commericial: Rudram in Ghana Pata form
« on: September 01, 2012, 04:53:34 PM »
Dear Kskat27

I am not listening to Rudram in Ghana Patam right now .I am just following the normal Sri Rudram as Chanted at Sri Ramana Ashram in evening at 5 p.m .
I am right now using the" Vedic Chants of India " audio CD  by Super Audio and sold by Music World . A friend of mine gave it to me long time back and it is excellent with Rudram , Chamakam and other Sooktams .I really enjoy listening to it in Chorus .
For morning ,I listen to Taittriya Upansihad Chrous Chant by Mantraaylaya G .Ramachadrachar and Tharapuram D Muralikrishna & Party , Produced by Symphony Recording .
Both of these are excellent audio in Chorus and right now I just stick to only those Chants selected by Bhagawan Ramana for Parayana at the Ramana Ashram.

Dear atmavichar100,

Ozhivil Odukkam - meaning and comments of Mugavik kaNNan Murugan Adimai, is special in the sense that it gives
Sri Bhagavan's verses and His conversations under many verses. You can try one by one the verses and cover slowly.

Arunachala Siva.

Many thanks Subramaniam Sir

I am following right now the advice Bhagawan gave for Annamalasi Swami in mastering the tamil works i.e write a little and slowly digest bit by bit and even Murugnar gave a sort of similar advice to Kanakammal when she was learning the Tamil classics from him .
If I have any doubts ,I will definitely seek your help /others in the forum .
Thanks once again for ur inputs .

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: jiddu krishnamurthy
« on: August 26, 2012, 07:50:25 PM »
JK did not teach any specific technique but asked us to  enquire the motives behind why we do anything be it secular , spiritual etc .
For eg. is some one says I want to do some meditation ,spiritual sadhana , normally people will tell them to do Japa , read spiritual books , worship god etc . When you come to JK he will ask first "why do you want to do Meditation ?"  .
You may give any answer like say peace of mind etc and next he will ask you "Why you lost your peace of mind " and so on it goes backward .There is no right or wrong answer in this . You must investigate for yourself what is "true" for you . This sort of inner -investigation is quite difficult for most people as people want ready made replies and they will try it for a few days and again complain that is it is not working for them and they go to another teacher , another Guru , another technique etc .
Here J.Krishnamurti talks about self investigation in his own words .
Self Investigation is Hard Work - J.Krishnamurti
But, you see, that (i.e  self investigation ) is tremendously arduous; it is hard work, and you do not like hard work. You prefer an easy, indolent existence—earning a livelihood, accepting what comes, and just drifting along through life. Or, if you don’t do that, you practise some system, some form of compulsion, discipline. You get up every morning at 4 o’clock to meditate—by which you mean forcing yourself to concentrate, compelling your mind to conform to a particular pattern. You drill yourself incessantly, day after day, and that you consider hard work. But that, it seems to me, is a most childish way of working. It is not the work of a mature mind. By hard work I mean something totally different. It is hard work to examine every thought and feeling, every belief, without bringing in your own prejudices, without shielding yourself behind an idea, behind a conclusion, an explanation. It requires hard, clear thinking—which is real work. And most of us do not want to tackle that kind of work. We would rather accept a senseless belief, belong to an organized religion, go to the temple, the church, or the mosque, repeat some words and get a little sensation; and with these things we are satisfied.               
  - J. Krishnamurti

I have found JK's technique as mentioned above to be quite useful in helping me develop lot of clarity as it encourages me "to question " all my motives both outward as well as hidden inner motives . This sounds quite simple but quite difficult as we our  mind always refuses to investigate our own inner motives which are quite unpleasant .Poet Kannadasan written a song for a Tamil Movie "A person has nine things in his mind and has 80 things buried  inside his mind "

I am not comparing Bhagwan's Ramana's Vichara method and JK's method .I follow the investigative method of JK as given above and find it very useful and that is the vichara I use currently . Whether it leads to enlightenment /moksha /self realization etc I do not know but I have found lot of mental clarity in the same .It has helped me a lot in "decluttering" my mind and this "decluttering " is an ongoing process . The essence ( not the quote above which is from a different source ) of JK's method of vichara I found it in the book J.Krishnamurti: As I knew Him by Susunaga Weeraperuma when I visited Rishikesh in October 2010 for my own spiritual break and I consider it the most blissful moment in my life . After this insight , I was seeing JK's teachings from a different light .
JK had made a great impact on me spiritually but as I said I do not want to compare JK , Ramana ,Swami Sivananda etc . Each teacher had their own pointers for the people who came to them .I found the above pointer of JK quite valid for me and using it and find it effective .

Dear atmavichar100,

Yes. There is no English translation of Ozhivil Odukkam. It is a tough Tamizh Vedantic work. Some articles have appeared in
Mountain Path issues giving reference to the book, by one J. Jayaraman.  For Tamizh prose translation, there are two books:

1. One published by Mullai Nilayam, Chennai, where you get Ramalingam Swamigal's initial prose translation of the verse 1.
It starts as VaLLal  Gururayan vAdhu venRa Sambandhan......The remaining translation has been done by Tiruporur
Chidambara Swamigal.

2. The second, quite recent publication, by one Mugavai Kanna Murugan Adimai, of Sri Ramana Satsangh, Chennai.
This is a detailed book which gives elaborate commentary.

Arunachala Siva.   

Dear Subramaniam Sir

Thanks for ur input about Mugavai Kanna Murugam Adimai , I got in touch with him day before yesterday and in fact it was a sort of reconnection for me  with him after a gap of 2-3 years .We had some wonderful heart to heart sharing .
Of course Ozhuvil Odukkam is too complicated a text for me right now .I have just started on with "Ellam Onre"  and following the same steps that Bhagwan gave Annamalai Swami to masteer it i.e write few verses of it daily and read it daily without fail . I will try that method out .
So once again thanks for ur input that helped me get in touch with Sri Murugan Adimai .
Om Peace .

Translations and Commentaries by Forum Members / Re: Thiru Kural
« on: August 23, 2012, 11:17:04 AM »

Thanks for your inputs .Will go through the same .
Om Peace .

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