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General Discussion / Re: Common Discussion
« on: December 21, 2012, 09:39:45 PM »
I was talking of mind fit for Self-Knowledge and the following quote of Swami Paramarthananda on one of his talks of  Sri Dakshinamurti Stotram will make it more clear .

The indication of a purified mind is radical reduction of likes and dislikes, expectation from the people and the world.A non-complaining and prepared mind can understand Vedanta.

Om Peace .

Dear Atmavichar,
         :) Thank you. Let me try and see if I can do some justice to this. I do not know any Tamil, so if someone (Yourself ? Subramanian or Ravi ji ?) could offer to provide the corresponding Tamil explanation [Exact Translation]. I can start with the Sanskrit work as taught by Kavyakantha Ganapathi Muni ji.

Its one of the best vedantic texts I have seen.

Let us not confuse Tamil and Saskrit here . First start with your Sanskrit version and let others share their inputs . In Mountain Path every  issue  there is a verse of Ulladhu Naarpadu being explained by one S.Ram Mohan based on  Lakshmana Sarma's Commentary . I have to go back to the previous issues to start from the beginning .
So anyway you set the ball rolling and let others join in .
Om Peace .

Lets study this text verse by verse.


I have opened an old thread started by you .
I suggest you restart this project . You have started a thread where Sat Darshanam difference is being discussed . There seems to be a slight difference in the Tamil/Sanskrit Versions of the same .
Since you are comfortable with the Sanskrit version , kindly start your explanation for the Sanskrit version verse by verse and we can join the same .

Om Peace

General Discussion / Re: Has anyone gone to Tiruvannamalai recently?
« on: December 21, 2012, 07:29:01 PM »
Subramaniam Sir and others ,

Those who are interested in visiting Thiruvanamali can try this new Hotel .
As regards Power cut , a relative of mine told there is frequent power cuts and we even had Graham writing a post about the same . Might be hotels will have power back up .

Ramana Towers,
10/J/1 Chengam Road ,
4th Street,
Opp. to Ramanashramam,
Thiruvannamalai - 606 603.
Tamil Nadu - SOUTH INDIA.

Ph.         : 04175-235550,235437

Mobile   :  94421 00656
  Email ID :

Note :
1) It is on the expensive side ( Luxury Double Room A/C   Rs. 1750 /- per day + Taxes )
2) There is no facility for having food here but you can always eat in the Canteen in Seshadri Swamigal Ashram
3) The only plus point is it is Opposite to Ramana Ashram and so you can spend more time in Ramana Ashram if you are staying there .
4) Few years back when I visited Ramana Ashram with my friend , we were given a room in a new construction in the same area as this hotel is and I do not know whether it has now been sort of converted to a Paid Guest House / Hotel .It was very decent and clean i.e I do not know whether the place where we stayed is now this new Hotel .In my next visit I may find it .

Om Peace .

I have opened a separate thread for sat-darshanm differences, pls post there.
ill remove some of my posts from here and request you all to repost there if there is anything to discuss.
nagaraj and raviji i have answered in that thread.

Thanks everyone.

Good . Will join there .
Om Peace .

I am leaving this thread here as Anil ji does not want me to write here !

Please let me know if you want me to delete my messages from here as well.


I suggest that you open a separate thread "Self Enquiry as taught by Sri Bhagwan - My Interpretations / My Musings " and share  what you feel like sharing  quoting Bhagwan's Works ( Upadesa Saram , Ulladhu Naarpadu etc ) and supplementing it with  Annamalai Swamy Teachings  , Adi Shankara , Upanishads , Ribhu Gita , Bhagwad Gita etc  and let those who are interested in getting their doubts cleared / clarified pose questions on the same and have the doubts cleared .  This way you give space to others to be what they want and yet your have your own space in this forum .
By the way no need to delete any of your already posted messages .Let it be as they are . But create your own thread and start writing what you feel is the correct interpretation of Bhagwan's Teachings and where are people making mistakes in understanding him . This will help a lot of people currently in the forum as well as those who join new .
Om Peace .

General Discussion / Re: Common Discussion
« on: December 21, 2012, 01:27:05 PM »
please ponder. why is the mind sick ? due to wrong ideas and understanding.

Even to ponder one needs a fit mind first  :)

General Discussion / Re: Common Discussion
« on: December 21, 2012, 01:06:56 PM »
The 10th man does not find the 10th man by praying to a 11th man :D even if he prays and the 11th man is very happy, he will only come and tell him : You are the 10th man.
so unless he "KNOWS" he is the 10th man [MENTALLY KNOWS] , he cannot find that 10th man.

Some cases for the 10th Man to test he is mentally fit first  :)

Case-1 : If the 10th Man is normal sane individual , he will understand what the 11th man says that he is the 10th man and stop worrying .

Case -2: If the 10th Men is a  Clinically Depressed person what will you do ? The mind of a clinically depressed person sees things differently. All the logical explanation you have given above just simply does not apply in the mind of a depressed person.
He needs to be treated for depression and brought back to normal and only then will he understand that he is the 10th Man .

Case-3 :If the 10th Man is highly drunk , instead of seeing 10 people he will be seeing 20 people  :)
So no logic will work for him .One needs to wait till he gets over his drunken state and brought back to normal before the logic enters his head that he is the 10th Man .

So in conclusion :
Logical Knowledge can enter the mind of a person only when he is mentally healthy , sane and fit . Self Knowledge enters the mind of a person only when he is mentally /emotionally prepared through the traditional "Four Disciplines  and Six Behavior Traits"( Sadhana Chatushtaya /  shamAdi Shatsampat )
How one acquires those 4 means and 6 virtues may differ - some through Karma , some through Bhakti , some through Yoga and some through a combination of Karma , Yoga , Bhakti .

The sAdhana chatuShTaya is described by Shankara in the vivekachUDAmaNi as follows:

Adau nityAnityavastuvivekaH parigaNyate |
ihAmutraphalabhOgavirAgasttadanantaram ||
shamAdiShaTkasampattiH mumukShutvamiti sphuTam || - Verse 19.

The first discipline( Viveka )  is the discrimination between the Real and unreal. The next discipline( Vairagya )  is the detachment or dispassion from the enjoyments of the world here and after death (heaven). The third discipline (shamAdi ShaTka sampatti) is the practice of the six behavior traits - shama, dama, uparati, samAdhAna, shraddhA and titikShA; the fourth discipline ( mumukShutva ) is the intense desire for escape from this saMsAra or realization of the divinity in her or him.

Om Peace .

       Ah ah ! u have combined everything up !! :)

so what is this "Experience of Recognition" ? :D LOL!

When that dog came, if i went and told him : hey look, this is sai, he told me. and he believes me ... its done!

What I am trying to say is right from Childhood we have been trained and conditioned to do something to get something . What are all the advertisements geared for - to tempt us to buy a particular product or service to be happy .
There is this joke of a person lying under a tree enjoying a relaxed time and when some asked him how come you are so lazy and not doing any work and that person asks : what are you working for ? and he replies I am working hard to get a good degrees ?
Next follow the dialogue :
Q: What will you do with that good degree ?
A: I will get a good job
Q : What will you do with a good job ?
A: I will get a good  rich girl to marry
Q: What will you get by marrying a good rich girl ?
A : I will be blessed with a good son
Q: What will you do after having a good son ?
A: I will give him good education
Q : What will he do with that good education ?
A: He will get a good job
Q: What will he do with a good job ?
A: He will get a good rich girl to marry
Q: What will he achieve by marrying a good rich girl
A : He will get a good son
Q : So what does it do for you ?
A : After that I will happy retire
Q : What you do after retire ?
A: Happily sit and relax under a tree .
Q: That is what I am doing right now  :)

So this is what the experience of recognition of happiness for the second person   :),while for the first person it was natural from the beginning . Sometimes you need to do something to understand it is not worth doing  :)

As such, do we lack Experience of Self or Recognition of Self ?

We lack experience of recognition of self  :)

General Discussion / Re: Common Discussion
« on: December 20, 2012, 07:54:10 PM »
personally, i would like to keep off from all siddhantas - neither advaita nor dvaita, visishtadvaita, advaitaadvaita, dvaitaadvaita, shunya, shaiva, vaishnava, also want to walk away from the terms brahman, atman, aikyam, mukti, jivanmukti, kingdom of heaven, nirvana, what ever else is left out.

Now, please tell me, who is he who is so much concerned about why he is not being understood by others in the forum?


General Discussion / Re: my musings
« on: December 20, 2012, 02:42:52 PM »
அவனன்றி யோரணுவும் அசையாதெ னும்பெரிய
Not an atom moveth without Him"

This is an excellent verse  that I always think over when I am upset over something  remembering that 'His will only be done " . No doubt I can put my best efforts , plan, improve upon etc  etc but at  the end  of the day I must surrender to the fact that "His will only be done "

Om Peace

Translations and Commentaries by Forum Members / Re: Light Post
« on: December 20, 2012, 02:22:08 PM »
d: Is bhakti and jnana same?

cguru: No, opposite.

d: Everyone says same and you are saying opposite?

cguru: Because:
bhakt(a) -- pursues --> bhakt(i) whereas
jnan(i) -- pursues --> jnan(a)

In one case (a) pursues (i),  and in the other case (i) pursues (a). Looking at this clear opposite, how can I say it is same?

d: Then where do the opposites meet?

cguru: When:
bhakt(a) -- expresses --> jnan(a) and
jnan(i) -- contains --> bhakt(i)

then (a) meets (a) and (i) meets (i).

Wonderful .

Seeking Solitude to 'get away from others' is different than seeking solitude for contemplation and ripening of Sadhana.
No wonder that Sri Bhagavan guides people as per their genuine need.


That sums it up very well .

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