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A good guru and an available disciple

When the disciple is available the Guru comes along .Lord Krishna was always available for Arjuna but till Arjuna surrendered himself to Lord Krishna seeking his help he did not start his Gita Upadesh .

As even Satsangha is an exceptional boon... greatness of satsangha is also indescribable.
Yes true even this forum is a sort of Cyber satsangha for us  :)

Ramana used to say that if one is told "You are not the body" ... they may not understand now, but when time is appropriate that will take effect.

Yes I remember Bhagwan Ramana always giving his "direct path" pointer to everyone who came to him including children , ordinary masses etc and all the ripe and mature souls who came to him got that wisdom very easily .For the unripe or people with excess baggage his pointers were difficult to be understood .

I feel the Serenity Prayer sums it up very well

"God give me the courage to change things , that need to be changed and ought to be changed .
of mind to accept things that cannot be changed
and Wisdom to know the difference "
Om Peace

Dear atmavichar,
      :) One need not read books to get wisdom. One may have a guru, one may have some family member conveying wisdom or one may have read a couple of verses on a notice board somewhere and those lines might have caught attention because , perhaps, the time was ripe.

But Vedanta sravanam is the only systematic thing one can do to when it "Clicks" ... is not easy to say.
If one has done some Sravanam, when the moment is ripe one remembers the right understanding.

Sure Tushnim

We are blessed in our Country to have a formal method of conveying this wisdom plus also the informal method of bringing Ishwara in all our day to day actions and learning to accept everything as the will of God .
Om Peace

But beauty is I have found some people( who many not have read much spiritual books etc )

Yes - not in this life. For example, Bhagawan Ramana Maharshi never had read any spiritual books before he had the famous death experience. So some may be already done with all Veda karmas and reading in past lives. So in this life - they dont seemingly read them. Though all of this is Maya - that is the only answer within maya that one can think of.



We do not know the past  life samskaras of a person but yet what I was trying to say is sometimes seemingly ordinary people like exhibit enormous spiritual maturity and wisdom when faced a crisis .
I feel all small small problems in our life are good examples to test ourselves how far we remain centered and we do not have to wait for a big crisis to test us . In that way ever day before going to sleep at night we can verify for ourselves how much we remain centered ,how much we allowed ourselves to get agitated unnecessarily .

Om Peace .

I consider that sort of attitude to be the highest of spiritual maturity i.e being calm and centered  and accepting everything as "God's will " when confronted with a grave personal crisis .

Very true, sir. In fact, such situations help more than going with the flow. I can vouch on what you mentioned by own life - especially when someone's newborn baby is in ICU for 75 long days and every day morning doctors keep telling you that his survival chance is 10% and all they can tell you is that he is alive today and "we will tell you tomorrow" - then only THIS SUPREME TRUTH can give you strength, else you just collapse. And such incidents are mandatory to test our conviction on this truth.


True Sanjay

Life Test everyone in its own way and we will know for ourselves how much we have been cooked only when we confront such a crisis . But beauty is I have found some people( who many not have read much spiritual books etc )  are blessed with the supreme maturity to face the crisis with a calm and centered mind .
I have one personal incident to relate . When my Mother's elder sister wad diagnosed with Brain  Tumor and was admitted in Adyar Cancer hospital and I had arranged for an auto to make my mother daily to meet her and my mother was praying a lot to all forms of God /Gurus to save her and during one Trip the auto driver after dropping her patiently told "Amma , I am not against   your prayer but Kindly learn to accept the fact that your sister will not live longer ,for  many years I do the job of  taking  many families to Adyar Cancer Hospital and the success rate of people survival is less and every one has to go one day and your sister is also old enough i.e 70+ and her cancer is in advanced stage  .So instead of praying for recovery , pray for her to be relived of her suffering as quick as possible , because it is a torture going through various treatment .Learn to welcome death .It is just another journey . Try to strengthen your sister and her family by keeping them happy and cheerful with all the good memories and incidence of the past " .
This was alike a great wisdom coming from a sage and from that day onwards my mother's attitude towards the entire crisis changed .No doubt we did prayers but we were praying for cessation of her suffering and learned to accept the fact that she will not be alive for much and instead of waiting for a rare miracle we learned to accept the situation and do our work as much as to support their family .No doubt my aunt died and we all wept  but we were  thankful to the almighty to convey his wisdom through that Auto driver and he helped prepare us for this difficult situation .

So bottom line :
We can read all the books and scriptures but the test of the same comes only when we face illness , death , misfortune , family crisis etc face to face .

Om Peace

So the point is can we say "I dont have to do anything ?" ... anything ? nowhere to go ! Nothing ... just here ... now ... be.

thats liberation.

I think the test of this statement comes when we face a real crisis - in health , finance , relationship etc etc . It is easy to be going with the flow when things are going smoothly but when the tide is against us that is where we need to see how far we can maintain sanity .
I remember an incident  when the Taj was attacked on 26/11 in Mumbai , the GM of the Taj Hotel rang up his mother who was a devoted religious women to inform her that Taj is attacked and that his  own wife and kids are locked up in the 6th floor where the Terrorists where holding ( i.e he was mentioning that there was very little chance of their survival )  , the mother patiently listened and told him "Son accept it as God's will and now focus on  rescuing everyone with the same intensity that you do to rescue your family "
I consider that sort of attitude to be the highest of spiritual maturity i.e being calm and centered  and accepting everything as "God's will " when confronted with a grave personal crisis .

Om Peace .

General topics / Re: Quotes from Shankaracharya's
« on: December 25, 2012, 08:51:49 PM »
Deliverance from misery is possible only be the direct knowledge of one's true nature. And that happens only through the Guru's Grace.- Sri Sri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamigal.

The student himself has to simply listen, study these and those texts will eventually aid the student abide as the Self continuously.

For me I am yet to study those Scriptural Classics  ( like Ribhu Gita , Ashtavakara Gita ,Upanishads etc ) in depth and right now just confining myself to Shravanam of Srimad Bhagavad Gita and parayana of some Sacred Tamil and Sanskrit Chants but for me studying the English books related to  Bhagwan ( like Power of Presence , Living by the Words of Bhagwan , Day by Day with Bhagwan ,Talks with Ramana Maharshi etc ) are supporting aids for my Niddhidhayasanam as Bhagawan always points to the "Self" whatever the question is . The best book I encountered in my life is "Living by the Words of Bhagwan" as well as "Annamalai Swamy's final talks " and for me they occupy the status of an Upanishad itself .

Om Peace

General topics / Re: Sangam Literature
« on: December 25, 2012, 02:41:42 PM »
The following two verses are from Naladiyar, one of the 18 books of Sangam literature, which speaks of the transient nature of wealth and prosperity.

Subramaniyam Sir

Naladiyar is also an excellent book like Thirukural but it is not as popular as Thirukural but its messages are very excellent .
There is a proverb “The banyan and the Neem twigs make for dental strength”; likewise, the four (lines)- Naladiyar  and the two (lines)-Thirukural  add power to one’s speech, this testifies to the special glory of Thirukkural’ and ‘Naaladiyaar’.

Has Bhagwan quoted any verse of Naladiyar  in his works or replies to questions ?

Mature minds alone can grasp the simple Truth in all its nakedness. - Bhagwan  Ramana

Actually the above quote is part of the following conversation between Bhagwan Ramana and Major Chadwick . But we must note one thing : while Bhagwan Says truth is simple , it is possible to be grasped by a mature mind and not an ordinary mind .
M.: The ultimate Truth is so simple. It is nothing more than being in the pristine state. This is all that need be said. Still, it is a wonder that to teach this simple Truth there should come into being so many religions, creeds, methods and disputes among them and so on! Oh the pity! Oh the pity!

Maj. Chadwick: But people will not be content with simplicity; they want complexity.

M.: Quite so. Because they want something elaborate and attractive and puzzling, so many religions have come into existence and each of them is so complex and each creed in each religion has its own adherents and antagonists. For example, an ordinary Christian will not be satisfied unless he is told that God is somewhere in the far-off Heavens not to be reached by us unaided. Christ alone knew Him and Christ alone can guide us. Worship Christ and be saved. If told the simple truth - "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you" - he is not satisfied and will read complex and far-fetched meanings in such statements. Mature minds alone can grasp the simple Truth in all its nakedness.


Ramana Mentioned 5/6 texts to Annamalai Swami ... all of them are manana/nidhidhyasana based... Ashtavakra Gita, Ribhu Gita, Yoga Vasishta, Ellam Ondre, Kaivalya navaneetam etc... all of them are exceptional texts.

Yes Bhagwan Ramana is well understood by people who have the samskaras to go to the direct path straight away .

Om Peace

Swami Paramarthananda ji's teachings would make you understand the truth
and Ribhu gita will help you abide there in

Let me promise ... if you give your mind to both these ...  completely and without reservations ...
it wont take very long for you to clearly see and abide there :)!

May you discover the Ramana or Arunachala which is ever present as Self within.

Thanks Tushnim

Can we say that Srimad Bhagavad Gita is a good text for Shravanama/Mananam
Ashtavakara Gita good for Mananam/Niddhidhyasanam
Ribhu Gita purely only for Niddhidhyasanam ?

By the way have you heard of another Text Called "Avadhutha Gita " and Swami Sivananda mentions a lot about it .
Om Peace

Thank you dear Atmavichar,
        Seems like a good book, I have downloaded it to read it in detail :) !
Thanks a lot.
Welcome Tushnim

In fact I have to thank my friend who met Swami Shantananda Puri few weeks back at Ramana Ashram and it seems Shantananda Puri urged him to study Ribhu Gita and in fact gave him a free print version of the same autographing that with his small message .In fact yesterday he met me and showed the same and he was the one who pointed out the link to the free PDF Version of the same .
In fact my friend already gifted me a free copy of the Sanskrit English Ribhu Gita text with the audio few weeks back and I started to chant CH-9 of the same from last Thursday i.e  20 Dec 2012 . But as I have restarted the "Shravanam/Mananam" of Srimad Bhagavad Gita of Swami Paramarthananda from Last Sunday i.e 23 Dec 2012 being Gita Jayanati ,I will be occupied with it for some more time but will Chant Ribhu Gita at least once a week mostly on Thursdays to keep in touch with this Text and later make it part of my daily routine .

Om Peace .


Here is a free PDF Booklet called "Sadhanas from Ribhu Gita" by Swami Shantananda Puri

Om Peace

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