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General Discussion / Re: Happy Christmas Eve!
« on: January 07, 2013, 05:57:40 AM »
Dear Friends, Today is Christmas Eve in Serbia. I wish You All Love,Peace and Well Being. May Jesus Bless You with Realisation of Your True Nature. Happy Christmas Eve!!! With love and prayers,

Only from you I came to know  that today is the Christmas Eve in Serbia .Have a wonderful Christmas celebration with your family .
Om Peace

General Discussion / Re: framed picture?
« on: January 06, 2013, 10:36:51 AM »
Dear atmavichar

Amazing are the ways in which bhagavan draws you. Today I have also had a nice story - I went back to collect the framed picture. The storekeeper was not there and his grand mother was guarding the shop. She asked me which picture - since I did not know how to tell her, I looked around and saw the framed picture and showed her the picture. She suddenly called her son and over phone told him : "One person has come to collect the photo of his grand father" :) - I was so thrilled - obviously Bhawan is father of universe, so why contest her? She later asked me - "is it your father?".  I said YES and came home :).


Yes Sanjay . Bhagwan is the loving father / loving  Grandfather to all .
Om Peace .

General Discussion / Re: framed picture?
« on: January 05, 2013, 01:08:30 PM »
Thanks, Subramanian sir.

I got my real HUGE Ramana Bhagavn picture today and gave it for framing. I bought it via courier from Ashram.


It is a huge blessing to have Bhagwan's farmed picture in your house .
I have one personal incident to narrate in this . An aunt of mine from Malaysia visited my house many years back i.e more than 10years back and before leaving from Chennai she visited our house and had to leave some excess luggage and left one bag of books and told that we can keep it to ourselves as she is too old to travel again and take it back . After a week I opened the bag and found one small laminated pic of Bhagwan plus Bhagwan's Upadesa Saram and other books like Lalitha Sahasrnamam etc .I kept the laminated pic of Bhagwan on my table ( it was a small laminated one with a stand and suited for table ) and that day was the first day surprisingly during browsing of the net I came across and old interview of David Godman  from the site ( it is defunct now ) and that was my first encounter to anything by David Godman , from there I came to know of Papaji . Annamalai Swami , Lakshmana Swami ,Sarada Amma etc and then the rest is history .
So whether it is a coincidence or not I do not know but  after I kept that pic on my table it had a great impact on me in being connected with Bhagwan , his close disciples , Arunachala , Ramana Ashram etc etc .

Om Peace .

Ashrams / Re: Impressions from travels to Tiruvannamalai
« on: January 05, 2013, 12:53:14 PM »
Dear All,

Last year when I have done pradakshina I met a guy of my age, who is a local guy. I always follow the dress code when ever I am in this sacred land. So as per the book "guide to girivalam" I always wear white clothes & wear rudraksha mala & do girivalam. When I met this guy during girivalam, he told me to be careful with such dress code because it may attract some siddhas which may be in any form and if it is in some strange form then it may be a shocking/scary experience for me.
Usually I do pradakshina in the late nights and mostly alone, so his words pinches me some times when ever I am alone. Is there any truth in this, since he is a local guy?



Arunachala is a place for Siddhas and nothing surprising in siddhas moving around in various forms . But if you have the mind focused on the Maha Mantra "Arunachala Siva Arunachala Siva .." while doing pradakshina then you need not fear anything . Usually during darkness when we are traveling alone there is a natural fear in any place but that fear need not be there when you travel around Arunachala as you do not consider Arunachala to just another hill of mud and rocks but a very living form of Lord Shiva .

Om Peace .

Ramana Maharshi - Vaidyanata Ashtakam

This is the famous Vaidyanatha Ashtakam with the teachings of Ramana Maharshi that are inspiring.

Bhagwan Ramana considered that the biggest disease is identification with the body but till we reach such a stage we  will be very much concerned about our body when it is affected by any disease /illness and hence this video combined both the teachings of Bhagwan Ramana to root out the main disease as well as Adi Shankara's Hymn to Lord Vaithyanatha to cure of this bodily disease .

This is rendered by a different artiste which is equally inspiring and soothing with the teachings of Bhagwan Ramana being displayed as the song is being played in the background .Only thing is the last 2 lines i.e the PhalaShruti is not in this version .

Sri Vaidyanatha Ashtakam
(The Octet to the king of physicians. by Adi Shankara )

Sri Vaidyanatha Ashtakam is a beautiful Hymn Composed by Adi Shankara and here in the link Bombay Sisters have rendered it beautifully  .Lord Shiva is considered as the king among physicians ( Lord Vaidyanatha) and many people visit Vaitheeswaran Koil  in Tamil Nadu to pray for curing of serious  illness/disease  when they/their family members  are affected by it  . Those who recite this prayer, Thrice a day with devotion,And pray the Lord Vaidyanatha,Who is with his consort Balambika,And who removes the fear of birth and death, Would get cured of all great diseases.Devotees who are desirous of getting cured of diseases are therefore  requested to recited the Vaidyanatha Ashtakam, thrice a day

Here is an excellent rendering of the same by Bombay Sisters

Sree rama soumithri jatayu veda,
Shadanadithya kujarchithya,
Sree neelakandaya daya mayaya,
Sree vaidyanathaya namasivaya.
I salute that God Shiva,

Who is the king among physicians,
Who is worshipped by Rama and Lakshmana,
Who is woshipped by Jatayu,
Who is worshipped by the Vedas,
Who is worshipped by Lord Subrahmanya,
Who is worshipped by the Sun God,
Who is worshipped by the Mars God,
Who is having a blue neck,
And who is the personification of mercy.

Ganga pravahendu jada dharaya,
Trilochanaya smara kala hanthre,
Samstha devairapi poojithaya,
Sree vaidyanathata namasivaya.

I salute that God Shiva,
Who is the king among physicians,
Who wears the flow of Ganges and the moon,
On his head,
Who has three eyes,
Who had killed the God of love and death,
And who is worshipped by all devas.

Bhaktha priyaya, tripuranthakaya,
Pinakine dushta haraya nithyam,
Prathyaksha leelaya manushya loke,
Sree vaidyanathaya namasivaya.

I salute that God Shiva,
Who is the king among physicians,
Who is the lover his devotees,
Who has destroyed the three cities,
Who holds the bow called Pinaka,
Who destroys bad people daily,
And who plays in the world of humans.

Prabhootha vadadhi samastha roga,
Pranasa karthre muni vandhthithaya,
Prabhakarennd wagni vilochanaya,
Sri vaidyanathaya nama sivaya.

I salute that God Shiva,
Who is the king among physicians,
Who cures all great diseases,
Like rheumatism and arthritis,
Who is saluted by great sages,
And to whom, the sun god,
Moon and God of fire are eyes.

Vakchrothra nethrangiri viheena jantho,
Vakchrothra nethrangiri sukha pradaya,
Kushtadhi sarvonnatha roga hanthre,
Sri Vaidyanathaya nama sivaya.

I salute that God Shiva,
Who is the king among physicians,
Who blesses those beings,
Who have lost their speech, hearing, sight and ability to walk,
With these abilities,
And who provides cure,
For devastating diseases like leprosy.

Vedantha vedhyaya jagan mayaya,
Yogiswara dhyeya Padambujaya,
Trimurthy roopaya sahasra namne,
Sri vaidyanathaya nama sivaya.

I salute that God Shiva,
Who is the king among physicians,
Who can be known through vedantha,
Who is spread through out the universe,
Who has a lotus feet ,
That is meditated upon by great sages,
Who is of the form of the holy trinity,
And who has thousand names.

Swatheertha mrudbasma brudanga bajam,
Pisacha dukha arthi bhayapahaya,
Athma swaroopaya sareera bajaam,
Sri Vaidyanaathaya namasivaya.

I salute that God Shiva,
Who is the king among physicians,
Who removes all suferings,
Caused by bad spirits, sorrows and fears,
By dip in his holy tank,
By the holy ash in the temple,
And by the mud below the neem tree of the temple,
And who is the personification of soul,
Occupying human body.

Sree neelakandaya vrushaba dwajaya,
Sarakkanda basmadhya abhi shobithaya,
Suputhradarathi subagyathaya,
Sri vaidyanathaya nama sivaya.

I salute that God Shiva,
Who is the king among physicians,
Who has a blue neck,
Who has the the bull on his flag,
Who shines by flowers, sacred ash and sandal,
Who grants good children and good wife,
And who blesses us with all good luck.

Balambikesa vaidyesa bava roga haredisa,
Japen nama thrayam nithyam maha roga nivaranam.

Those who recite this prayer,
Thrice a day with devotion,
And pray the Lord Vaidyanatha,
Who is with his consort Balambika,
And who removes the fear of birth and death,
Would get cured of all great diseases.

Arunachala / Re: Happy New Year 2013
« on: January 01, 2013, 04:35:58 PM »
New Year 2013 Greetings to all Members here .

Om Peace

General Discussion / Re: Poems, Sayings on Solitude
« on: December 31, 2012, 08:59:34 PM »

General Discussion / Re:
« on: December 30, 2012, 08:00:47 PM »
Dear atmavichar100,

Yes. You can see changing of photographs so that you can see all photos of Sri Bhagavan, Hill and the Temple.
Besides it contains all the information that was there earlier, like online purchase facility, calendar of important dates,
etc., etc.,

Arunachala Siva.

Yes Subramaniam Sir . Went through the same .The website has a new fresh look .Some parts are yet to be updated but  I am sure they will do it soon .

General Discussion / Re:
« on: December 30, 2012, 06:56:32 PM »
This official website of the Asramam has under undergone a face lift.

Subramaniam Sir

Thanks for this update .
There is an excellent link in this site to learn verse by verse of  Arunachala Akshara Mana Malai

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: Sri Ramana Ninaivugal:
« on: December 30, 2012, 02:26:17 PM »
Annamalai Swami writes:-

(from Sri Bhagavanum adiyenum:)

Pm 29.02.1939, one 40 year old lame brahmin asked Sri Bhagavan: 'Bhagavan! I am having only dhukkha throughout my life.
Is it poorva janma karma? Even when I was in the womb of my mother, she is said to have suffered a lot. How these all came?

Maharshi: It is only poorva karma only. But instead of thinking about such poorva karma, and karma even before that janma etc.,
find out - 'To whom this Janma had come?' If it is you for you then ask, 'Who am I? The birth, is it for my body? Then let the body
ask this question! All dhukkha are due to thoughts. Our real nature is Sukam. Sukham is permanent. Dhukkham will come and go.


Arunachala Siva.       

Perseverance is the Key for Vichara .

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: Sadhu Natananda
« on: December 30, 2012, 02:14:15 PM »
The balance Verses from 72- 106 I have posted from David's  blog from the following link:

What excellent deeds did I, a dog, perform in the past that enabled me to come into contact with him who has no equal, and by doing so attain salvation?


Acting through ego-consciousness, the mind used to suffer by jumping out through the five senses, but now, through being-consciousness, it remains as sat [reality].


The soul that grew weary in the causal body [the unaware state of the ego during deep sleep ] through not having the eye of grace has now attained the good fortune of shining as perfect and complete being-consciousness.


The body was formerly an abode for disease, the enjoyment of sense perceptions and the ego ghost. Now it has become the dwelling place of the Lord.


Like breath, which remains continuous and unchanged even in sleep, the state of perfection, which is devoid of coming and going, became natural even in dream.


In this world is there anything to equal the love of my father who manifests himself [within devotees] even before they begin to worship him.


As desires ceased through the blessings of my Master, the mind, which was never previously satisfied, now attained fullness and completeness.


Having succeeded in getting the good fortune of practising devotion to the feet of the Lord in whom grace is abounding, the soul, which was merged in dark delusion, attained the Heart state.


To my eye of jnana, which has seen the truth, the Self appears everywhere. The illusory objects perceived by the senses, which I saw when I was deluded, no longer appear.


When the glittering sun appears, no stars are seen. Similarly, when my godliness arose, no thought appeared.


Jnana did not shine as long as the ego manifested. When the Self appeared, ego disappeared by itself.


My teacher said, ‘It is the “I am the body” viewpoint that leads to differences of “I” and “you”. If that viewpoint goes, non-differentiation will shine.’


In dispelling my ignorance that made me regard him as a human being like me, he whose love is equalled by none was more kind than a mother.


By thinking without thought of the one [Bhagavan] who, like Arunachala, abides without movement, I sank into the Heart.


Explaining the experience of the Self, which is ‘remaining still’, by remaining still himself, is a great feat indeed.


Because he admitted me, a useless person, to the group of true devotees, the fame of my Lord flourished throughout the world.


Even after seeing that I did not have the fitness to approach his feet, he redeemed me through his sweet ambrosial teachings.


Appearing as the Guru outside and as consciousness within, he weeded out the illusory mind and revealed my real nature.


Even if they [devotees] are lacking in maturity, if they see the grace-emanating lustrous countenance of the one who is the embodiment of jnana, their liberation is certain.


By redeeming helpless ones such as me, he became foremost among saviours, with none to equal him.


The true devotees of the king of munis, who is admired even by the three gods, will live and attain a greatness that even devas find difficult to acquire.

[The three Gods are Brahma, Vishnu and Siva. The devas mentioned in this verse are dwellers in the Hindu heavenly realms. Many Hindu teachers state that devas will have to be reborn on earth if they want to get enlightened.]


Like the Ganga that removes the sins of those who bathe in it, our Lord will completely destroy the infatuation of those who have come to him.


Those who offer themselves as dakshina, becoming the slaves of our Lord, are certain to get redeemed, becoming blessed ones even in this very life.

[Dakshina is the traditional fee that one gives to a Guru for instruction. Natanananda is saying here that those who offer their minds as dakshina get enlightened.

Around 1990 I attended a December 25th darshan in Lakshmana Swamy’s house. That’s the date of his birthday and, coincidentally, Christmas Day. There were only a few of us there.

He looked at us and said, ‘Where’s my Christmas present? It’s Christmas day today.’

We were all a bit embarrassed because no one had thought to buy anything. He had never bothered with Christmas celebrations before.

Seeing our discomfiture, he laughed and said, ‘People give me all sorts of things that I don’t want, don’t need and never use. The only thing I ever want from a devotee is the gift of his or her mind. I never get what I want for Christmas because devotees don’t know how to hand over their minds.’]


People of the world! In order to get salvation by taking refuge in Ramana, who bestows grace constantly and ungrudgingly, come before your days on this earth are finished.


If you take shelter under Sri Ramana, the celestial wish-fulfilling tree, you will live effortlessly as the enjoyer of bliss.


Those who have devotion to the feet of our Lord, the great Lord who is praised by everyone, will become, in their true nature, members of a group that are established in grace.


Those who come in the lineage of [my Lord] who bestows ‘That’, which is not reached through books, will shine as noble jnanis.


He who does not look at faults, performed the divine dance, taking even my imperfect heart as chitrambalam.

[Chitrambalam is the ‘expanse of consciousness’. It is a term that is particularly associated with the manifestation of Lord Nataraja, the dancing Siva, who performed his divine cosmic dance in Chidambaram. Siva’s divine dance is also mentioned in the next verse.]


Becoming the Heart-space where my Lord dances, I remained permanently sunk in the ocean of bliss.


Surrounded by devotees who have eaten and are now sleeping blissfully, he is the storehouse of compassion, serving ambrosia to the hungry.

[This means that Bhagavan has given his spiritual ambrosia to many devotees who, fully satiated, are now blissfully sleeping the sleep of enlightenment.]


Those who have had the divine fortune a getting the blessings of his divine tongue, which is full of love, will become capable of eradicating the mind, which is full of misery.


My Lord said, ‘When you abide in the Heart as “I am”, as that which is, the illusory ego will get destroyed.’


The Lord of the world of tapas said, ‘The mere thought “I am Siva” will not by itself constitute jnana tapas’.

[Many teachers of Vedanta advocate affirmations such as ‘I am Brahman’ or ‘I am Siva’ as sadhanas. Bhagavan maintained that these practices were intellectual activities that would not lead one to the source of the mind. Sadhu Natanananda had a strong background in Vedanta and may well have been following such a practice when he first came to Bhagavan.]


Your great and wonderful statement – those who are caught in the net of the gracious glance of the sword-like eyes of the Guru will never escape – has now become true.


By getting the rare-to-attain human birth, and the longing for supreme bliss and the difficult-to-find grace of the Guru, I arrived at true life.

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: Sadhu Natananda
« on: December 30, 2012, 02:00:56 PM »
David Godman writes: "Today, by way of encouragement, I want to post some verses by Sadhu Natanananda. Those who have read his story in the various biographies of Bhagavan will know what a rough time he had in his early years at Ramanasramam. I have spoken to a few people who knew him well, and they all said that his spiritual life was a grim and prolonged struggle against his ego. Finally, as the following verses indicate, he made the breakthrough.

He was my neighbour when I first lived in Tiruvannamalai. Though he lived less than fifteen metres from me, he never acknowledged my existence in the year and a half I lived in that particular house. One day I was walking down my street with Viswanatha Swami, an old friend of Sadhu Natanananda who had known him almost sixty years. Sadhu Natanananda was walking in the opposite direction, his gaze, as usual, firmly placed on the ground just ahead of his feet.

Viswanatha Swami whispered to me, ‘Don’t look at him, don’t acknowledge his presence on the road, and don’t say “Hello”. He doesn’t like people to notice him.’

After we were out of earshot Viswanatha Swami added, ‘He has attained everything there is to attain. His work is over.’ "

So, it wasn’t personal. Sadhu Natanananda ignored everyone, even old devotees, and preferred it that way. I often think of this example of self-effacement and self-abnegation when I see the rash of newer ‘devotees’ advertising their satsangs. Sadhu Natanananda wore his self down to nothing through a fierce and determined struggle against the vagaries of his mind. Then, without seeking attention or acclaim, he spent his remaining years in solitude, avoiding company wherever possible and abiding as the Self.

Bhagavan had recognised his potential early on, as the following anecdote reveals:

On one Vyasapurnima day [a festival that is celebrated on the day of the July-August full moon], Ganapati Muni, Kapali Sastri, along with a group of Sanskrit scholars, were walking around the mountain. They stopped off at the ashram to pay their respects to the Maharshi. When they were seated in the old hall they started discussing philosophy in Sanskrit. I was listening to the discussion, and I knew that they were discussing philosophy, but I could not follow the meaning. Because of this my mind began to wander and I became quite agitated, wondering when the day would dawn when I would have the experiences that they were talking about. My longing for these experiences was so intense that I lost all consciousness of the body. I was not sure how long I remained in that state, but suddenly a voice brought back my normal consciousness. All the others had left and only Bhagavan remained in the hall.

‘Why are you so dejected?’ said the voice. ‘If you were really unfit to realise the Self in this life, then you could not have come to this place at all. The power that drew you here will make you realise the Self. If not today, it is bound to fulfill its commitment. There is no reason why you should feel dejected.’
Sadhu Natanananda’s despair and despondency were so acute, he actually passed out from frustrated longing. This story was recorded by V. Ganesan and reported in The Mountain Path, 1981, p. 235. A version of it also occurs in Self Realization (7th ed. 1968) p.223, but that account does not explicitly state that Natanananda was spiritually mature enough to realise the Self before he died.
The following verses that Sadhu Natanananda wrote are from Tiruvarut Selvam (The Wealth of Divine Grace). They were found in one of his notebooks long after he passed away. An English translation of the whole poem appears on pages 131 to 142 of Sri Ramana Darsanam.


On that day when I caught hold of your feet, saying, ‘You are my refuge,’ you granted me freedom from fear by saying, ‘Fear not’.


I rid myself of burdens by surrendering my life to the guardianship of Sri Ramana. Responsibility for my life became his, and I attained salvation.


When I realised that no actions were ‘my’ actions, and that all actions were actions of the Lord, I was freed from ego.


Only the thought of Siva Ramana made my mind clear, dispelling completely the fear of birth and death.


The ghost of tamoguna [mental sloth] was only chased away by the good and beneficial mantra Namo Ramanaya [Obeisance to Ramana].


For me who was like a worm in excreta, engrossed in a false life, that was the only mantra that saved me, giving me eternal true life.


By getting rid of oppressive attachments, ‘I’ died. What is now animating the body is being-consciousness, that which abides as my Lord.


When, though bad company, I slipped from my real nature, it [being-consciousness] placed me in good company and corrected my error.


I jumped into the ruined well, family life, but he [Bhagavan] lifted me out and freed me from misery. He completely saved me.


To me who had the conceit that I knew everything, my Lord, dispelling ignorance, gave the eye of jnana.


I was extremely eager to become mature, before I was really ready. You weeded out the root of this fault before I got into trouble by transgressing all [accepted] limits.


When I posed as a Guru, deceiving devotees without compunction, you put an end to my stupid behaviour.


You declared that to be humble, to become as tiny as an atom, is extremely great. In this way you kept me under the shade of your feet, making me, a contemptible person, humble.


When, even after external renunciation, I found that the mind had not been renounced, you made me renounce my [physical] renunciation and tested my slackness.

[The ‘slackness’ refers to Natanananda not adhering to Bhagavan’s teachings on taking sannyasa.

In the early 1920s Natanananda asked Bhagavan to give him the orange robes of a sannyasin. Natanananda had brought the cloth to the old hall but Bhagavan refused to touch it. Natanananda then put the cloth on the stool in front of Bhagavan that visitors put their offerings on. After a few minutes he took it away and began to wear it. A few months later, when Natanananda decided to give up his life as a sannyasin, he presented the orange robes to Bhagavan. For the rest of his life he only ever wore white clothes.]


O Sadguru! Is it easy to enter the expansive Heart and shine as consciousness if the ego is not destroyed?


The desire for fame, which deludes a mind merged in darkness, will not approach anywhere near a mind that has the light of jnana.


I did not realise that you eternally dwelt as the god of dharma in my heart. Through your chastening grace you made me suffer, and in this way corrected me.


Like a mother who does not show harshness towards her son, even if he commits wicked deeds, you possess a great and cool compassion.


Since it was suffering that developed into dispassion and redeemed me, misery became more beneficial than joy to poor me.


Consciousness, manifesting within and becoming my Guru, perpetually prevented me from identifying with sense perceptions.


Losing Self-awareness, I was chained in the body by the vile senses. I was liberated by consciousness that manifested in my Heart as the soul of my soul.


When I was surrounded by illusory darkness, remaining in a state in which I was unable to bloom, the sun of truth-grace made me blossom.


Formerly the Supreme Self was like an atom in me, but through love it [truth-grace] made it into the vast expanse and made me see it.


My Lord said, ‘The foremost mystery among all those that are called mysteries is “To shine as the Self”’.
For rest of the verses refer my post below :

dear atmavichar100,

Sri Bhagavan is known for His phenomenal patience. Any answer from Him will revolve only around: Find out who you are?
Find out who is the doubter?  People have asked questions as to when their daughters' marriages would take place!
Sri Bhagavan had answered those questions too.   

Arunachala Siva.

Yes Bhagwan's Brahma Astra was always this "Enquire the enquirer" .

Dear atmavichar100,

In my comp. the video streaming of the celebrations did not work at all.

Arunachala Siva.

In my Computer it is working very slowly .I feel because what is posted was a Video in HD Format .I feel soon it will be posted on youtube and we will be able to watch it easily .

Om Peace

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