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Ashrams / Pradakshina Around Bhagavan Ramana's Samadhi
« on: December 27, 2012, 10:02:16 AM »
Pradakshina Around Bhagavan Ramana's Samadhi

A devotee has contributed this video of a walk around Sri Bhagavan's samadhi.

For those who cant visit Ramana Ashram , watching this short video clip with vedic chanting in background  will help create the connection with Bhagwan Ramana and make you feel that you have also done a pradakshina around his samadhi .

Om Peace

Ashrams / Re: visited arunachala on Dec 25
« on: December 27, 2012, 09:42:24 AM »
Dear Kskat

Happy that you had a refreshing trip to Thiruvanamalai .
Is the  "Ozhivil Odukkam " book by Muguvai Kannan Murugan Adimai ? How much is it priced?

Om Peace

General topics / Re: Quotes from Shankaracharya's
« on: December 27, 2012, 09:13:04 AM »
The claim that they can not find even a little time for god, is unacceptable. It is true that in cities, people do leave early for work and return home late. But I ask them, ‘ How is it that you do find time for the newspaper, radio and television? Can you not spare a little of this time to Ishwara? Your attitude only shows that there is a lack of devotion. Shed this attitude and develop devotion." He who has no devotion, tries to find excuses for his own lapses.

Deep devotion to God must be developed and we must set aside at least a little time everyday for his worship. - Sri Sri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamigal

Humour / Re: Funny pictures,quotes,videos...
« on: December 26, 2012, 07:09:03 PM »

Its going to take longer than 1 week may be.
This write up I started almost the day you suggested it.
so its going to take time for sure.

no need to lock this. comments are welcome :) -- and its good to have everything at one place.
Sure Tushnim
Absolutely no pressure . You must be very relaxed when you do this . All the best .Om Peace .


Good that you started with this project .Keep it up but as I said go slowly but steadily as this is a text that has lot of depth .So ideal will be to keep 1 verse per week , if u can do more than that it is OK but realistically speaking best is to have one per week .If you want you can lock it to avoid distractions and use another thread for discussions on the same .

Om Peace

Subramanian Ji,

This is very very true and it has happened many times in my case. Just few days back I was thinking of Arunachala and missing it a lot, but was helpless coz in my new job I am not allowed to take long leave for the first 3 months. Today it is confirmed that I am getting off from 25-28th and I am so lucky that the full moon is falling these days. I am so excited about this and my desire is fulfilled even without wishing it.

Thank you so much sir for the detailed responce of my question and my gratitude also goes for others who have responded.

Many thanks!

Om Arunaachaleshwaraaya Namaha!


Wish you a wonderful time at Arunachala .
By the way yesterday I read an incident from Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa's life that if the desire to go to any spiritual place is very real ,then God will manifest an opportunity for the same from unknown quarters but this desire should be very  deep and not just a simple wish .

Om Peace

General topics / Re: Tiruppavai-Discussion
« on: December 26, 2012, 12:27:24 PM »
Infinite are the ways of God's play,
Subramania Bharati says this in a different way  எத்தனை கோடியின்பம் வைத்தாய் -எங்கள்
     இறைவா!    இறைவா!    இறைவா!        i.e How many billions of pleasures have you made
Oh God, Oh God, Oh God

Yes. Nochur Ji talks about Yazhpanam Yogaswami.

Yazhpanam Yogaswami also visited Bhagwan Ramana
In 1940, Yogaswami went to India on pilgrimage to Banaras and Chidambaram. His letter from Banaras states, "After wanderings far in an earnest quest, I came to Kasi and saw the Lord of the Universe - within myself. The herb that you seek is under your feet."
One day he visited Sri Ramana Maharshi at his Arunachalam Ashram. The two simply sat all afternoon, facing each other in eloquent silence. Not a word was spoken. Back in Jaffna he explained, "We said all that had to be said.

A good guru and an available disciple

When the disciple is available the Guru comes along .Lord Krishna was always available for Arjuna but till Arjuna surrendered himself to Lord Krishna seeking his help he did not start his Gita Upadesh .

As even Satsangha is an exceptional boon... greatness of satsangha is also indescribable.
Yes true even this forum is a sort of Cyber satsangha for us  :)

Ramana used to say that if one is told "You are not the body" ... they may not understand now, but when time is appropriate that will take effect.

Yes I remember Bhagwan Ramana always giving his "direct path" pointer to everyone who came to him including children , ordinary masses etc and all the ripe and mature souls who came to him got that wisdom very easily .For the unripe or people with excess baggage his pointers were difficult to be understood .

I feel the Serenity Prayer sums it up very well

"God give me the courage to change things , that need to be changed and ought to be changed .
of mind to accept things that cannot be changed
and Wisdom to know the difference "
Om Peace

Dear atmavichar,
      :) One need not read books to get wisdom. One may have a guru, one may have some family member conveying wisdom or one may have read a couple of verses on a notice board somewhere and those lines might have caught attention because , perhaps, the time was ripe.

But Vedanta sravanam is the only systematic thing one can do to when it "Clicks" ... is not easy to say.
If one has done some Sravanam, when the moment is ripe one remembers the right understanding.

Sure Tushnim

We are blessed in our Country to have a formal method of conveying this wisdom plus also the informal method of bringing Ishwara in all our day to day actions and learning to accept everything as the will of God .
Om Peace

But beauty is I have found some people( who many not have read much spiritual books etc )

Yes - not in this life. For example, Bhagawan Ramana Maharshi never had read any spiritual books before he had the famous death experience. So some may be already done with all Veda karmas and reading in past lives. So in this life - they dont seemingly read them. Though all of this is Maya - that is the only answer within maya that one can think of.



We do not know the past  life samskaras of a person but yet what I was trying to say is sometimes seemingly ordinary people like exhibit enormous spiritual maturity and wisdom when faced a crisis .
I feel all small small problems in our life are good examples to test ourselves how far we remain centered and we do not have to wait for a big crisis to test us . In that way ever day before going to sleep at night we can verify for ourselves how much we remain centered ,how much we allowed ourselves to get agitated unnecessarily .

Om Peace .

I consider that sort of attitude to be the highest of spiritual maturity i.e being calm and centered  and accepting everything as "God's will " when confronted with a grave personal crisis .

Very true, sir. In fact, such situations help more than going with the flow. I can vouch on what you mentioned by own life - especially when someone's newborn baby is in ICU for 75 long days and every day morning doctors keep telling you that his survival chance is 10% and all they can tell you is that he is alive today and "we will tell you tomorrow" - then only THIS SUPREME TRUTH can give you strength, else you just collapse. And such incidents are mandatory to test our conviction on this truth.


True Sanjay

Life Test everyone in its own way and we will know for ourselves how much we have been cooked only when we confront such a crisis . But beauty is I have found some people( who many not have read much spiritual books etc )  are blessed with the supreme maturity to face the crisis with a calm and centered mind .
I have one personal incident to relate . When my Mother's elder sister wad diagnosed with Brain  Tumor and was admitted in Adyar Cancer hospital and I had arranged for an auto to make my mother daily to meet her and my mother was praying a lot to all forms of God /Gurus to save her and during one Trip the auto driver after dropping her patiently told "Amma , I am not against   your prayer but Kindly learn to accept the fact that your sister will not live longer ,for  many years I do the job of  taking  many families to Adyar Cancer Hospital and the success rate of people survival is less and every one has to go one day and your sister is also old enough i.e 70+ and her cancer is in advanced stage  .So instead of praying for recovery , pray for her to be relived of her suffering as quick as possible , because it is a torture going through various treatment .Learn to welcome death .It is just another journey . Try to strengthen your sister and her family by keeping them happy and cheerful with all the good memories and incidence of the past " .
This was alike a great wisdom coming from a sage and from that day onwards my mother's attitude towards the entire crisis changed .No doubt we did prayers but we were praying for cessation of her suffering and learned to accept the fact that she will not be alive for much and instead of waiting for a rare miracle we learned to accept the situation and do our work as much as to support their family .No doubt my aunt died and we all wept  but we were  thankful to the almighty to convey his wisdom through that Auto driver and he helped prepare us for this difficult situation .

So bottom line :
We can read all the books and scriptures but the test of the same comes only when we face illness , death , misfortune , family crisis etc face to face .

Om Peace

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