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Operating System and Software Issues / Regarding Kindle Reader
« on: December 28, 2012, 11:10:16 AM »
Dear Friends

I love reading lot of books especially related to Yoga , Spirituality etc and since my book shelves are getting overloaded ,I have decided to shift to ebooks . Right now many of Bhagwan's books I read as PDF's on my computer and I am sure in future there will be Kindle versions of the same available .
Right now I have installed Kindle Reader software on my computer and have started to purchase many books from in Kindle format and so reading those books via Kindle reader software on my PC . I am now interested in getting an amazon Kindle reader itself .
I am not interested in getting any new Tablets like IPAD /Samsung etc as my primary purpose is just reading books (available on amazon Kindle ) and not much interested in the various Apps for tablets etc . Having books on Kindle reader will save me carrying books when I travel and also when the power ( TN has notorious power cuts that will only escalate in Summer ) is off I can read it without bothering to log in on my computer . Kindle Reader has ability to have hundreds of books saved in it and has a very long battery life unlike Laptops and get charged easily and also light weight .

Among the various Kindle version available I prefer to get  "Kindle Papwerwhite " , that gives the ability to read also in dark without a night lamp .
Has anyone of you got the above Kindle or any versions of the Kindle .
Kindly share your views ?

Om Peace
Om Peace

I am ready too.

Thanks Tushnim so that makes as now 4 people ready . Let us wait for 1 more day and then make a final call /request to Graham .

Om Peace

Subramaniam Sir and Sanjay

Good that both of you are also willing for this proposal along with me .Let us wait for some more response and then take up this issue with Graham .

Om Peace .

Dear Friends

I have opened a separate thread regarding making voluntary contributions to support this site :

Regarding making some token voluntary contributions to support this site

Om Peace

Dear Members
We have all been enjoying using this forum in one way or another and in this process we forget the main Man ,Graham who is working behind silently in hosting this site and also maintaining it to be free from Ads , Spammers and Trolls .
I feel we must also help contribute a bit to help Graham in maintaining this site . This is adfree site and setup purely on a Non Commerical Basis and I feel all of us must contribute at least a token amount annually to Graham to help him with the webhositing and maintenance charges .
I am open to this .Others can also share their views on the same . We need not consider this as paying to Graham but as a sort of simple Guru Dakshina to Bahgwan Ramana and Arunachala for connecting us .
I do not know how Graham is supporting this site but I do feel that we must make at least a token contribution voluntarily in supporting this site .Absolute no pressure on those who are not interested or who cant make it .So no guilt feelings here . .This is a proposal just to show our respect/ support  to Graham for helping us connect with Bhagwan Ramana and Arunachala .
I do not know whether Graham will be open to this but on my part I feel I must open this topic and I request other members to also share their views . How we can do this we can debate later but would like others views also on the same

Om Peace

Dear atmavichar

Nice write up. Just like we forget the Self which is powering the Maya, we forget Graham who is the silent force behind this :). Good you brought it up - Thank you, Graham.


Yes Sanjay many of us forget the man behind all this  :)
I feel we must also help contribute a bit to help Graham in maintaining this site . This is adfree site and setup purely on a Non Commerical Basis and I feel all of us must contribute at least a token amount annually to Graham to help him with the webhositing and maintenance charges .
I am open to this .Others can also share their views on the same . We need not consider this as paying to Graham but as a sort of simple Guru Dakshina to Bahgwan Ramana and Arunachala for connecting us .
I will open a separate thread for the same .
Members can share in their views there .

Om Peace .

Sri Atmavichar, i share your views :) Thanks to Graham for truly believing in us :D

I only aspire to learn to be a silent spectator as Sri Graham has mastered :) (just in a lighter sense)

I have had good satsang here, got opportunity to be introduced to various tamil scriptures, really been blessed to atleast go near the ambrosial expressions of various tamil saints, if not yet been able to immerse completely in them. This Forum has been of constant help in Swadhyaya, self study.

उद्धरेदात्मनात्मानं नात्मानमवसादयेत् ।
आत्मैव ह्यात्मनो बन्धुरात्मैव रिपुरात्मनः ॥

uddharedātmanātmānaṁ nātmānamavasādayet,
ātmaiva hyātmano bandhurātmaiva ripurātmanaḥ.

By the self thou shouldst deliver the self, thou shouldst not depress and cast down the self
(whether by self-indulgence or suppression);
for the self is the friend of the self and the self is the enemy.



One of the things I got to know from you was about DV Gundappa and his works . A great Genius indeed .Now many people in Tamil Nadu also quote his works and also translate the same in Tamil .Thanks for the pointers from DV Gundappa .

Ashrams / Re: visited arunachala on Dec 25
« on: December 28, 2012, 09:57:49 AM »
Dear sir,

The book is priced at Rs 150/- and it is by Shri Murugadimai.

It is medium volumne with verses and followed by the explanation to verses.

Ashram diary was also available.  I did not know photos are there inside,  otherwise I would have bought one for me.

Thanks Kskat .Muruganadimai is a wonderful devotee of Bhagwan Ramana ,Muruganar and is an expert on Tamil and his books are worth reading .I have been blessed to meet him and interact with him personally but lost contact with him and only through this forum I got the information from Sri Subramaniam Sir that he has written this book and contacted him and he told me that his book will be mostly available in Ramana Ashram .
You must read his commentary on Akshara Mana Malai and it is excellent and indepth .

Om Peace


Dear Graham and All Members here .
Advance New Year 2013 Greetings to all of you .
This is my first year in this forum and it has been only 5 months since I joined this forum ( I joined in August 2012 ) but the experience , knowledge and insights I got through this forum has been very excellent . From each and every member here I got something to learn , unlearn and it is an ongoing process .I do not consider this as just another forum but as a Online Ramana Satsang forum .  Associating with this forum has reconnected me back with Bhagwan's Teachings ( thanks to Subramaniam Sir ) as well as the Traditional Teachings of Advaita  Vedanta ( thanks to Tushnim for the same ) and I do not see any contradictions in the same .I consider Traditional Advaita Teachings help us understand and appreciate Bhagwan Ramana much better if we just take the essence of the sastras ( or where it points to ) ,and not get trapped in the un-necessary "sastric vasanas".
Also through this forum I got to reconnect back to the teachings of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa via the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna , a book that I read when I was young and lost touch of the same and through this forum got back my interest in it . Saint Ramakrishna has his own unique way of conveying the subtle  truths in simple way .Thanks to Sri Ravi for creating that interest .
Also this forum helped me appreciate the richness of Tamil Scriptures ( Bhagwan's Tamil Works , Thevaram , Thiruvachagam , Divya Prabandham ,Thirukural ) etc and thanks once again to Subramaniam Sir for creating that interest in me .His daily dedicated posting on many of these scriptures has made me feel bit ashamed that being a Tamilian how could I have missed out on these treasures .Anyway better late than never I feel  :)
The daily quotes and posts of Nagaraj , Jewell , Hari , Prashanth , Sanjay's practical insights  and Anil's dedication to Bhagwan's direct path , Kskat's serious outpourings ( I appreciate the honesty in his posts ) ,Vinod's simple surrender to Bhagwan Ramana and Arunachala without getting trapped in much theory / teachings , CGuru's mature advice at times , Beloved Abstract's one liners not to get trapped in our stories + many others contribution here ( I am not aware of the people who contributed in the past and can only relate to those whom I encountered after August 2012 ) and all of them have helped me and enriched me in one way or the other and I look forward to more enriching time in this forum in the coming year also .
I am sorry one of our member Lata went through a personal family tragedy and I hope by Bhagwan's grace she is back here and they are able to cope up with the loss in the family .
I am sorry if I forgot someone to mention .
But the biggest Credit must go to Graham for creating this forum and for giving us space to express our thoughts ,feelings related to Bhagwan and other teachers .
I thank you very much Graham for creating this online forum and appreciate your dedication to Bhagwan Ramana and Arunachala .

So once again Wish all of you a Happy New Year 2013 and hope by the grace of Bhagwan Ramana and Arunachala we continue to get strengthened on our spiritual path through this forum and continue contributing here and enrich ourselves as well as others .

Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Ramanaya
 Om Sri Arunachaleswaraya Namaha

Om Peace Peace Peace

General Discussion / Re: Common Discussion
« on: December 28, 2012, 08:58:30 AM »
Dear Nagaraj

I have no emotional approach :) - so never worry about it that way - in fact, people around me feel bad that I am like a stone with no emotions :) . Whatever I say is not because of "emotions" :). So dont worry.

Anyways, since the topic is all twisted and turned around - I wish to stop here. I dont like to get into un-necessary arguments that dont help us move forward. So let us just focus on how we can move forward from where we are - does not matter what we use for that - since everything you and I use belongs to Supreme anyway (hope there is no argument there).


General Discussion / Re: Common Discussion
« on: December 27, 2012, 08:29:36 PM »
Sri Tushnim,

new forum policing :D buddy, your locking the topic was i felt misplaced.

I am surprised that Tushnim himself got quite overwhelmed with the arguments in the other thread to such an extent that he locked it  :)

Dear Sri Atmavichar,

Yes, Thanks very much. Although I had never watched any video on You tube so far, I watched this Video of the Pradakshina around Sri Bhagwan’s Samadhi, following the link pointed out by you.  This is beautiful. Thanks again for the same.


Dear Anil

Glad that you found the video link  useful . I have ripped the video and stored it on my pc and regularly watch it  along with a Pic of Bhagwan with Arunachala in the Background ( especially if I chant any stotra composed by  Bhagwan ) to be in an emotional connection with him .The beauty of this video is it simulates  a virtual pradakshina around his Samadhi shrine and I feel as though myself doing the Pradakshina .

Om Peace

Ashrams / Re: visited arunachala on Dec 25
« on: December 27, 2012, 11:14:19 AM »
Dear Kskat

Happy that you had a refreshing trip to Thiruvanamalai .
Is the  "Ozhivil Odukkam " book by Muguvai Kannan Murugan Adimai ? How much is it priced?

Om Peace

Dear Sir,

In all hurry,  unfortunately I dont know answer to both the  questions,  obviously your obvious questions from someone who has bought a book

I will check.

This Ozhivil Odukkam term came in some Bhagavan book i think Living by words --  David Godman.  Bhagavan advised this book to Annamalai Swami I believe.

This book has so much power --  something I am getting intuitively --  all one's vasanas gets destroyed in a varying degree by reading the verses alone without analyzig too much.

Need to read that book.

I will get details tomorrow on book author and prize

Subramanian Sir -- please throw more light on various authors if they exist on this book.

Dear Kskat

I need the details as a friend of mine is going to Thiruvanamlai next week and I wanted to get the book from me from Sri Ramana Ashram and hence wanted to know the concered author's books is available and its price so that I can give that money to my friend .
No hurry would be happy to get the news by tomorrow .
By the way are the Ashram Diaries available for sale ?

Om Peace

Anil Ji

Very correct. As long as names and forms are there for me, I need name and form to feel attached to. I can deceive myself saying I am not this and that - but the reality is different. Hence, I have Bhagawan's picture right on my table, on my laptop etc. Else I would not have. I dont want to deceive myself saying it is all Maya unless it naturally comes to me. If I deceive myself - I wont progress.

Very well said !

Sanjay ,Anil Others
You can also have this youtube video darshan/pradakshina around Bhagwan Samadhi and watch it when ever you feel like to be in touch with Bhagwan .I have posted it also separately in another thread

Om Peace

Ashrams / Pradakshina Around Bhagavan Ramana's Samadhi
« on: December 27, 2012, 10:02:16 AM »
Pradakshina Around Bhagavan Ramana's Samadhi

A devotee has contributed this video of a walk around Sri Bhagavan's samadhi.

For those who cant visit Ramana Ashram , watching this short video clip with vedic chanting in background  will help create the connection with Bhagwan Ramana and make you feel that you have also done a pradakshina around his samadhi .

Om Peace

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