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General Discussion / Re: my musings
« on: February 14, 2013, 11:30:52 AM »

Happy to note that your cousin has underwent a very successful operation . Congrats to the Team of Doctors who made this possible . Thanks also to the Almighty for making this possible .
Really happy to hear this . Keep us updated about his further progress and hope he returns back to normal life soon .
Om Peace .

Arunachala / Re: Surrendering a wish to Bhagavan and Arunachala
« on: February 13, 2013, 09:36:24 PM »
Would a petition to the Chief Minister by long-term local residents backed by us occasional visitors to Tiruvannamalai help?  I think only a relentless campaign will do the trick. And sorry no bribes will be paid. We expect it to be done for our Arunachala.

Maybe a delegation can meet the Chief Minister or even the District Collector to start with?  What do you all think?

Any volunteers to write up a nice petition that does not sound angry but inspires the authorities to love Arunachala as much as we do.

My take on this is if Ramana Ashram takes a step forward in this and request for public support then all others will follow .But we do not know whether Ramana Ashram has already taken any steps in  that direction and yet things remain as they are .
Unless the Petition is being made by a Seasoned Organization like Ramana Ashram ( with support from Other Spriitual Organizations there in Thiruvanamali  )  I doubt the Concerned authorities will take proper action in this matter . Of course we must understand the fact that Thiruvanamali is not just for Ramana  Ashram and Ramana Devotees and it is a highly populated district and has its own set of concerns and no one can take action just to satisfy the concern of Ramana Devotees .

Translations and Commentaries by Forum Members / Re: Light Post
« on: February 13, 2013, 08:46:15 PM »
Ravi ji, thats ok ... but there can be some problems like this.
When I was studying in my college, I was explaining to my friend about buffers. I was trying to explain to him about file buffers and he was not getting it.
And then suddenly a friend entered , from nowhere and saw me explaining the concept ... he just seems to have heard memory and said "Its simple buddy, you know a floppy ? [those days floppys were still there], thats what it is " and this student of mine said "ah, its so simple i get it !! " :) and i was left stunned as to what I should say, because the concept that was being discussed was something else altogether :D

simple answer ... pointing to something else !
complex or simple is a perspective ... what is has to be presented as it is...
and when its said, one should not be left in a loop. One who can show what is , as it is ... is a guru.
a guru is supposed to have two qualifications according to mundaka : he should be a sthotriya, a person well versed in scriptures and he should be living it . without these two qualifications one become a guru ... thats according to mundaka upanishad.


I was reminded of my collage days after reading what you wrote .
A friend of mine who was absolutely new to computers , computer terminology etc and we had to submit a simple project report . This was in a first year ( and hence not to be confused with the final year Project Report ) .The Lecturer had made it known that he wants the report to be submitted in Soft Copy ( meaning floppy in those days ) . My friend made the report and took a print out of the same and gave it to the Lecturer and the Lecturer told him didn't I tell you to get it in a soft copy . My friend argued that he has got it in a soft copy only . The lecturer took one of the Foppy Disc ( the 3.5 inch one ) and showed him this is what a soft copy is . My friend still trying to prove the lecturer wrong told him sir that is Hard Copy what you are having as u cant bend the floppy disk while I can bend this project report of mine and what I have is the soft copy and what u have is the hard copy ,so u are wrong and the lecturer got fed up and left  unable to argue with this chap :)

Pointer- 5


Atmananda was a young, accomplished Austrian musician called Blanca Schlamm, whose interest in Theosophy first took her on a visit to India in 1925 at the age of twenty-one. She later became an ardent follower of J. Krishnamurti and returned to India in 1935 to teach at the Krishnamurti School near Benares. By 1942 she became despondent and left the school in search of a means to assuage the inner crisis that had engulfed her. This brought her to the Maharshi from whom she sought clarity, peace and direction. From the excerpts of her diary below it is apparent that during her six-week stay in Tiruvannamalai she was granted that, and more.

The diaries of Atmananda were edited by Ram Alexander and published by Indica Books under the title "Death Must Die". The book contains the intimate story of a sincere seeker who ultimately finds her way to peace and security under the loving guidance of Anandamayi Ma. Atmananda died in Benares in 1985 and at her funeral was given the utmost honor and respect accorded a sanyasini of the highest order.

Ramanashram, Tiruvannamalai, 17 May 1942

I left Benares on the 10th May. As the train approached Tiruvannamalai, I suddenly felt blissfully happy, thinking, 'Now all struggle is over, there will be only peace. The prodigal son has returned to his father's house.' After some time this passed.

31 May, 1942 - Questions for Ramana:

(1) If the mind seems utterly confused and muddled, what is the first step in order to get clear?

(2) In one of the books of your dialogues you say that such thoughts as "Is this a good thing to do or is that" should not be allowed. How can one live and decide without such considerations?

(3) At times I am completely at peace and at other times all restlessness. There seems no connection at all between these two conditions. Why is that?

3 June, 1942

Answer to question No.2: "If you surrender to the Supreme Will, there will be no question of decision or choice."

Question: But I don't know the Supreme Will. I do not know to whom to surrender. How do I know the Supreme? I may deceive myself.

It is the mind that deceives itself. At least you must admit that you exist. Either you accept the Supreme or at least enquire into the true nature of your self. Who are you? Knowing or not knowing belongs to the mind and therefore all your so called 'knowledge' is really ignorance. You identify yourself with the mind and that is the cause of the confusion. Enquire more deeply into the true nature of your individuality (i.e., Who is it that possesses a mind?). In fact, if you perceive that the mind does not exist at all, then it will vanish along with the confusion, and what truly is will stand revealed. When you look at your reflection in the water and believe it to be an accurate representation of yourself, then you are troubled when the movement of the water disturbs the reflection. But when you realize that this has no reality to it, then your worries cease. You cannot get rid of your shadow, but you need not believe that it is who you really are.

I feel as if I were two and not one.

Answer: No, there is only the Self, there cannot be two. But if you focus only on the form of the bangle, you may forget that it is made of gold. Yet the form of the bangle is dependent on the gold. It cannot exist without it and ceases to exist when the gold is melted down; but the gold itself remains constant. By deluding yourself into identifying solely with the mind, you deny your true Self. This is worse than suicide, because in suicide you only kill the body; but here you are murdering the Self. Seek the Self and the ego will vanish.

By solving one mind-created problem you only create new ones. When you cut off one leaf, four new ones sprout out. Only by killing the root of the tree, can you prevent the leaves from growing.

17 June 1942

Question: When I asked you how to solve the problems of life, you said "Self surrender." How can one surrender without danger until Self realization has been achieved, as the mind may create its own God to surrender to? The most cruel things in the world are done in the name of God.

Maharshi: The mind and all of its creations come from the same source. Self-enquiry and Self-surrender are the same. As you proceed in Self-enquiry you automatically surrender (as you become nearer to the Divine Source).The person that surrenders to a mind-created God will have to bear the consequences of his actions and suffer for them. But even the thought of God, however false, will take you to the Supreme Truth of the Self ultimately. The man who has realized, knows that the thought of a separate God is utterly false. But until then one cannot help it. When you are totally still, you are the Self. When we think, we are forgetting God. Self-enquiry leads back to Him (who is none other than the Self).

Question: Ultimately, but it may take a long time!

Maharshi: There is no time. You may have it even now.

Someone else's question: If the Self is one, why is it necessary to approach a Guru?

Maharshi: In reality it is not necessary, but because we are dreaming on the physical plane, the presence of the realized man is necessary to wake us up - to remind us of ourselves. When the proud elephant dreams that a lion comes, he gets a shock and wakes up suddenly. As we are all dreaming, the help of the Guru, within this dream, is necessary in order to force us to wake up. The eyes of the Guru disperse the dream.

The physical eyes?

Maharshi: There are only 'eyes', not physical or otherwise.

Miss Merston's question: From where does the 'resolve' come to start the Self-enquiry?

Maharshi: From the mind, like all other thoughts. But by having only one single thought, this thought finally also gets absorbed. You need not follow your thoughts; the more you think the more thoughts there will be. But rather take each thought back to its source. That is surrender and enquiry at the same time.

Why are you unable to refuse when others prevail on you for this or that? Are you not free of karma and therefore able to do as you like?

Maharshi: There are three types of karma:
(1) Made by one's own actions and desires.
(2) Inevitable karma like Government - world circumstances beyond your personal control.
(3) The karma of others taken on himself by the man who is free of his own karma.
Questioner: Is it like Christ, who suffers for the sins of others?

Maharshi: Yes. There is no freedom, it [freedom] is merely a word (i.e., even Christ or the realised saint still must fulfill his destiny outwardly, although inwardly he is fully liberated).

Questioner: Yesterday my old agony of restlessness returned, and with it my fear. I had back ache, head ache and tummy ache and utter misery. This in turn made me resentful at feeling somewhat bound. But this morning I suddenly got back my peace after deciding to talk to Bhagavan and to ask him why I can't get rid of my egotistical resistance. As I asked him the question tears came. The answer was: "Take the resistance into your heart and keep it there."

From the Ashtavakra Gita:
"When the mind is freed from such pairs of opposites as 'this is done' and 'this is not done' it becomes indifferent to religious merit, worldly prosperity, desire for sensual enjoyment and for liberation.

"The one who abhors sense objects avoids them, and one who covets them becomes attached to them. But he who does not accept or reject, is neither unattached nor attached.

"He who has an egoistic feeling even towards liberation and considers even the body as his own is neither an jnani nor a yogi. He only suffers misery."


Here is the thread where you can discuss about what you read here :
It is called Pointers from Bhagwan - For Discussion

General topics / Re: Quotes from Shankaracharya's
« on: February 13, 2013, 07:49:05 AM »
Some are very keen on the Sankalpa portion of any Puja. Not content with God’s grace, they pester Pundits to add more words to the Sankalpa to cater to their longings. Is it necessary? Not at all. Ishwara knows what is best for us. – Sri Sri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamigal.

General topics / Re: Quotes from Shankaracharya's
« on: February 12, 2013, 04:05:20 PM »

Actually that quote was to re-assure a close family member of mine who is going through some difficult times and I assured him of support through my daily prayers . Here Barathi Teerta Swamigal has given twin benefit of such prayers - help to the other person + our own mental purity .

General Discussion / Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
« on: February 12, 2013, 03:39:28 PM »
When you pray for someone in need, the prayer will help him and also purify your mind. Then why not pray for the welfare of all? Praying for the welfare of all is a hallmark of the tradition of Sanatana Dharma. - Sri Sri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamigal

General topics / Re: Quotes from Shankaracharya's
« on: February 12, 2013, 03:36:37 PM »
When you pray for someone in need, the prayer will help him and also purify your mind. Then why not pray for the welfare of all? Praying for the welfare of all is a hallmark of the tradition of Sanatana Dharma. - Sri Sri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamigal

Humour / Re: Funny pictures,quotes,videos...
« on: February 12, 2013, 01:04:17 PM »

The monkeys photo reminded me of a story I heard in a recent lecture. (I may have some numbers wrong, but you get the gist)

When God created various creatures, he asked them to approve the age he planned for them.

First, he created the donkey and gave it about 30 years. The donkey said it didn't want to bear burdens for 30 years and asked for only 10 years.
Second, he created the dog and gave it about 30 years. The dog also it didn't want to run around for 30 years and asked for only 15 years.
Thirdly, he created the monkey and gave it about 30 years. The monkey said it didn't want to fool around and be made fun of for that long and asked for only 10 years.
Finally, he created man with a lot of intelligence and gave him about 30 years. But man said he needed more time to enjoy the world using his intelligence.

So, God gave man his own 30 years, the 20 years left of the donkey, the 15 years left of the dog and the 20 years left of the monkey.

This is why man grows/uses his intelligence and thrives as human for first 30 years. In the next 20 years, he carries burdens like the donkey. In the next 15 years, he runs around for attention and respect like a dog. In the last 20 years, he becomes silly like a monkey and people laugh at him.


Excellent Deepaji . You have summed it up nicely what a person's life is .

General Discussion / Re: Subject of Marriage
« on: February 12, 2013, 12:41:57 PM »
Here is a real life story from Swami Sivananda's life as explained by one of his direct disciples Swami Chaitanyananda is his book "A Saga of Spiritual Unfoldment  " .

When Swami Sivananda came to Rishikesh first as a wandering monk and was staying at Swarg Ashram  , he just got only some dry rotis and simple dal as food and initially it was ok for him but day in and out having the same food again and again for many months  was really a challenge for him  and he got fed up. One day a Rich devotee who knew Swami Sivananda from his Poorva Ashrama days gave him Rs.5/- ( In today's equivalent it is equal to Rs.500/-) and he immediately went to the Bazzar area in Rishikesh and found a Sweet Shop and bought 3 kgs of sweets ( Jilabeis ) for that Rs.5 and ate all in one stroke .
Swami Sivananda used to highlight this incident from his own life to struggling sadhaks that mind will always find a way to trick a person and one needs to be careful about it and not go to extremes on the spiritual path .

General Discussion / Re: Subject of Marriage
« on: February 12, 2013, 11:24:09 AM »

One who is genuienly serious of spiritual quest, should stop watching television altogether. For such a serious person, whatever station of life one may be in, watching television must be stopped. I believe there is no such thing like moderation for wathing television.

What may help us from watching television? We may ponder.


I agree that watching excess of TV mindlessly, surfing too much on net mindlessly is quite harmful ( note the word mindlessly ) . The problem is not much on TV/Internet but our reckless and mindless way in which we use them .
I knew a person who claimed that he is very spiritual and removed TV from his house saying he wanted to be away from the harmful effects of TV . But the problem was in office he surfs the net a lot as he was curious of what is happening in the world . He claimed he does not watch Cricket Match on TV but in office he was constantly looking at Cricinfo for Cricket updates when a match was in progress . Actually he is not supposed to surf the net during office hours as the Company is paying him to do the work . After few months he was sacked from his work for being highly unproductive in his work .
Another person I know wanted to cut on his eating by half and started eating only 50% of what he used to eat daily i.e instead of 4 Idlis he started eating 2 , instead of one big bowl of rice he stared eating a half a bowl of rice and so on . But he did not loose weight as he was secretly munching salted cashed / nuts /dry fruits/Chocolates  and I saw lot of dry fruit packs/Chocolates  in his draw . Actually dry fruits /Chocolates have more calories than 2 Idlis or some excess rice .Just because they are in small quantities it is not visible as Calories but as he was hungry the body was seeking other avenues to compensate the hunger in the form of dry fruits and chocolates .
This is the problem with many spiritual people .
Actually if we try to avoid something forcibly ,what we try to avoid will come in another form and trouble us  . So let us be  quite practical and avoid extremes . Once you progress on the spiritual path then many un-necessary things ( basically tamasic / rajasic activities ) will automatically drop by themselves .
I will later share a personal example of Swami Sivananda Himself of how going to extremes early on the spiritual path is dangerous .

General Discussion / Re: Subject of Marriage
« on: February 12, 2013, 07:27:20 AM »

There are still situations where they are me drawn to Sanyas and not able to participate in grihasthashrama. One example is Swami Shantananda Puri of Vashista Guha who is usually at Ramanashram during winter months. He usually stays in a room behind the samadhis of Major chadwick, Sadhu Om, etc. He waited until his son was settled and his wife could be cared for before taking Sanyas.

It may be a loss for his family, but countless people have benefited from his teaching and guidance.


You must read Ch-5 of Bhagavad Gita "Sannyasa Yoga" which talks about Arjuna's dilemma between following Karma Marga / Sannyasa Marga .

General Discussion / Re: Subject of Marriage
« on: February 12, 2013, 07:18:27 AM »
Dear Nagraj,

People like them are not worth to be compared with such great souls & I understand what you are trying to say here. But the people I have mentioned, they "adopted" spirituality for being lazy, so they can escape from their responsisbility. U can find many people like them these days who are also earning easy money with out bending their backs, which shouldnt be the way.

Buddha & Raghavendra are exceptions & were totally inclined to spirituality. They did not use it as an excuse to escape from the responsibilities. Since it was was their passion/reason to survive they have excelled in it.

Om Arunaachaleshwaraaya Namaha!


If spiritual feelings dominate a person , he/she will have less inclination to work i.e less inclination to be more Rajasic but will have more sattvic feelings . Problem is many people become more Tamasic and mistake it for sattva . A saint and a lazy person will look same from outside i.e both of them will not be very active but a saint will be inwardly awake and alert while a lazy person will be inwardly dull and lazy .
Last Sunday I was listening to Swami Paramarthananda's Gita Lecture on Ch-5 "Sannyasa Yoga" and he said that people taking to Sannyasa without adequate preparation will face a big downfall as in Sannyasa there is no duty / compulsion to earn one's living and unless one is under the Guidance of a Good Guru / Ashram which trains that person systematically in spiritual sadhana ,if that person is left to himself then he will become lazy and develop Tamasic qualities as an "Empty Mind is a devil's workshop" .
That is why in Sivananda Ashram when u join there , they give u lot of work to remove the Tamas first and side by side train you in spiritual sadhana and follow the normal order i.e first convert Tamas to Rajas and then Rajas to Sattva .The same also applies to other Traditional Organizations like Ramakrishna Mutt ,Chinmaya Ashram etc .
So we need to be careful to see that our interest in spiritual matters do not make us more Tamasic and more than that we must not mistake our Tamas as Sattva .

General topics / Re: Naming Baby
« on: February 11, 2013, 09:38:56 PM »

Firstly, thank you to all devotees who so lovingly suggested names for my son. A zillion thanks! The names suggested by you all just felt very special and wonderful, as though coming from bhagavan himself!

As suggested by atmavichar ji, we have named our son karthikeyan. His other name [sarma] is swaminathan. It is interesting to note here that even our kula deivam is palani subramania swamy!

I am absolutely sure that i was bhagavan himself who gave those names through you all. :)

He is 5 months old now [ yes! its taken us that long to name him!] and i plan to take him to ashram asap. last year too i couldnt go to the ashram, so this year  i do plan to go with the family. I am sure that, that morning idly from ashram for karthikeyan will keep him healthy and away from all health troubles for life! Such is the speciality of our ashram prasadam. I feel very blessed that karthikeyan will grow up to run around in the ashram and imbibe good teachings/habits through osmosis.

Thanks a lot again friends :)



Dear Lakshmiji

Happy that you have chosen the name of your child as Karthikeyan .
Lord Subramanya is also my favorite deity and also our family deity .
May the blessings of Lord Subramanya and Bhagwan Ramana ( who is also Lord Subramanya ) be on you and your family and definitely a visit to Ramana Ashram with ur baby will be very auspicious for the baby as well as for all of you .
Om Peace

General Discussion / Re: Subject of Marriage
« on: February 11, 2013, 09:29:34 PM »
I understand they want to spend time with us and kids. But I feel like while we should do our duty to parents, but not at the expense of our sadhana. I am not able to avoid the pull of Bhagawan and also meditating in Periyava's samadhi. When I visit, I am able to detach from even that agitation and also come back to a renewed commitment for sadhana. Though I also realize they will be upset.

Is there a way to handle this at all?

Dear Deepaji

It is a very tricky situation balancing the views of the husband/in-laws along with one's personal sadhana ( i.e here visiting the Samadhi Shrine of Bhagwan Ramana and Kanchi Maha Swamigal etc ) . I suggest you appeal directly  to both these Mahans themselves to find out a way for you that helps u achieve what you want without upsetting your in-laws and husband . God , Gurus bless the deep and sincere prayers of their devotees .

Om Peace .

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