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Dear atrnavichar100,

Did I not tell you that he lived only up to his nineties and merged with Sri Bhagavan? He lived up to 105 years is definitely incorrect.

Arunachala Siva.

Sure Subramaniam Sir

But as there is no confirmed DOB of Kunju Swami and the only given DOB is  1887 in the link provided .Even now David Godman has not given his exact DOB and only said that 1887 is wrong .
So anyway I had this query after re-reading about Kunju Swami yesterday in the book Power of Presence .

The following is the reply I got from David Godman on Kunju Swami's DOB query


1887 is definitely wrong.
He arrived at Tiruvannamalai in the early 1920s when he himself was in his early 20s. He was probably around 92 when he passed away in Ramanasramam.

Best Wishes      David Godman

Subramaniam Sir

I have just posted an email to David Godman to confirm exactly Kunju Swami's DOB . Only yesterday I went through his life as mentioned in Power of Presence but there is no mention of his DOB . Among Bhagwan's  earliest devotees he was one of the longest living one's I suppose .

General Discussion / Re: we are missing a point.
« on: January 16, 2013, 01:18:03 PM »
we are missig one point:

I read the account of Kunju Swami who lived in Bhagvan's presence for a long time.

Seems these people  did not have any money or property or whatsover.

Their only aim in life was pure devotion,  self realisation,   guru bhakthi,  guru's teachings.

One occasion Kunju Swami  leaves for Kerala in a train to take care of his insane friend
who confused so much with sadhana and turned insane.

At that time,  Maharishee ,  realising that Kunju Swami did not have money to buy food,
makre parcel of fresh puris he just received from some devotee.

Now reading this,  I could visualize,  to what extent people like kunju swami lived
without having money for food for the next meal time.

I think ,  until one gets this attitude,  he cannot be considered a mumukshu.

I am not asking everyone here to depend on next time food aimlessly,  but at the same tiem
we should realise how difficult it was to be with Bhagavan all the time.

We now say,   we have missed Bhagavan , his physical presence etc.

But are we now as care-free as this gentleman Kunju Swami ?  A big No.

We have many ailments,  we depend on tablets.

Our next time meals is readily available in abundant,  until the end of our life time
it will  be availale.  But are we planning  money for next time food?  No,  we plan for
properties,  savings,  more luxury like AC,  costly bed,  cots ,  furniture etc.

We plan for next 30 -- 40 years put together.

People like me love and crave to be in 24 hours air conditioned places or hill stations.

In this endeavour,  ofcourse we have so many complex materila problems and we blink not knowing what to do.

But think of this --  Kunju Swami  when he really thought seriously enough,
he would have got frightened because for next meal time,  his meals is not guaranteed.

But inspite of that,  people like Kunju Swami,  Viswanatha Swami,  Muruganar, Annamalai Swammi
these people -- inspite of that,  they were not worried and focussed only on sadhana.

But we people are not like that -- in the name of duty,  we simply keep on adding more
and  more of our material needs.  And in the midst of this,  we have somehow started
sadhana .  So here,  we are committing some mistakes in terms of planning.

Planning,  worrying,  thinking and then fearing the future --  bad way to live life indeed.

One of my close relatives,  one day met me as I was going to Srirangam temple in my
natvie place.

He made lot of money in IT industry and now settled in India after long stay in Australia.

He asked about my current job and then forecasted the fate of my career in IT after 10 years
and warned that I need to spend more time ,  more free time of weekends to improve my skills.

He told that otherwise,  with my minimal skill set,  I may be thrown away anytime.

Fear struck me at once -- we were discussing this near the Rajagopuram of Srirangam temple.

Fear really struck me --  I got confused and started sweating.  Somehow I smiled and cut short that
topic and then I went straight to Thaayar -- Mahalakshmi sannidhi.

There I sat and unloaded my burden created by the fearful lecture of my relative.

Today I compare this  attitude with  Kunju Swami's. 

I can really see that,  I am and many others along with me,  are planning too too much.

David Godman spent 18 months in a damaged temple roof. He was not afraid of snakes,
scorpions or anything.  There  he performed self enquiry.

But today  I want instant realisation -- I go to saradamma's hosue and if Amma does not
come out,  I get frustrated.

Then for relaxing,  I go to and start seeing some video on self enquiry.

One thing is sure -- God or Atman or Self --  it will never reveal unless we atleast
untie ourselves from this over planning,  this  extra carefulness in material affairs.

On top of all this,  occasionally we comment that Kunju swami may not have  realised Self.

We did not even realise our fears for next 40 years financial planning, 
while Kunju Swami also did not realise that his next time meal is not guaranteed.

Unless one is able to throw himself at Nature's mercy,  unless one is ready to place
his physical body in front of the eternal quest,  it is not going to be easy.

One need not die,  but one should not care even if death comes due to starvation.

Just thought of writing.

I went through this old post of yours and I appreciate what you have written . You have yourself given the answers in your post on the qualifications needed to be on this path .
One of the signs of spiritual maturity is less anxiety for the future . It does not mean we have to be careless or lazy but just do what we can and stop overspending the time contemplating on the future . The Current Global Economy runs by exploiting people's twin powerful emotions of Greed and Fear .

Subramaniam Sir

From the link below it is given that Kunju Swami was born on 1887 and you have mentioned that he passed in 1992 so it means he lived for 105 years .

On this day, in the year 1992,

Subramaniam Sir

When was Kunju Swami born ? I guess he lived for more than 100 years ?

General Discussion / Re: Thiruvalluvar Day , 15 Jan 2013
« on: January 16, 2013, 10:58:34 AM »
Sure Subramaniam Sir

I hope Sri Ravi who has lot of inputs from Sage TGN's talks on Thirukural  can shed more clarity on these quotes .

Tripura Rahasya and other ancient works / Re: Ribhu Gitai Tamil Mp3s
« on: January 16, 2013, 09:29:36 AM »

Till Ramana Ashram gets a chorus chanting done , we need to be content with the Single Chant that is being made available for free for the devotees and it is also good enough .
Om Peace

General Discussion / Re: Thiruvalluvar Day , 15 Jan 2013
« on: January 15, 2013, 10:13:06 PM »
Subramaniam Sir

Here is a Kanchi devotte's account with Kanchi Paramacharya on what Thiruvalluvar meant by the term "iraivan" in the Kural that you have pointed out :

I had written in my eassy: the terms thaamarai kaNNaan* ('lotus-eyed') and adiyaLandhaan ('he who measured with his foot') that occur in TirukkuraL are references to Tirumaal (Mahavishnu) -- the glory of the Feet in the first chapter, 'Praising God' -- the line Indirane salum kari (even Indra, the head of Devas, suffered the curse of sages) -- the phrase ulagu iyatriyaan (he who made the world) -- eN guNatthaan (of eight attributes) and such other lines. I was explaining these lines in front of Pujasri MahaswamigaL. As I read out the TirukkuraL

piravip perunkadal neendhuvar neendhar
iRaivanadi seraadar.

The boundless ocean of births can be crossed, indeed,
but not without intimate union with Infinity's Holy Feet.

(translation by Himalayan Academy
(Contents of Weaver's Wisdom - Ancient Precepts for a Perfect Life)

he waved his holy hands for me to stop.

He gave the graceful message, "During TiruvaLLuvar's time, iRaivan meant Sivan."

Parithiyaar, who wrote the first commentary on TirukkuraL explained the meaning this verse as "Those who did not meditate on Shiva's feet won't be able to cross the ocean of births." I remember this fact now due to the graceful sweep of the sage, and this I submitted to him in words.

He said finally, "Have you seen the nigaNdugaL (dictionaries)? All those would explain the meaning of iRaivan as Sivan. There are other meanings, but among the names of Gods, only Sivan!" He had shown a new way to research the religion of TiruvaLLuvar that has not been seen by any researcher till date. My wonder knew no limits.

I went to the French Library in Chennai and checked the nigaNdu. There are many dictionaries named ChuuLamani, Divakaram, Pingalandhai, and Asiriya Uriccheer Nigandu. There is a sUtra that reads 'iRai Sivan kadan vengai'. I understood that until the sixth century the word iRai denoted only Sivan as a meaning that referred to the God; that word did not refer to other Gods until then. It was clear how deeply and subtly Sri Maha SwamigaL had mastered TirukkuraL. I adored that limitless and great knowledge.

General topics / Re: Quotes from Shankaracharya's
« on: January 15, 2013, 04:18:37 PM »

General Discussion / Re: Thiruvalluvar Day , 15 Jan 2013
« on: January 15, 2013, 01:12:55 PM »
Refer the following link for more details on Thiruvalluvar and Thirukural

General Discussion / Thiruvalluvar Day , 15 Jan 2013
« on: January 15, 2013, 12:47:20 PM »

Tiruvalluvar Day marks the birth anniversary of the immortal Tamil Poet-Saint Thiruvalluvar. He is the author of Kural or Thirukural, a poetic composition of great antiquity in Tamil Literature which can be termed as a treatise on the art of living a happy and peaceful life. In 2013, the date of Thiruvalluvar Day is January 15.
It is believed that Thiruvalluvar wrote the Thirukural in the second century AD but there are also some scholars who believe that it was written in first century BC.
Thiruvalluvar in Thirukural diagnoses the intricacies of human nature and one will be captivated by his thorough knowledge of human psychology. Many of his insights on human mind are yet to be studied by modern psychology. His advices on various topics are sagacious and practical and are relevant in all times. Each new generation is attracted to his teachings in the Thirukural as it is not hampered by prejudice or dogma of any kind.
The birth anniversary of Saint Thiruvalluvar is observed on the day after Pongal festival in Tamil Nadu. On the same day, Mattu Pongal is also observed.
A huge statue of Thiruvalluvar is located at Kanyakumari and is adjacent to the Vivekananda Memorial in the middle of the sea.
This is the significance of the Thiruvalluvar Statue in Kanyakumari :
The statue of Saint Tiruvalluvar greets visitors at Kanyakumari, the southernmost tip of India. The 133 feet tall statue stands next to Vivekananda Memorial, a temple for meditation. The height of 133 feet signifies the 133 "Adhikarams". The pedastal measures 38 feet in height, representing the 38 "Adhikarams" of the first part of Kural "Aram".

One of the  Thirukual  mentioned by Bhagwan is the following one .

124.நிலையின் திரியாது அடங்கியான் தோற்றம்
மலையினும் மாணப் பெரிது.

The glory of a Brahma gnani who is firmly established in the Self without any wavering is higher than a great mountain".

Though there is lot of commentaries and translations available on Thirukural , very few of those can be considered to be authentic as according to Sage TGN ( Courtesy Sri Ravi ) , Tamil Scholars who had a solid knowledge of Tamil lacked required Spiritual Knowledge and Sanskrit Scholars who  had good spiritual knowledge lacked proper expertise in Tamil language with the result no one could give a complete vision of what Thiruvalluvar intended to convey .

Anyway  Thirukural is a very precious text and its message is not just to Hindus /Indians/Tamilians but for people the world over and I have taken upon myself to commit to memory the verses of Kural starting from today the Auspicious day of Thiruvalluvar Day and let me see how much I can commit to memory by the next Thiruvalluvar Day in 2014  :)

I have quoted one Kural quoted by Bhagwan but those who can share other  Kurals quoted  by Bhagwan can share the same here .

General Discussion / Re: Divine poetry and thoughts
« on: January 15, 2013, 08:38:37 AM »

All private goals are neurotic.
The essential man comes to know, to feel, "I am not separate from the whole, and there is no need to seek and search for any destiny on my own. Things are happening, the world is moving--call it God...he is doing things. They are happening of their own accord. There is no need for me to make any struggle, any effort; there is no need for me to fight for anything. I can relax and be." The essential man is not a doer. The accidental man is a doer. The accidental man is, of course, then in anxiety, tension, stress, anguish, continuously sitting on a volcano. It can erupt any moment, because he lives in a world of uncertainty and believes as if it is certain. This creates tension in his be-ing: he knows deep down that nothing is certain.

How many people do you know who, just when they were completely overloaded, with too many projects, too many "balls in the air", have suddenly come down with the flu, or taken a fall and ended up on crutches? The quality of that kond of stress visits all of us at times, but perfectionists are particularly vulnerable to it. We create it ourselves, with the idea that without us nothing will happen--especially in the way we want it to! Well, what makes you think you're so special? Do you think the sun won't rise in the morning unless you personally set the alarm? Go for a walk, buy some flowers, and fix yourself a spaghetti dinner--anything 'unimportant' will do. Just put yourself out of that monkey's reach!


Dear Jewell

Thanks for this wonderful insight from Osho .

Tripura Rahasya and other ancient works / Re: Ribhu Gitai Tamil Mp3s
« on: January 14, 2013, 04:54:28 PM »
Today I downloaded the first 3 Chapters Audio MP3 files from the Old Ramana Ashram site .It is yet to be uploaded in the new Ashram website .
This is the link to the old Ashram site where one can download the Ribhu Gita Audios for free :
The tamil rendering is clear but would have loved a chorus chanting as done with the Bhagwan's Tamil Works .
Om Peace

General topics / Re: Naming Baby
« on: January 14, 2013, 03:07:12 PM »

My son was born in september 2012.  We wish to name him after bhagavan, his teaching, devotees or arunachala. I have been having a tough time thinking of names that would have relevance to bhagavan, arunachala and his teachings. The name, ideally should start with the letter 'k'. Would be very happy if you could provide me with some inputs. :)

Thanks for all your blessings,

Congrats on being blessed with a Baby Son

Since Bhagwan is considered to be Lord Subramanya himself and you want the name to start with "K" ,I suggest the name : Karthik , Karthikeyan , Kumaran , Kumar 

Om Peace

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