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General topics / Re: Quotes from Shankaracharya's
« on: January 24, 2013, 01:11:27 PM »

Ashrams / Re: travel to Thiruvannamalai
« on: January 24, 2013, 12:48:22 PM »
Dear Subramanian sir, others

A naive question - is there anything specific that one can perform while in Thiruvannamalai that can help reduce the burden of Prarabdha Karma? In my understanding, Girivalam is the biggest and best resort. Any advice please?


Just do GiriValam chanting some names of Lord Shiva ( or the main Arunachala Siva Maha Mantra ), and spent quiet time before Bhawan's Samadhi ( go round the samadhi thrice ) and at the Old Meditation Hall and leave the rest to them .
The force that makes you come there will know how to take care of other things for you . Trust in that force and do what best you can and accept any result that comes as Ishwara's Prasada .
Have a great trip and come back spiritually refreshed .

Cautionary advice / Re: Beware -- a new type of auto fraud in Bangalore
« on: January 22, 2013, 04:45:49 PM »
For all Auto needs in Bangalore which are planned in advance please use Very reliable service. Just ensure you give 15 mins extra notice, as they invariable turn up 5-10 mins (not more) late - of course, traffic issues in Bangalore. But very nice service.


Thanks Sanjay for this useful info .

Humour / Re: Funny pictures,quotes,videos...
« on: January 22, 2013, 12:02:00 PM »

Cautionary advice / Re: Beware -- a new type of auto fraud in Bangalore
« on: January 22, 2013, 11:54:45 AM »
So,  next time,  please tender exact change to auto drivers.  If you dont have change,  use a torch light,  show him the amount in a loud voice and then only exchange.   Be very careful .  Other city people and foreigners who visit India.

Dear Kskat
It is not just in Bangalore , even in Chennai and other places these sort of things happen in very early morning or late night when there is poor visibility . I know of one lady who ended up giving Rs.500 instead of Rs.50/- .Best is for us to have exact change or better be bit magnanimous in giving a rounded figure to avoid the change problems i.e give Rs.50 instead of Rs.30 and Rs.100 instead of Rs.80/- .
It is good that u did not end up having your things robbed or stolen .Today apart from Jewels , Smart Phones , Laptops , High End Tablets ,Cameras ,Watches ,ATM /Credit Cards are also robbed /stolen . These happen not just in Bus standa but also in A/C Compartment in Trains and also in Domestic Flights with their Cabin luggage .Sometimes the culprits come as  co passengers or co passengers become culprits we do not know . So even A/C Compartment in Trains and Flights are no guarantee for absolute safety and we need to be careful at all places and also pray the almighty to enjoy a robbery free journey .

Tripura Rahasya and other ancient works / Re: Ribhu Gitai Tamil Mp3s
« on: January 22, 2013, 11:44:01 AM »
Yesterday i,e Mon 21 Jan 2013 I got the Ribhu Gita Tamil Version book from Sri Ramana Ashram by Courier post . Downloaded few audio files from their site and listened to a few clips and I love it .

Pointer -3


Two women came from Kumbakonam to meet Bhagavan. One of them was a guru and the other her disciple. They were leaving by train the same evening. In the afternoon the disciple brought her guru into the Hall and made an elaborate seat for her in front of Bhagavan. Every now and then the disciple would go up to Bhagavan's sofa and whisper. "In everything, she is just like you, Swami...she is in the same state as yourself.... Please let us have your blessings.... Will you teach us briefly the path of salvation? What is attachment? How to be free from Maya?" She was going on like this for quite a long time. Bhagavan never replied. Evening was nearing. The disciple felt hurt. "Swami, please instruct us...Swami, proceed with initiation quickly, it is getting late.... Be quick, Swami. You know we have to catch the train. Hurry!" The poor lady was getting desperate. "At least tell us something. They all speak of ignorance, what is ignorance?" Bhagavan turned to Muruganar and, in his mercy, said: "Ask her to inquire within. Who is ignorant?" Muruganar told them: "Now you go, your initiation is over." And they went away.

Bhagavan talked about it later: "Everything must be done in a hurry. Everybody has some train to catch. They visit Swami in a rush and want to carry away a parcel of liberation. They read something here and there and think they are quite learned." (Whenever there was a chance to snub our ego, Bhagavan would never miss it). He continued: "Before the people come here, everyone has the most sincere desire to work for his own liberation, but when they settle down, the ego goes to their heads and they forget why they came. They imagine they are doing me great service by feeding me and think altogether too much of themselves. The feeling of self-importance that they have when they serve their guru destroys their hope of enlightenment. Only humility can destroy the ego. The ego keeps you far away from God. The door to God is open, but the lintel is very low. To enter one has to bend.

- SHANTAMMA, in Ramana Smriti

Ashrams / Re: travel to Thiruvannamalai
« on: January 21, 2013, 09:17:42 AM »
Sanjay all the best for your maiden Arunachala trip .
Om Peace .

Dear Krishnan,

I could locate my copy of Enanthu NinaivugaL by Kunju Swami, the English translation is titled Living with the Master.

Kunju Swmi was born in Jan 1897 in a village between Palakkad and Chittoor (not Andhra Chittoor). He came to
Sri Bhagavan in 1920. He attained videha kaivalyam in August 1992, in his ninety fifth year.

Arunachala Siva.

Subramaniam Sir

At last the correct DOB of Kunju Swami was got and I know where the problem came . In the earlier link the DOB was wrongly given as 1887 and that made me wonder whether he lived for 105 years .Now I am clear that he was born in 1897 and he lived for 95 years .

General topics / Re: Subrahmanya Bhujangam by Adi Sankara
« on: January 19, 2013, 08:15:09 PM »
Thanks Subramaniam Sir for posting this wonderful hymn by Adi Shankara .

I am giving below the youtube link for the same rendered by Bombay Sisters :

Humour / Re: Funny pictures,quotes,videos...
« on: January 19, 2013, 04:40:19 PM »



The purport of the statement, ‘For those who dwell in the firmament [of consciousness] there is no prarabdha,’ is that not even an iota of prarabdha will exist for those who meditate unceasingly on the subtle space of consciousness that flourishes everywhere unobstructed, and which cannot be encompassed even by the vast physical space.

Prarabdha, like a whirlwind, relentlessly agitates and spins the mind that has shrunk through the ‘I am the body’ idea. However, it cannot stir, even slightly, the limitation-free mind that shines as the extremely clear space of being-consciousness when that ego-impurity [the ‘I am the body’ idea] is destroyed by self-enquiry.

It is impossible for the jiva who has become a victim of ego-delusion to overcome even slightly the force of prarabdha. Therefore, unless he subsides in the Heart by relying primarily on God’s grace, he can never, by mere effort, which is the activity of the rising ego, overcome the buffeting momentum of that prarabdha, subside by himself [in the Heart], attain Self-realisation and be freed from fear-causing delusion.

No one can do anything that is opposed to the ordinance of the Supreme Lord who possesses unlimited power and who can do anything. Therefore, to end the illusory anxieties of the mind, which engender an evil discontent, the proper course is to remain under the spell of supreme consciousness, which arises from meditating on the divine feet, with the mischief of the ego subdued.

Siva shines within each jiva as a witness, [enabling] him [the jiva] to experience his prarabdha through his [Siva’s] presence. Whoever knows his nature to be mere being-consciousness, without imagining through ignorance that he is the experiencer of prarabdha, shines as that supreme person, Siva.

  Guru Vachaka Kovai (697, 698, 300, 1191, 151) 

Dear Atmavichar100,

You wrote about Aksharamanamalai and Tiruppugzh verses. I propose to write the gist of that book, soon.

Arunachala Siva.

Sure Subramaniam Sir

Hoping to get the inputs of the same from you .

Tushnim , Subramaniam Sir

Appreciate your comments . Each and every individual relate to Bhagwan differently . Some are attached to the form of Bhagwan ( his picture ) ,some to his teachings , some to the Institution i.e Ramana Ashram ( in his absence they feel that is the place where one can feel his presence most ) and some a combination of all the above  .
For me Bhagwan's life is itself a great teaching and the book "Living by the Words of Bhagwan " and "Power of Presence " are equal to Upanishads  of course Bahgwan's Tamil Works like Ashara Mana Malai are equal to Vedic Hymns .

Dear All

I have opened a separate thread  "Pointers from Bhagwan - For Reading Only " .
The link to the same is given below :
That is only for contemplative reading and reflection .This thread is to discuss / pass comments on what has been read in the other thread .
Om Peace .

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