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General topics / Re: Quotes from Shankaracharya's
« on: January 15, 2013, 04:18:37 PM »

General Discussion / Re: Thiruvalluvar Day , 15 Jan 2013
« on: January 15, 2013, 01:12:55 PM »
Refer the following link for more details on Thiruvalluvar and Thirukural

General Discussion / Thiruvalluvar Day , 15 Jan 2013
« on: January 15, 2013, 12:47:20 PM »

Tiruvalluvar Day marks the birth anniversary of the immortal Tamil Poet-Saint Thiruvalluvar. He is the author of Kural or Thirukural, a poetic composition of great antiquity in Tamil Literature which can be termed as a treatise on the art of living a happy and peaceful life. In 2013, the date of Thiruvalluvar Day is January 15.
It is believed that Thiruvalluvar wrote the Thirukural in the second century AD but there are also some scholars who believe that it was written in first century BC.
Thiruvalluvar in Thirukural diagnoses the intricacies of human nature and one will be captivated by his thorough knowledge of human psychology. Many of his insights on human mind are yet to be studied by modern psychology. His advices on various topics are sagacious and practical and are relevant in all times. Each new generation is attracted to his teachings in the Thirukural as it is not hampered by prejudice or dogma of any kind.
The birth anniversary of Saint Thiruvalluvar is observed on the day after Pongal festival in Tamil Nadu. On the same day, Mattu Pongal is also observed.
A huge statue of Thiruvalluvar is located at Kanyakumari and is adjacent to the Vivekananda Memorial in the middle of the sea.
This is the significance of the Thiruvalluvar Statue in Kanyakumari :
The statue of Saint Tiruvalluvar greets visitors at Kanyakumari, the southernmost tip of India. The 133 feet tall statue stands next to Vivekananda Memorial, a temple for meditation. The height of 133 feet signifies the 133 "Adhikarams". The pedastal measures 38 feet in height, representing the 38 "Adhikarams" of the first part of Kural "Aram".

One of the  Thirukual  mentioned by Bhagwan is the following one .

124.நிலையின் திரியாது அடங்கியான் தோற்றம்
மலையினும் மாணப் பெரிது.

The glory of a Brahma gnani who is firmly established in the Self without any wavering is higher than a great mountain".

Though there is lot of commentaries and translations available on Thirukural , very few of those can be considered to be authentic as according to Sage TGN ( Courtesy Sri Ravi ) , Tamil Scholars who had a solid knowledge of Tamil lacked required Spiritual Knowledge and Sanskrit Scholars who  had good spiritual knowledge lacked proper expertise in Tamil language with the result no one could give a complete vision of what Thiruvalluvar intended to convey .

Anyway  Thirukural is a very precious text and its message is not just to Hindus /Indians/Tamilians but for people the world over and I have taken upon myself to commit to memory the verses of Kural starting from today the Auspicious day of Thiruvalluvar Day and let me see how much I can commit to memory by the next Thiruvalluvar Day in 2014  :)

I have quoted one Kural quoted by Bhagwan but those who can share other  Kurals quoted  by Bhagwan can share the same here .

General Discussion / Re: Divine poetry and thoughts
« on: January 15, 2013, 08:38:37 AM »

All private goals are neurotic.
The essential man comes to know, to feel, "I am not separate from the whole, and there is no need to seek and search for any destiny on my own. Things are happening, the world is moving--call it God...he is doing things. They are happening of their own accord. There is no need for me to make any struggle, any effort; there is no need for me to fight for anything. I can relax and be." The essential man is not a doer. The accidental man is a doer. The accidental man is, of course, then in anxiety, tension, stress, anguish, continuously sitting on a volcano. It can erupt any moment, because he lives in a world of uncertainty and believes as if it is certain. This creates tension in his be-ing: he knows deep down that nothing is certain.

How many people do you know who, just when they were completely overloaded, with too many projects, too many "balls in the air", have suddenly come down with the flu, or taken a fall and ended up on crutches? The quality of that kond of stress visits all of us at times, but perfectionists are particularly vulnerable to it. We create it ourselves, with the idea that without us nothing will happen--especially in the way we want it to! Well, what makes you think you're so special? Do you think the sun won't rise in the morning unless you personally set the alarm? Go for a walk, buy some flowers, and fix yourself a spaghetti dinner--anything 'unimportant' will do. Just put yourself out of that monkey's reach!


Dear Jewell

Thanks for this wonderful insight from Osho .

Tripura Rahasya and other ancient works / Re: Ribhu Gitai Tamil Mp3s
« on: January 14, 2013, 04:54:28 PM »
Today I downloaded the first 3 Chapters Audio MP3 files from the Old Ramana Ashram site .It is yet to be uploaded in the new Ashram website .
This is the link to the old Ashram site where one can download the Ribhu Gita Audios for free :
The tamil rendering is clear but would have loved a chorus chanting as done with the Bhagwan's Tamil Works .
Om Peace

General topics / Re: Naming Baby
« on: January 14, 2013, 03:07:12 PM »

My son was born in september 2012.  We wish to name him after bhagavan, his teaching, devotees or arunachala. I have been having a tough time thinking of names that would have relevance to bhagavan, arunachala and his teachings. The name, ideally should start with the letter 'k'. Would be very happy if you could provide me with some inputs. :)

Thanks for all your blessings,

Congrats on being blessed with a Baby Son

Since Bhagwan is considered to be Lord Subramanya himself and you want the name to start with "K" ,I suggest the name : Karthik , Karthikeyan , Kumaran , Kumar 

Om Peace

Humour / Puzzle 5 :What is the next number in this sequence ?
« on: January 13, 2013, 10:42:54 PM »
What is the next number in this sequence ?

4,12,84,3612 ?

Humour / Re: Puzzle 4 : Who am I ?
« on: January 13, 2013, 10:02:23 PM »

Humour / Puzzle 4 : Who am I ?
« on: January 13, 2013, 07:53:32 PM »
I am a 7 letter word.
If i remove one letter from it , still it remains the same.
If i remove ten more letter from it , still it remains the same.
If i remove twenty more letter from it , still it remains the same.

Strangely when i remove all letters from it , still it remains the same.

Who am I ?

General topics / Re: Jillellamudi Amma
« on: January 13, 2013, 01:42:42 PM »
Dear Vinod,

Sri Bhagavan's brother (who later took to sannyasam) had only one son. Sri. T.N. Venkataraman. He also took up sannyasam,
after leading a householder's life and merged with Sri Bhagavan. He had three sons. The one by name V. Ganesan, who is not
now engaged in Asramam activities, lives in a house near Yama Lingam in Tiruvannamalai and he is a bachelor.
The other two
sons, V.S. Ramanan and V. Subramanian are now running the Asramam. Sri Ganesan had two sons. One in his mid forties passed
away recently in America due to brain cancer. The other one also lives in America and comes to Asramam of and on. About Sri
V. Subramanian's issues, I have no idea.

Arunachala Siva.

Subramaniam Sir

In one line you say Sri Ganesan is a bachelor and in another line you say he has 2 sons .
Is it VS Ramanan's 2 sons?

General Discussion / Re: Sankranti / Pongal Greetings for 14.01.2013.
« on: January 13, 2013, 01:09:34 PM »

Excellent site for Swami Vivekananda's thoughts , speeches ,quotes, pics etc


General topics / Re: Quotes from Shankaracharya's
« on: January 11, 2013, 08:11:24 PM »
12. The 54 Lives Saved by Annai Saradamaball!
(Mahima of Sringeri Sri SaradambaL)

This happened several years ago. We decided on a yAtra (pilgrimage) to the
kshetras (holy places) in Karnataka, more than fifty devotees of us teaming up for
the tour. We started our journey in a large tourist bus. It was our custom to first go
to Kanchi, have darshan of PeriyavaaL and then continue our journey.
Around 4 o' clock in the afternoon of that day we stood up after prostrating to
Maha SwamigaL in SriMaTham. Giving us his blessings, laughing and raising
both his hands SwamigaL asked, "You people have come as a large ghoSTi... well,
what's the matter?" Forthwith I elaborated on the details of our Karnataka Yatra to
Feeling happy he asked, raising his eyebrows, "What is the uddesha (motive)
about the first place to go?" I said, "It is our uddesha, Periyavaa, that on reaching
Mangalore, we would first go to Talakkaveri, do our saMkalpa snAnam (bath and
prayer) there and then go to Sringeri. After that we have decided to have darshan
at SubrahmaNya, Dharmasthala, Udipi, Kollur Mukambika, Kateel Durga
Parameswari... in this order."
Before I could finish SwamigaL interrupted me. "Wait, wait... In the list you have
mentioned, you have missed an important place..." Looking at us who were all
standing with a question mark on our faces, and smiling, Periyavaa advised us,
"What, you don't understand? I shall tell you... Horanadu kshetra! Mother is
staying there as Annapurani, giving her anugraham. A very special place. Must
have darshan!"
He continued: "You people do as I tell you now. First go to Sringeri kshetram
from Mangalore. There, do your snAnam in Tunga, first have Guru Darshan, get
prasAdam from them, then have darshan of SaaradambaL and start from there (to
other places). After this, you may go to the places in your order of preference. Let
one thing be kept in mind though. Anyday you go to Sringeri, as far as possible,
reach the place before sAyarakSai (evening)."

All of us nodded our heads in affirmation, prostrated and got up. That Walking
God ordered distribution of anugraha prasAdam to us all. The driver and
conductor of the bus were called and the prasAdam given to them too. We started
On the next morning, our journey from Bangalore to Mangalore. We stayed in a
Kalyana Mandapam in Mangalore at night. On the morning the next day we got
ready to move after taking bath. A man named Ramanathan who accompanied us
came to me and said persuading, "We shall first go to Talakkaveri from here. After
doing our saMkalpa snAnam there, why not go to Sringeri later?"
I did not agree to that. "Whatever uttaravu (direction) Kanchi Periyavaa has given,
we should only follow that!” I said. It was not acceptable to them. "First we should
go to Talakkaveri only!" they compelled me, as if having discussed it already
among them. However much I pleaded with them, nobody was prepared to lend
me ears.
The bus travelled towards Talakkaveri. Staying there for a day and after finishing
our saMkalpa snAnam, we started our journey towards Sringeri. It was 8:00 o'
clock in the night. Both the front tyres of the bus that was going on the mountain
road to Sringeri got punctured and the bus stopped. It was pitch dark outside. In
the light from a torch light, Driver and Conductor started working on removing the
wheels with the punctured tyres and fixing the Stepney wheels in their place.
Hunger pinched our stomach; our last meal was at noon in Bagamandala.
Somehow the bus started moving at 10 o' clock. Suddenly it started drizzling. It
was 11 o' clock and yet there was no sight of Sringeri. Only then we had the doubt
whether we were going on the right road! As God-given, we sighted a man coming
in the distance. We stopped the bus near him and inquired. He patted on his head
and said, "This road leads to another place. 15 km before you should have turned
on the road that branched to the right." It gave us a shock!
So the bus needed to be turned towards the direction we came. Driver got down
and had a look. A narrow road, with valleys on both sides. Climbing onto his seat,
Driver said with a falsely assured courage, "You people don't worry. I shall back
up little by little with sharp turns on the steering wheel and somehow move the
bus to an about turn!" and got on the task. Sitting with fear, we started chanting
Rama Namam. Somehow having managed to turn the bus ninety degrees, Driver
said in a loud voice, suddenly worried, "Sir, sir... However much I step on the
brake, the bus starts slipping behind! Raise an even louder ghoSaNam
(proclamation) in the name of God... Only He should save us all now!"
His words
had the effect of dissolving tamarind inside our belly. We too felt the bus slipping
behind. All of us with tears welling up in our eyes started wailing, "Sringeri
Sharadambaa, save us Ma! Sringeri Maha Sannidhaname, save us! Kanchi
PeriyavaaLe, Ramachandra Murtiye, save us, save us...!"

Suddenly Driver said, "Sir, I have now taken my leg from the brake! The vehicle
is not slipping behind! As if a hundred people are supporting it from behind, the
vehicle stands intact! Now no worry at all. Shall turn the bus in a few moments"
and started on his efforts. We did not stop the nAma ghoSaNam.
appAda! (At last) the driver managed to turn the bus. All of us breathed a sigh of
peace! It was exactly 12:00 hours midnight. Exactly at one-thirty we reached the
entrance to Sringeri Samasthanam
. A GanapadigaL who was standing at the
entrance to receive us (it is my recollection that it was Nageswara GanapadigaL!)
said with a laugh, "Vaango, vaango! You are all coming from Madras, right? First
wash your hand and feet and come have some food. You would be hungry. Rice
Uppuma and Bringal Gotsu are ready!"
"How do you know, ShastrigaaL that we are coming? We did not even write to
you?" I asked him. He said laughing, "It is vAstavam (true) that your coming will
not be known to people who are like us. Maha Sannidhanam, dIrgha darshigaL
(with foresight) will be knowing everything, you see? It was only Maha
Sannidhanam who called me around eleven o' clock and gave orders, 'To have
darshan of Sarada, 54 Bhaktas from Madras are coming in a bus. They all come
with great hunger! So ask our people to prepare Rice Uppuma and Gotsu and keep
the food ready. In addition, for them to stay, arrange a large hall.'
After arranging
all that I have come to stand here and receive you all!" He sunk us in surprise.
Seeing the dIrgha dharsanam and karuNa (compassion) of Sri Sri Sri Abhinava
Vidyatheertha SwamigaL, Adiyen (I) wondered. Tears rushed to my eyes. Seeing
that SastrigaL said, "You are amazed at this thing... I am going to tell you another
thing in the morning; you would then be really stunned!
" and led us on. Hot
Uppuma and Gotsu were served ready in 54 nuni (top) banana leaves. We ate the
food filling up our stomach.
The next morning. Finishing our snAnam in the Tunga river, we started to have
darshan of Maha Sannidhanam Sri Sri Sri Abhinava Vidyatheertha SwamigaL.
The SastrigaL we met last night was seen by us.
To him I asked joining my palms, "You said you would tell us some vishayam
(news) in the morning. I pray that you please tell it now."
SastrigaL started talking: "Would have been around 12 o' clock last night. Sitting
in his ekAnta (private) room, Maha Sannidhanam was examining some Sastra
books. I was sitting in the outer hall. Suddenly coming out, Maha Sannidhanam
kept both his hand pressed hard to the wall and started murmuring some mantra. I
too got up. From the posture of Maha Sannidhanam it seemed as if he was
supporting the wall from falling. I did not understand anything. Five minutes later,
taking his hands off the wall, Maha Sannidhanam came to me and said, 'You
witnessed and wondered why I kept my hands against the wall in that pose and did
some Japam. It is nothing else. The bus wherein came those people from Madras
to have darshan of SaradambaL missed its way. Later when they realized the
mistake and turned the bus, the brakes did not apply... bus started moving behind
on its own. The Bhaktas in them wailed, 'save us, save us!' calling aloud the name
of Amma Sarada. So I supported the bus from slipping behind by resting my hands
on the walls. Now everything is alright, and the bus is coming towards Sringeri!
You go and make the arrangements as I told you', and went inside his room. I
stood stunned!"
Listening to this, all of us wept. We started to have darshan of that
Walking SaradambaL.
Looking at this Adiyen who prostrated and got up, Sri Sri Sri Maha Sannidhanam
said laughingly, "Should always listen to what the Mahaans say. And follow it. If
you make a change in it everything that happens would be changed too. What, you
With these words he did anugraha of prasAdam. This Adiyen then
realized that Maha Sannidhanam only informed in sUcaka (by indicating) to the
fact of our not following what Sri Kanchi Periyavaa ordered for us!

Author: Sri Ramani Anna (in Tamil)
Source: Sakthi Vikatan issue dated Oct 10, 2007

sUcaka - indicating, betraying, informer, sign, omen
ghoSTi - group, gathering

Could you please tell me how I can book a room in the Ashram?


Refer this link

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