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General Discussion / Re: Articles,Interviews,News
« on: August 20, 2017, 08:43:21 PM »

Just came across this link to the Quiz on Gospel of Ramakrishna ( English Version ) . There is a separate quiz for the Tamil Version of the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna

General topics / Re: Pointers to Presence
« on: August 17, 2017, 02:59:44 PM »

"Within this consciousness, within this space of stillness, many thoughts can and do appear. Many emotions can and do appear, many ways that we could imagine in our minds that we know. But really, it's all imagination. How do we know it's all imagination? Because when we stop imagining, it disappears. When we stop naming ourselves, who we think we are disappears until we begin to name ourselves again. But when we stop and we look, what's obvious is that there's just the looking, an open space of awareness, and nothing more, because the next thing is simply the next thought."

General topics / Re: Pointers to Presence
« on: August 15, 2017, 10:09:02 PM »

"The resistance of the ego is the primary obstacle to the awakening of consciousness. You cannot defeat the ego, nor can you get rid of it. The intention to defeat the ego is nothing more than the ego trying to defeat itself. it will not work. If you are to overcome the resistance of the ego, you will have to come into right relationship with it. Right relationship with the ego is one of love, acceptance and compassion, and this is only possible from Presence."

General Discussion / Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
« on: August 15, 2017, 03:56:04 PM »
Mother( Anandmaye Ma )  said that there are two basic methods of meditation:
One is to concentrate on the breath observing each inhalation and exhalation. Then when the mind has become stilled in this manner, one should practice vichara, inquiring "Who am I?" until the true Self is revealed. She said that in this way one becomes a light unto oneself.
The second way is to think of one's mantra (or any name of
God) with each inhalation and exhalation, feeling that both the Name and the Breath are none other than God Himself ?the very breath of life? thus becoming fully absorbed in this devotional awareness. The first way is one of Jnana and the second of Bhakti.
Again She told me to think of the Pranava [Om] as much as possible.
She said: "It must become so automatic that you cannot breathe without remembering it. Do your personal mantra when you sit for meditation and the rest of the time the Pranava".
?Death Must Die, p. 423

General topics / Re: Quotes of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
« on: August 11, 2017, 04:19:35 PM »
Meditation is a deliberate attempt to pierce into the higher states of consciousness and finally go beyond it. The art of meditation is the art of shifting the focus of attention to ever subtler levels, without losing one's grip on the levels left behind. In a way it is like having death under control. One begins with the lowest levels: social circumstances, customs and habits; physical surroundings, the posture and the breathing of the body, the senses, their sensations and perceptions; the mind, its thoughts and feelings; until the entire mechanism of personality is grasped and firmly held. The final stage of meditation is reached when the sense of identity goes beyond the 'I-am-so-and-so', beyond 'so-l-am', beyond 'I-am-the-witness-only', beyond 'there-is', beyond all ideas into the impersonally personal pure being. But you must be energetic when you take to meditation. It is definitely not a part-time occupation. Limit your interests and activities to what is needed for you and your dependents' barest needs. Save all your energies and time for breaking the wall your mind had built around you. Believe me, you will not regret.
~ Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
...from 'I Am That', chapter 81

General topics / Re: Quotes of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
« on: August 10, 2017, 04:00:38 PM »
Q: The truth is that I am a mind imprisoned in a body and this is a very unhappy truth.
M: You are neither the body nor in the body -- there is no such thing as body. You have grievously misunderstood yourself; to understand rightly -- investigate.
Q: But I was born as a body, in a body and shall die with the body, as a body.
M: This is your misconception. Enquire, investigate, doubt yourself and others. To find truth, you must not cling to your convictions; if you are sure of the immediate, you will never reach the ultimate. Your idea that you were born and that you will die is absurd: both logic and experience contradict it.
- I AM THAT ch 54

General topics / Re: Quotes of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
« on: August 09, 2017, 03:38:29 PM »
I will explain to you a simple technique, which is called Dhyana Yoga [realization via meditation]:
Sit in the open air every day in the morning? at any convenient time, irrespective of any laws and regularities?on a simple asana [seat or posture], for 30-60 minutes. Keep your eyes half open and [be aware of] your nose-tip. This is only to withdraw your mind from external sense-organs.
Then try to be aware of the Seer. You have not to think about sense-organs. You have only to do nothing?no thoughts. Be only aware of the one who is sitting in Dhyana [meditation]. You have to focus on him only. Be aware of the One, who is beyond body, without body [videha].
Practice this slowly, slowly every day and all your problems will be solved. Have the feeling of Caitanya Brahman [Divine Reality as Pure Consciousness]. Be aware of Purnam [wholeness, fullness]. If your eyes close during this, let it be. You will aware space. All forms of which you are aware within are modifications or shapes of the One who is sitting.
Call him Krishna, Shiva, or any other divine Name. It is all darshan of the one who is sitting. Continue sitting in this sadhana [spiritual practice]. From within, That will give its message, guidance, and spontaneous insight. Remember: ?I am not the body.? Be aware of the Seer. ?I am beyond the body.?
Nisargadatta to a visitor called Mahindra in 'About Nisargadatta'

General Discussion / Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
« on: August 08, 2017, 09:02:14 AM »
[Post # 1,010] Reminiscence of Vaikuntha Nath Sanyal:
The Master would say: "Some people believe God is with form, while others believe he is formless. This also limits God. I say God is with form, without form, and again beyond both. Take for example the sound of a bell- ?dhong?. The first letter represents the aspect with form, the nasal portion his formless aspect, and the impression the word leaves in the mind after the whole has been pronounced stands for the Absolute aspect.
Furthermore, God has many forms and many names. For instance, a confectioner takes' fresh cheese and sugar and makes a preparation over fire, which he then forms into various shapes, giving them different names. But the real substance is the same, no matter what shape or name is given. Similarly, whatever names and forms you see or hear are all made by combining Purusha [Spirit] and Prakriti [matter] aspects of Satchidananda Brahman. It is due to distance that God looks small or variously coloured, but when you go near him, you will find he is omnipresent and self- luminous.

General Discussion / Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
« on: August 08, 2017, 08:42:54 AM »
The body thought is a distraction from the Self. For whom is the body or birth? It is not for the Self, the spirit.
It is for the non-self which imagines itself separate.
Just as a miser keeps his treasures always with himself and never parts with them, so the Self safeguards the vasanas in that which is closest to itself, i.e. within the Heart. The Heart radiates vitality to the brain and thus causes its function. The vasanas are enclosed in the Heart in their subtlest form, and later projected on the brain, which reflects them with high magnification.
This is how the world is made to go on and this is why the world is nothing more than a cinema show.
- Conscious Immortality

General Discussion / Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
« on: August 06, 2017, 11:46:04 PM »
Q: Is there any particular place you would advise me to go to for spiritual attainment?
M: The only proper place is within. The outer world neither can help nor hinder. No system, no pattern of action will take you to your goal. Give up all working for a future, concentrate totally on the now, be concerned only with your response to every movement of life as it happens.
M: Transiency is the best proof of unreality.
I AM THAT ch 69

General topics / Re: Quotes from Shankaracharya's
« on: August 02, 2017, 10:31:31 PM »

அஸாவாதித்யோ ப்ரஹ்மா;ப்ரஹ்மைவாகமஸ்மி

சொன்னவர்; ஸ்ரீமடம் பாலு.
தொகுப்பாளர்;டி.எஸ்.கோதண்டராம சர்மா
தட்டச்சு;வரகூரான் நாராயணன்.

?சில யோகிகள்,சித்த புருஷர்கள் பல காலம் வரைஸ்நானம் செய்வதில்லை. ஜபம்,தவம் செய்வதில்லை. ஆகார நியமங்களும் கிடையாது.

ஆனால், அவர்கள், பல அமானுஷ்யமான காரியங்களைச் செய்து காட்டி நம்மைப் பிரமிக்க வைக்கிறார்கள். செப்பிடு வித்தை மாதிரி வெறும் பொய்த் தோற்றம் இல்லை.

அப்பிடியிருக்க, நாம் ஏன் நாள்தோறும் ஸ்நானம் செய்ய வேண்டும்.? மடி ? ஆசாரம்; விரதம் ? உபவாசம் என்றெல்லாம்கடைப்பிடிக்கணும்.? நெற்றிக்கு எதற்காகத் திலகம் வைத்துக்கொள்ளணும்.? யோகிகள் திருநீறு இட்டுக் கொண்டார்களா.? நாமம் போட்டுக் கொண்டார்களா.??.?

? இத்தகைய குறும்புத்தனமான கேள்விகளைக் கேட்டார் ஒருவர், பெரியவாளிடம்.

பெரியவாள் பார்வையை எங்கெங்கெல்லாமோ மெல்ல மெதுவாகச் செலுத்திவிட்டு கிட்டத்துக்கு வந்தார்கள்.

?ஸந்த்யாவந்தனம் செய்யும் போது,

?அஸாவாதித்யோ ப்ரஹ்மா;ப்ரஹ்மைவாகமஸ்மி? என்கிறோம்.

அதாவது ?நமக்குள்ளே பகவான் இருக்கிறார். நான் பரப்ரஹ்ம வஸ்துவாக இருக்கிறேன்? என்கிறோம்.

பகவான் இருக்கிற இடம் பவித்ரமாக இருக்க வேண்டாமா.?

அதனால்தான் ஸ்நானம்-ஸந்த்யை-தேவதார்ச்சனம் முதலியன ஏற்பட்டிருக்கு.

ஈஸ்வரத்ன்மையைஅடைந்துவிட்டமகாபுருஷர்களுக்கு சித்தசுத்தி ஏற்பட்டு விட்டதால், ஸ்நானம் -ஜபம் ? ஆசாரம் போன்றவை தேவையில்லை!?

கேள்வி கேட்டவர்,முற்றிலும் சந்தேகம் நீங்கியவராய்,

பெரியவர்களுக்கு நமஸ்காரம் பண்ணிவிட்டுப் போனார்

General topics / Re: Can we consider pooja as a vasana?
« on: August 02, 2017, 09:06:36 PM »
'Letters from Sri Ramanasramam', Letter 55 ('Guri (Concentration) Alone is the Guru (the Preceptor)':
Yesterday morning Yogi Ramiah questioned Bhagavan thus: ?Swami, some disciples of Sai Baba worship a picture of him and say that it is their Guru: How could that be? They can worship it as God, but what benefit could they get by worshipping it as their Guru?? Bhagavan replied, ?They secure concentration by that.? The Yogi said, ?That is all very well, I agree. It may be to some extent a sadhana in concentration. But isn?t a Guru required for that concentration?? ?Certainly, but after all, Guru only means guri, concentration? said Bhagavan. The Yogi said, ?How can a lifeless picture help in developing deep concentration? It requires a living Guru who could show it in practice. It is possible perhaps for Bhagavan to attain perfection without a living Guru but is it possible for people like myself??
?That is true. Even so, by worshipping a lifeless portrait the mind gets concentrated to a certain extent. That concentration will not remain constant unless one knows one?s own Self by enquiring. For that enquiry, a Guru?s help is necessary. That is why the ancients say that the enquiry should not stop with mere initiation. However, even if it does, the initiation will not be without benefit. It will bear fruit some time or other. But there should be no ostentation in this initiation. If the mind is pure, all this will bear fruit; otherwise, it goes to waste like a seed sown in barren soil,? said Bhagavan.
?I don?t know, Swami. You may say that a hundred times or a thousand times. To be sure of one?s own progress, a living Guru like you is required. How can we give the status of a Guru to a lifeless portrait?? he said. With a smile on his face, Bhagavan said, ?Yes, yes,? nodding his head and then kept silent. Brother, all I can say is that that smile and that silence were radiant with knowledge and wisdom. How can I describe it?

General topics / Re: Can we consider pooja as a vasana?
« on: August 02, 2017, 08:24:28 PM »
Dear Kskat

Thanks for opening this topic .Kanchi Mahaswamigal and Sringeri Acharaya's and teachers in the Adi Shankara Parampara have laid great stress on daily puja's and they are all meant only to purify the mind receive blessings of the God to remove the obstacles in our day to day life . In the sankalpa we use the term "durithaa kshayadwara sree parameswara prityartam " and that itself clears the reason why we do the daily puja i.e to remove the duritas and to receive blessings of the Lord .
Prayer being an action and it never goes waste ( every action produces a reaction and prayer being a positive action produces a positive reaction ) and might be its effects is not visible but it does produce the effects .

Welcome back srkudai

Thanks for your links . Thich Nhat Hanh is one of my favorites .

General topics / Pointers to Presence
« on: August 01, 2017, 08:28:37 PM »
In this thread I will be sharing the quotes that are basically Pointers to Presence and I will not be giving the names of the people who said that same ( it is from a combination of many Teachers from the East and West , Traditional and Non Traditional ) and it does not matter from whom it is taken and just read and reflect on it .


"The flowering of Presence from within is like the mustard seed that Jesus spoke of. At first it seems small and delicate. But if it is nurtured, the roots of Presence go deeper and deeper into the earth, and the branches of Presence reach higher and higher into the sky. Then the wind blows, the rain falls, but it is impossible to shake you out of Presence. You nurture the seed of presence every moment that you are present."

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