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General Discussion / Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
« on: September 07, 2014, 08:18:54 PM »

General Discussion / Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
« on: September 07, 2014, 04:36:49 PM »
Living by the words of Bhagavan is a wonderful book that must be read and reread by all devotees.Truly Swami was like what the book title says-he just lived by the words of Bhagavan.Swami's teachings are so simple,because he himself was utterly simple.Wonderful soul.
Dear Sri Ravi

True "Living by the Words of Bhagavan" is an excellent book and it mentions the journey of one Jnani ( Annamalai Swami ) living with another Jnani ( Bhagavan Ramana ) and also it describes Annamalai Swami's journey from an ordinary worker to the highest state he reached through following the words of Bhagavan . This book is ever refreshing and you never get bored reading it again and again . I value this book very highly and this book made a great impact in my life .

General Discussion / Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
« on: September 07, 2014, 04:31:57 PM »

General Discussion / Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
« on: September 07, 2014, 04:26:37 PM »
21st June, 1948 Bhagavan Composing a quatrain on Cow Lakshmi

Yesterday Sri Maharshi composed a quatrain on Lakshmi in Tamil, giving the date and the astrological sign of her death, referring to her  as a liberated soul, for which he used the sanskrit word Vimukti to make it quite clear that it was not merely release from the body  that he meant, but final emancipation. This morning he translated his quatrain into Telugu and showed it to the Telugu devotee, Professor Subbaramayya, over which both of them joked and laughed, because Sri Bhagavan had used Tamil metre for a Telugu poem, as he had done in his own Ekatma-Panchakam-the five verses on the Oneness of Atman. Prof. Subbaramayya highly praised Sri Bhagavan's Telugu version.

In the evening Maharshi translated the same quatrain from the original Tamil into Malayalam.

(From Guru Ramana)

General Discussion / Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
« on: September 07, 2014, 08:38:28 AM »

Q: I am trying to surrender to the Guru. How can I tell if 1 am succeeding? It is very easy to say 'I surrender' but this is only a verbal statement. It doesn't mean that real surrender has taken
place. I think that I have achieved some success with my practice but how can I be sure?

AS: If you have really surrendered to the Guru you will see the
Guru in all forms. Wherever you go you will only see the Guru.
If your mind is not steady it means that your surrender is not complete. Your Guru may take several forms. If your destiny is to
go to several different places, your Guru may take the form of
different saints. But even if he does there is still only one Guru
because the Guru is the formless Self. You must learn to see the
Guru in all things; you must learn to see the Guru everywhere.

Kunju Swami once visited Quilon Math. On returning he told
Bhagavan that he had not done namaskaram to the Guru of the math. Bhagavan told him, 'Why do you limit Bhagavan to this form? The Guru is one not many.'

Seshadri Swami was once seen doing namaskaram to a donkey.
When he was asked why, he replied,?This is not a donkey, it is

On another occasion when somebody asked him why he was staring at a buffalo he replied, 'I don't see any buffalo, I only see

Living by the Words of Bhagavan, p 292, 293

General Discussion / Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
« on: September 04, 2014, 11:50:26 PM »
Thank You Jewell .

General Discussion / Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
« on: September 04, 2014, 10:48:01 PM »

Q: How to bring the mind under control? And the heart, which does not know what it wants?
M: They cannot work in darkness. They need the light of pure awareness to function rightly. All effort at control will merely subject them to the dictates of memory. Memory is a good servant, but a bad master. It effectively prevents discovery.

There is no place for willful effort in reality. It is selfishness, due to a self-identification with the body, that is the main problem and the cause of all other problems. And selfishness cannot be removed by effort, only by clear insight into its causes and effects. Effort is a sign of conflict between incompatible desires. They should be seen as they are -- then only they dissolve.

Q: And what remains?
M: That which cannot change, remains. The great peace, the deep silence, the hidden beauty of reality remain. While it can not be conveyed through words, it is waiting for you to experience for yourself.

- I AM THAT 93

General topics / Re: Quotes from Shankaracharya's
« on: September 04, 2014, 09:46:56 AM »
Kanchi Achraya on the Qualities needed to be a true teacher . September 5th is celebrated as a Teachers Day in India and this message is apt for those who want to play the role of teachers in whichever subject they want to be .

Dear Subramaniam Sir

Thanks for the verse of Thiruvachagam where a similar word is used . Saint Ramalinga Swamy had  the greatest admiration of Thiruvachagam and some people  even say that Thiruaruta is an elaboration of Thiruvachagam .
One more thing with regard to Thiruarutpa and Saint Ramalinga Swamigal is that there are many Tamil fanatics who claim that Vallalar was anti sanskrit . It is true that Vallar rebelled against the Chdiambaram Dikshitars and in protest started his own Temple at Vadalur where he devised his own unique form of Light Worship that was devoid of the Vedic Rituals etc but Vallalar was not anti sanskrit and his poems did borrow many sanskrit terms . However he also proved that he could compose Poems free of sanskrit words and many of his poems have pure tamil in them but he was never anti sanskrit .
One of his famous work is called Thiruvadi Pugachi and it is a devotional hymn to Lord and it has 3 parts and first part is highly Sanskritzed Tamil , Second Part is a mixture of Tami and Sanskrit and Third Part is pure Tamil showing that he loves both Sanskrit as well as Tamil .

Dear Subramanian Sir and Nagaraj

Both of you have given different explanations for the word சதுரன . From one angle we can say God is very clever and from another angle the word சதுரன represents 4 and what 4 does it imply here ?

Ramalinga Swamigal's poems are quite simple and straight forward but inside those simplicity he puts in few words that are rarely used or that have a very different meaning from what we normally associate with and we need to dig in deeply to understand what they mean . Like here சதுரன normally means clever but I feel here it can refer to the Number 4 but what 4 does he mean can vary eg is it the 4 Vedas , the 4th state - Turiya . Some even say here சதுரன refers to the 4 types of way we reform a person - saama ,dana , bheda ,dhanda . Let us see the views of others .

General Discussion / Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
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General Discussion / Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
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General topics / Re: Sri Bhagavan's Advent Day - 01.90.2014
« on: September 01, 2014, 10:27:43 PM »
Mr. Mervin Alexander, Postmaster General, Chennai City Region attended a special function in the ashram honoring the release of the permanent pictorial cancellation.

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« on: September 01, 2014, 05:28:02 PM »
Throwing out old vicious vrittis

The old vicious Vrittis (thought waves) and Samskaras (impressions in the subconscious mind) do not allow virtues to gain entry. They revolt and push them out, but when the aspirant in this helpless condition prays sincerely to the Lord for strength, then the Grace of the Lord gives him the necessary inner force which enables him to throw out his old viciousness and to obtain the fruits of sadhana     ~Swami Sivananda

  The following is a piece from Thiruarutpa poem titled சண்முகக் கொம்மி

  ஆனந்த மான அமுதனடி - பர
        மானந்த நாட்டுக் கரசனடி
    தானந்த மில்லாச் சதுரனடி - சிவ
        சண்முகன் நம்குரு சாமியடி.

I want to know the meaning of the following words அந்தமில்லாச் சதுரனடி?  The word அந்தமில்லாச் means without any restrictions i.e wide spread extending in all directions but then again why does Vallar says சதுரன after using the word அந்தமில்லாச்

Would request Sri Subramanian / Sri Ravi or any other member familiar with classical Tamil to throw light on this

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