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Though I do somewhat believe this and want to, I just don't have a strong conviction.
The debate on fate ( i.e destiny ) v/s free will is a never ending one and there are 3 classes of people :
1) A God fearing person will say  : Man Proposes but God Disposes
2) Atheists /Rationalisats say : Man only proposes and Man only disposes
3) Jnanai says : Nothing every happened .Everything is just a story and stop identifying with the story as the SELF alone is real ,everything else is MITHYA ( Apparent ) .

Decide what suits you best .




General topics / Re: Happy New Year 2015.
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Happy New Year 2015 to all the members and forum administrators here . Let the year 2015 be an year of prayer and gratitude and I am sharing below a message of Swami Chidananda , a great saint and senior disciple of Swami Sivananda and the topic is about developing a life of daily prayer and gratitude 

Where God is worshipped every day, there the whole house becomes blessed with the highest prosperity.
All joy, all blessedness, all prosperity comes to that house where God is worshipped regularly. Say thanks when you get up in the morning, for your health, for your body, for a clean mind, for energy in the body to live a life of usefulness to yourself and to all, and in the evening thank God again for the bounty of a good day, for clear weather, fresh air, good health and energy, opportunity to serve and be useful to yourself and to others. If every day there is thanksgiving and you always worship God in your home, there is bound to be prosperity. Where there is worship, in that place, there is the tangible presence of God, and where there is this tangible presence of the Deity, what to say of prosperity ? Everything that is good, everything that is blessed, will pervade that house, will fill that house.Where God is, all auspiciousness, all blessedness, all prosperity is there as a matter of course - just as luminosity is there, radiance is there, where there is light. So, if you wish to fill yourself with prosperity, be worshipful. Do not make the church/Temple alone the place of prayer and worship. Let every house be a centre of prayer. Let every house be the abode of God.

Swami Chidananda

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General Discussion / Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
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General Discussion / Re: want the book, ;no mind- i am the self'
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is it dr sidhartha has translated what david written in english?   

I have not read the Tamil Version  but it is a full translation of the one in English .

General Discussion / Re: want the book, ;no mind- i am the self'
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Dear Dr.Sundaram

You can write to David Godman and he will let you know how to get it from him directly ( by sending a MO ) . To the best of my knowledge it is not available in PDF / Kindle . As Sri Ravi said it is available in the bookshop opposite to Sri RamanaAshram in Thiruvanamalai . His email is :

BTW There is aTamil Translation of the Book "No Mind I am The Self " and the details of the same and how to purchase is available here :

Many intrepret this message of Bhagavan to mean being  indifferent to the suffering of others but Bhagavan was talking about this in a more holistic sense and only a mature mind can understand the deeper significance of this message

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Don?t allocate periods of time to meditate ?I am? with closed eyes.
Do it throughout the day while doing all other activities.
If you want to go beyond the body and mind, abide in the ?I am? only and understand that all that is ?I am plus' is false.
Abidance or meditation in the ?I am? is a process by which attention is kept focused on the substratum instead of the names and forms that are habitually imposed on it.
When you abide in the ?I am? ignorance vanishes. Ignorance is not knowing the ?I am? in its absolute purity.

Excerpts from 'Living by the Words of Bhagavan

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This is true of any path and not just 'self-enquiry'(By the way there are only two paths-the path of Sreyas and the path of preyas;all the rest are just techicalities!).What Sri Annamalai swami has said is that one need not take to a 'preparatory sadhana' in order to become fit for 'vichara'.This does not mean that he did not advocate any disciplined Living.Far from it.
Swami himself came to Sri Bhagavan when he was 18 or 19 and was disciplined under the guidance of Sri Bhagavan.When he took 'two sweets turning around a corner where no one could see him',Sri Bhagavan asked him-'What?Two helpings for you!'.This way Swami understood that wherever one is,one is always under the watchful eyes of the Guru-He developed this attitude.
Again when he was assailed by sexual thoughts,Sri Bhagavan made him stand on a hot rock.He was made to take the responsibility of constructing all the buildings without letting know anyone that all the suggestions came from Bhagavan-and he was made to face all the opposition from chinna Swami and others.
It is after all this and after the 'samadhi' experience , he followed the 'Neti,Neti' version only and advised the same to others as well.

So a lot of 'elimination' he had to do or was made to do-all this are part of sadhana

This is with regard to the comments of Sri Ravi in Anil's thread .
I concur with what Sri Ravi has said .Technically everyone is eligible for the direct path  but in practice only very few can start with it directly from the beginning . In this regard I wish to share what Swami Krishnananda ( Senior Disciple of Swami Sivananda ) advised one amewrican devotee who wanted to practice sadhana all alone in his place ( he was a foreigner who stayed in some Urban city in USA ) .Swami Krishnananda asked him apart from Sadhana what he will be doing in day to day life and he told that he is rich enough and does not have the necessity to do a 9-5 job and hence can do sadhana in his own house and being unmarried he has not much obligations and leads a simple life .Swami Krishnananda told him that technically it appears that he has a good conducive environment for practicing sadhana but he told that intitally he will enjoy it but later he will have to confront all the vasanas( especially the negative ones )  that will be eupting with great intensity and he will himself be confused and disgusted by the same .Swami Krishnananda said that when they were sadhaks Swami Sivananda gave them lot of work at the Rishikesh Ashram and made them wipe of many of the samskaras before he shaped them in their core areas and prescribed the appropriate sadhanas for each of them . He told that as young sadhaks they had the protective ring of the ashram environment as well as the protective ring of the Guru's direct energy in living form and yet many had to struggle and for this young chap in the absence of such a protection it is not advisable to do sadhana at home from the scratch and he told him that it is better he take some physical work ( even voluntary one ) at his place and keep the body and mind engaged in work and do a short sadhana and make a pilgrimage to Rishikesh or any other holy place and do sadhana in an ashram life environment  for  10 days yearly and then go back and slowly build up his sadhana at home till they are able to comfortbaly do their sadhana at their own places  . Even now many inmates of Sri Ramanaashram and those who have made Thiruvanamalai their home do daily Giri Pradakshina as a form of extrenal sadhana .In Rishikesh many Sadhus  walk along the banks of River Ganga for many Kilometers as a form of Ganga Parikrama and some even walk up to Gomukh /Gangotri and that will take many days . Swami Sivananda , Swami Chinmayananda ,Swami Tapovan etc have done many such trips  . Lot of vasanas have to be removed through some form of hard physical activity especially at the initial stages  and Bhagavan Ramana himself  gave lot of  activity to Sri Annamalai Swami before he advised him for full time meditation in solitude  . Swami Sivananda also did the same with many of his chief disciples .
Of course there are always  excpetions to this rule but the above is applicable to most of the people .

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