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To my best knowledge I have never heard Bhagawan talking much about Ramalinga Swamigal or about Thiru Arutpa .Any inputs on the same ?
I found lot of similarities between Ramalinga Swamigal ( Vallalar ) and Bhagawan.
1) Both Never Had a formal Guru
2) Both never wore Saffron and wore white
3) Both addressed God as Father ( Bhagawan : Father Arunachala , Vallalar : Arutperum Jyothi Andavar )
4) Both are considered as Incarnations of Lord Subramanya
5) Both have similar Maha Mantra :
Bhagawan : Arunacaha Siva Arunachala Siva , Arunachala Siva , Arunachala
Vallalar : Arutperun Jyothi , Arutperum Jyoti , Thani Perum Karunai , Arutperum Jyothi
6) Both of them composed great works in Tamil
7) Both did not give importance to any ritualistic worship .

These are my own opinions . I love both Vallalar and Bhagwan and love the songs composed by both of them .

Welcome to Poornalayam

The Vedanta classes conducted by Swami Guruparananda( a disciple of Swami Paramarthananda ) , are now available in this site. The message given by Swamiji, guides the listeners to progress steadily, in their study of Vedanta.

All his classes have been classified under the following topics:( Complete free downloads as well as online listening )

   1. Introduction to Vedanta
   2. Bhagavad Gita
   3. Upanishads
   4. Brahma Sutra
   5. Meditation
   6. Vedantic Texts
   7. General Talks

This site enables listening to the classes directly, and also facilitates free downloads.

All are welcome to make use of this facility and be benefited.

Kindly make use of this site and pass on this information to other interested people . Entire Advaita Vedanta Philosophy is now available for free listening in Tamil at the Comfort of your home /IPOD etc .

Tripura Rahasya and other ancient works / Bhagawan and Thiruvachagam
« on: August 20, 2012, 11:52:33 AM »
Dear Friends

I read in one book of David Godman ( Power of Presence ,I suppose ) , that Bhagwan asked all of his devotees at Skandaashram to recite the entire Thiruvachagam on the nite his mother attained nirvana and in fact he was also correcting people when they were pronouncing it wrongly .
Bhagawan's fondness of Thiruvachagam and Thevarams is well known .
Though Bhagwan is a person free of any personal likes and dislikes ,I am interested in knowing if any of you have any information regarding which poems of Thiruvachagam , Bhagawan asked people to recite most .
For me I have got the complete set of Audio of Thiruvachagam sung by Dharmapuram Swaminathan and only know Sivapuranam by heart and interested in learning other poems also .But would be happy if Bhagawan selected any particular poems in Thiruvachagam for Parayana .
By  the way for those in Chennai on Sun 2 September 2012 there is a complete parayana of entire Thiruvachagam from 9 a.m - 5 p.m under Swami Omkarananda (and other great Tamil Scholars ) who is observing Chaturmasya Vrata at Anantha Padmanabhaswamy Temple ,Gandhi Nagar , Adyar ,Chennai - 600020
and the Venue is Kanchi Mahaswamy Mantapam ,adjacent to the Temple

This is just for people interested in participating in the same . In fact my interest in Thiruvachagam got re-kindled after seeing that notice and wanted to share with others here .
Om Peace .

General topics / What I learned in my spiritual quest so far
« on: August 19, 2012, 04:26:09 PM »
The last 15 years or so has been quite a fairly serious spiritual journey for me in the line of Yoga ( which continues to be my main Sadhana ) but at the same time I have been exposed to the teachings of other teachers , Gurus , Schools of thought like Classical Advaita , Bhagawan Ramana's teachings , Teachings of Osho , J.Krishnamurti , etc .
I still read traditional Vedic teachings of Kanchi Paramacharya , Sringeri Acharyas etc etc .
Kindly refer to my Introduction where I have given a bigger detail about myself .
In this column ,I want to share my spiritual experiences or insights in the form of certain statements as lessons learnt by me .
Note : These lessons are my own lessons and they may not be applicable to others and need not be taken as gospel truths . These lessons can be taken either as general life lessons or spiritual lessons and some of it , I experienced myself , some I learned it from others experience and some I learned it by studying  .If you find it useful take it , if not leave it .

Lesson 1 :

Life is too vast to accommodate all sort of contradictions .In Other words life is neither fully black or white and there is lot of shades of grey between them .So learn to live with these contradictions and adapt , adjust ,  accommodate to these contradictions without sacrificing your integrity .
In spiritual quest I  found this to be highly applicable as people come with lot of preconceived notions about how Ashrams should be , how Gurus and teachers must behave , how followers of Gurus must be etc etc and get disappointed .
Also some people go to extreme in following a particular Guru or Particular School of thought and ridicule others and belong to the category of my way or high way .
Example : Ganges is a very long river and it is very pure at Gangotri and very dirty and polluted in Varanasi and so one person in Varnasi will say it is dirty while another in Gangotri will say it is very pure and the river being the same .
So who is right ? Both are right from their respective positions but wrong from the other positions .
The same with regard to everything in life .
Conclusion : Next time when you feel you are getting in to an argument with another person , step back a little and look at the Ganges example to see both of you can be right as well as wrong .

Arunachala / Arunachala Ashtotra by Sri Laxmana Swamy
« on: August 19, 2012, 11:49:19 AM »
I recently  found in the following site :
in the Pooja Kalpamu section
Ashtottara on the holy mountain Arunachala as composed by Sri Lakshmana Swamy , a Living Jnani in Arunachala .
It is also available as free PDF download .
I do not know whether anyone has composed any other Ashtottra of Arunachala Hill ( not the Arunachala deity at the Temple ) .
I will be using this for my own personal chanting during my parayana  of Bhagawan Ramana's Akshara Mana Malai to invoke the grace of Holy Hill Arunachala .

Forum advice, news & etiquette / Introducing Myself
« on: August 19, 2012, 10:13:07 AM »
I am Krishna , a Yoga Teacher from Chennai ,India , trained in the Sivananda System of Classical Hatha Yoga  through Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres , founder Swami Vishnu devananda , who is no more alive in body but wrote 2 best sellers : Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga and Meditation and Mantras .
The Sivananda System of Yoga is a yoga of synthesis of Karma , Bhakthi , Raja , Hatha , Jnana Yoga and I had a taste of all of it but now spending time in solitude except for teaching Yoga to very specific students on a 1-1 basis and rest of the time doing my own sadhana .
I have been associated with the teachings of Bhagawan Ramana right from 1999 and have visited Arunachala , done Giri Valam and visited and stayed at  Ramana Ashram many times and have read lot of books related to Bhagawan Ramana.
My last visit to Arunachala was in Dec 2009 with my brother ( from USA ) and my mother and after that I have not visited Arunachala and do not have any serious intention to visit Again as I am very contended spending time in solitude and enjoy listening to Bhagawan Ramana's Tamil Chants : Akshara Mana Malai , Ulladhu Naarpadu etc at home itself .
I have been benefited by reading the works of Many great Saints and Masters and my favorites are :
Swami Sivananda's books , Bhagwan Ramana's teachings  and experience of devotees with him  , Kanci Paramacharya's Deivathin Kural ,Sringeri Acharya's teaching and dialogues , All books by Osho , J.Krishnamurti , Classical Advaita with Interpretations by Swami Dayananda , Swami Paramarthananda , Swami Omkarananda  etc .
Note : I am not an expert on the teachings of Bhagawan Ramana or in fact of any other Saint /Teacher and love reading any good works by any great saint / spiritual teacher  for my own self enrichment .
I have joined this forum to share my thoughts and experience plus also to understand other's experience and insights .I am not a very active person in forums as I prefer more solitude but would do love to share what best I can and enrich the content of this forum  whenever time permits.I do not want to get in to any debates in to the merits or demerits of a particular Guru , Particular Sadhana , Particular school of thought as I believe that just leads to un-necessary fights and loss of mental peace .My primary Sadhana is Yoga Sadhana but at other times I like to read works by Other great saints and contemplate those teachings in silence . I consider  my association with this forum is also an extension of my sadhana .
All the best . Om Peace .

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