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I think we should do some research before we promote such ideas.  Here is one site that will help us understand what being a UNESCO Heritage site really means:

All in all, it is a really bad idea. However, the good news is that the Indian and Tamil Nadu governments are against it. They have been through this exercise before. ;D

Arunachala / Re: Skandashramam morning prayer
« on: August 07, 2012, 03:40:34 PM »

NO, don't take these street drugs.  They alter the state of mind and body and take you away from God. I am sure that is not what you want.

In Ganeshan's experiences of Bhagavan, that Raviji so kindly posted for us, in the thread -

he describes how he was able to fulfill his mother's wish not to be administered any drugs at the time of death even though she was in pain and the doctor wanted to. Ganeshan anna describes it so beautifully.

I have seen the sadhus in Tiru do drugs because life on the streets is very hard. Life in general is hard unless you do really intense sadhana like put in atleast three hours of japam, chanting and hatha yoga exercises every day. How many of us have the time?  I know a few people who have disciplined themselves to do it but all other activities like partying and going to the movies have fallen by the wayside.  The focus is on sadhana.

Child of Arunachala   

Arunachala / Re: Incomplete Pradakshina
« on: August 06, 2012, 04:06:40 PM »
Dear ones,

It was on my birthday 2011, ..... My desire was to do puja with bilva leaves, to one of the lingam in the forest (some one has placed it in the recent past i believe).

        Echammal was one of Bhagavan's great devotees. For years she considered it her sacred duty daily to cook food for Bhagavan, climbing the hill in all seasons to take it to him, and see him partake of it. Only then would she eat. Once, she undertook a vratam (vow) called laksharchana, worshipping the ishta devta (god) by offering 100,000 sacred leaves or flowers. Daily she collected sacred leaves (patri) and performed the puja. Soon summer set in. Leaves became scarce. She had offered only half the number by that time. She would roam all over the area and the hill too, with little success. She narrated her plight to Bhagavan.

        “Why don't you go on pinching your own body, as many times as the number of leaves required, and complete the puja?” he asked. Echammal was taken aback, “Oh! It would be very painful, Bhagavan!” she replied, “I see,” Bhagavan said, “then will it not be painful for the trees, too, when you pluck away their leaves one by one?” The lesson went home. She gave up the vratam.

Arunachala / Re: 108 names of Arunachala?
« on: June 07, 2012, 02:42:30 PM »
Namaste, Subramaniam sir,

What does it matter that we are eight names short.  We have 100 names to chant now :-)

With regards,
Child of Arunachala

Arunachala / Re: Need guidance on first visit
« on: June 07, 2012, 02:41:03 PM »
Namaste, Subramaniam sir,

Thank you. I will look them up. 

With regards,
Child of Arunachala

Arunachala / Re: Need guidance on first visit
« on: June 07, 2012, 02:20:39 PM »
Namaste, Raviji

I finished reading Ganesan's book. How I so wish I had been alive in Bhagavan's time. We will never find a guru like him.   Thank you again for posting the link.   

I see Ganesan all the time when I am in Tiruvannamalai. I had no idea he had such a rich past of serving so many enlightened souls. We are so blessed to still have him around. The same can be said of his two brothers, Sundaram and Manni anna. Everyone currently working in Sri Ramanasramam must be so blessed to be chosen by Bhagavan to serve him.

with regards,
Child Of Arunachala 

Arunachala / Re: 108 names of Arunachala?
« on: June 07, 2012, 02:08:31 PM »
Dear Subramaniam, Sir

Thank you so much for this. I used to read the 108 names of Shiva everday and know it to be very powerful.  100 names of Arunachala could only be more powerful considering the special bond we all have with Him.   Is there a reason why it is 8 names short?

Child of Arunachala

Arunachala / Re: Need guidance on first visit
« on: May 24, 2012, 12:50:57 AM »
Dear Raviji,

I am still going through the link you posted above.  It is such a beautiful book.

Thank you

Child of Arunachala

Arunachala / Re: Need guidance on first visit
« on: May 13, 2012, 09:27:52 PM »

Thank you so much for the link. The pictures are beautiful.  I am only now going through the 842 pages booklet and learning so much.  Thank you, again

Lataji, do you see the picture of the well and 'eating hall',  that is where you will line up for meals. There is a breathtaking view of Arunachala from there.  Sometimes there is fish in the well.  There are peacocks (Muruga's vahana), monkeys (Hanuman) and ashram dogs (Bhairava).  Your son will love them. There is no doubt about it.

Child of Arunachala

Arunachala / Re: Need guidance on first visit
« on: May 13, 2012, 02:18:08 AM »
I am pretty sure I have seen pictures of V.S. Ramanan, Mani and Ganeshan in their teen years with Bhagavan. The pictures were exceptionally powerful to me - how Bhagavan was shaping them to be spiritual leaders and these kids had not a clue. The innocence in their eyes made me cry.

Arunachala / Re: Need guidance on first visit
« on: May 12, 2012, 04:51:16 PM »
Dear Subramaniam, sir

I, too, love the Dakshinamurthy in Seshadri Ashram and Ramanasramam and don't forget the Dakshinamurthy temple between these two ashrams.

I am wondering, however, if you are not allowed to go into Seshadri Ashram if you don't stay there.  We go in freely.  Are we breaking some rules? Oops

BTW, we don't stay at Seshadri Ashram because the rooms we were shown were genuinely filthy and we worried about catching a disease. When we asked to see other rooms, we were told "they are all like this"  Even the so called a/c room had no windows and had a huge bed in a really small room. It smelt of something toxic. Don't know what it was. There were some dogs on the other side of the wall, in the village, that kept barking.

Ramanasramam, on the other hand, is heaven, always will be for us.  Ramana Towers is good too. Very clean and quiet. It is a short distance away from both these ashrams.   Ofcourse, Sparsa has its own quality. The mountain is all you have. It is great for meditation. We love that whole area.

Arunachala / Re: Need guidance on first visit
« on: May 09, 2012, 08:36:24 PM »
Dear Lathaji,

Seshadri Ashram rooms are filthy.  Try Sparsa Hotel (great view of the mountain + has a swimming pool for your son) and Arunai Anantha . Westerners like these hotels.  There is also Ramana Towers which is walking distance from Ramanasramam.

What Indians call walking distance can turn out to be a harrowing experience for you. On our first trip we had to dodge every kind of vehicle there is on this earth, dogs, cows, and goats - try not to step on grass as Tiruvannamalai is home to vicious snakes.  Buses and trucks drive on that road like they were driving on a national highway in the west. Numerous deaths have happened on that stretch.  So now we get an autorickshaw or car rather than spoil our peace of mind.

Ramana Ashram is still our favourite.   

Child of Arunachala

General Discussion / Re: Had giri pradakshina for chitra poornimaa
« on: May 08, 2012, 05:10:17 PM »
Dear Subramanian, Sir

What is it about Tuesdays. I have women tell me that they will not get out of the house on Tuesdays. In Tirupati too it is a bad day.  Some Durga temples have rahu kalam puja on Tuesdays. Would you know more about it?

Child of Arunachala

General Discussion / Re: Had giri pradakshina for chitra poornimaa
« on: May 08, 2012, 01:40:14 PM »
Dear Krishnan,

That must have been an awesome experience - doing girivalam on chitra poornima day. You are very blessed!

To the lady who said she will not do girivalam on pournami again, if you keep your mind on Arunachala, nothing will bother you. That has been my experience.

BTW, how much does Athithi Ashram charge? How do you book with them even though Ramanasramam will be my first choice

Child of Arunachala

Dear Subramaniam, sir

Yes, but that is Bhagavan. He was paying respect to the two pattis who fed him before he became famous.

In this instance above, these guys were resenting their employer and their livelihood, not realising that it was Arunachala who is the real employer. All they had to do was to make subtle arrangements to their thinking. That is all. What do you think?

child of Arunachala

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