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When Bhagavan learned of Mastan's passing away, he sent Kunju Swami to our village with full instructions
on how to make a Samadhi for Mastan.  There is a Tamizh book that faithfully gives the details of how saints
who have followed Lord Siva have to be buried. (Tirumandiram).  In accordance with these details,
Bhagavan drew up a plan of the dimensions of the Samadhi and sent it along with Kunju Swami. It seemed
very strange to us that a Muslim should be given a Saiva Saint's burial and stranger still that Bhagavan,
who did not generally encourage ceremonial rites, actually laid down in the minutest detail the rites to be
followed in the Samadhi of Mastan.

Whatever the reason, just as Bhagavan stipulated, we made a tomb for Mastan in our village.  It is a village
whose population is predominantly Jain. These inhabitants of the village felt that having a Hindu Samadhi
in their midst would be very inauspicious.  When they first heard of it, there was even talk of their abandoning
the village completely.  However, in the time that has passed since Mastan's Samadhi was constructed,
the village has thrived and grown rich.  Nowadays the Samadhi is a visible deity to all the people from the village, whatever their caste or religion.  What a wonder!


Arunachala Siva.               

96.  The four faced One (Brahma), he who creates all the worlds and is their Lord, said, 'You (gods) who
love me well, listen!  Since it is I who declare to you that this is the meaning of the arcane Vedas, this is
the reality beyond compare.  If you are in any doubt, I will have the iron heated till it is red hot and hold
in my golden hands to prove myself free of any falsehood.'

97.  He who sits upon the lotus blossom (Brahma) said, 'Gods, you who are loving devotees of Lord Siva,
listen!  The meaning of the Vedas, as I have explained it, is just so.  There is nothing further.  In order
that you should be convinced of this in your minds, I have sworn  a threefold oath, holding on to the feet
of Lord Siva.

Holding a red hot iron in one's hand was ancient trial by ordeal way of affirming the truth.  If the flesh
of the hand did not burn, then the statements uttered was deemed to be true.


Arunachala Siva.           

54.  It is not mandatory for self knowledge that one should learn to recite or study the Vedas  - which
are permitted only to some classes.  Putting into practice of the sacred utterances is all that is required.
Surrendering the outcome to the Lord, one must forge ahead in the path of one's capacity.  In the end
the essence of the Vedas is perceived in crystal clarity devoid of any incoherence.

55.  Direct realization of the light of the Self can achieve liberation even without the learning of sacred lore.
By such knowledge both spiritual and mundane aspirations are fulfilled.  Though by nature unconditioned,
Self Knowledge appears as if having adjuncts while imparting to others.

56,57.  Experience of the Self is one and the same or all.  However, qualification and approach of the
aspirant can cause variability in its expression.  If ordinary sense enjoyments can defy description
what to speak of the Self which is the mother of all experiences?  Vigilance is recommended while ascertaining
the consummation of spiritual practice.  As absolutely thought free state is the goal, any conceptualization
of it is only self contradictory.

Even adepts seasoned in the sacrificial Vedic rites cannot boast of any concessions in this aspect.  Because
such practices without the attitude of detachment from doership and craving for fruits fail to remove the
dualistic vision.

58,59. By the power of Vedic chanting and performance of Vedic rituals heavenly realms are attainable.
Even there distinctions are prevalent which give rise to pain.  Therefore, attainment of the non dual
state devoid of all differentiation is the fruit of no mean tapas.  And that tapas has to be flawless.  It is
attained step wise by a steady if not slow process. Yajna performed in thoroughness reaps fruits in


Arunachala Siva.             

147.  Creation is not other than seeing;  seeing and creating are one and the same process.  Annihilation
is only the cessation of seeing and nothing else;  for the world comes to an end by the right awareness
of Oneself.

148.  As it is settled that the world is mental, the world will be real if the mind were real;  but if the mind
is unreal, then the world also would be unreal.  Hence it becomes needful to inquire whether the mind is real.

149.  First it is needful to inquire by what tests one can distinguish the real from the unreal, because, in
this inquiry as to what is real, the test of reality that is approved of by the worldly ones is not valid.

150.  The parrot, who is wishful to eat the fruit of the silk cotton tree, at last, goes away disappointed.
How can the beliefs of one, who thus deludes himself, be accepted as reasonable?

151. The intellect, the sense organs, and the mind are servants of the primary Ignorance. Hence the worldly
methods of seeking knowledge do not all favor success in this inquiry.

152.  The characteristic of reality, that is considered good by the worldly, is unreliable because it is a child
of Ignorance.  For the Sadhaka the reliable test for distinguishing Truth from falsehood is that which the
Sages have stated.


Arunachala Siva.                     

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Verse  4:

பொருப்பரையன் மடப்பிடியி
    னுடன்புணருஞ் சிவக்களிற்றின்
திருப்பழனம் பணிந்துபணி
   செய்திருநா வுக்கரசர்
ஒருப்படுகா தலிற்பிறவும்
   உடையவர்தம் பதிவணங்கும்
விருப்பினொடுந் திங்களூர்
   மருங்குவழி மேவுவார்.

Tirunavukkarasar adored Lord Siva-verily a tusker-,
Enshrined at Tiruppazhanam with His consort, the daughter
Of Himavant-a lovely she-elephant-, and there
Rendered service; impelled by a unitive devotion to hail
The Lord in His various other shrines he moved on, and was
On the way that lay near unto Tingaloor.   

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: May 17, 2016, 09:32:51 AM »
Verse 3:

வடிவுதாங் காணா ராயும்
   மன்னுசீர் வாக்கின் வேந்தர்
அடிமையுந் தம்பி ரானார்
   அருளுங்கேட் டவர்நா மத்தால்
படிநிகழ் மடங்கள் தண்ணீர்ப்
   பந்தர்கள் முதலா யுள்ள
முடிவிலா அறங்கள் செய்து
    முறைமையால் வாழும் நாளில்.

Though he had not beheld Vakeesar?s person,
Hearkening to his ever-during servitorship glorious
And the grace of the Lord bestowed on him, he set up
Holy Matams, water-booths and other ever-during
Charitable endowments in his name and throve thus
Poised in piety.

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: May 17, 2016, 09:30:41 AM »
Verse 2:

களவுபொய் காமம் கோபம்
   முதலிய குற்றங் காய்ந்தார்
வளமிகு மனையின் வாழ்க்கை
   நிலையினார் மனைப்பால் உள்ள
அளவைகள் நிறைகோல் மக்கள்
   ஆவொடு மேதி மற்றும்
உளவெலாம் அரசின் நாமஞ்
   சாற்றும்அவ் வொழுகல் ஆற்றார்.

He had quelled larceny, falsity, lust, wrath
And such other flaws; he was a prosperous householder;
Weights and measures and scales too, children,
Kine and buffaloes and all possessions in his house
He named after Vakeesar and such was his way of life.   

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: May 17, 2016, 09:28:38 AM »
Appoothi Adigal Nayanar Puranam:

Verse  1:

தாண்டவம் புரிய வல்ல
   தம்பிரா னாருக் கன்பர்
ஈண்டிய புகழின் பாலார்
    எல்லையில் தவத்தின் மிக்கார்
ஆண்டசீர் அரசின் பாதம்
   அடைந்தவர் அறியா முன்னே
காண்டகு காதல் கூரக்
   கலந்தஅன் பினராய் உள்ளார்.

He was a devotee of the Lord-Dancer; fitting glory was his;
Lofty was he, by reason of his boundless tapas;
He took refuge in the feet of Vakeesar glorious;
Even ere Arasu had known of him, impelled by a love
To behold him, he melted in loving devotion for him.

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: May 17, 2016, 09:25:53 AM »
Verse 66:

ஆதியோ டந்த மில்லான்
   அருள்நடம் ஆடும் போது
கீதமுன் பாடும் அம்மை
    கிளரொளி மலர்த்தாள் போற்றிச்
சீதநீர் வயல்சூழ் திங்க
   ளூரில்அப் பூதி யாராம்
போதமா முனிவர் செய்த
   திருத்தொண்டு புகலல் உற்றேன்.

Having hailed the radiant and flower-soft feet
Of the Mother who sings before the Lord who doth
Dance in grace and who is beginning-less and endless,
I proceed to narrate the divine service of Appoothi,
The divinely enlightened Muni great of Tingaloor
The town girt with fields of cool water.

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: May 17, 2016, 09:23:21 AM »
Verse 65:

மடுத்தபுனல் வேணியினார்
   அம்மையென மதுரமொழி
கொடுத்தருளப் பெற்றாரைக்
   குலவியதாண் டவத்திலவர்
எடுத்தருளுஞ் சேவடிக்கீழ்
   என்றுமிருக் கின்றாரை
அடுத்தபெருஞ் சீர்பரவல்
   ஆரளவா யினதம்மா.

Who can ever essay to measure the glory of her
Who was endearingly addressed as "Mother"
By the Lord who received and (still) retains on His crest
The flood? She is the one who for ever abides
Beneath the uplifted foot, roseate and redemptive,
Of the Lord of the Cosmic Dance.

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse  64:

மட்டவிழ்கொன் றையினார்தந்
   திருக்கூத்து முன்வணங்கும்
இட்டமிகு பெருங்காதல்
    எழுந்தோங்க வியப்பெய்தி
எட்டிஇல வம்ஈகை
   எனஎடுத்துத் திருப்பதிகங்
கொட்டமுழ வங்குழகன்
   ஆடுமெனப் பாடினார்.

Her loving devotion great swelled the more, when she
Eyed before her the divine dance of the Lord who is
Decked with Konrai blooms whose petals breathe fragrance;
Struck by marvel she sang the hymn which oped thus:
Etti, Elavam, Eekai!*. and concluded thus:
"Dances the beauteous One of the beat of drum."   

(*Tiruvalankadu Tiruppadigam.)

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse  63:

ஆலங்கா டதனில் அண்ட
   முறநிமிர்ந் தாடு கின்ற
கோலங்காண் பொழுது கொங்கை
   திரங்கிஎன் றெடுத்துத் தங்கு
மூலங்காண் பரியார் தம்மை
   மூத்தநற் பதிகம் பாடி
ஞாலங்கா தலித்துப் போற்றும்
   நடம்போற்றி நண்ணு நாளில்.

In Alankadu she beheld the Dance of the Lord
Whose uplifted foot divine straight swept
The heavens; witnessing this marvel, she sang
The goodly hoary decade which oped thus:
?Breasts dried flesh-less!?* Thus she hailed Him
Whose source is unknown; there she throve
Hailing the dance lovingly hailed by the world.

(*Tiruvalankadu Mootha Tirupathigam.)

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse 62:

அப்பரி சருளப் பெற்ற
   அம்மையுஞ் செம்மை வேத
மெய்ப்பொரு ளானார் தம்மை
   விடைகொண்டு வணங்கிப் போந்து
செப்பரும் பெருமை அன்பால்
   திகழ்திரு வாலங் காடாம்
நற்பதி தலையி னாலே
   நடந்துபுக் கடைந்தார் அன்றே.

Thus blessed, the Mother took leave of the Lord
Who is the import true of the Vedas, adored Him
And moved away; borne by an ineffable love great
She measured the way to Tiruvalankadu,
Glorious and goodly, with her head.   

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse  61:

கூடுமா றருள்கொ டுத்துக்
   குலவுதென் திசையில் என்றும்
நீடுவாழ் பழன மூதூர்
   நிலவிய ஆலங் காட்டில்
ஆடுமா நடமும் நீகண்
   டானந்தஞ் சேர்ந்தெப் போதும்
பாடுவாய் நம்மை என்றான்
   பரவுவார் பற்றாய் நின்றான்.

Even thus He graced her and said: ?In Alankadu
Girt with fields and blazing in the south
With sempi-ternal splendor you are blessed to witness
The Great Dance; linked with joy, for ever may you
The prop of them that hail Him.

Arunachala Siva.


Sri Suddhanda Bharati, was a freedom fighter, a great orator and a Tamizh poet, well versed
in Tamizh scriptures.  He was running a magazine called Bharata Sakti.  He came to Bhagavan
Ramana in late 1920s and spent some years with Bhagavan Ramana.  He was also an adept in
Sivaraja Yoga.  One can see his photograph in the 8-volume edition of Arunachala's Ramana,
the Boundless Ocean of Grace.  He looks skinny, tall, very fair with shining eyes.  He compiled
the first Tamizh biography of Bhagavan Ramana titled Sri Ramana Vijayam, covering upto 1934,
was published in the same year.  The life of Bhagavan Ramana, the construction of Mathrubhuteswara
Temple and its consecration, Ramana's Maha Nirvana etc., were later added by Sri Sadhu Om and
the book was published with these information in 1958.  This is the second biography of Bhagavan
Ramana, after B.V. Narasimha Swami's Self Realization.

Arunachala Siva.

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