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Kenneth Rose writes in the book The Light of the Self, a memoir on visit to Bhagavan Ramana.
The following is a further extract, from the extract given in Mountain Path, July-Sep 2009:

As I sat in front of Bhagavan's couch in the Old Hall during the long
quiet periods between meals, I began to trace out the place where
my sense of being myself emerged from the background of the true
Self.  It was not easy, since the stream of images and thoughts that
constitute the mind gushed up ceaselessly like a fountain from a
hidden source. But occasionally, the stream would suddenly vanish
and a clear expanse of awareness free of the stains of images and
thoughts would unfurl itself crisply like a white banner in my
awareness.  Then I knew with intuitive directness and certainty
that the Self is more real than the mental and physical worlds,
which otherwise seem to be the true and final boundaries of the real.

Other times during meditation, I felt as if a door had opened out
beneath my mind, and I passed over into an alternative reality,
which is infinite in all directions.  This change in consciousness
was sudden, and the barrier between the prison of Aham, the false
self, and the freedom of Atman, the true Self, appeared like an
insubstantial film or coating, no more durable than a bubble.  Then
currents of Bliss from the hidden source of life, Brahman, pierced
me like golden waves of light, and in the cave of my heart, Atman,
the true Self sang me awake and a wine of Prema, of divine love,
intoxicated me.  I felt extraordinarily light*, as if I could float off
at any moment like a leaf lofted by a light summer breeze.

These moments of illumination were elusive, and I fell quickly back
into my ordinary mind, which was colored by a basic theme of
dissatisfaction, edged with anxiety about illness, loss, and death.
But at least I had seen the other country, the country without tears.  And now that Bhagavan
was my Guru, even if He was no longer present in a physical body, for I sensed that I was being
inwardly guided in the practice of self inquiry by Bhagavan, who had promised His devotees that
death of His body was not the death of His Presence, which would ALWAYS BE AVAILABLE

(*  The Unbearable lightness of the Being - J.D. Salinger)

Arunachala Siva. 

Dear Sadhak,

Yes. I am only talking about East Asian Countries.

Arunachala Siva.

I walked past the Security gates and boarded the flight at Dulles.  The 20 hours trip passed in a strange
dream like movement.  Every trip of mine to Arunachala has had a completely unique flavor. Never
has the visit been the same. This time the pull of Arunachala was inexorable.  Bhagavan has frequently
claimed that indeed no one ever goes anywhere or comes anywhere, that the Self remains motionless
while what moves is the scenery of the vehicle, body, plane, clouds, until finally the scenery of the destination
is displayed in full detail before the Eternal Witness.  And indeed this time it was exactly so.  Sitting in my
seat with the thrumming vibration of the engines beneath my feet, I felt distinctly there was indeed no
going to Arunachala that could ever be done.  There was profound stillness within and without me,
a sense of conscious awareness of infinite depth stretching beyond the limits of space and time., A
profound stillness of unconcerned and unaffected awareness that was me but so much greater than
anything that I had ever associated as me before.  Thoughts would occasionally rise but this movement
had slowed to molasses like density of my awareness.  So distinct was this separation that there was
no effort needed to control these random bubbles of thought.  The awareness had begun resonating
with a powerful fascination and there was no room for anything outside of itself. 

Right over there at 35,000 feet over the North Atlantic I realized once and forever that I was always
at Arunachala and that there was never anything outside of that state.


Arunachala Siva.             

Verse  28:

புலன்கள் திகைப்பிக்க யானுந் திகைத்திங்கொர்
விலங்குகின் றேனை விடுதிகண் டாய்விண்ணும்
கலங்கமுந் நீர்நஞ் சமுதுசெய் தாய்கரு
துலங்குகின் றேன்அடி யேன்உடை யாய்என்

My senses bewildered,
I stand dazed.
I am destined to stray into the false path.
Will You forsake me?
Even as the entire earth and the sky were steeped in a dreadful turmoil,
O Mercy-incarnate !
You quaffed the oceanic venom.
O my Lord-Owner !
O God vouchsafed to my clan !
Your servitor,
Stand clarified by Your grace


Arunachala Siva.

Verse  27:

கொழுமணி யேர்நகை யார்கொங்கைக் குன்றிடைச்
விழுமடி யேனை விடுதிகண் டாய்மெய்ம்
தழுமடி யாரிடை ஆர்த்துவைத் தாட்கொண்
கழுமணி யேஇன்னுங் காட்டுகண் டாய்நின்

I ascend the hillocks of breasts of those whose smiles sparkle like the pearl serene,
and fall down enervated.
Will You forsake me ? You servitor?
You placed me fittingly amidst Your devotees that weep,
their entire frame enthrilled,
And rule me.
O chastening Gem that cleanses the soul`s dirt,
Be pleased ever more to reveal Your ankleted feet of Gnosis.


Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Abhirami Andati - verses and meanings:
« on: July 20, 2016, 11:58:35 AM »
Verse 73:

73: தாமம் கடம்பு, படை பஞ்ச பாணம், தனுக் கரும்பு,
யாமம் வயிரவர் ஏத்தும் பொழுது, எமக்கு என்று வைத்த
சேமம் திருவடி, செங்கைகள் நான்கு, ஒளி செம்மை, அம்மை
நாமம் திரிபுரை, ஒன்றோடு இரண்டு நயனங்களே.

ஏ, அபிராமி! உன்னுடைய மாலை, கடம்ப மாலை, படைகளோ பஞ்ச பாணங்கள் (ஐவகை மலர் அம்புகள்); வில்லோ கரும்பு; உன்னுடைய நெற்றிக் கண்களோ அருட் கண்கள்; நான்கு கரங்களோ செந்நிறமாகும். உன்னை வயிரவர்கள் வணங்கும் நேரமோ நள்ளிரவாகும். திரிபுரை என்ற பெயரும் உண்டும். நீ எனக்கு மேலாக வைத்திருக்கும் செல்வம் நின்னுடைய திருவடித் தாமரைகளேயாகும்.

O Abhirami!  Your garland is made of Katmaba flowers.  Your army is only five flowers (arrows).  Your
bow is made of sugar-cane.  Your three eyes on Your forehead are merciful.  Your four arms are
red in color.  The Bhairavas, Your supporters, pray to You at midnight.  You are also called Tripura.
My great wealth is only Your lotus like Feet.


Arunachala Siva.   

Chapter 9:

1.  Nidagha:

Revered Master, where do you perform your sacred bath?  What is the mantra for ablution?  What is
the auspicious time for ablution and for offering of holy waters?  Please tell me. 

2. Ribhu:

The bath in the Self is the great ablution, the daily ablution and not anything else.  'I am Brahman'  -
This certitude alone is the great ablution.

3. I am of the form of the Supreme Brahman.  I am of Supreme Bliss.  I am of the form, 'I am Brahman'
-- this conviction indeed is the profound ablution.

4. I am of the form of knowledge. I am the Supreme alone. I am of the form of Peace only.  I am without
any impurities.   

5.  I am of the form of the eternal only.  I am imply the permanent.  This, indeed, is the supreme  Brahman.
I am Brahman alone.

6.  I am only of the nature of everything.  I am the leftover.  All this is verily Brahman.  I am Brahman


Arunachala Siva.         

584. Some believers in the reality of the world say that the Sage has a body.  Others say that the Sage,
being body-less can assume a body if he so pleases.

585. By the dawn of Right Awareness of the Real Self, the ego, the root cause of the appearance of forms,
has been lost.  Therefore, for the Sage, all forms are unreal and hence this talk of forms is foolishness.

586.  Since it is not proper to say that this (world) existed before Enlightenment, but was lost afterwards,
and since even in Ignorance, no one has a form from the point of view of Reality, how can the Sage have
a form?

587.  In the case of the Sage who is established in His own Natural State, free of all the three bodies,
how can a desire arise to have a body?  This talk of forms is in vain, being merely a concession to the

588.  As a river reaching the ocean loses its river-form and becomes indistinguishable from it, so too
the Sage, losing His form as a soul, becomes non different from that Supreme Being, to whom all else
is inferior.

589. Thus the Revelation says that the Sage in that Supreme State becomes one with the Supreme Being.
Even when alive, the Liberated One is body-less because He does not think of Himself as having a body.

590.  Sri Bhagavan, our Guru, says that Liberation is just the extinction of the ego, who becomes a
disputant concerning the form of the Sage.  So this dispute about forms is meaningless.


Arunachala Siva.   

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: July 20, 2016, 09:49:24 AM »
Verse 561:

சிரபுரத் தந்தணர் சென்ற பின்னைத்
    திருவீழி மேவிய செல்வர் பாதம்
பரவுதல் செய்து பணிந்து நாளும்
    பண்பின் வழாத்திருத் தொண்டர் சூழ
உரவுத் தமிழ்த்தொடை மாலை சாத்தி
    ஓங்கிய நாவுக் கரச ரோடும்
விரவிப் பெருகிய நண்பு கூர
    மேவி இனிதங் குறையும் நாளில்.

After the departure of the Brahmins of Sirapuram
He adored the feet of the opulent Lord
Of Tiruveezhimizhalai; he accompanied with the holy
Servitors who were for ever firmly poised
In the pious way; he adorned the Lord with great garlands
Of Tamil verse; he flourished in the friendship
Of lofty and sublime Naavukkarasar,
While thus he sojourned there?

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: July 20, 2016, 09:47:01 AM »
Verse  560:

என்று கவுணியப் பிள்ளை யார்தாம்
    இயம்பப் பணிந்தருள் ஏற்றுக் கொண்டே
ஒன்றிய காதலின் உள்ளம் அங்கண்
    ஒழிய ஒருவா றகன்று போந்து
மன்றுள் நடம்புரிந் தார்ம கிழ்ந்த
    தானம் பலவும் வணங்கிச் சென்று
நின்ற புகழ்த்தோணி நீடு வாரைப்
    பணியும் நியதிய ராய் உறைந்தார்.

Thus bidden by the godly child of the Kauniya clan
They obeyed his gracious mandate;
With their minds clinging to the godly child
They reluctantly parted from his presence;
Adoring the Lord-Dancer of Ambalam in His
Many shrines, on their way they came back
To Tonipuram and there dwelt poised in their way
Of ever adoring the glorious Lord of the Ark.

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse 559:

பிரம புரத்தி லமர்ந்த முக்கட்
    பெரிய பிரான்பெரு மாட்டி யோடும்
விரவிய தானங்கள் எங்குஞ் சென்று
    விரும்பிய கோயில் பணிந்து போற்றி
வருவது மேற்கொண்ட காதல் கண்டங்
    கமர்ந்த வகையிங் களித்த தென்று
தெரிய வுரைத்தருள் செய்து நீங்கள்
    சிரபுர மாநகர் செல்லும் என்றார்.

"We are adoring the triple-eyed Lord enshrined
With the Great Consort in Bhiramaapuram,
In all his shrines; we hail and adore
His splendorous form in all these shrines;
Pleased with this, the Lord has this day, here
Deigned to grant us a darshan of His form as in Tonipuram."
Thus he enlightened them and bade them thus:
"You may now leave for the great city of Sirapuram."

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse 558:

செஞ்சொல் மலர்ந்த திருப்ப திகம்
    பாடித் திருக்கடைக் காப்புச் சாத்தி
அஞ்சலி கூப்பி விழுந்தெ ழுவார்
    ஆனந்த வெள்ளம் அலைப்பப் போந்து
மஞ்சிவர் சோலைப்புகலி மேவும்
    மாமறை யோர்தமை நோக்கி வாய்மை
நெஞ்சில் நிறைந்த குறிப்பில் வந்த
    நீர்மைத் திறத்தை அருள்செய் கின்றார்.

He sang the divine decade, verily a wreath
Of burgeoning flowers of beauty,
And concluded it; folding his hands, he fell
Prostrate on the ground and rose up;
He moved out tossed by waves of bliss;
Addressing the great Brahmins of Pukali
Cinctured by cloud-capped gardens, he began
To instruct them of the glory of the grace
That pervaded his heart which is poised in truth.   

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse  557:

மைம்மரு பூங்குழல் என்றெ டுத்து
    மாறில் பெருந் திருத்தோணி தன்மேற்
கொம்மை முலையினாள் கூட நீடு
    கோலங் குலாவும் மிழலை தன்னில்
செம்மை தருவிண் ணிழிந்த கோயில்
    திகழ்ந்த படிஇது என்கொல் என்று
மெய்ம்மை விளங்குந் திருப்ப திகம்
    பாடி மகிழ்ந்தனர் வேத வாயர்.

His decade oped thus: "Maimmaru Poongkuzhal?"*
"The divine form that is enshrined in the peerless
And immense Sacred Ark of the Lord with His great Consort
Of ever-glorious breasts, is manifested at Mizhalai
Of glowing beauty in the Heaven-descended Vimaana
That confers liberation! What may this be?"
Thus sang he, whose lips are the abode of the Vedas,
The divine decade compact of splendorous truth,
And rejoiced.   

(*Padigam 1 Decade  4)

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: July 20, 2016, 09:33:06 AM »
Verse 556:

அறிவுற்ற சிந்தைய ராய்எ ழுந்தே
    அதிசயித் துச்சிமேல் அங்கை கூப்பி
வெறியுற்ற கொன்றையி னார்ம கிழ்ந்த
    விண்ணிழி கோயிலிற் சென்று புக்கு
மறியுற்ற கையரைத் தோணி மேல்முன்
    வணங்கும் படியங்குக் கண்டு வாழ்ந்து
குறியிற் பெருகுந் திருப்ப திகம்
    குலவிய கொள்கையிற் பாடு கின்றார்.

He rose up thus instructed by the Lord; he marveled;
He folded his hands above his crown; he entered
The temple of the Heaven-descended Vimaana where
The Lord who wears the Konrai flowers, abides
In joy; he beheld the Lord whose hands sports
The fawn-calf, in the very form in which he had
Adored Him in the Ark, and flourished; then he
Hymned a divine decade that celebrated the theophany.

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse  555:

தோணியில் நாம்அங் கிருந்த வண்ணம்
    தூமறை வீழிமிழலை தன்னுள்
சேணுயர் விண்ணின் றிழிந்த இந்தச்
    சீர்கொள் விமானத்துக் காட்டு கின்றோம்
பேணும் படியால் அறிதி என்று
    பெயர்ந்தருள் செய்யப் பெருந்த வங்கள்
வேணு புரத்தவர் செய்ய வந்தார்
    விரவும் புளகத் தொடும் உணர்ந்தார்.

"Here at Veezhimizhalai-- the true form of the Vedas--,
In the ever-glorious Vimaana that descended
From the heaven, We will reveal to you
The very form in which We abide there in the Ark;
May you comprehend it by adoration."
As the Lord blessed him thus and vanished
He that came to be born by the great tapas
Of the dwellers of Venupuram. woke up thrilled.   

Arunachala Siva.

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