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Every year, wherever he was, Sri Pillai used to come to Tiruvannamalai for Kartigai Deepam.
Once he started from Chidambaram for his annual trip, and there was disruption due to heavy
rains and the bus and train services were disrupted due to floods.  In his zeal to reach Tiruvannamalai,
he set out on foot. On the way, he found the bridge he had to cross had been washed away.  So
he returned without being able to cross the river.  He felt miserable that he wouldn't be at
Tiruvannamalai for Maha Deepam. He wept.  At that time, he saw from where he stood, the
Arunachala Hill and the light on the top! 

Sri Pillai understood that taking pity on a devotee, Arunachala Ramana had given him darshan of
Arunachala and the Light on the top. 

After a few years, Sri Pillai permanently settled down in the Asramam.  With the help of devotees,
Sri Pillai cleared the path to Skandashram.  He would go to the town on his cycle several times
during the course of the day, to serve devotees.   People so affectionately called him, Cycle Swami.

In the Ashram, he planted a variety of plants and fruit trees, the gardens in the Ashram, speak
of his valiant efforts.

Till his merger with Bhagavan in 1994, he used to get up early in the mornings and chant verses
before the shrine of Bhagavan Ramana.  He also explained to sincere devotees, the path of Jnana
shown by Bhagavan Ramana.

The U-tube has got a small interview of Sri Pillai along with others like Kunju Swami.

"O Annamalai, have you not ruled over me and taken away my
soul and body?  Where is deficiency in me? You are the deficiency
and you are the fulfillment.  I shall not think over these.  Do whatever you will. 
O eye of my eye! I shall only want a limitless love to your anklet-wearing feet!"
              - Sri Arunachala Navamani Maalai - Verse 7.

(Source: Kunju Swami's Reminiscences.)

Arunachala Siva.


As soon as S.S. Cohen landed in the Asramam on 3rd Feb.1936 and checked into his cottage
allotted by the Asramam, he found that his bunch of keys for the suitcases, was missing.  He grew
a little nervous but placed the suitcases in the cottage and rushed to the Hall to sit before Bhagavan
Ramana.  He looked at Him and then meditated.  He could not concentrate.  What had happened
to the keys?  How to open the suitcases?  He was in a fix.

After about 30 minutes, he suddenly heard the jingle of keys falling on his lap.  He opened his eyes
and found the keys!  He raised his eyes and found Sri Ramaswami Pillai!  Sri Pillai was
smiling. How come?  The information that S.S. Cohen had lost his eyes, spread to devotees a
few minutes back.  Perhaps with the direction of Bhagavan Ramana or not (I am not sure), Sri
Pillai rushed to the Railway Station.  The Station Master was waiting anxiously with a bunch of keys,
foreign made, so he had concluded that these must be of the foreigner who had alighted the train.
Sri Pillai saw the station master.  The latter explained:  "After the train had stopped, I saw him
(Cohen) getting down from the compartment. In a minute, someone else got into the compartment,
found the keys and deposited them with me.  I guessed these must be Cohen's.  So I was waiting
for someone to come from Asramam, searching for the lost keys.  You have come." so saying,
the Station Master handed over the keys to Pillai.  Sri Pillai swiftly rushed back and dropped the
keys on Cohen's laps!

"The whole universe is but a tiny ripple on the infinite ocean of Satchitananda Ramana.  I meditate
on Him, the sublime indweller of the Heart-Cavity, transcending all thought."

  - From Sri Ramana Gita.  Also used as a invacotary verse in
    Sri Ramana Ashottaram.

(Source:  S.S. Cohen's Guru Ramana.)

Arunachala Siva.


Devotee:  How can I control the mind?

Master:  There is no mind to control when the Self is realized. The Self shines forth when the mind
vanishes.  In the realized man, the mind may be active or inactive, the Self alone exists. For the mind,
body and the world are not separate from the Self. And they cannot remain apart from the Self.
Can they be other the Self?  When aware of the Self, why should one worry about these shadows? 
How do they affect the Self?

Devotee:  If the mind is merely a shadow how then is one to know the Self?

Master:  The Self if the Heart, self-luminous.  Illumination arises from the Heart and reaches
the brain, which is the seat of the mind.  The world is seen with the mind.  So you see, the world
is perceived, by the reflected light of the Self.  The world is perceived by an act of the mind.  When
the mind is illumined, it becomes aware of the world. When it is not so illumined, it is not aware of
the world. If the mind is turned in, towards the Source of illumination, objective knowledge ceases,
and the Self alone shines as the Heart.

Devotee:  After leaving the Asramam, I was aware of the Presence that prevails in Sri Bhagavan's
presence enfolding me for about 10 days..... Then it faded out entirely, and the old stupidities
came in instead.  Work leaves no time for separate meditation.  Is it enough constantly reminding
oneself "I AM" while at work?

Master:  (After a short pause).  If you strengthen the mind, that peace will continue for all time.
Its duration is proportional to the strength of the mind acquired by repeated practice.  And such a
mind is able to hold on to the current. 

Devotee:  Other thoughts arise forcibly when one attempts meditation!

Master:  Yes. All kinds of thought arise in meditation.  That is only right for what lies hidden in you
is brought out.  Unless, it rises up, how can it be destroyed?  Thoughts rise up spontaneously,
as it were, but only to be extinguished in due course, thus strengthening the mind.

Devotee:  How can the rebellious mind be made calm and tranquil?

Master:  Either see its Source, so that it may disappear, or surrender yourself so that it may be
struck down.  Self Surrender is the same as Self Knowledge, and either of them necessarily
implies self-control.  The ego submits only when it recognizes the Higher Power.

(Source: Maharshi's Gospel, Chapter III.  Book I. 1939.)

Arunachala Siva. 


Sri Ramanananda Swarnagiri says in his Crumbs from His Table:-

Devotee:  When I am engaged in inquiry as to the Source from which the "I" springs, I strive at
a stage of stillness of mind, beyond which I find myself unable to proceed further.  I have no
thought of any kind, and there is an emptiness, a blankness.  A mild light pervades and I find
that it is myself, body-less.  I have neither cognition nor vision of body and form.  The experience lasts nearly half an hour and is pleasing.  Would I be correct in concluding that all that was necessary to secure
eternal happiness (i.e freedom or salvation or whatever one calls it) was to continue the practice
till this experience could be maintained for hours, days and months together?

Bhagavan:  This does not mean salvation.  Such a condition is termed "manolaya" or temporary
stillness of thought.  Manolaya means concentration, temporarily arresting the movement of thoughts,
old and new, rush in as usual and even though this temporary lulling of mind should not a thousand
years, it will never lead to total destruction of thought, which is what is called salvation or liberation,
from birth and death.  The practicer must therefore be ever on the alert and inquire within as to who
has this experience, and who realizes its pleasantness.  Failing this inquiry, he will go into a long trance
of deep sleep (Yoga Nidra).  Due to the absence of a proper guide at this stage of spiritual practice,
many have been deluded and fallen a prey to false sense of salvation and only a few have, either by the merit of good acts in their previous births, or by extreme grace, have been enabled to reach the goal of safety.

Source:  Crumbs from His Table, Sri Ramananda Swarnagiri, Sri Ramanasramam, Tiruvannamalai.) 

Arunachala Siva.   

Verse  9.6:

புறமே போந்தோம் பொய்யும் யானும்
பெறவே வல்லேன் அல்லா வண்ணம்
அறவே நின்னைச் சேர்ந்த அடியார்
சிறவே செய்து வழிவந்து சிவனே

Falsehood and I stand without Your realm;
my lot Is such that it disables me to gain true love.
Those servitors who know nought else but be One with with You,
performed salvific deeds unfailingly,
Gained the way and reached Your feet,
O Siva !

Arunachala Siva.

Verse  9.5:

மானேர் நோக்கி யுடையாள் பங்காமறையீ
தேனே அமுதே சிந்தைக்கரியாய் சிறியேன்
கோனே சிறிதே கொடுமை பறைந்தேன்
போனா ரடியார் யானும் பொய்யும்புறமே

O One concorporate with Uma whose eyes are like the antelope`s !
O Lord of the Vedas unknown to the Upanishads !
O Honey !
O Ambrosia !
O One beyond the pale of thought !
O King who forgives the faults of this little one !
I spoke only a little of my cruelty.
The servitors had fared forth and reached the great Sivaloka;
falsehood and I stand without.


Arunachala Siva.

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Verse  49:

49: குரம்பை அடுத்து குடிபுக்க ஆவி, வெங் கூற்றுக்கு இட்ட
வரம்பை அடுத்து மறுகும் அப்போது, வளைக்கை அமைத்து,
அரம்பை அடுத்து அரிவையர் சூழ வந்து, அஞ்சல் என்பாய்--
நரம்பை அடுத்து இசை வடிவாய் நின்ற நாயகியே.

நரம்புக் கருவிகளைக் கொண்ட, இசையே வடிவாக உள்ள அபிராமியே! அடியேனாகிய என்னுடைய உடலையும், அதிலே இணைந்த உயிரையும் கொடுமையான எமன் வந்து பறிக்க, நானும் மரணத்திற்கு அஞ்சி வருந்துவேன். அப்பொழுது அரம்பையரும், தேவமகளிரும் சூழ என்னிடத்து வந்து அஞ்சேல் என்பாய்! எனக்கு அருள் புரிவாய்!

O Abhirami!  You are music sung with string based musical instruments.  The devotee of You, will
fear when Yama, the god of death, comes to split my body and life.  At that time, You shall come
with Your heavenly damsels, saying, 'Do not fear,' and then bless me.\


Arunachala Siva.     

Chapter 7: 

1. Ribhu:  I shall explain to you that which is exceedingly marvelous, hard to obtain in all worlds and
the cream of Vedas and Sastras.  Indeed it is ever rare.

2.  Mantra is undivided unitary essence.  The result is undivided unitary essence.  Individual is
undivided unitary essence.  Action is undivided unitary essence.

3.  Earth is undivided unitary essence. Water is undivided unitary essence. Scent is undivided unitary
essence.  Space is undivided unitary essence.

4.  Sastras are undivided unitary essence.  Vedas are undivided unitary essence.  Brahman is undivided
unitary essence.  Religious vows are undivided unitary essence.

5. Vishnu is undivided unitary essence.  Siva is undivided unitary essence.  Brahma is undivided unitary
essence.  Celestial beings are undivided unitary essence. 

6.  Everything is undivided unitary essence.  Oneself is undivided unitary essence. Immanent Self is
undivided unitary essence. Guru is undivided unitary essence.

7.  The spoken matter is undivided unitary essence.  Effulgence is undivided unitary essence.  Body is
undivided unitary essence.  Mind is undivided unitary essence.


Arunachala Siva.     

451.  This Truth of Non Becoming has been unmistakably stated many times by the Great Guru,
Sri Sankaracharya.  Also Sri Ramana, the Guru, has stated this Truth clearly in a variety of
ways, for the benefit of the aspirant.

452. Indeed by Him it has been said that the so called Fourth State is alone is real, and the
other three states- the states of waking, dream and dreamless sleep) - are always unreal. 
Also it has been declared by Him that the Real is always only One, and that manifoldness is always unreal.

453.  'There is nothing else real, apart from Thyself;  Thou art the Only One, transcending Time, Space
and so on.  Throw off the delusion of Ignorance and remain at Peace',  - thus did He teach the State
of True Being of the Self.

454. "In Truth the creatures are not in Me, all this is only My Maya' - thus did Bhagavan Krishna
Himself tell the Truth of the Non Becoming of the Real Self in the Gita.

455. 'The Supreme Reality, without losing Its Fullness of Being, by Its own Maya became this complete
universe; to the Sage It appears only as Fullness",- thus the Upanishad also has stated the Truth of
Non Becoming. 

456.  The forgetting of one's own Real Self, due to the belief that the body is oneself, then after innumerable
births in bodies, finally becoming his own Real Self by Awareness of the Truth of the One Self, is just
like waking from a dream of world wandering.

457.  As one has become inebriated through the drunkenness, who asks passers by 'Who am I?'
or 'Where-from am I' so the ignorant man asks himself 'Who am I?' or 'Whence am I'  being all
the time only the Real Self.


Arunachala Siva.                       

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Verse  346:

நாரணன் நான்முகன் காணாவுண்மை
    வெண்ணாவல் உண்மை மயேந்திரமும்
சீரணி நீடு திருக்கயிலை
    செல்வத் திருவாரூர் மேயபண்பும்
ஆரணத் துட்பொரு ளாயினாரை
    ஆனைக்கா வின்கட் புகழ்ந்துபாடி
ஏரணியும் பொழில் சூழ்ந்தசண்பை
    ஏந்தலார் எல்லையில் இன்பமுற்றார்.

Here was the Truth not to be beheld
By Brahma and Vishnu; here was the Truth
Under the white jambolan tree, the Truth
Of the Mahendra Mountain, the Truth
Of sempiternal Kailaas divine, clad in beauty,
The Truth of enshrinement in opulent Tiruvaaroor
And the true inner import of the Aagamas;
Thus he hymned the Lord gloriously at Aanaikkaa.
The great one of Sanbai girt with beauteous gardens,
Experienced endless ecstasy.   

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse  345:

விண்ணவர் போற்றிசெய் ஆனைக்காவில்
    வெண்ணாவல் மேவிய மெய்ப்பொருளை
நண்ணி யிறைஞ்சிமுன் வீழ்ந்தெழுந்து
    நாற்கோட்டு நாகம் பணிந்ததுவும்
அண்ணல்கோச் செங்க ணரசன்செய்த
    அடிமையும் அஞ்சொல் தொடையில்வைத்துப்
பண்ணுறு செந்தமிழ் மாலைபாடிப்
    பரவிநின் றேத்தினர் பான்மையினால்.

He adored the feet of the brow-eyed Lord,
The Wearer of the hide of the hill-like tusker
Who like a great lustrous flame abides
At Tirucchiraappalli from the hill of which falls
A cataract rolling down many a goodly gem;
In true joy and with a mind serene, he hymned
A bright garland of Tamizh verse; then impelled
By a longing to adore the blue-throated Lord
Of Tiruvaanaikkaa, he came there.

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse  344:

செம்மணி வாரி அருவிதூங்கும்
    சிராப்பள்ளி மேய செழுஞ்சுடரைக்
கைம்மலை ஈருரி போர்வை சாத்தும்
    கண்ணுத லாரைக் கழல்பணிந்து
மெய்ம்மகிழ் வெய்தி உளங்குளிர
    விளங்கிய சொற்றமிழ் மாலைவேய்ந்து
மைம்மலர் கண்டர்தம் ஆனைக்காவை
    வணங்கும் விருப்பொடு வந்தணைந்தார்.

He adored the feet of the brow-eyed Lord,
The Wearer of the hide of the hill-like tusker
Who like a great lustrous flame abides
At Tirucchiraappalli from the hill of which falls
A cataract rolling down many a goodly gem;
In true joy and with a mind serene, he hymned
A bright garland of Tamizh verse; then impelled
By a longing to adore the blue-throated Lord
Of Tiruvaanaikkaa, he came there.   

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse  343:

கற்குடி மாமலை மேலெழுந்த
    கனகக் கொழுந்தினைக் கால்வளையப்
பொற்றிரள் மேருச் சிலைவளைத்த
    போர்விடை யாளியைப் போற்றிசைத்து
நற்றமிழ் மாலை புனைந்தருளி
    ஞானசம் பந்தர் புலங்கள்ஐ ந்தும்
செற்றவர் மூக்கீச் சரம்பணிந்து
    திருச்சிராப் பள்ளிச் சிலம்பணைந்தார்.

He hailed the Lord--verily a shoot of gold,
Who, of yore, bent the auric Meru Mountain
Into a bow, the Rider of the martial Bull,
And who is enthroned on the great hill of Karkudi--,
And hymned a goodly garland of Tamizh verse;
Then Jnaana Sambandhar adored the Lord
Of Mukkeeccharam, the queller of the five senses,
And reached the Hill of Tirucchiraappalli.

Arunachala Siva.   

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Verse  342:

தொழுது புறம்பணைந் தங்குநின்
    றேகிச் சுரர்பணிவுற்
றெழுதிரு வாலந் துறைதிருச்
    செந்துறை யேமுதலா
வழுவில் கோயில்கள் சென்று
    வணங்கி மகிழ்ந்தணைவார்
செழுமலர்ச் சோலைத் திருக்கற்
    குடிமலை சேரவந்தார்.

Thus adoring, he moved out and left for
The many shrines adored by the celestial beings,
Commencing from Tiruvaalanthurai and Senthurai;
At these flawless shrines he adored the Lord;
Then in joy he left for Tirukkarkudi Hill
Cinctured by fecund and flowery gardens.   

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse  341:

நீடும் பராய்த்துறை நெற்றித்
    தனிக்கண்ணர் கோயில்நண்ணிக்
கூடுங் கருத்தொடு கும்பிட்டுக்
    கோதில் தமிழ்ச்சொல்மாலை
பாடுங் கவுணியர் கண்பனி
    மாரி பரந்திழியச்
சூடுங் கரதலத் தஞ்சலி கோலித்
    தொழுது நின்றார்.

He reached the temple of the unique brow-eyed Lord
Of Paraaitthurai and worshipped Him
In single-minded devotion; from the eyes
Of the Kauniya chief, the singer of flawless garlands
Of Tamizh verse, tears rained; he stood there adoring,
Folding his hands above his head.   

Arunachala Siva.

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