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In those days I was at Kunrakudi, which was a small village, with my aunt and uncle, there was no school
there.  So I was sent to nearby Tirupattur where my uncle's brother was manager of the local temple.
There I went to the primary school for two years.  Then, as he passed away, I was sent to Manamadurai,
a neighboring town, where another brother of my uncle's, Srinivasa Iyer, lived.  I finished my third year
in the primary school there.  When he moved to Paslai village, I shifted to the house of Nagu Iyer, son of
Nellaiappa Iyer, Bhagavan's uncle.  That was the house in which I was born and there I completed my
sixth standard.  When Nagu Iyer too passed away, I moved to the house of Vakil Sundararama Iyer,
a relative of my father, and passed the fourth standard.  from O.V.C. High School.  That was the last
year of school education for me.

I was taken to Tiruvannamalai every year, since 1922, during Bhagavan's Jayanti and the Maha Puja
of Alagmmal.  I can be seen standing next to Bhagavan and behind Nayana Kavyakanta Ganapati Muni
in the group photo taken on 28th December 1928, during Bhagavan's Jayanti.  How lucky I was!

Another incident which is indelibly imprinted on my memory is the Mahasamadhi of Sri Seshadri Swamigal,
a great contemporary of Sri Bhagavan.  He left his body on January 14, 1929.  He was interred the same
day and a Samadhi was laid on the spot of interment.  That was a ground adjacent to the Ramanasramam
complex.  Sri Bhagavan attended the ceremony taking me along with Him.  I was 15 years old then and
felt thrilled to participate in the rites of passage of a very great soul. In the month of May of the same year
I tied the knot at Vetriyur. The bride was Nagalakshmi Ammal, affectionately called Nagu, who was 13,
two years younger than me.  This marriage was blessed by Sri Bhagavan in the following manner.


Arunachala Siva.             

We recognize the difference in worth between someone who has been through the fire of personal
tragedy and the unreliable person occupied with irrelevancies. The person who realizes that everything
contributes to our growth has no regrets and accepts even the disasters and crushing disappointments
as a blessing.  Once we comprehend that suffering has a meaning, we have taken the first significant
step towards liberation.

On the path, we are confronted with stark choices at various important junctions in our lives, which we
know will have dramatic and lasting consequences. These flash points are the fires that can burn away
the illusions we hold.  Who we become depends on our commitment to the truth (Satyam) and acceptance
of the cost.

Sometimes we work in the dark and can never quite anticipate the consequences.  There is a grey
area of uncertainty as we weigh the pros and cons.  What is the criterion that gives us the necessary
perspective as to what the right decision is?  And if we do make the 'wrong' choice then how do we
rectify the situation when our illusions collapse?  Our aching desire to find someone to guide us can
cause us to gloss over and once we have committed ourselves it is even harder to admit that we
have made a mistake.


Arunachala Siva.   

Obviously, 'I' does not shine in the same way that a physical light shines, so in this context 'shining'
is not used literally but metaphorically. That is, in this context the basic metaphorical meaning of
'shining' is 'being experienced', so whatever is experienced at any given time can be said to be 'shining'
at that time.  Since 'I' is not only the only thing that is always experienced,  but also the only thing that
is experienced by itself, is not only ever-shining but is also the only thing that is self shining.

However, 'shining' in a metaphorical sense means not only 'being experienced' in general, but more
specifically 'being clearly experienced'.  Thus the more clearly a thing is experienced, the more brightly
it may be said to be shining.  It is significant, therefore, that though the basic meaning of vilanguvadhu
is either 'what shines' or 'shining', it also means either 'what is clear' or 'being clear', so in the case of
aham sphurana or the shining of 'I', sphurana or 'shining' simply means 'being clear' or 'being clearly


Arunachala Siva.               

8.  bheda bhaavanaat so'ham ityasau
     bhavana'bhidaa paavani mataa.

Meditation on the identity of the individual and the Lord, 'I am He',  is more purifying than meditation
which assumes a difference between them.

To assume that there is an ultimate distinction between the Lord and the meditator is to deny His total
presence and to limit His Being and Power and Knowledge.  It involves the person in all the contradictions
of dualism, causing one to wrestle with imagined problems of identity and behavior which only strengthen
the ego.  Nevertheless, at a certain level of devotional meditation, the Maharshi accepted a dualist approach
as helpful.  He Himself wrote poems of great beauty and deep devotion to Arunachala.  Sankara too wrote
devotional hymns, seemingly dualist in tone but ultimately moving the devotee toward a sense of oneness
with the Lord.  In any case, the final necessity for the meditator is to turn his attention inward to the Self
rather than outward toward any image or concept, no matter how sacred.

In the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad (I.4.10) this same theme is found: "He who worships the Lord,
thinking, 'He is one and I am another' does not know."  Again, (IV. 4.19) 'He goes from death to death
who sees difference, as it were, in Brahman.'


Arunachala Siva.

Verse 297:

Again, give up the sense of 'I' in your family and lineage, in your name and in your form.  All these
rest in this rotten corpse.  And the sense of 'I' in the subtle body   -- the idea of doer and enjoyer --
that also give up, and become one, universal whole - Blissfulness Itself.

Denunciation of Egoism:

Verse 298:

There are so many distractions for the individual, which are the cause of worldliness, but of them
all, the first and the root is egoism.

Verse 299:

So long as one has any connection with the wicked ego, there is not any possibility of liberation.

Verse  300:

As the moon, free from the dragon, shines in her own glory, so one being free from this ego,
attains his real Self.

Verse 301:

That which exists in this body, identifying itself with intellect, appears as 'I am', and with the complete
destruction of that, shines the real Self, free from all distractions.           


Arunachala Siva.

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« on: February 28, 2016, 08:54:56 AM »
Verse  110:

உண்ணிறைந் தெழுந்த தேனும் 
   ஒழிவின்றி ஆரா அன்பில்
திண்ணனார் திருக்கா ளத்தி
    நாயனார்க் கினிய செய்கை
எண்ணிய இவைகொ லாமென்
    றிதுகடைப் பிடித்துக் கொண்டவ்
அண்ணலைப் பிரிய மாட்டா 
   தளவில் ஆதரவு நீட.

When great love welled up inly and uninterruptedly
And wouldn't be contained within,
Thinnan thought: "These are perhaps good deeds
Esteemed by the Lord of Tirukkalatthi."
He resolved to hold fast to this service; his love so swelled
That he was unable to part from the Supreme One.

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: February 28, 2016, 08:52:43 AM »
Verse 109:

வன்திறல் உந்தை யோடு 
   மாவேட்டை யாடிப் பண்டிக்
குன்றிடை வந்தோ மாகக் 
   குளிர்ந்தநீ ரிவரை யாட்டி
ஒன்றிய இலைப்பூச் சூட்டி
   ஊட்டிமுன் பறைந்தோர் பார்ப்பான்
அன்றிது செய்தான் இன்றும் 
   அவன்செய்தா னாகு மென்றான்.

"Your father of skilled puissance and I, after a great hunt
Came to this hill once; the deity was bathed in cool water;
Strewn with fitting leaves and flowers and also fed
By a Brahmin then, who also muttered a few words.
It is he who should have done this." Thus he.   

Arunachala  Siva.

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« on: February 28, 2016, 08:48:50 AM »
Verse  108:

கைச்சிலை விழுந்த தோரார்
    காளையார் மீள இந்தப்
பச்சிலை யோடு பூவும் 
   பறித்திட்டு நீரும் வார்த்து
மச்சிது செய்தார் யாரோ 
   என்றலும் மருங்கு நின்ற
அச்சிலை நாணன் தானும்.

He knew not that his bow had slipped from his hand;
Thinnan who was like unto a bull of prowess, said:
"Who has done this good deed of strewing these leaves
And flowers too, and poured water?" When thus questioned
Nanan who stood near him said: "I have known of this."   

Arunachala Siva.


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Verse  107:

வெம்மறக் குலத்து வந்த 
   வேட்டுவச் சாதி யார்போல்
கைம்மலை கரடி வேங்கை
   அரிதிரி கானந் தன்னில்
உம்முடன் துணையாய் உள்ளார் 
   ஒருவரு மின்றிக் கெட்டேன்
இம்மலைத் தனியே நீரிங் 
   கிருப்பதே என்று நைந்தார்.

"Like tribesmen of fierce and relentless hunters
You abide here alone and with help none,
In the jungle infested with elephants, bears,
Tigers, lions and other wild beasts.
Woe?s me!" Thus he cried and grieved sore.   

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: February 28, 2016, 08:44:13 AM »
Verse  106:

நெடிதுபோ துயிர்த்து நின்று 
   நிறைந்தெழு மயிர்க்கால் தோறும்
வடிவெலாம் புளகம் பொங்க 
   மலர்க்கண்ணீர் அருவி பாய
அடியனேற் கிவர்தாம் இங்கே 
   அகப்பட்டார் அச்சோ என்று
படியிலாப் பரிவு தானோர்
   படிவமாம் பரிசு தோன்ற.

Sighs he heaved for a long time; the hair
On his body stood erect as he felt thrilled
In every pore of his; his eyes rained tears.
"Ha! I, the servitor, have here found my Lord!"
It was as though peerless love assumed his form.

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse  105:

மாகமார் திருக்கா ளத்தி 
   மலையெழு கொழுந்தா யுள்ள
எகநா யகரைக் கண்டார் 
   எழுந்தபே ருவகை அன்பின்
வேகமா னதுமேற் செல்ல 
   மிக்கதோர் விரைவி னோடு
மோகமா யோடிச் சென்றார் 
   தழுவினார் மோந்து நின்றார்.

He beheld the unique deity that blazed like a shoot
On the crest of the sky-high Tirukkalatthi Mountain;
Great love spiraled in him and bore him up;
Swiftly and with speed he ran passionately;
He hugged Him; ha, he kissed Him.   

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse  104:

திங்கள்சேர் சடையார் தம்மைச் 
   சென்றவர் காணா முன்னே
அங்கணர் கருணை கூர்ந்த 
   அருள்திரு நோக்க மெய்தத்
தங்கிய பவத்தின் முன்னைச் 
   சார்புவிட் டகல நீங்கிப்
பொங்கிய ஒளியின் நீழல் 
   பொருவில்அன் புருவம் ஆனார்.

Even before he beheld the Lord whose matted hair
Sports the crescent, His looks of grace were cast on him;
All the fetters of his life slipped away;
Under the shade of His lustrous light he was wrought
Into the form of very love.

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse  103:

நாணனும் அன்பும் முன்பு
   நளிர்வரை ஏறத் தாமும்
பேணுதத் துவங்க ளென்னும்
   பெருகுசோ பானம் ஏறி
ஆணையாம் சிவத்தைச் சார 
   அணைபவர் போல ஐயர்
நீணிலை மலையை ஏறி 
   நேர்படச் செல்லும் போதில்.

His love and Nanan preceded him and Thinnan ascended
The cool hill; he climbed the immense flight of steps
-- All the graded tattwas > (six and thirty) --, as though
He would attain Siva whose form is Sakti.
Thus he plied his steps on the straight path of the lofty hill.

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: February 28, 2016, 08:36:19 AM »
Verse  102:

முன்புசெய் தவத்தின் ஈட்டம் 
   முடிவிலா இன்ப மான
அன்பினை எடுத்துக் காட்ட 
   அளவிலா ஆர்வம் பொங்கி
மன்பெருங் காதல் கூர வ
   ள்ளலார் மலையை நோக்கி
என்புநெக் குருகி உள்ளத்
    தெழுபெரு வேட்கை யோடும்.

Limitless love welled up in him by reason
Of the fruition of his askesis in his past incarnations;
Boundless longing transformed into devotion deep;
As he moved toward the hill, his bones melted
And a great yearning possessed him.

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: February 28, 2016, 08:33:41 AM »
Verse  101:

கதிரவ னுச்சி நண்ணக்
    கடவுள்மால் வரையி னுச்சி
அதிர்தரு மோசை ஐந்தும் 
   ஆர்கலி முழக்கங் காட்ட
இதுவென்கொல் நாணா வென்றார்க் 
   கிம்மலைப் பெருந்தேன் சூழ்ந்து
மதுமலர் ஈக்கள் மொய்த்து 
   மருங்கெழும் ஒலிகொல் என்றான்.

The sun was in the mid-most heavens;
On the top of the divine hill were resounded
The five celestial tuntupis; they roared like sea.
When Thinnan asked Nanan, what it was, he said:
"Perhaps, it is the loud buzzing of bees which circle
Round the great honey (-combs) in the hill, sip the nectar
Of flowers in swarms and fly
With the hiss of rustling wings."

Arunachala Siva.

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