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Verse  2:

ஏதமிலா இன்சொல் மரகதமே ஏழ்பொழிற்கும்
நாதன்நமை ஆளுடையான் நாடுரையாய் - காதலவர்க்
கன்பாண்டு மீளா அருள்புரிவான் நாடென்றும்
தென்பாண்டி நாடே தெளி.

O young and pretty Parakeet whose words are blemish-less and sweet and whose hue is emerald-like !
Tell me the country which is His who is the Lord of the seven worlds and who has us as His servitors.
He rules lovingly His devotees and prevents them from returning,
once for all,
To embodied life.
Know for certain that His country Is the southern Paandya realm.

Arunachala Siva.

Tiruth Dasangam:

Ten aspects of Siva:

The way of getting the sadhak to become His devotee:


ஏரார் இளங்கிளியே எங்கள் பெருந்துறைக்கோன்
சீரார் திருநாமம் தேர்ந்துரையாய் - ஆரூரன்
செம்பெருமான் வெண்மலரான் பாற்கடலான் செப்புவபோல்
எம்பெருமான் தேவர்பிரான் என்று.

O young and pretty Parakeet !
Even as Brahma ensconced on the white Lotus and Vishnu recumbent on the sea of milk,
utter reverently the names of our King Of Perunturai,
as `the Lord of Aaroor,
the salvific Lord,
Our God and the God of gods,
"may you chant His ever-glorious and hallowed names,

Arunachala Siva.


29.  By being Brahman alone I am just myself only. I have no attachment or greed.  I have no hymn or

30.  I have no delusion.  I have no craving.  I have no friendship. I have no quality.  I have no sheath.
I have no childhood.  I have no youth or dotage.

31. Everything being the one form of Brahman, it is certain that oneness is Brahman.  There is nothing
beyond Brahman.  There is not a whit other than Brahman.

32. Other than Brahman 'this' is non existent.  Other than Brahman this is naught.  Apart from the Self
there is never anything.  I am Self alone.  There is no doubt about this.

33.  Other than the Self there is no happiness.  Other than the Self I am not.  I am bereft of anything to be
grasped or any one to grasp.  I am devoid of renunciation or anything to renounce.

34.  I have nothing to renounce nor is there anything to acquire.  I have neither bondage nor liberator.
I have nothing to see.  I have nothing inferior.  I have nothing that is the superior, nor there is slander.

35. I have no strength.  I have no caste such as the brahmin or chandala, outcaste.  I have nothing  to
drink nor do I have shortness.  I have no deterioration nor do I have poltency.


Arunachala Siva.       

I will serve no other Lord:

37.  I will cherish exclusively the divine being who is my Guru.  Other than him I will not approach any other
human being. Responding to this attitude in an appropriate way, my Lord invested me, his slave,
with the crown of Jnana, and I attained Mauna.

38.  I have become a slave to the feet of my Guru-Lord, the granter of clear knowledge of reality, who
dispelled my delusion of bondage and reigned over me.  My mind and speech will think of and sing
about only the glory of my Lord, the liberal bestower of divine grace.  They will not even in state of
forgetfulness, utters the names of others.

39.  I do not have the power to offer to others even an iota of the immense desire that arise in my
heart for my Lord.  The perfect light of the grace of my Lord, the vast expanse of supreme bliss, that is
the fountainhead of love, has taken total possession of my desire.

40.  By establishing me in his state of truth, the holy land of Mauna whose nature is the consciousness
that neither rises or sets, my Lord terminated the chaotic activity of ego consciousness. My mind
will not revere anyone other than this Brahman-Knower who is the embodiment of grace.

41.  On account of the great wealth, the fortune of grace in my heart, I will now proclaim with divine arrogance:  'I will be a slave only of the one who ruled over me, and not to anyone else in this world.'

42.  I am not ignorant of the fact that that all the gods who appear to be many are only one, but although
I know this out of all those gods my mind will only desire and flow towards Siva Ramana.

43.  Irrespective of what I may gain through other people in any of the worlds, from now on I will not
consent in my mind, even slightly, to enter into the state of slavery to anyone else except my Lord.

44. Without getting sidetracked, my mind remains firmly established in the Self, the supreme of supremes,
as nothing but the Self.  As a result my love flows abundantly only towards the feet of my Lord that shine                               
as supreme bliss.  I will not entertain any love towards anything else.

45.  My Guru, Siva Ramana, dispelled the twin attachments of 'I' and 'mine', and by doing so abolished
the affliction of birth, becoming my own Swarupa that shines as the light of consciousness.  Now that
I have taken up personal service to my Lord's feet of grace, there is no possibility that I will ever become
slave to another.

46.  My Lord, who manifested in this world and ruled over me, established in my heart the kingdom
of infinitely spacious grace, enabling me to experience Swarupa, the divine silence whose very nature
is happiness.  For what purpose should I now resort to others, uttering words of flattery?

47. The excellent grace that my Lord granted me, the lowest dog, was the supreme expanse of consciousness
in which I could see no separate object to desire.  I will only take refuge in my Lord, my own Self,
he who bestowed this lofty state on this dog, I will not run after anyone else, seeking anything else.


Arunachala Siva.                 

The one, unique word my Guru:

Sometimes the 'one, unique word'  refers to Summa Iru, Be still.  Bhagavan often repeated order to the mind
to be still.  At other times it alludes to the silent emanations that came from Bhagavan that he claimed were
the highest and primary form of his teachings.

35.  I was subjected to mental bewilderment, imagining myself to be taking births and wallowing
in Samsara.  Then he uttered the one word that made me never born, clearly convincing me that I was
a being consciousness, the supreme that merely exists and shines as the eye of grace.  Though this
eye I saw birth and death as mere imagination.

36.  To engage in vain disputation about the reality, the effulgent light that is beyond words and their
interpretations, is stupidity. The wise course is to shine, abiding as the perfect primal entity, the reality,
having lost the rising ego.  This happens as a consequence of the one word bestowed by the Guru  -
the Mauna consciousness that cannot be described in words.


Arunachala Siva.         

The Guru Jewel:

30.  Having had darshan of the Guru Jewel, from now on I will not wander and suffer in this world, desiring
a different jewel.  The Guru jewel merged into my heart as a ruby and rendered unto me, the supreme
benefit, enabling a life of divine exultation to prosper.

31.  When I come to think of it, there is absolutely no greatness in this world for me, a dog, other than
the Guru Jewel.  Ever since the Guru Jewel that is the divine light merged into my heart, my life has
become imbued with radiance of the diamond that is consciousness, my own real nature.

32.  I who have joined and moved intimately with the Guru Jewel, will not wander around and suffer,
begging for another jewel. In the omnipresent fullness of grace, bestowed upon by Guru Jewel via his
look of grace, I am not aware of even a single need. 

33, The Guru, the magnificent jewel, abides in my heart as the light of consciousness, bringing to an end
the ignoble obsessions of 'I' and 'mine'.  He is the merciful one who has as his very nature the unchanging
quality of grace, the beginning less (benevolent) disposition towards his devotees.

34.  Remaining within my heart, my king, the jewel lamp that needs no kindling, expelled the ego
delusion, leaving no trace of it.  I now spend my time extolling the glory of my Lord experiencing real
bliss in my mind.


Arunachala Siva.                                   

My Guru Lord:

21.  Except for the god who is my Guru Lord, the master of Mauna, what did all other gods do for me?
All the other gods in their heavens exist only for everyone else.  For me, my Guru alone is my god.

22.  Our Lord, shining forth resplendently as Swarupa, exists as the repository of grace.  When he is waiting
for an opportune moment to steal your ego and save you from the misery filled and delusive Samsara, do not
go after and join the spurious gurus who wander in the streets with the sole aim of stealing your wealth.

23.  To destroy the false first person that rises as 'I', our Lord incarnated himself in an appropriate way
upon this earth as the Jnana Guru to promulgate the inquiry method, 'Who am I?'.  The way to attain his
divine feet of silence that are the state of liberation is to come to him and remain fully under the dominion
of our Lord who is the supreme light of grace, Jnana.

24. Remaining as the sun of Jnana, my Lord, the Sadguru, radiated the light of grace and dispelled completely
the dense darkness, the intense delusion in my heart.  Consequently, the distress arising through bewilderment, which is turn is caused by obsession with concepts, ended.  This is how my Lord came to
exercise his rule over me, I who was such an insignificant one. 

25.  Our Guru, our Lord  Ramana, Sadasivam who is free from the ego, is the excellent one who speaks
about Jnana, and never utters a single useless word.  He is sea of serenity, free of anger. He is the wish
fulfilling jewel in the hearts of human beings. 

26.  Because the light of my Guru whose form is consciousness now flourishes in my heart spontaneously
as the Self, I see it continuously, without ever blinking.  Will the light that has embraced me and enabled
me to attain Mauna through a dead ego ever allow me to blink?

27.  While remaining as the expanse of consciousness that exists as the true eye, my Lord sported before
me as the Guru who bestows being consciousness, pouring down the rain of grace, that became a great flood,
and enabling the realization of the one deathless reality in the heart.

28.  Our peerless Lord, the Guru who has the true Jnana that is divine grace, is a prosperous person who grants to those who resort it become their possession.  But those whose minds are deluded by desire, and so
on will go to him and beg only for garbage, dry leaves and twigs.

29.  Ramana is the embodiment of reality in whom flourishes abundantly the godly Lordship that is extolled
by all people of the world.  He is the grace bestowing Guru for the science of supreme (para vidya).  His power
of Jnana, the knowledge of reality that is the state of Mauna and which is the perfection of liberation, is extremely difficult for anyone to attain.


Arunachala Siva.                                 

My Guru (continues):

16.  At first he appeared separate from me as my mother and father, as the God who bestows grace and
eventually as the utterly impartial teacher of true Jnana.  Enabling me to experience bliss, he has now
become one with me, as my own non dual Self nature, that which is entitled to one's love, which confers
only goodness.

17.  My God Ramana reigned over me, shining clearly within me, as the Self, the formless truth of
consciousness. and externally as the Guru who bestows grace consciousness.  As I am firmly established
in his feet, there is no delusion for me.

18. He is the Brahmin (Brahman knower), the embodiment of immaculate grace that is the intrinsic nature of
transcendental Swrupa.  As a consequence of him abiding in my heart without ever leaving it, the sense of
'I' and 'mine' that are the ego delusion, has been destroyed.  In his state of being the Guru, none can
equal or better him.

19.  It is not possible for me to describe even slightly the greatness of the Guru, who totally destroyed
my mental bewilderment.  If I attempt to have thoughts, my mind will ecstatically glorify his nature in the
abode of Mauna, that which is the source of the thought that attempted to praise him.

20.  Because Sivam, ever untouched by name and form, itself took me as its target by becoming the form of
the Guru, I have flourishing in my heart a life of resting in the divine feet of silence, that state of distinction
in which there is nothing to dwell upon.

My Guru - concluded.               


Arunachala Siva.

My Guru:

10.  I remained befuddled, imagining I had compulsory duties to perform.  My Guru freed me completely
from this sense of obligation through the experience of firm Jnana, the state of oneness that is free from the
bewilderment of the ego which brings into being the idea of mandatory duties.  He transformed me into
the supreme which, by its very nature, soars as the empyrean of grace.

11.  My Guru who lives forever, abiding gloriously in the heart as consciousness, devoid of overpowering sleep, gently smiled within himself, thinking of my foolish ignorance that makes me sing the waking up song
for him.

12.  My Guru shines as the embodiment of Mauna, the infinite expanse of grace. To make me see myself
as himself in the time it takes to blink an eye, he demonstrated clearly in my heart, in the form of the pure
expanse, the Janana Swarupa that exists as the treasure trove of grace.

13.  My Guru who possesses the virtue of generosity effectively exercised his dominion over me by
bestowing on me the blessed state of living  in perpetual bliss.  I now live as an inebriated, lazy man,
my mind swelling with bliss, just like a bee that has drunk the honey of grace at his feet.  I merely eat
and play, with absolutely no anxieties in my heart.

14. How wonderful it is that the very mind which was accustomed to moving in the way of bondage has now
been made to shine with liberation as its own nature.  What other evidence is needed that Ramana,
the king of Gurus, is a magician?

15. Guru Ramana, the Lord, wells up and surges as the rapturous supreme bliss, in the hearts of those
true devotees in whom love abounds.  He, the supreme reality who sustains this world, remaining as its
unmoving prop, will not allow those who have placed their trust in him to suffer and wither away.


Arunachala Siva.             

Here is one of its sections entitled 'The Guru':

The Guru:

1.  Only the Self, the real Lord who exists and shines in the heart as 'I','I', is the Guru.

2.  The appropriate Guru for you is the one whom you feel your mind has been effortlessly and totally
captivated by.  He is indeed the Janana Guru, who bestows being consciousness and who shines as the form
of God himself in this world.

3.  Only when the devotee is fully mature does the Lord Parameswara through his grace, bestows true
Jnana in abundance.  The Guru, on the other hand, brings the devotee's mind to complete maturing
through his power, and then bestows true Janana by charging it with Sakti Pada.

4.  Only those Gurus who, like the sun, radiate penetrating rays of grace are Jnana Gurus.  Lord Siva
manifested as Guru Ramana. He is the consciousness the supreme, who with his glance puts an end
to the delusion of fear inducing concepts.

5.  Lord Arunachaleswara, who stands as the grace bestowing supreme, assumed the form of the
Brahman-knowing Guru. His only wish is to transform the life of devotees into a life of nothing but
bliss that possesses the surging light of Jnana devoid of ignorance.

6.The jiva has taken the form of the body, forgetting its real nature, the Self, which is the light of
consciousness, the limitless sky like expanse.  The preeminent function of the Sadguru who is the Self,
one's true nature, is to clearly convince the jiva of its real nature by dispelling the delusion of 'I' and
'mine' in the body, the possessions, and so on.

7.  The peerless light of true Jnana will well up and surge forth in a heart that has taken as its exclusive
target the grace of the Guru. In the Self experience in which nothing but consciousness exists, the fear
inducing mental anxieties that cause distress will leave for good, and the bliss associated with an intense
serenity of mind will arise, filling up the heart.

8. The trustworthy Guru Ramana, the fire of Jnana, possesses a perfect and ripe wisdom that is full
of the light of Mauna.  He steals as his tribute only the ego mind, the delusion, which is the "I am
this body of flesh' stain.

9.  Other than the grace bestowing Guru, who is both father and mother, who else on this earth exists
as the close and permanent relative who is capable of bestowing the eminent being consciousness
that confers true benefit on the jiva, not only in this birth, but in all births?


Arunachala Siva.                             

T.V. Venkatasubramanian and David Godman have recently translated a selection of verses from the first
eight volumes of Sri Ramana Janana Bodham and arranged them thematically under the title of The
Shining of My Lord. 

The book will be published later this year.

Arunachala Siva.   

Sri Ramana Jnana Bodham of Muruganar, a compendium of Sri Ramana's teachings, is now available,
in the following website:

htttp:// www. Sri Ramana

Earlier Prof. K. Swaminathan, of Ramana Kendra in New Delhi had brought Sri Ramana Jnana Bodham
in 10 volumes with the government subsidy for printing, allowing each volume to go on sale for the
bargain price of Rs. 10 copy.  These books have gone recently out of print. 

I bought some old volumes from Sri Ramanasramam, a few years back.

Arunachala Siva.           

General topics / Puinarvasu Vannam -
« on: October 22, 2016, 10:14:34 AM »
Today the 22nd October 2016, is the Punarvasu star day, the star on which Sri Bhagavan was born.
Sri Rama was also born in the same star.

The Asramam celebrates every Punarvasu Day, with special abhishekam, alankaram and arti for
Sri Ramaneswara Mahalingam. 

Muruganar has written a poem (Sri Ramana Sannidhi Murai) on the glory of Punarvasu.  This is called
Punarvasu Vannam.

I shall give one verse from Tiruchuzhiyal Padigam (Decad on Tiruchuzhi).  The decade is quite noteworthy because Sri Muruganar says:  "Even if I forget you, my tongue would utter your Name."  The Name and Form are quite important in bhakti marga.

Verse 423:

Lord Ramana, Master of Wisdom shining
On the Vedas' lofty crown,
Because I came to You I have gained
This bliss unparalleled
Lord of ancient Pandyan Tiruchuzhi,*
Be still, clear minds adored,
I may perhaps sometimes forget You
But my tongue shall for ever Your Name utter.     

(* Tiruchuzhi is in Madurai district which was capital of ancient Pandyan Kingdom.)

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: October 22, 2016, 09:11:30 AM »
Verse 290:

மாமலையாள் முலைச்சுவடும்
    வளைத்தழும்பும் அணிந்தமதிப்
பூமலிவார் சடையாரைப்
    போற்றியரு ளதுவாகத்
தேமலர்வார் பொழிற்காஞ்சித்
    திருநகரங் கடந்தகல்வார்
பாமலர்மா லைப்பதிகம்
    திருவாரூர் மேற்பரவி.

Worshipping the Lord of long matted hair where He wears
The crescent and flowers of Konrai,
The Lord who bears the marks of the breasts and the bangles
Of the great Daughter of Himavant, and singing
A decade-- a flower-garland of Tamizh verse on Tiruvaaroor--,
He left the divine city of Kaanchi girt with gardens
And rich in meliferous flowers.

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: October 22, 2016, 09:09:17 AM »
Verse  289:

பாடிமிகப் பரவசமாய்ப்
    பணிவார்க்குப் பாவையுடன்
நீடியகோ லங்காட்ட
    நிறைந்தவிருப் புடனிறைஞ்சிச்
சூடியஅஞ் சலியினராய்த்
    தொழுதுபுறம் போந்தன்பு
கூடியமெய்த் தொண்டருடன்
    கும்பிட்டங் கினிதமர்வார்.

To him that hymned and adored Him in ecstasy, the Lord
Gave a darshan of His aeviternal splendour with His Consort;
This he hailed in devotion great; folding
His hands above His head he worshipped Him, moved out
And sojourned there in joy, hailing the Lord.

Arunachala Siva.

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