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The texts on creation of the world should be regarded similarly.

The other example that Sankara uses is that of 'cooking food'. The point is that whatever is being prepared
may not be edible initially e.g.rice grains. So, when we say 'I am cooking food', it is a figurative expression,
being cognizant of the fact that, by the end of cooking, it will be edible.  Thus, for example, when the
scriptures speak of the 'difference' between the Jiva and Brahman, it is figurative only - this position is not
different from what we believe already. It is done in the knowledge that the later teaching will show their

Nevertheless, Gaudapada maintains that the 'bottom line' teaching of the scriptures is that there has
never been any creation.  Accordingly, before attacking the notions of creation using logic, Gaudapada
wants to show that the scriptures themselves also support what he is about to say.

He begins (K 3.23) by pointing out that, on the face of it, there seem to be statements in the scriptures
for both sides, namely some that state there is a real creation and some which say that it is only apparent.
Most of the Upanishads seem to have something to say, often going into elaborate details as to sequence
and mechanism.  Consequently, we have the situation where the Dvaitins (dualists) claim that creation is
real, whereas the Advaitins say that it is apparent only, like the worlds we create in our dreams.  Of course,
we (Advaitins) may acknowledge that some scriptures do seem to say that creation is real but we can argue
that it is part of the Adhyaropa apavada - teaching device.


Arunachala Siva.             

10. O Sankara, eulogized by hosts of attendants having heads of various animals like the donkey, ox, elephant
and the ferocious Sarabha;  who transcends the worldly path conceived by the triad of gunas (sattva, rajas,
and tamas);  praised by the one born in the Sravana marsh (Skanda);  being seated in the solar orb You
cause the evaporation of the oceanic waters;  Thy rosy feet are the refuge to austere Munis;  with the locks
of gleaming copper - make me hallowed.

11. Slayer of Jambasura;  hymned by the Sage Agasthya; blessed Kumbha to become Thy pramatha host;
killed the demon Nisumba;  wiped out hosts of other evil forces;  having Kumara as son, who butchered
Taraka as if in sport; erased the lethargic forces of the demoniac rave of the Vindhya region with Your raised
foot resembling elephant's trunk;  wearing the hide of Gajasura, the elephant demon blinded by egotism;
Thy feet worshipped by Devas, consumers of amrita (nectar); You reach out to those noble ones undertaking
Jnana Yagna of practicing oneness with Three;  giver of boons, render my day fertile worship of Thee.

12.  Protect me O Sambhu, who art fair like the Kunda petals, who revels in the nectarine words of praise
of the Devas;  whose feet shine as if decorated with an anklet of self shining gems;  like unto a fair lotus
bloom in the Sarad Ritu (season in September-October) and a throat darkened by the poison contained
therein;  by sharing the body with the divine mother, You became all the more handsome;  the primordial
Bindu, Thy essential nature, expanded the universe which is Thy symbol, the Linga; with an attractive
reddish face; clad in the sky and established on the Sindhu river bank in the form of groups of Sivalingas.


Arunachala Siva.                   

230:  If one, considering Him, who is only the Self, as other than oneself, worships Him in a form and by
a name, then in course of time, through the clarification of his intellect, he surely reaches the Supreme
State;  there is no doubt about this.

231.  'If a man adores God, who is nameless and formless through names and in a form, he will be liberated
from the bondage due to names and forms', such is the Teaching of Sri Ramana.

232. The man, who meditates with devotion on God, with a form, being endowed with the divine temperament, will attain the same state of Deliverance, which one attains meditating on Him as formless.

233.  One may adore that One Being by any name and in any form as he likes.  Among the forms of the
Supreme One the wise one whose mind is pure, will not see any superiority or inferiority.

234.  "There is only One God-Form, (but) It became divided into three; and common to all the three is
superiority and inferiority by turns.  Kalidasa, the King of poets, has indeed stated that clearly in this
manner, the falseness of differences in forms.

235. Of all the forms of God, the best is the Sage who does not consider Him as other than the Self.
Indeed the Sage, who is the Guru, is the second of the three forms of Divine Grace.


Arunachala Siva.         


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« on: May 31, 2016, 09:05:46 AM »
Verse 33:

அங்கண்விழ விற்பெருகு சண்பையகல் மூதூர்ச்
சங்கபட கங்கருவி தாரைமுத லான
எங்கணும் இயற்றுபவர் இன்றியும் இயம்பும்
மங்கல முழக்கொலி மலிந்தமறு கெல்லாம்.

There in Sanbai of great festivity
Conch and chank, drum and lute,
Bugle and trumpet, of themselves
Resounded when none played them.
Airs, auspicious airs, filled the city.   

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: May 31, 2016, 09:02:39 AM »
Verse  32:

பயன்தருவ பஃறருவும் வல்லிகளும் மல்கித்
தயங்குபுன லுந்தெளிவு தண்மையுடன் நண்ணும்
வயங்கொளி விசும்புமலி னங்கழியு மாறா
நயம்புரிவ புள்ளொலிகள் நல்லதிசை யெல்லாம்.

The many trees and lianas yielded
Their fruits and flowers;
The muddy waters turned cool and crystalline;
The heavens became bright and pellucid;
The birds warbled their sweet ditties;
Goodness ruled all the directions.

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: May 31, 2016, 09:00:24 AM »
Verse  31:

பூதகண நாதர்புவி வாழஅருள் செய்த
நாதனரு ளின்பெருமை கண்டுநலம் உய்ப்பார்
ஓதுமறை யோர்பிறி துரைத்திடினும் ஓவா
வேதமொழி யால்ஒளி விளங்கியெழு மெங்கும்.

Witnessing the gracious act of Siva that caused
The world to flourish, the Chiefs of His Hosts
Engaged themselves in goodly service;
When the Brahmins, the reciters of the Vedas,
Spoke other things, they too emerged as
Ceaseless Vedic mantras.

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: May 31, 2016, 08:58:05 AM »
Verse  30:

மேலையிமை யோர்களும் விருப்பொடு கரப்பில்
சோலைமலர் போலமலர் மாமழை சொரிந்தே
ஞாலமிசை வந்துவளர் காழிநகர் மேவும்
சீலமறை யோர்களுடன் ஓமவினை செய்தார்.

The celestial lords in all love and without stint,
Rained on earth the flowers of Paradise;
They came to this world, joined the Brahmins
Of Kaazhi city and with them performed Homas.

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: May 31, 2016, 08:54:49 AM »
Verse  29:

பூமுகை அவிழ்ந்துமணம் மேவுபொழில் எங்கும்
தேமருவு தாதொடு துதைந்ததிசை யெல்லாம்
தூமருவு சோதிவிரி யத்துகள் அடக்கி
மாமலய மாருதமும் வந்தசையு மன்றே.

The burgeoning blooms filled the gardens
With rare perfume;
The honeyed pollen spread in all directions
And blanketed the light;
Then came gently the southerly from the Potiyil
And sifted dusty pollen, revealing thereby
The lovely rays of pure luster.

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: May 31, 2016, 08:52:09 AM »
Verse 28:

சிவனருள் எனப்பெருகு சித்தமகிழ் தன்மை
இவண்இது நமக்குவர எய்தியதென் என்பார்
கவுணியர் குலத்திலொரு காதலன் உதித்தான்
அவன்வரு நிமித்தம்இது என்றதி சயித்தார்.

"How is it that our minds feel a growing gladness
Like unto the waxing grace of Lord Siva?"
To this, others struck with wonder, replied thus:
"This day, a scion of the Kauniya clan is
Taking birth and this, his harbinger."

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: May 31, 2016, 08:49:59 AM »
Verse  27:

அப்பொழுது பொற்புறு திருக்கழு மலத்தோர்
எப்பெயரி னோரும்அயல் எய்தும்இடை யின்றி
மெய்ப்படு மயிர்ப்புளகம் மேவியறி யாமே
ஒப்பில்களி கூர்வதொர் உவப்புற உரைப்பார்.   

Then the citizens of beauteous Kazhumalam,
One and all, felt thrilled;
The hair on their bodies, in every pore, stood erect;
Unknown to them a joy possessed them
And they spake thus;

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: May 31, 2016, 08:47:04 AM »
Verse  26:

அவம்பெருக்கும் புல்லறிவின்
    அமண்முதலாம் பரசமயப்
பவம்பெருக்கும் புரைநெறிகள்
    பாழ்படநல் லூழிதொறும்
தவம்பெருக்குஞ் சண்பையிலே
    தாவில்சரா சரங்கள்எலாம்
சிவம்பெருக்கும் பிள்ளையார்.
    திருஅவதா ரஞ்செய்தார்.

Sin-breeding Jainism of sheer folly
And other religions of evil ways which cause
Unending transmigration, were to be blasted;
All lives in all the flawless worlds were to gain SIVAM;
Thus, even thus,
In Sanbai which ever fosters tapas
He, the divine child, made his avatar.

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: May 31, 2016, 08:44:29 AM »
Verse  25:

தாளுடைய படைப்பென்னுந்
    தொழில்தன்மை தலைமைபெற
நாளுடைய நிகழ்காலம்
    எதிர்கால நவைநீங்க
வாளுடைய மணிவீதி
    வளர்காழிப் பதிவாழ
ஆளுடைய திருத்தோணி
    அமர்ந்தபிரான் அருள்பெருக.

Creation the first of the
(five) acts
Came to be reckoned as the chiefest;
Time--past, present and future--,
Stood cured of its flaw;
Ever-glorious and bright Kaazhi city
With its gem-paved streets gained eternality;
The grace of the Lord of Tonipuram
Began to pour all the more.   

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse  24:

திசையனைத்தின் பெருமையெலாம்
    தென்றிசையே வென்றேற
மிசையுலகும் பிறவுலகும்
    மேதினியே தனிவெல்ல
அசைவில்செழுந் தமிழ்வழக்கே
    அயல்வழக்கின் துறைவெல்ல
இசைமுழுதும் மெய்யறிவும்
    இடங்கொள்ளும் நிலைபெருக.   

The South vanquished all other directions
And its fame began to soar aloft;
The earth conquered the Heaven and all other worlds;
The imperishable ways of the opulent Tamizh
Triumphed over all other ways which were alien;
In the modes and music of Tamizh
True wisdom sat enthroned;

Arunachala Siva.


Who meditates on Guru's Feet,
The flawless flame of pure awareness,
Gains from grace supreme the gift
Of pure awareness, clarity
Of mind that ends all sorrow.

- Guru Vachaka Kovai 305.

Arunachala Siva.   


To annihilate recurrent vasanas
And bring to being knowledge free
From dread delusion and desire,
know that the mantra true is but
Devotion to the Guru's Feet.

- Guru Vachaka Kovai - 308.

Arunachala Siva.

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