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There is no detailed account about Ramaswami Pillai in David
Godman's Power of the Presence.  There are a few instances
related to him, in Arunachala's Ramana, Boundless Ocean of
Grace volumes.

Once a party came to have darshan of Bhagavan Ramana.  On their
way, their motor-car met with a minor accident, where an old lady
was badly bruised.  They could not much help the situation.  They
admitted her into a nearby dispensary and left some money for the
expenses and proceeded.  As soon as they came to Bhagavan Ramana,
they narrated this incident.  Bhagavan Ramana was not
quite happy about the visitors' indifference, but did not say anything.

He must have given some instructions to Ramaswami Pillai.  Sri Pillai rushed to the
hospital in his cycle, checked up with the doctors and came to know that the old lady's
bruises were not serious and she had been given necessary cleaning up of the injuries, along
with medication and she had been discharged.  Sri Pillai became peaceful.  He rushed back in
cycle.  He informed Bhagavan Ramana and also the 'visitors' concerned, who had a sigh of relief.
He had bicycled  about 20 miles in about 2 hours and he was quite tired but did not show any
indication of his pain in his legs and shoulders.

On a similar occasion, as there was already some delay to proceed to the station and catch the
train, the visitors quickly took leave of Bhagavan Ramana and left the Asramam.  The evening
supper consisting of Tiruchuzhi dosas, could not be taken by them.  Bhagavan Ramana asked
Ramaswami Pillai to take the packet of Tiruchuzhi dosas and go to the station to deliver it to the
visitors if possible.

Sri Pillai rushed to the station and to his relief found that the train had not yet then left.
He checked up for the compartment quickly and handed over the packet of Tiruchuzhi dosas.
The visitors joyfully accepted the gift of Bhagavan Ramana.  Sri Pillai also became very happy
and reported the incident when he had returned to the Asramam.

(Source:  Arunachala's Ramana, Boundless Ocean of Grace,
Volume 4)

Arunachala Siva.   


Namam as is called in Tamizh means Trisurnam, which Sri Vaishnavties apply on their foreheads.
They mark red vertical line at the midpoint of the eyebrows and then mark two white lines on either
side.  This is like applying Vibhuti by Saivites and Advaitis.

Once a devotee asked Bhagavan Ramana whether he could mark a Namam on His forehead.
Bhagavan Ramana said: Why not?

But ask Nayana (Kavyakanta Ganapati Muni) to have it first. Accordingly, the white and red sticks
were placed along with a mirror beside Nayana when he was sitting for lunch.  Nayana
saw them and without murmur applied the Namam on his forehead. Bhagavan Ramana on seeing
him, applied Namam to His forehead also.

After a minute, Nayana looked at Bhagavan Ramana and asked:

"Bhagavan!  What is this new Vesham, (adornment) today?

Bhagavan Ramana laughed and said:  You have marked.  "So also I have." 

Nayana was wonder-struck.  He picked up the mirror and looked at his face.  There was a
Namam, which he had marked without even thinking about it!

Everyone laughed!   Bhagavan Ramana and Nayana also joined
the devotees in hearty laughter.

In the end, there will be time,
When everything looks alike!

                - T.S. Eliot.

Arunachala Siva.


செல்வம் நல்குர வின்றிவிண் ணோர்புழுப்
புல்வ ரம்பின்றி யார்க்கும் அரும்பொருள்
எல்லை யில்கழல் கண்டும் பிரிந்தனன்
கல்வ கைமனத் தேன்பட்ட கட்டமே.

You are un-assailed by opulence or indigence;
Your endless impartiality,
alike pervades celestial beings,
Worms and grass;
You are the rare Ens unto all.
Even after beholding Your boundless ankleted feet,
I have parted from You.
the misery of mine Whose
Mind is but adamantine.


Arunachala Siva.


எந்தை யாய் எம்பி ரான் மற்றும் யாவர்க்கும்
தந்தை தாய் தம்பி ரான் தனக் கஃதிலான்
முந்தி என்னுள் புகுந்தனன் யாவருஞ்
சிந்தை யாலும் அறிவருஞ் செல்வனே.

He is my Father,
Mother and our God;
unto all others too He is Father,,
Mother and their Deity;
He has none of these For Himself;
the opulent One who could not be
Apprehended by anyone even by his thought,
Barged into me even before I was ripe.


Arunachala Siva.

Another instance to mention will not be out of place to express our boundless pranams to Bhagavan.
In 1946, my second son Vijaya Rama Rao, was seriously ill, while at home of Sri T.N. Venkataraman,
the son of then Sarvadikari.  The ladies were afraid as they had to spend many sleepless nights in
taking care of the boy.  Early, one morning, Bhagavan's sister Smt. Alamelu Ammal presented the
baby before Bhagavan while he was coming down the Hill.  Bhagavan passed His hands over the
body of the child and remarked:  'The baby is alright.  Why are you worried?'  To the amazement
of all, the face of the baby changed and became quite bright from the  gracious touch and the look
of Bhagavan. It is ever green in our memory. The gracious anugraha of Bhagavan is ever guiding
us and protecting us even in the heart-rending situations in our life.

Another instance of Bhagavan's grace is that though I am no scholar in Telugu, I have been inspired
to write Telugu versions of Bhagavan's writings:  Arunachala Pancharatnam, Ashtakam, Navamani
Malai, Padigam, Akshara Mana Malai, Upadesa Saram, Atma Vidya, Ekatma Panchakam, Appala
Pattu and instructions for the guidance of devotees. Besides them there was also the prayer Ramana
Suprabnhatham of Bhagavan and the verses written by Pandit Narendera Kesari of Nepal  entitled
Ramana Lahari translated in simple Telugu.


Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Abhirami Andati - verses and meanings:
« on: June 12, 2016, 11:17:27 AM »
Verse  50:

50: நாயகி, நான்முகி, நாராயணி, கை நளின பஞ்ச
சாயகி, சாம்பவி, சங்கரி, சாமளை, சாதி நச்சு
வாய் அகி மாலினி, வாராகி, சூலினி, மாதங்கி என்று
ஆய கியாதியுடையாள் சரணம்-அரண் நமக்கே.

ஏ அபிராமியே! நீயே உலக நாயகி. பிரம்ம சக்தியும், விஷ்ணு சக்தியும் நீ. நீயே ஒய்யாரமாக ஐவகை மலர் அம்புகளைக் கையிலேந்தியவள். சம்புசக்தி, சங்கரி, எழிலுடையாள், நாகபாணி, மாலினி, உலகளிக்கும் வராகி, சூலி, மாதங்க முனிமகள் என்றெல்லாம் பல வடிவானவள்! நீயே ஆதியானவள். ஆகவே, உன்னுடைய திருவடியையே வணங்கினோம். அதுவே எமக்குப் பாதுகாவல்.

O Abhirami!  You are the goddess of the world. You are Brahma Sakti, Vishnu Sakti. You are having
five flower arrows, stylishly. You are Sambhu Sakti, Sankari, of great beauty, having serpent on Your
hand.  You are Malini, Varahi who gives the world.  You are Sooli, daughter of Sage Matanga.
You are having different forms.  You are the Ancient. Hence, we pray to Your feet. And these are
the protection for us.


Arunachala Siva.       

26.  Upon duality, non duality there is; duality ceasing, non duality ceases too.  Seen (scene) brings
in its wake seer also, Scene (seen) ceasing, seer follows suit.

27. If there be inside, outside is true too.  Without inside, outside is not.  If there is perfection,
a little imperfection also gets added.

28.  If there is a little of the mind, it soon becomes all there is no little, nothing arises whatsover,
or wherever.

29.  Hence, all this does not exist in the least -- neither you nor I, neither these nor this.  Brahman
being all that is, be of the certitude that there is no non self.

30.  There is no example in the world; nor is there any example that can be given.  As there is
Brahman alone, be of the certitude that there is no non self.

31.  There is no mind to contemplate 'I am the Supreme Brahman',  'This world is Brahman alone',
you too are only Brahman.'

32. I am consciousness alone.  There is no non self.  Be of this certitude.  Thus, the definition of
the self has been told to you.

33.  Just by hearing this once, one becomes Brahman oneself.

34.  Nidagha:

Who, in truth, are you Lord?  Tell me O best among the eloquent; by hearing which one is liberated
from that very moment on, from the great trammels of transmigration.

35.  Ribhu:

I alone am the Supreme Brahman.  I alone am the transcendental happiness.  I alone am; 
I alone am myself.  I am only Brahman.

36. I am consciousness alone, of the nature of divine knowledge.  I am devoid all letters of
expression.  Brahman alone am I.

37.  I am devoid of any meaning.  'This' is divested of any meaning, I am free from all kinds of
misfortunes.  Brahman alone I am.

38.  I am ever pure, enlightened, eternal and completely taint-less.  Of the form of eternal bliss
am I.  I am only Brahman.               


Arunachala Siva.

304.  Just as the light of the screen remains clear of the shadow pictures, when those moving pictures
have ceased, so too, when the series of world pictures cease, the Consciousness, which is the Self,
will remain clear as the Sole Reality.

305.  As at every instant time the spectator, seeing only a new picture, assumes that what he sees   
is one, so the ignorant one, seeing an utterly new world every instant, assumes that what he sees
is one continuous world.

306.  As the succession of moving pictures shines only on the screen and by its light, so the world
shines only on the Real Self and by His Light of Consciousness.

307.  Just for this reason the Real Self is real in His own right; this world is not at all real in its
own right; thus should be understood the unreality of the world and the reality of the Self,
who is Pure Consciousness.

308.  The mind knows all visible objects, the physical body and all the rest, equally in dream and in
the waking, as divided up in space and in time, and hence it is necessary to inquire whether these
two are real or not.

309.  These three, namely space, time and causality, have been shown to be only mental, by an
occidental philosopher named Kant by means of good reasons.

310.  Bhagavan Sri Ramana, our Guru, makes it clear to the seekers of Deliverance, from the
experience of all men in deep sleep, and from the experiences of sages in the Supreme State,
that these three are unreal.


Arunachala Siva. 

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
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Verse  157:

மலர்ந்த பேரொளி குளிர்தரச்
    சிவமணங் கமழ்ந்துவான் துகள்மாறிச்
சிலம்ப லம்புசே வடியவர்
    பயில்வுறுஞ் செம்மையால் திருத்தொண்டு
கலந்த அன்பர்தஞ் சிந்தையில்
    திகழ்திரு வீதிகண் களிசெய்யப்
புலங்கொள் மைந்தனார் எழுநிலைக்
    கோபுரம் பணிந்தெழுந் தனர்போற்றி.

As a great light glowed thither with cool luster
Wafting godly fragrance and washing away
The specks and spots of the sky,
As it was hallowed by the presence of the feet
Of the Dancing-Lord of resounding anklets
And as it was pure and unsullied,
Like the hearts of the holy assembly of devotees,
The divine street was a feast unto his eyes;
The godly child by whom the world was
To gain deliverance, fell prostrate on the ground
Where the divine tower rose majestic

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse  156:

செல்வம் மல்கிய தில்லைமூ
    தூரினில் தென்றிசைத் திருவாயில்
எல்லை நீங்கியுள் புகுந்திரு
    மருங்குநின் றெடுக்கும்ஏத் தொலிசூழ
மல்லல் ஆவண மறுகிடைக்
    கழிந்துபோய் மறையவர் நிறைவாழ்க்கைத்
தொல்லை மாளிகை நிறைத்திரு
    வீதியைத் தொழுதணைந் தனர்தூயோர்.   

He crossed the southern entrance
Of the hoary and wealthy Thillai and moved in;
On either side, hailing voices encircled him;
He crossed the bazaar street of abounding wealth;
He moved on adoring the street of the hoary
And divine mansions where the Brahmins
Poised in the Vedic way of life, flourished;
Thus the holy one entered into the city.   

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: June 12, 2016, 09:31:57 AM »
Verse  155:

வேத நாதமும் மங்கல
    முழக்கமும் விசும்பிடை நிறைந்தோங்கச்
சீத வாசநீர் நிறைகுடந்
    தீபங்கள் திசையெலாம் நிறைந்தாரச்
சோதி மாமணி வாயிலின் புறஞ்சென்று
    சோபன வாக்கமுஞ் சொல்லிக்
கோதி லாதவர் ஞானசம்
    பந்தரை எதிர்கொண்டு கொடுபுக்கார்.

The chanting of the Vedas and the resounding
Of auspicious instruments filled the sky;
Rows of pots filled with cool and fragrant water
Were placed; lamps in serried order
Glowed everywhere;
They stationed themselves outside the huge
Bell-tower, chanting flawless words of benediction;
Thus the holy and pure ones received Jnaana Sambandhar
And took him to the city.

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: June 12, 2016, 09:29:50 AM »
Verse  154:

பொங்கு கொங்கையிற் கறந்தமெய்ஞ்
    ஞானமாம் போனகம் பொற்குன்ற
மங்கை செங்கையா லூட்டவுண்
    டருளிய மதலையார் வந்தார்என்
றங்கண்வாழ் பெருந்திருத் தில்லை
    அந்தண ரன்பர்களுடன் ஈண்டி
எங்கும்மங்கல அணிமிக அலங்கரித்
    தெதிர் கொள அணைவார்கள்.   

She, the Daughter of the Auric Mountain
With her own roseate hands, had fed the godly child
With her ambrosial; breast-milk of Gnosis;
As he, even he, was coming, the Brahmins of sacred Thillai
Joined hands with the devotees, decked the whole city
Fittingly, and fared forth to receive him.

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: June 12, 2016, 09:27:24 AM »
Verse 153:

கரும்பு செந்நெல்பைங் கமுகொடு
    கலந்துயர் கழனியம் பணைநீங்கி
அரும்பு மென்மலர் தளிர்பல
    மூலமென் றனைத்தின் ஆகரமான
மருங்கில் நந்தன வனம்பணிந்
    தணைந்தனர் மாடமா ளிகையோங்கி
நெருங்கு தில்லைசூழ் நெடுமதில்
    தென்திரு வாயில் நேரணித்தாக.   

Passing the beautiful Maruta realm of fields
Where grew sweet-canes, paddy crops and green areca trees
He came to the groves and gardens, the source of
Buds, soft blooms, shoots, fruits and the like;
He adored these edens; then he reached
The divine southern entrance of walled Thillai
Rich in towered mansions.   

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: June 12, 2016, 09:24:38 AM »
Verse  152:

பவந்த விர்ப்பவர் தில்லைசூழ்
    எல்லையில் மறையவர் பயில்வேள்விச்
சிவந்த ரும்பய னுடையஆ
    குதிகளின் செழும்புகைப் பரப்பாலே
தவந்த ழைப்பவந் தருளிய
    பிள்ளையார் தாமணை வுறமுன்னே
நிவந்த நீலநுண் துகில்விதா
    னித்தது போன்றது நெடுவானம்.   

To receive the child that came to be born
For the flourishing of tapas
Which does away with soul?s transmigration,
It looked as though, the azure heavens wrought
An exquisite canopy of blue and filmy garment
With the dense smoke that spread
From the sacrificial oblations which can
Confer the beatitude of Sivahood.

Arunachala Siva.   

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: June 12, 2016, 09:21:20 AM »
Verse  151:

ஞாலம் உய்ந்திட ஞானமுண்
    டவர்எழுந் தருளும்அந் நலங்கண்டு
சேல லம்புதண் புனல்தடம்
    படிந்தணை சீதமா ருதம்வீசச்
சால வும்பல கண்பெறும்
    பயன்பெறுந் தன்மையிற் களிகூர்வ
போல சைந்திரு புடைமிடைந்
    தாடின புறம்பணை நறும்பூகம்.   

The fragrant areca trees that grew
Beside the fields, witnessing the auspicious arrival
Of him that partook of Wisdom
For the deliverance of the world, as if blessed with many eyes to rejoice,
Swayed on both sides
When the wind wafted over the cool waters
Of the tanks rich in leaping carp.

Arunachala Siva.

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