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631.  Deliverance is just the clarification of the mind in this form.  "I am ever in My own Real Nature,
all other experiences are illusory."  It is not something that has newly come about.

632. The Eternal Greatness of the Sage consists in this, that He neither waxes, nor wanes, by actions
done or not done.  For Him there will never accrue any result from actions whether unpleasant or

633.  Just as one engaged in listening to a story, does not really hear it, his mind having wandered
far away, so the Sage,  though apparently doing actions, is really not an actor, because of his mind
not being full of its previous habitual modes of functioning.

634.  But the ignorant man, because his mind is subject to vasanas, becomes an actor,even without
actively doing any action, just as a man, in his dream, may fall down from the cliff of a mountain
though his body is lying motionless in his bed.

635. Action is not what is done by the body alone.  That alone is action which is done by the mind.
The body, being insentient, cannot be an actor. The mind, being sentient, can be an actor.

636. Whatever the body, the senses, life and the mind do by the force of the Prarabdha Karma,
the Sage is not affected by it.  So said Bhagavan, our Guru.             
637.  God is unaffected by His activities in creation, protection, etc.,; just in the same way the Sage
remains unaffected by His actions, since there is no real difference between them, from the standpoint
of the Truth.


Arunachala Siva.       

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: July 27, 2016, 09:45:49 AM »
Verse  631:

இந்நிலை இவர்வந் தெய்த
    எண்பெருங் குன்றம் மேவும்
அந்நிலை அமணர் தங்கட்
    கழிவுமுன் சாற்ற லுற்றுப்
பன்முறை வெருக்கொண் டுள்ளம்
    பதைப்பத்தீக் கனாக்க ளோடும்
துன்னிமித் தங்கள் அங்கு
    நிகழ்ந்தன சொல்ல லுற்றாம்.

As he thus arrived thither, in the eight hills
Of the Samanas, ill-omens and frightful nightmares
Betokening the downfall of the Jains, took place
Again and again; we will now narrate them.

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: July 27, 2016, 09:43:34 AM »
Verse  630:

கொடுங்குன்றத் தினிதமர்ந்த
    கொழும்பவளச் செழுங்குன்றை
அடுங்குன்றம் உரித்தானை
    வணங்கிஅருந் தமிழ்பாடி
நெடுங்குன்றம் படர்கானும்
    நிறைநாடுங் கடந்துமதி
தொடுங்குன்ற மதில்மதுரைத்
    தொன்னகர்வந் தணைகின்றார்.

He adored the Lord that joyously abode at Kodungkunarm--,
The Lord who is verily a splendorous hill
Of ripe coral, the Lord who peeled off the hide
Of the hill-like tusker--, and hymned Him in Tamizh;
Then crossing long hills, spreading woods and towns
Richly endowed, he came to the hoary city of Madurai
Whose hill-like walls touch the moon.

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: July 27, 2016, 09:41:34 AM »
Verse  629:

மன்றல்மலர்ப் பிறங்கல்மருங்
    கெறிந்துவரு நதிகள்பல
சென்றணைந்து கடந்தேறித்
    திரிமருப்பின் கலைபுணர்மான்
கன்றுதெறித் தெனவுகைக்கும்
    கானஅதர் கடந்தணைந்தார்
கொன்றைநறுஞ் சடைமுடியார்
    மகிழ்ந்ததிருக் கொடுங்குன்றம்.

Ran many a river shoring up on either side, heaps
Of flowers; these he crossed; he also passed
Through jungles where the antlered antelopes,
Their mates and calves teemed and leaped; then he came
To Tirukkodungkunram where the Lord who wears
On His matted hair Konrai flowers, willingly abides.   

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: July 27, 2016, 09:39:07 AM »
Verse  628:

நீர்நாடு கடந்தருளி
    நெடும்புறவிற் குறும்புதல்கள்
கார்நாடு முகைமுல்லைக்
    கடிநாறு நிலங்கடந்து
போர்நாடுஞ் சிலைமறவர்
    புன்புலவைப் பிடைபோகிச்
சீர்நாடு தென்பாண்டி
    நன்னாடு சென்றணைவார்.

He crossed the Chozha country; he also crossed
The Mullai realm where the fragrant Mullai buds,
In the bushes of the sylvan tracts, sought
The rainy season; he went through the stretches
Of meager fertility, the habitat of warring hunters,
And arrived at the goodly country in the south,
The Pandya land that for ever seeks glory.

Arunachala Siva.   

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: July 27, 2016, 09:36:43 AM »
Verse  627:

தடமெங்கும் புனல்குடையும்
    தையலார் தொய்யில்நிறம்
இடமெங்கும் அந்தணர்கள்
    ஓதுகிடை யாகநிலை
மடமெங்கும் தொண்டர்குழாம்
    மனையெங்கும் புனைவதுவை
நடமெங்கும் ஒலியோவா
    நற்பதிகள் அவைகடந்து.

Tanks were dyed with the toyyil-paste of the bathing
Women; in the outskirts of the towns were situate
The Vedic school and halls of sacrifice;
Matams were thronged by devotees; all houses were
Places of wedding and celebration;
Dance and song marked the theaters: he crossed
The goodly towns of such bounty and moved on.

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: July 27, 2016, 09:34:13 AM »
Verse 626:

சங்கங்கள் வயலெங்கும்
    சாலிகழைக் கரும்பெங்கும்
கொங்கெங்கும் நிறைகமலக்
    குளிர்வாசத் தடமெங்கும்
அங்கங்கே உழவர்குழாம்
    ஆர்க்கின்ற ஒலியெங்கும்
எங்கெங்கும் மலர்ப்படுகர்
    இவைகழிய எழுந்தருளி.

n the fields full of Chanks, paddy crops
And sugar-canes throve; fragrant lotuses flourished
In cool tanks that were everywhere; the sounds
Of farmers in groups were heard everywhere;
On all sides were low-lying fields full of flowers.
These he crossed on his way.

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: July 27, 2016, 09:31:07 AM »
Verse  625:

கருங்கழிவே லைப்பாலைக்
    கழிநெய்தல் கடந்தருளித்
திருந்தியசீர்ப் புனல்நாட்டுத்
    தென்மேல்பால் திசைநோக்கி
மருங்குமிடை தடஞ்சாலி
    மாடுசெறி குலைத்தெங்கு
நெருங்கிவளர் கமுகுடுத்த
    நிறைமருத வழிச்சென்றார்.

Crossing the backwaters and the littoral region
He proceeded towards the southwest of the Chozha realm--
Reclaimed and made rich by the Kaveri--,
And passed through the Maruda realm of paddy fields
Rich in sheaves of saali paddy, groves
Of coconut trees laden with dense bunches
Of coconuts and groves thick with Areca trees.

Arunachala Siva.   

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: July 27, 2016, 09:28:08 AM »
Verse 624:

திருவுசாத் தானத்துத்
    தேவர்பிரான் கழல்பணிந்து
மருவியசெந் தமிழ்ப்பதிகம்
    மால்போற்றும் படிபாடி
இருவினையும் பற்றறுப்பார்
    எண்ணிறந்த தொண்டருடன்
பெருகுவிருப் பினராகிப்
    பிறபதியும் பணிந்தணைவார்.

He adored the feet of the Lord of the celestials
At Tiruusaatthaanam and hymned a decad
In splendorous Tamizh in which he celebrated
Vishnu's worship of the Lord; then he who would
Snap the bond of twofold deeds of those that come.
To him, fared forth with innumerable devotees,
In love, to the other shrines,
Adored thither, and moved on.

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: July 27, 2016, 09:26:03 AM »
Verse  623:

கண்ணார்ந்த திருநுதலார்
    மகிழ்ந்தகடிக் குளம்இறைஞ்சி
எண்ணார்ந்த திருவிடும்பா
    வனமேத்தி எழுந்தருளி
மண்ணார்ந்த பதிபிறவும்
    மகிழ்தரும்அன் பால்வணங்கிப்
பண்ணார்ந்த தமிழ்பாடிப்
    பரவியே செல்கின்றார்.

He adored Kadikkulam where abides willingly the Lord
Who is brow-eyed; he hailed Tiruidumpaavanam.
Ever poised in the thought of the plous,
He also adored the many other shrines in love;
He, singing musical decades, marched on.

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: July 27, 2016, 09:23:58 AM »
Verse  622:

தெண்டிரைசூழ் கடற்கானல்
    திருவகத்தி யான்பள்ளி
அண்டர்பிரான் கழல்வணங்கி
    அருந்தமிழ்மா மறைபாடிக்
கொண்டல்பயில் மணற்கோடு
    சூழ்கோடிக் குழகர்தமைத்
தொண்டருடன் தொழுதணைந்தார்
    தோணிபுரத் தோன்றலார்.

He adored the feet of the Supreme One enshrined
At Akatthiyaanpalli girt with the sea of lucid billows
And sang the great Tamil Veda; then the chief of Tonipuram
Along with the servitors adored Kodikkuzhakar whose
Shrine is girt with cloud-capped sand-dunes, and marched on.

Arunachala Siva.


Sri Lakshmana Sarma felt that the Sad Darsanam of Kavyakanta
Ganapati Sastri was not the clear-cut description of Bhagavan
Ramana's teachings.  So, he went on altering the Sanskrit verses
of Kavyakanta one by one, some of them, he rewrote entirely.
Bhagavan Ramana did not appreciate it nor did he object to it.
This went on for quite some time, I think years.  Finally, after
Bhagavan's perusal, it was decided to have them published. 
Chinnaswamy was not eager to publish them.  Bhagavan Ramana
Himself went to the office one day, and told Chinnaswamy to do
something about it.  Then it was agreed upon.  Meanwhile,
Lakshmana Sarma got them printed outside and the books were
ready.  In order not to embarrass Bhagavan Ramana, Chinnaswamy
got the copies hurriedly from the publisher and pasted Sri Ramanasramam,
on the first page,  and permitted the sales.

Now Bhagavan Ramana, what did He say, about the whole thing?
"Writing and Rewriting Sad Darsanam, (ULLadu Narpadu) was itself a
Sadhana for Lakshmana Sarma.  Let it be a Sadhana.  Otherwise,
his mind might have been thinking something else. 

Muruganar wrote 30,000 poems.  Bhagavan Ramana must have told
the same thing about this too.  Instead of having some other thoughts,
it is better to have Ramana thoughts, which I trust, is a good Sadhana,
particularly for fellows who cannot control the mind.

David Godman, after realization, wrote about 9 large volume books.
Each devotee worth his name wrote their reminiscences.  Robert Butler
and Sri Sadhu Om also wrote many books.  There are at least, 6 standard
meanings and commentaries for Sri Arunachala Akshara Mana Malai.  Recently,
one more has come out from Prof. K. Swaminathan's family of next generation. 
All these were written as part of the writer's sadhana.  There is nothing beyond that.
Definitely no financial benefit.  Regarding ego-bulging aspects,
I honestly submit, I have no such qualms.

Arunachala Siva.


The state of I AM is simply I AM. 
It is definitely not I am this or I am that.
I AM is the state of Existence/Witness.

It is very difficult to remain in that I AM. That is why
Bhagavan Ramana said:  Ask for whom this thought?  It is for me.
Who am I?  Keep on killing the soldiers coming out of the enemy
fortress.  It is difficult, so Bhagavan said Atma Vidya is very easy.
It is because, we are carrying huge dirt of thoughts and vasanas,
from many  previous births.  Guru's Grace alone will remove it one
stroke, like the Sun removes the darkness of a room, closed and kept
in darkness for years.   

Arunachala Siva.

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009:

I spent the day relatively quietly at the Asramam. Everywhere the preparations for the coming Jayanti
on January 1st are in full swing.  The open ground right outside the dining hall where the majority
of the water taps are located, has been covered with copious amounts of diluted cow dung that act as
a bonding agent upon the loose dirt.  Once dried the resulting effect is as if the entire area has been
cemented into a firm dry surface that does not stain clothes nor release any dust.  This will be the
man dining area for the estimated 10,000 visitors on Jayanti day.

Yet through it all nothing changes in the underlying rhythms of the unchanging Arunachala peak that
towers above, the daily parayana and meditations continue unruffled regardless of all the movement.
This is my Rock of Gibraltar.  This constancy, this certainty of permanence amidst the impermanence
that pervades even this place.  This is the silent declaration of my Guru and My Father of the One Sat
that vibrates in stillness at the center of an entire cosmos of whirlwind change.

What my words are to be spoken when I am reduced to a state of silence by the Bliss of simple being,
when there is a natural silence that in indescribable to anyone outside the pale of that state and yet
its radiance is unmistakable to recognize when confronted by someone who is in its grip.


Arunachala Siva. 

Verse  40:

வலைத்தலை மானன்ன நோக்கியர் நோக்கின்
மிலைத்தலைந் தேனை விடுதிகண் டாய்வெண்
கலைத்தலை யாய்கரு ணாகர னேகயி
மலைத்தலை வாமலை யாள்மண வாளஎன்

O One that wears a silvery digit of the moon on Your crest !
O Abode of mercy !
O Lord of the Mount-Kailash !
O Consort of the Daughter of Himavant !
O the Source of my life !
I roamed about caught in the net of fawn-eyed damsels.
Will You yet forsake me?


Arunachala Siva.

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