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General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: July 05, 2016, 09:48:02 AM »
Verse 378:

மறை விளங்கும்அப் பதியினில்
    மணிகண்டர் பொற்றாள்
நிறையும் அன்பொடு வணங்கியே
    நிகழ்பவர் நிலவும்
பிறைய ணிந்தவர் அருள்பெறப்
    பிரசமென் மலர்வண்
டறைந றும்பொழில் திருவலஞ்
    சுழியில்வந் தணைந்தார்.

In that town where flourish the Vedas, he in love,
Adored the golden feet of the blue-throated Lord;
Blessed by Him who wears the crescent in His crest,
He proceeded to Tiruvalanjhuzhi girt with fragrant
Gardens where bees hum over meliferos flowers.

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: July 05, 2016, 09:45:34 AM »
Verse  377:

பணியும் அப்பதிப் பசுபதீச்
    சரத்தினி திருந்த
மணியை உள்புக்கு வழிபடும்
    விருப்பினால் வணங்கித்
தணிவில் காதலில் தண்டமிழ்
    மாலைகள் சாத்தி
அணிவி ளங்கிய திருநலூர்
    மீண்டும்வந் தணைந்தார்.

He adored the town and entered the shrine
Of Pasupaticcharam where the Gem is enthroned,
And worshipped Him in great devotion; he adorned
Him with cool garlands of Tamizh in unbounded love
And again returned to beauteous Tirunalloor.

Arunachala Siva.

General Discussion / Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
« on: July 05, 2016, 07:38:23 AM »

How to prepare that divine dish of sweet Pongal?

Take a copper or bronze pot.  Do not for heaven's sake use a
pressure cooker.

Pour a little water and allow it to boil.  Then put one measure of
green grams.  After a few minutes, clean the rice carefully in water
and add three measures of rice.  Allow it to boil.  Then add good
quantity of milk, say about 5 measures and one measure of coconut
water.  Add 4 measures of jaggery, after cleaning it thoroughly.
Stir it and allow it to boil and then let it become a fluid, yellow in color, but not a sticky solid.
Add one measure of ghee and stir it again, till it becomes a coagulant fluid.

Then, put out the fire.  Roast generous quantity of cashew nuts
and dry grapes in ghee.  Add cardamom powder.  Add this roasted
cashew and grapes mixture to the Pongal and stir it again and
then again put out the fire. 

Now serve it.  No need for any side dishes.

Eat shamelessly.  Mooda nei peithu muzhangai vazhi vaara...
Let the ghee trickle down to your elbows.  No shame.

Such a divine Pongal was served on 31st December 2009, in
Sri Ramanasramam, for lunch. 

Arunachala Siva. 

General Discussion / Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
« on: July 05, 2016, 07:36:05 AM »

In fact Manikkavachagar's TiruppaLLi Ezhuchi and Tiruvembavai
were composed in Tiruvannamalai.  Both the poems are full of
nature worship.

In Verse 2, he says:

Aruna has come come to the east.  The darkness is slowly leaving. Like Your face (Siva's), the Sun
rises full of mercy for living beings. The lotus is blooming.  The six legged bee is humming around
the flowers.  O the Lord of Tiruperundurai, the Hill with full of ocean like grace, please wake up.

Again, in Verse 3 he says:

The cuckoo is cooing.  The cocks are cooing.  The red-white starks
are making melodious sounds.  The conch-shells in the temple
are blown by the priests.  The stars are dimming with the sunlight,
like grace of other gods against your Grace.  O the Lord of
Tiruperundurai, show me your feet that are swarmed by gods.
O the rarity among the rarities, but easy to reach for me!  O my
Lord, please wake up (and grace).

Again, in Verse 4, he says:

The Veena players are playing their instruments.  The Yazh players
(guitar like instrument) are playing their instruments.  The Vedic
Brahmins are chanting Rig Veda and the Tamizh devotees are chanting Tamizh slokas.
Some are with folded hands.  Some others are prostrating.  Some more weeping.  Some
else are melting in their bodies.  Some more are keeping their hands over their heads and
praying.  O Lord of Tiruperundurai, please take charge of me and rule over me.  Please wake
up and grace.

One cannot describe the Nature, the early morning scenes and Nature's manifestation, better than Manikkavachagar and AndaL.   

Arunachala Siva.


To an individual, who was persistently asking Bhagavan Ramana, "Why is God so unjust, so
imperfect?"  He replied:  "Why ask me? Go and ask Him?"  On being told that he could not go to God,
Bhagavan retorted:  "Then, when you cannot reach Him, how can you question Him?
Salvation is not for the weak!"

Another man, went on asking Bhagavan where his deceased had been reborn, He replied not to
bother about such things, as they were only manifestations of his ego.  The man persisted saying:
"It was a quest for knowledge, pure and simple.  No ego involved." Bhagavan Ramana then said:
"Was she born first only as your sister?"  On being told that she must have had thousands
of births before, He asked him, "if he ever had cared to find out what she had been born as,
before she was born as his sister."

On his replying that he did not, the Maharshi told:  "Do you not see that it is only your
egoism that has prompted your questions, and not any desire for knowledge, pure and simple."

(Source:  An article by Sri. K. Panchpakesa Iyer, in Arunachala's
Ramana, Boundless Ocean of Grace, Volume 6, Sri Ramanasramam, Tiruvannamalai.)

Arunachala Siva. 


Sivaprakasam Pillai came to Bhagavan Ramana, to ask some clarifications, whether he could
re-marry!  He was quite young, but already lost his wife.  He was working as clerk in Tirukoilyur,
in British India's Revenue Department of Madras State.  But when Pillai approached Bhagavan
Ramana, he asked only about self inquiry and not about his remarriage etc.,  But the fact
remained, that he was obsessed with sexual impulses for many years, despite good progress in
self inquiry and regular darshan of Bhagavan, (who was then called Brahmana Swami).

Pillai visited Bhagavan Ramana, (He was in Virupaksha Cave) almost every quarter from
1910-1922.  He stayed in Tiruvannamalai for 1 to 2 weeks each time.  In 1910, he had
resigned his job.  But he did not permanently stay in Tiruvannamalai.  He was in his
home town, but frequently visited Bhagavan Ramana right through His Virupaksha Cave days
(1900-1917) and later in Skandasramam, (1917-1922).

But his first visit of Bhagavan Ramana was in Guhai Namasivaya Cave, on the Hills.

Pillai never visited Tiruvannamalai, after 1921-22.

He was one of the devotees who had lent some money for buildings that were part of Skandasramam.

After Pillai's merger in effulgence, in January 1948, his close relative, one Sri Manikkam Pillai,
came to have darshan of Bhagavan Ramana. He came and submitted the manuscripts of Pillai's
writings. Bhagavan Ramana asked him, whether there were still any manuscripts which were
not known to Him, perhaps written during Piillai's last days.  Manikkam Pillai said that there were
a few but Sivaprakasam Pillai had asked him to burn them, after his death.

Bhagavan Ramana said:  "It does not matter.  Show them to me."

The bundle was given to Bhagavan Ramana and He took out only one paper and returned the
rest to Manikkam Pilai.   This is Sri Ramana Vachana Saram, written by Pillai and this has been
published along with Pillai's poems in a book titled Sri Ramana Pada Maalai by Sri Ramanasramam.

Arunachala Siva.


Sivapraksam Pillai merged in the effulgence of Siva on the 29th day of Dhanur month, in the year
Sarvajit (1948).  His relative Manikkam Pillai used to come for darshan of Bhagavan often and
in the year 1944 and submitted the work Sri Ramana Sadguru Maalai of Pillai to Bhagavan Ramana. 
Devaraja Mudaliar who was impressed with Pillai's works had already got some works copied in his
personal note book.  He desired to have this Ramana Sadguru Maalai printed. A print order of 1000
copies would have cost Rs. 100 those days. Devaraja Mudaliar had only a spare amount of Rs 40 with
him.  He told the Office that about 400 copies could be printed with that money. However, the Office
took his Rs 40 and added the necessary amounts and got 1000 copies printed!  Mudaliar's joy knew
no bounds.  Bhagavan Ramana wanted Mudaliar to write a preface. When Mudaliar expressed his
incapacity to write in classical Tamizh, Bhagavan told him to write it in English and He Himself
translated it into Tamizh!

Sri Ramana Sadguru Malai:  (Excerpts)

1. Ramana Saduguru!  The "I" knows the body and the world,
that is made up of five elements.  The "I" is aware of the objects
of the sense perceptions through the five sense organs.  The "I"
thinks of the objects perceived by the five senses through the brain
in the body.

2.  When I was enjoying the world instead of finding out the Truth,
by inquiring enthusiastically who this "I" is, you appeared and revealed within
my mind, "You are not the body.  You are of the form of Self-Consciousness.  then you said:
 "If you have the desire to destroy the I-am-the-body ego, think unceasingly that you are not
the body but the Self.  If you think in this way, this thought will destroy the ego and will also
finally disappear.  Then you will shine as Perfection."

4. Ramana Sadguru!  Supreme Self!  Like a deer trapped in a net, not knowing the way
to escape, I fell at your feet again, saying, "Your feet alone are my refuge.  By answering,
"There is no need to get agitated."  You freed me from fear and saved me.  In this
way, you became my Lord, my father and my mother.

9.  My mind does not subside in the Heart.  Instead it rises as the "I", escapes and wanders
about with a great desire to perform karma.  I do not know the reason for this.  If it is due
to my past karma, then when will this obstructing karma end?  Ramana Sadguru!  If I die,
will I get your grace, in my next birth?

11. Handsome Ramana Sadguru!  Through your grace, I realized that I am Consciousness,
not the body that dies.  I should think of myself without losing this Realization.  To lament
instead, "My body has grown old.  What will happen if I lose this state," is a waste of time.

21. Ramana Sadguru! Lord, there is no shortfall in your grace, This is certain. There is no
doubt at all about this. Without, being near you and serving you, how can I destroy my association
with my mind?  It is only the strength of my fate that prevents me from getting this good fortune.
Lord, when will this powerful karma be destroyed?

22.  Peaceful Ramana Sadguru!  Even after taking refuge in you, I did not give up my evil traits.
O Pure One!  I lament over the wrong deeds I commit.  However, I am ashamed both to speak
of these (deeds) before you and to crave your forgiveness.  Consequently, I am in trouble, like an
ant caught in the middle of a stick that has both its ends on fire.

        (Tr. David Godman, The Power of the Presence, Volume 1).

Arunachala Siva.


Sri Ramana Pada Maalai is a work of Pillai that runs to about 45 verses.  This was published along
with Ramana Sadguru Maalai and Vinnappam (Request), by the initiative of Devaraja Mudaliar.

A few excerpts:  as translated by David Godman and included in
the Power of the Presence, Volume 1:-

1. Blessed be the feet of the Master, who appeared as the embodiment of grace.  Blessed be
the knower of the Vedas, whose feet remove ignorance and confer knowledge.

2. Blessed be the feet of God who steals the minds of those who see Him.  Blessed be the feet
of the Pure One, who has neither likes nor dislikes.

3. Blessed be the feet of the Lord, who granted a vision in the form of light.  Blessed be the feet
of him, the devotee, who has received the grace of the ancient Lord.

12. Blessed be the feet of the One who says that the divine will bear any burden.  Blessed be the
feet of the sublime one who says, 'Stick to the path that is given by the Guru'.

14. Blessed be the feet of the One who says: "That which rises as "I" is the mind.  Blessed be the
feet of the one who proclaims, "The vision of Jnana is the destruction of that mind."

17.  Blessed be the feet of the One who says, "The connection with the body will be destroyed by
the "Who am I?" inquiry.

28.  Blessed be the feet of the One whose teaching is, "Of all the niyamas (code for self-discipline),
the best is moderate eating.

One world spoken leads to many."

29.  Blessed be the feet of the One who teaches, "Control of the mind is the gist of all books.
Why is a book needed to see yourself?"

31.  Blessed be the feet of the liberated one who enjoins, 'Get rid of the distinction between man
and woman.  Marriage is a way of achieving it.'

32. Blessed be the feet of the noble one who explains, "Giving to others is giving oneself. 
If one knows this, who will refuse to give?"

33. Blessed be the feet of the exemplar of humility who says, "The more one humbles oneself, the
more one benefits.  Get rid of hatred towards the wicked.

43. Blessed be the feet of the Guru, who takes even faults as merits.  Blessed be the feet of the
Jnani who has adopted me, a dog-like one who has not done good tapas.

Arunachala Siva.

Verse  10.2.:

மையி லங்குநற் கண்ணி பங்கனே
    வந்தெ னைப்பணி கொண்ட பின்மழக்
கையி லங்குபொற் கிண்ணம் என்றலால்
    அரியை யென்றுனைக் கருது கின்றிலேன்
மெய்யி லங்குவெண் ணீற்று மேனியாய்
    மெய்ம்மை அன்பர்உன் மெய்ம்மை மேவினார்
பொய்யி லங்கெனைப் புகுத விட்டுநீ
    போவ தோசொலாய் பொருத்த மாவதே.

O One concorporate with Her whose lovely eyes are tinct with eye kajal !
When You came down and made me Your servitor,
I was unaware of Your rare and beatific condescension;
I but deemed it as a child would,
the goblet of gold in its hands.
O One whose frame is adorned with the white Holy Ash !
True servitors have gained Your Truth.
Should You leave me in the gin of falsehood And part from me?
Say if this befits You.


Arunachala Siva.

The 10th part is called Anandatetham, the word less ancient bliss. 

Verse  10.1:

மாறி லாதமாக் கருணை வெள்ளமே
    வந்து முந்திநின் மலர்கொள் தாளிணை
வேறி லாப்பதப் பரிசு பெற்றநின்
    மெய்ம்மை அன்பர்உன் மெய்ம்மை மேவினார்
ஈறி லாதநீ எளியை யாகிவந்
    தொளிசெய் மானுட மாக நோக்கியுங்
கீறி லாதநெஞ் சுடைய நாயினேன்
    கடையன் ஆயினேன் பட்ட கீழ்மையே.

O unchanging Flood of great mercy !
Early in point Of time,
Your true servitors who were blessed with the beatitude of getting inseparably linked to
Your flower-bestrewn feet twain,
Had gained at-unity with You ? the Truth.
O infinite One,
becoming easy of access,
You came down in a radiant,
human form and cast Your benign look on me;
I A mere cur,
whose heart is unriven by such kindness,
Grew but the more base;
behold my degradation !


Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Abhirami Andati - verses and meanings:
« on: July 04, 2016, 10:10:33 AM »
Verse  52:

52: வையம், துரகம், மதகரி, மா மகுடம், சிவிகை
பெய்யும் கனகம், பெருவிலை ஆரம்,--பிறை முடித்த
ஐயன் திருமனையாள் அடித் தாமரைக்கு அன்பு முன்பு
செய்யும் தவமுடையார்க்கு உளவாகிய சின்னங்களே.

ஏ, அபிராமி! உன்னிடம் அன்பு கொண்டு தவம் செய்யும் ஞானிகள் உன் திருவடித் தாமரைகளையே வணங்குகிறார்கள். அத்திருவடிகளைக் கண்டுகொள்ள அடையாளம் எதுவென்றால், பிறையணிந்த சிவபெருமானின் துணைவியே! கேள்: வையம், தேர், குதிரை, யானை, உயர்ந்த மணிமுடிகள், பல்லக்குகள், கொட்டும் பொன், உயர்ந்த முத்து மாலைகள் - இவையே நின் திருவடிச் சின்னம்!

O Abhirami!  Those Jnanis who love You and do tapas, pray only to Your lotus like feet.  To understand
that feet, please listen what is the signs, O Siva's wife, who has crescent moon!  They are the world,
horses, elephants, high valued head gears, with great diamonds, palanquins, flowing gold, and high
valued pearl garlands!  These are the marks of Your Feet.


Arunachala Siva.   

16.  The trunk is undivided unitary essence.  The head is undivided unitary essence. The nose is
undivided unitary essence.  The exterior is undivided unitary essence.

17.  The all-full is undivided unitary essence.  The immortal is undivided unitary essence.  The ear
is undivided unitary essence.  The home is undivided unitary essence.

18.  The confidential is undivided unitary essence.  Siva is undivided unitary essence.  Name is
undivided unitary essence.  The Sun is undivided unitary essence.

19.  The Moon is undivided unitary essence.  The Guru is undivided unitary essence.  The witness is
undivided unitary essence.  The friend is undivided unitary essence.

20. The relative is undivided unitary essence.  I am the undivided unitary essence.  The king is undivided
unitary essence. The city is undivided unitary essence.

21.  Sovereignty is undivided unitary essence.  The Lord is undivided unitary essence.  Mantra (sacred
sound) is undivided unitary essence.  Repetition of mantra is undivided unitary essence.

22.  Contemplation is undivided unitary essence.  The state is undivided unitary essence.  The comprehended
is undivided unitary essence.  The great one is undivided unitary essence.

23.  Light is undivided unitary essence.  The supreme is undivided unitary essence.  The enjoyed is undivided
unitary essence.  Oblation is undivided unitary essence.


Arunachala Siva. 

465.  There is mentioned in the ancient Revelation the dwelling place of the Supreme One, named
the Heart.  He himself being all there is, how can the Heart be designed as His dwelling place?

466. The real Heart is just Consciousness in its native purity, and the Self also is that Consciousness.
So it follows that the Self is Himself the Heart, and all creation is established in Him as the Substratum.

467.  And yet the sages and the Vedantas teach that the One, who has really no dwelling place, has
a dwelling place called the Heart inside the body, in order to cause the inward turning of the mind
in the Quest.

468.  The sense organs are turned only outwards, that being the reason for the Self being covered over
by the world.  The means for uncovering the true nature of that Self is only inward turning of the mind,
of the aspirant in the Quest of the Self.

469. The difference between the bondage and Deliverance has been shown thus by the sages
in accordance with their own Experience:  "The bound one suffers from the arising of the ego-
sense;  the ego sense does not arise in the case of the One that is Free.

470.  Though the Great Being, the Self, is ever present, dearly beloved and of great effulgence,
it is as if His effulgence is dimmed by the evil one, the Ego, so that He does not shine sufficiently,
so as to be recognized.

471. Ignorance consists in the awareness which consists in the experience 'I am the body'. How
can this experiential awareness be just brought to end once for all, without experiential awareness,
'I am the Pure Consciousness''?

472.  The thought that arises in the form, 'I am the body', is itself the form in which the individual
soul has experience.  The aspirant must seek the source where from it arises, after separating
from it the fraction of it which is real.


Arunachala Siva.             

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: July 04, 2016, 09:36:06 AM »
Verse  376:

பொங்கு காதலிற் போற்றிஅங்
    கருளுடன் போந்து
பங்க யத்தடம் பணைப்பதி
    பலவுமுன் பணிந்தே
எங்கும் அன்பர்கள் ஏத்தொலி
    எடுக்கவந் தணைந்தார்
அங்க ணர்க்கிட மாகிய
    பழம்பதி ஆவூர்.

Love-borne he adored there, and blessed by the Lord,
He moved out and visited other shrines bounded
By vast fields where lotuses teemed; hailed everywhere
By the full-throated praise of the servitors
He came to the hoary town of Aavoor, dear
To the Merciful One.   

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: July 04, 2016, 09:33:14 AM »
Verse  375:

பழுதில் சீர்த்திருப் பரிதிநன்   
    னியமமும் பணிந்தங்
கெழுது மாமறை யாம்பதி
    கத்திசை போற்றி
முழுது மானவர் கோயில்கள்
    வணங்கியே முறைமை
வழுவில் சீர்திருப் பூவனூர்
    வணங்கிவந் தணைந்து.

He adored at the shrine of Tirupparithiniyamam
That annuls all flaws and there sang the great
And inditable Veda in a divine decade; adoring
In all the shrines the Lord who is Omneity, he came
Adoring, to Tiruppoovanoor of unswerving greatness.   

Arunachala Siva.

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