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The deep sleep state in consciousness:

The deep sleep state takes the inquiry into consciousness much farther.  Deep sleep, by definition, would
have to be a thoughtless state.  Flow of thought is mental activity and signifies wakefulness and awareness.
I, as a person cease to be in deep sleep.  'I fell fast asleep.  I know nothing' is your quote and mine.
This is said by us on waking up, not sensed by us while in deep sleep. The continuing identity of the same
I-person is not questioned.  Without the physical body, without even the subtle mental-body, where was this
'I'?  He surely was, for he returned. Thought is to Total Consciousness what a wave is to the ocean.  Flow of
thought is what we call 'the mind'. Total consciousness manifests as individualized mind through one brain,
just as Total Electricity manifests as light through one bulb.  When switched off, electricity goes into the
unmanifest mode.  And the room goes into darkness.  Deep sleep ism the switching off, when the relative
consciousness becomes unmanifest and the person knows nothing.  'I knew nothing' he says. You and I
have said it  But the I-ness, the insignia of consciousness, has continued through waking, dream, and deep
sleep states.  The brain was not essential for the existence of consciousness, it was only essential for its
manifestation as the mind. The switched off bulb will light up again.  The sleeping man will wake up.
But when the bulb has fused it cannot lit again.  That is death.  The body dies when the contact with the
consciousness current is destroyed, when the circuit is broken permanently.  The bulb goes into the dust
bin;  survivors take the corpse to the graveyard or the crematorium.

Total Consciousness is seamless, shoreless. Is it not my mind that knows time and space?  Time and space
are contents of my consciousness.  How then can they be the container of my consciousness?  If my brain
matter is producing consciousness, then of course I am in time, but if in reality the reverse is true, then time
is in me.  It means that I am coeval with time. I am as eternal as time is.  Bodies are born, grow and die
but the Consciousness that is reflected in the experiencer, the ego or the psyche or the I-ness of the individual
cannot cease to be.  Death is only a changed state of consciousness. An anonymous poem says it perfectly:

Do not stand at my grace, and cry,
I am not there, I did not die.


Arunachala Siva. 

97.  To begin with, it needs to be considered with the world is taken as real;  for the burden of proving
the reality of the world lies on him that asserts it, not on those who simply deny it.

98.  Everyone that is ignorant of the Real Self thinks the world is real because it is seen.  This is no
proof, because it proves too much, as the same reason would prove the reality of the mirage,  the rope-
snake etc.,

99.  The fact of being seen is no conclusive proof that the world exists exactly as imagined by the seer.
From the seeing it is proper to infer only that there is a Substratum in which the world appears.

100. Even the scientists have proved that things are not exactly as they appear to the seer; for they
say that the solid seeming objects are really little more than empty space.

101.  Only the Sage, who knows the substratum of the world appearance, the Reality, by His being
firmly established in the Supreme State, is competent to reveal the truth of the world.

102.  When his vision is focused on the outside, who can know the Truth, whether of the Real Self
or of the world?  But by the eye of right Awareness, due to the mind turned inwards, the Sage knows
the Truth of both.


Arunachala Siva.           

20.  To the one who can 'see', even the trivial worldly happiness appears as the joy of Brahman.  For
such there is no prop or standard other than Siva the Self, the cause of the lofty and the petty alike.
The sun, the illuminator and energizer of the worlds, appears dawning beyond the yonder horizon,
when in reality it is in the eye (the figurative I) of the Knower.

21.  Gross vision calls for distinction resulting in the ideation of an external God.  What of that? 
The tools of this process are derivatives of the five gross elements such as space etc., which are
but forms of the Lord.   Therefore,  there is no manifestation of life independent of the Lord's will.
The fact that Maheswara, the consort of Uma, is the illuminator of the worlds is beyond dispute.
The Upanishads are replete with passages describing His unexcelled and exalted glory.  In the subsequent
sacred lore taking various metrical verse forms, these glories have reached the multitudes.


Arunachala Siva.           

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« on: May 08, 2016, 09:45:28 AM »
Verse  422:

இத்தன்மை அரம்பையர்கள்
   எவ்விதமும் செயல்புரிய
அத்தனார் திருவடிக்கீழ்
   நினைவகலா அன்புருகும்
மெய்த்தன்மை உணர்வுடைய
   விழுத்தவத்து மேலோர்தம்
சித்தநிலை திரியாது
   செய்பணியின் தலைநின்றார்.

When the heavenly Apsaras disported thus
In varied wanton gambols, the lofty one of sublime tapas,
Ever-poised in the truthful awareness wrought
Of melting love that links irremovably his thought
With the feet of the Father, plied himself
In divine service with unwavering mind.

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: May 08, 2016, 09:43:19 AM »
Verse  421:

ஆடுவார் பாடுவார்
   அலர்மாரி மேற்பொழிவார்
கூடுவார் போன்றணைவார்
   குழல்அவிழ இடைநுடங்க
ஓடுவார் மாரவே
   ளுடன்மீள்வர் ஒளிபெருக
நீடுவார் துகிலசைய
   நிற்பாரும் ஆயினார்.

They danced, sang, showered flowers and would
Come near as though they would have union;
They would unloosen their braided locks
And with their hips swaying lithe, would gently trot;
Back would they come accompanied with the God of Love;
In growing splendor they would cause their long garments
Strategically slip in impassioned love.   

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: May 08, 2016, 09:41:22 AM »
Verse  420:

கற்பகப்பூந் தளிரடிபோங்
   காமருசா ரிகைசெய்ய
உற்பலமென் முகிழ்விரல்வட்
   டணையோடுங் கைபெயரப்
பொற்புறும்அக் கையின்வழி
   பொருகயற்கண் புடைபெயர
அற்புதப்பொற் கொடிநுடங்கி
   ஆடுவபோல் ஆடுவார்.

Their feet soft as the shoots of the celestial Karpaka
Moved in nimble dancing rounds; their hands
Whose fingers were verily roseate buds of Kantal
Swayed, swung, locked and unlocked in artful postures
Of dance; their battling eyes carp-like, moved
And rolled, in keeping with the movement
Of their comely hands; like auric lianas wondrous were they
That there danced lissom.

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: May 08, 2016, 09:38:33 AM »
Verse  419:

வானகமின் னுக்கொடிகள்
    வந்திழிந்தால் எனவந்து
தானநிறை சுருதிகளில்
   தகும்அலங்கா ரத்தன்மை
கானஅமு தம்பரப்பும்
   கனிவாயில் ஒளிபரப்பப்
பானல்நெடுங் கண்கள்வெளி
   பரப்பிஇசை பாடுவார்.

Like lightnings of the sky they came down
Flashing beauty; nectarean airs which issued
Tunefully from the Kendras of music
In golden notes of linked sweetness, flowed
From their glowing lips of ambrosial fruits;
Their lily-eyes burgeoned as they melodised.   

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: May 08, 2016, 09:35:53 AM »
Verse  418:

புல்லோடும் கல்லோடும்
   பொன்னோடும் மணியோடும்
சொல்லோடும் வேறுபா
   டிலாநிலைமை துணிந்திருந்த
நல்லோர்முன் திருப்புகலூர்
   நாயகனார் திருவருளால்
வில்லோடு நுதல்மடவார்
   விசும்பூடு வந்திழிந்தார்.

'Tis-but words which mark things as grass and stones,
As gold and gems; beyond this he was poised
Firm in the supreme state of non-differentiation;
Before him the holy servitor, by the grace of the Lord
Of Tiruppukaloor, descended down from the heavens
Damsels whose brows put to shame the bows.

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: May 08, 2016, 09:33:11 AM »
Verse  417:

செம்பொன்னும் நவமணியும்
   சேண்விளங்க ஆங்கெவையும்
உம்பர்பிரான் திருமுன்றில்
   உருள்பருக்கை யுடன்ஒக்க
எம்பெருமான் வாகீசர்
   உழவாரத் தினில்ஏந்தி
வம்பலர்மென் பூங்கமல
   வாவியினில் புகஎறிந்தார்.

The ruddy gold and nine-fold gems filled the heavens
With their luster rare; our lord, Tirunavukkarasar,
With his Uzhavaram scooped them with the gravel
In the courtyard and alike threw them away,
Into the temple tank where fragrant and soft
Lotus-flowers glistened.

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: May 08, 2016, 09:30:51 AM »
Verse  416:

அந்நிலைமை தனில்ஆண்ட
   அரசுபணி செய்யஅவர்
நன்னிலைமை காட்டுவார்
   நம்பர்திரு மணிமுன்றில்
தன்னில்வரும் உழவாரம்
   நுழைந்தவிடந் தானெங்கும்
பொன்னினொடு நவமணிகள்
   பொலிந்திலங்க அருள்செய்தார்.

As thus the kingly servitor rendered service there,
To demonstrate the sublime state in which
He was established, the Lord in His grace, caused
Gold and nine-fold gems dazzle in the beauteous courtyard
Of the shrine, wheresoever he plied his Uzhavaram.   

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse  415:

ஆருயிரின் திருவிருத்தம்
   தசபுரா ணத்தடைவும்
பார்பரவும் பாவநா
   சப்பதிகம் பன்முறையும்
நேர்படநின் றறைகூவுந்
   திருப்பதிகம் முதற்பிறவும்
பேரருளின் கடல்அளிக்கும்
   பெருமானைப் பாடினார்.

The decade of Ar-uyir-Tiruviruttham,*
Quintessential Dasa-Puranam,* the decade
Of Pava-nasam* hailed by the whole world,
Divine decades straight apostrophising the Lord
And other decades, he hymned extolling the Lord,
Verily the Grantor of grace that is immense as the sea,
To His servitors.

(*Various types of Tamizh decades.)

Arunachala Siva.   

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Verse 414:

நின்றதிருத் தாண்டகமும்
   நீடுதனித் தாண்டகமும்
மன்றுறைவார் வாழ்பதிகள்
   வழுத்துதிருத் தாண்டகமும்
கொன்றைமலர்ச் சடையார்பால்
   குறைந்தடைந்த நேரிசையுந்
துன்றுதனி நேரிசையும்
   முதலான தொடுத்துரைத்தார்.

Divine Tandakams* which hail the sempitertnal Lord,
Tani-Tandakams* of great glory, divine Tandakams*
Which hail and enlist the shrines of the Lord
Of (Thillai's) forum, contrite Nerisais* on the Lord
Of matted hair who wears Konrai blooms
Adorable Nerisais* and decades such like, he sang.   

(*Different types of Tamizh compositions.)

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse 413:

பொய்கைசூழ் பூம்புகலூர்ப்
   புனிதர்மலர்த் தாள்வணங்கி
நையுமனப் பரிவோடு
   நாள்தோறுந் திருமுன்றில்
கைகலந்த திருத்தொண்டு
   செய்துபெருங் காதலுடன்
வைகுநாள் எண்ணிறந்த
   வண்டமிழ்மா லைகள்மொழிவார்.

He adored the feet of the Holy One abiding
At flowery Pukaloor digit with pools formed by nature;
With a melting mind and in devotion deep
He daily rendered manual service in the courtyard
Divine of the shrine; he abode there in love
Hymning numerous garlands of Tamizh verse
Surcharged with the message of deliverance.

Arunachala Siva.

Just  as it is fruitless for one to scrutinize the garbage which is to be collectively thrown away,
so it is fruitless for one who is to know himself to count the number and scrutinize the properties o
of the tattvas (the principles that constitute world, soul and God) which are veiling oneself, instead
of collectively casting all of them aside.  One should consider the universe (one's whole life in this world)
to be like a dream.

- Sri Ramana Maharshi in Who am I?

Arunachala Siva. 

Again, if this is the ordained scheme of creation, it seems bizarre that a mighty majestic epic is unfolded
over an eternity of time, but man, the proclaimed pinnacle of evolutionary excellence, is permitted no more
than one brief glimpse for one moment of a life bubble, and is blanked out. Dumb time and mute chance are
the eternal witnesses but not a continuing consciousness.  This is what the sage is identified as 'looking
at mind as a function of matter.'

My laboratory for studying consciousness in itself has to be myself.  That is sufficient. I exist aware of my
existence. I know the world I live in; that is my objective knowledge.  That is my state of wakefulness.

The dream state in consciousness:

But I occasionally experience another state of consciousness, the dream state.  All of us know what that means,
otherwise we cannot share the meaning.  It would be like explaining light to one born blind.  Try it.
In my dream this 60 kg body of mine was not a participant. But no one is bodiless in his or her dream.
Also all the physical and sensory functions are totally intact.  In my dream there are many others, and a town,
and a beach. All of it is as real to my dreaming consciousness as any situation or scene is to me when I am
awake. Later, on waking up, I say I had a dream and narrate what happened.  I tell you that it had happened to me. My continuity through the two planes  of consciousness is asserted from the personal experience,
not by deduction or hear say.  The relative reality of the two states is later categorized, but the continuing
identity of the I person is not doubted.


Arunachala Siva.                 

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