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It was a divine miracle that the Lord God thus made me His vassal even at that tender age.  He deigned to
fulfill my wish yet did not provide more than what I required!  No doubt it was a portent of things to come -
a monastic, frugal living all through my life. Since those distant childhood times to this day, Bhagavan continues to protect me from the desire to possess more than what is essential for my minimal needs.
One day my father chanced to see my Vibhuti pouch and wanted to know how I came in possession of it.  When I told him what had happened he was amazed. His affection and care towards me grew me all
the more for it.

A year went by when yet another desire sprang up in me.  This time it was to express to no one.  This wish of
mine too was fulfilled by the Lord Almighty thus;  it was my daily habit at that time to go to bathe in the pond
along with a playmate of mine.  One particular day, while on our way to the pond, my friend exclaimed, 'Oh, I forget to do something which my father had asked me to to!'  So saying, he left me.  As I continued my walk alone, I saw a large sized lotus lying on my path.  When I picked it up with curiosity, I was astounded. A
rosary of Rudraksha beads, strung in gold, lay aglitter in the hub of the unusually large flower, the largest one
could have ever seen.  Filled with tears of ecstasy, I looked around but could discover no one who would be
a likely claimant to it.

With pious fervor,I brought it home and showed the rosary to my father telling him how I had chanced upon it. My parents and others were just awe struck.  I began to wear the string of Rudraksha always around my neck.  Later on my brothers deposited it amidst other articles of worship in the family prayer room.  My heart swells with piety whenever I recall Lord Siva's boundless compassion, which had been a veritable Kalpaka
tree to me.


Arunachala Siva.     


கொன்றை மதியமுங் கூவிள மத்தமும்
துன்றிய சென்னியர் அன்னே என்னும்
துன்றிய சென்னியின் மத்தம்உன் மத்தமே
இன்றெனக் கானவா றன்னே என்னும்.

O mother,
she says:
"His head is adorned with a crescent,
Bhilwa leaves and the flowers of Konrai and Datura.
" O mother,
she also says :
"The Datura flowers on His head have,
this day,
inebriated me completely."


Arunachala Siva.


தையலோர் பங்கினர் தாபத வேடத்தர்
ஐயம் புகுவரால் அன்னே என்னும்
ஐயம் புகுந்தவர் போதலும் என்னுள்ளம்
நையும்இது என்னே அன்னே என்னும்.

O mother,
she says:
"His half is His Consort.
His habit is a tapaswi's.
He goes about begging alms,
" O mother,
she also says:
"As He goes about begging alms,
My heart melts.
What may this be?"

Arunachala Siva.


தாளி அறுகினர் சந்தனச் சாந்தினர்
ஆளெம்மை ஆள்வரால் அன்னே என்னும்
ஆளெம்மை ஆளும் அடிகளார் தங்கையில்
தாள மிருந்தவா றன்னே என்னும்.

O mother,
she says:
"He is hailed with thaaliaruku;
He wears the sandal-paste.
He rules us as His slaves."
O mother,
she also says:
"In the hands of the great One are the cymbals.
How marvelous!

Arunachala Siva.


வெள்ளைக் கலிங்கத்தர் வெண்டிரு முண்டத்தர்
பள்ளிக்குப் பாயத்தர் அன்னே என்னும்
பள்ளிக்குப் பாயத்தர் பாய்பரி மேற்கொண்டென்
உள்ளங் கவர்வரால் அன்னே என்னும்.

O mother,
she says:
"White is His clothing;
His forehead is white with the Holy Ash;
He wears a night-shirt."
O mother,
she also says :
"The One in night-shirt who rides a galloping charger is the stealer of my heart."

Arunachala Siva.


உன்னற் கரியசீர் உத்தர மங்கையர்
மன்னுவ தென்நெஞ்சில் அன்னே என்னும்
மன்னுவ தென்நெஞ்சில் மாலயன் காண்கிலார்
என்ன அதிசயம் அன்னே என்னும்.

O mother,
she says:
"He is of Uttharamangkai inconceivably glorious;
He will ever abide in my heart."
O mother,
She also says:
"what marvel is this !
He who abides In my heart is by Vishnu and Brahma never beheld.

Arunachala Siva.


நீண்ட கரத்தர் நெறிதரு குஞ்சியர்
பாண்டிநன் னாடரால் அன்னே என்னும்
பாண்டிநன் னாடர் பரந்தெழு சிந்தையை
ஆண்டன்பு செய்வரால் அன்னே என்னும்.

O mother,
she says:
"His hands are long;
matted tresses are His hair;
He is the goodly Lord of the Paandya realm."
O mother,
she also says:
"The goodly Lord of the Paandya realm will rule the roving mind and bestow love on me."

Arunachala Siva.


ஆடரப் பூணுடைத் தோல்பொடிப் பூசிற்றோர்
வேடம் இருந்தவா றன்னே என்னும்
வேடம் இருந்தவா கண்டுகண் டென்னுள்ளம்
வாடும் இதுஎன்னே அன்னே என்னும்.

O mother,
she says:
"His jewels are dancing snakes;
He wears a tiger-skin;
He is bedaubed with ash;
Behold how His habit is."
O mother,
she also says:
"Eyeing it again and again,
my heart wilts.
What may this be?"

Arunachala Siva.


நித்த மணாளர் நிரம்ப அழகியர்
சித்தத் திருப்பரால் அன்னே என்னும்
சித்தத் திருப்பவர் தென்னன் பெருந்துறை
அத்தர்ஆ னந்தரால் அன்னே என்னும்.

O mother she says:
"He is a perpetual Bride-groom;
He is surpassing handsome;
He abides in mind."
"O mother,
she also says:
"He who abides in mind,
The Southerner of Perunturai,
is the blissful Father."

Arunachala Siva.


கண்ணஞ் சனத்தர் கருணைக் கடலினர்
உண்ணின் றுருக்குவர் அன்னே என்னும்
உண்ணின் றுருக்கி உலப்பிலா ஆனந்தக்
கண்ணீர் தருவரால் அன்னே என்னும்.

O mother,
she says:
"His eyes are touched with black eyetex
He is a sea of mercy;
He will inly abide and melt us."
O mother,
she also says:
"Melting us ? abiding in us,
He will bless us with the tears of endless bliss."

Arunachala Siva.


Annai Pathu:

Decade to Mother.

Atma Poornam:


வேத மொழியர்வெண் ணீற்றர்செம் மேனியர்
நாதப் பறையினர் அன்னே என்னும்
நாதப் பறையினர் நான்முகன் மாலுக்கும்
நாதர்இந் நாதனார் அன்னே என்னும்.

The answers of the confidante of the heroine to the nurse who questions her about the altered
state of the heroine,
constitute this decade O mother,
she says:
"His words are the Vedas;
He wears the white Holy Ash;
His body is ruddy;
His drum is Naada !"
O mother,
she also says:
"He whose drum is Naada is the Lord-Master of such masters like Brahma and Vishnu.

Arunachala Siva.

14.  Mind alone is great sorrow.  Mind alone is the cause of body.  Mind alone is said to be the world.
Mind alone is the body.

15.  Mind alone is the great serenity.  Mind alone is the four headed Brahma.  Indeed, mind alone is
Hari.  Mind alone is known as Siva.

16. Mind alone is said to be magic.  Only mind is will.  Mind alone is great sin.  Mind alone is the evil one.   

17.  Mind alone is said to be the all.  Mind alone is the great fear.  Mind alone is the supreme Brahman.
Mind alone is the unitariness.

18. Mind alone is the form of consciousness.  Mind alone is the cause of the mind.  Consciousness alone
is the supreme form.  Consciousness alone is the supreme state.

19.  I am verily the supreme Brahman right now.  I alone am the supreme Brahman.  I alone am the satisfied
Self.  I am the embodiment of bliss.

20.  I am the Self with fully grown intellect, ever un-moving and blemish-less. I alone am the peaceful
Self.  I am devoid of beginning and end.

21.  I alone am the resplendent Self.  I am indeed Brahman alone.  I am eternal - there is no doubt of this.
I am always adorable to the intellect.


Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
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Verse  270:

பொங்குதமிழ்ப் பொதியமலைப்
    பிறந்துபூஞ் சந்தனத்தின்
கொங்கணைந்து குளிர்சாரல்
    இடைவளர்ந்த கொழுந்தென்றல்
அங்கணையத் திருவாரூர்
    அணிவீதி அழகரவர்
மங்கலநாள் வசந்தமெதிர்
    கொண்டருளும் வகைநினைந்தார்.

The splendorous southerly born in Potigai of swelling
Tamizh, passing through the beauteous sandal-trees
Laden with their perfume and getting fostered
In many a garden of hill-slopes, began to waft
Gently in Tiruvotriyoor; then Aaroorar's mind
Hovered over the adoration of the Tiruvolakkam
Of the Lord of Tiruvaaroor-- Veethi Vitangkan--,
During His auspicious festival of Vasantham.

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
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Verse 269:

இந்நிலையில் பேரின்பம்
    இனிதமர்வார் இறையுறையும்
மன்னுபுகழ் ஒற்றியூர்
    அதனில்மகிழ் சிறப்பினால்
சென்னிமதி புனைவார்தந்
    திருப்பாதந் தொழுதிருந்தார்
முன்னியகா லங்கள்பல
    முறைமையினால் வந்தகல.

Thus he sweetly abode there in bliss; by reason of his
Joyous and great sojourn in ever-during Otriyoor, he could
Adore the sacred feet of the Lord who is crescent-crested;
Many a season came in succession, and rolled by.

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse  268:

யாழின்மொழி எழின்முறுவல்
    இருகுழைமேற் கடைபிறழும்
மாழைவிழி வனமுலையார்
    மணியல்குல் துறைபடிந்து
வீழுமவர்க் கிடைதோன்றி
    மிகும்புலவிப் புணர்ச்சிக்கண்
ஊழியா மொருகணந்தான்
    அவ்வூழி யொருகணமாம்.

Her words were sweeter than the tuneful Yaazh;
Beauteous was her row of teeth; her eyes,
Verily the two halves of a symmetrically sliced tender mango,
Reached as far as her ear-pendants and thither rolled;
Her breasts were of bewitching beauty; he lay
Immersed in the ford of her beauteous private part, 
Their bouderie which lasted a second seemed an aeon;
Their aeon-long union passed away like a second.   

Arunachala Siva.

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