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No doubt it could be said that the whole rhythm and flow of ancestral existence, with its veneration of the sacred custom and its deep and abiding love of life, is a kind of 'religion' in itself, but without being explicitly called such. And that this 'religion' in itself,
but without being explicitly called such. And that this 'religion' is compatible, for some,
with all the great and enduring spiritual traditions that flourish in this world.  However, the tribal elders did not consider themselves in desperate need of a certain dogma or creed, since everything in existence is permeated with divine content and comprises a partial manifestation (Juzi) of an infinite reality, beyond the power of man to define,
fully understand and so to limit.  And they sometimes compared different religions to works of art and poetry, each one as complete and self contained as the most beautiful painting or the most sublime and instructive oral epic. The painter, they said was not meant to quarrel with the poet, love the poetry, but to follow his calling.


Arunachala Siva.                     

21.  The world would be if one who is blind by birth becomes an expert in the evaluation of gems.  The world exists if the eclipse (Rahu) can be seen without the sun and the moon.

22. The mental creation would be if defective seed were to germinate. The world would exist, if the destitute were to enjoy the pleasures of the affluent.

23.  The world would exist if the milk that has been milked could revert to its source or if there were a reflection in the mirror without any object.

24.  If there were a reflection in the vacant sky, the world would exist.  An elephant cannot be born from the womb of a ram, so too there is no world in the Self.

25.  Just as the filament of cobweb are  product of a spider, so is the world full of Brahman (from which it has arisen).  Just as the cotton, upon burning, does not leave any residue, so too is the world non existent.

26.  Brahman is supreme, the light transcendental, beyond the transcendental and beyond all.  Differential knowledge and concepts of duality or non duality do not exist.

27. If the modes of mind which alone are the afflictions of the world exist, so would be their destruction. If bondage, which is the result of thought, should ever exist, resort to the contemplation on Brahman.

28. The concept of duality arises with ignorance, action, body and such.  Mind is the chronic disease.  Should it prevail, resort to the antidote called Brahman.

29. If 'I' becomes an enemy, be of the disposition 'I am Brahman alone'. If there should be affliction 'I am the body', counter it with the conviction 'I am Brahman.'

30.  If there is the devil of doubt, destroy it by Brahman itself. If possessed by the ghost of duality take refuge in the sacred ashes of non duality.


Arunachala Siva.               

I will serve no other Lord:

37. I will cherish exclusively the divine being who is my Guru. Other than Him I will not approach another human being. Responding to this attitude, in an appropriate way, my Lord invested me, His slave, with the crown of Jnana, and I attained Mauna.

38. I have become a slave to the feet of my Guru Lord, the granter of clear knowledge of reality, who dispelled my delusion of bondage and reigned over me. My mind and speech will think of and sing about only the glory of my Lord, the liberal bestower of divine grace.  They will not, even in a state of forgetfulness, utter the names of others.

39.  I do not have the power to offer to others even an iota of the immense desire that arises in my heart for my Lord.  The perfect light of the grace of my Lord, the vast expanse of supreme bliss that is the fountainhead of love, has taken total possession of my desire.

40.  By establishing me in His state of truth, the holy land of Mauna whose nature is the consciousness that neither rises nor sets, my Lord terminated the chaotic activity of ego consciousness.  My mind will not revere anyone other than this Brahman knower who is the embodiment of grace.

41. On account of the great wealth, the fortunate grace in my heart, I will now proclaim with divine arrogance, 'I will be a slave only of the one who ruled over me,
and not to anyone else in this world.'


Arunachala Siva.                 

The Guru Jewel:

30.  Having had darshan of the Guru-jewel, from now on I will not wander and suffer in this world, desiring a different jewel.  The Guru-jewel merged into my heart as a ruby and rendered unto me the supreme benefit, enabling a life of divine exultation to prosper.

31.  When I come to think of it, there is absolutely no greatness in this world for me, a dog, other than through the Guru-jewel.  Ever since the Guru-jewel that is the divine light merged in my heart, my life has become imbued with the radiance of the diamond that is consciousness, my own real nature.

32. I, who have joined and moved intimately with the Guru-jewel, will not wander around and suffer, begging for another jewel.  In the omnipresent fullness of grace bestowed by my Guru-jewel via His look of grace, I am not aware of even a single need.

33.  The Guru, the magnificent jewel, abides in my heart as the light of consciousness,
bringing to an end the ignoble obsession of 'I' and 'mine'. He is the merciful one who has as His very nature the unchanging quality of grace, the beginning-less (benevolent) disposition towards His devotees.                         

34. Remaining within my heart, my king, the jewel lamp that needs no kindling, expelled the ego delusion, leaving no trace of it. I now spend my time extolling the glory of my Lord experiencing real bliss in my mind.   

The one, unique word of my Guru:

Sometimes the 'one unique word' refers to summa iru, (Be Still). Bhagavan's often repeated order to the mind to be still.  At other times it alludes to the silent emanations that comes from Bhagavan that He claimed were the highest and primary form of His teachings.

35. I was subjected to mental bewilderment, imagining myself to be taking births and wallowing in Samsara.  Then He uttered the one word that made me never born, clearly convincing me that I was being consciousness, the supreme that merely exists and shines as the eye of grace.  Through this eye I saw birth and death as mere imagination.

36.  To engage in vain disputation about the reality, the effulgent light that is beyond words and their interpretations, is stupidity. The wise course is to shine, abiding as the perfect primal entity, the reality, having lost the rising ego. This happens as a consequence of the one word bestowed by the Guru - the Mauna consciousness that cannot be described in words.


Arunachala Siva.         

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« on: March 18, 2017, 08:38:27 AM »
Verse  11:

நளிர்பூந் திரைமல்கு காழிஞான சம்பந்தன்
குளிர்பூங் குடவாயிற் கோயின்மேய கோமானை
ஒளிர்பூந் தமிழ்மாலை யுரைத்தபாட லிவைவல்லார்
தளர்வான தானொழியத் தகுசீர்வானத் திருப்பாரே.

Jnana Sambandhan of Sirkazhi which has cool water having beautiful waves, on the king who dwells with desire in the temple in cool and beautiful Kudavāyil, those who are capable of reciting these garlands of shining Tamizh verses, composed by him.
will dwell in the heaven of fitting fame as the sufferings caused by depression of spirits, leave them.

Padigam on Kudavayil completed.\\

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: March 18, 2017, 08:34:33 AM »
Verse  10:

தூசார்ந்த சாக்கியருந் தூய்மையில்லாச் சமணரும்
ஏசார்ந்த புன்மொழிநீத் தெழில்கொண்மாடக் குடவாயில்
ஆசாரஞ் செய்மறையோ ரளவிற்குன்றா தடிபோற்றத்
தேசார்ந்த கோயிலே கோயிலாகச் சேர்ந்தீரே.

The Buddhists who covers their bodies with a yellow cloth called Sivaram and the Jains  who have no purity, leaving the insulting slanderous words of those two people.
In Kudavāyil which has beautiful storeys, the Brahmins who have proper conduct to praise your feet without any decrease in the quality of their devotion. You have become attached to the glorious temple as your favorite temple.

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: March 18, 2017, 08:33:24 AM »
Verse  9:

Not available.

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: March 18, 2017, 08:29:02 AM »
Verse 8:

கொங்கார்ந்த பைங்கமலத் தயனுங்குறளாய் நிமிர்ந்தானும்
அங்காந்து தள்ளாட வழலாய் நிமிர்ந்தீ ரிலங்கைக்கோன்
தங்காதன் மாமுடியுந் தாளுமடர்த்தீர் குடவாயில்
பங்கார்ந்த கோயிலே கோயிலாகப் பரிந்தீரே.

Brahma who is seated in a fertile lotus which has abundant honey, and Vishnu who rose tall, being a dwarf at first, to waver in mind with a gaping mouth out of wonder, you rose high as a column of fire you crushed the feet and the big crown of the king of Lanka which he prized very much. You declared the temple in Kudavāyil which occupies a portion of the village, as your favorite temple. [Note: In this verse the anecdotes of Vishnu and Brahma, and Ravaṇaṉ are clubbed together.]

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse 7:

பாடலார் வாய்மொழியீர் பைங்கண்வெள்ளே றூர்தியீர்
ஆடலார் மாநடத்தீ ரரிவைபோற்று மாற்றலீர்
கோடலார் தும்பிமுரன் றிசைமிழற்றுங் குடவாயில்
நீடலார் கோயிலே கோயிலாக நிகழ்ந்தீரே.

You have words containing truth in the songs of the Vedas. You have a vehicle of a white bull which has greenish eyes. You performed the dance by name Maha Tāṇṭavam.  You have the power which is praised by the lady, Uma. In Kudavāyil where the superior variety of bee, Tumpi which settles on the white Malabar glory lily hums and sings music. You were present in the temple which has been in existence since a distant past as your favorite temple.

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: March 18, 2017, 08:21:25 AM »
Verse  6:

அரவார்ந்த திருமேனி யானவெண்ணீ றாடினீர்
இரவார்ந்த பெய்பலிகொண் டிமையோரேத்த நஞ்சுண்டீர்
குரவார்ந்த பூஞ்சோலை வாசம்வீசுங் குடவாயில்
திருவார்ந்த கோயிலே கோயிலாகத் திகழ்ந்தீரே.

You bathed in white sacred ash got from a cow on your holy body on which you wear cobras profusely. Receiving the alms that are put into the bowl of a skull, which you get by begging, you consumed the poison to be praised by the celestial beings who do not wink. In Kudavāyil where the beautiful gardens which have common bottle flower trees, spread their fragrance, you were shining in the beautiful temple as your favorite temple.

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse 5:

இழையார்ந்த கோவணமுங் கீளுமெழிலா ருடையாகப்
பிழையாத சூலம்பெய் தாடல்பாடல் பேணினீர்
குழையாரும் பைம்பொழிலும் வயலுஞ்சூழ்ந்த குடவாயில்
விழவார்ந்த கோயிலே கோயிலாக மிக்கீரே.

Having a men's loin-cloth woven with yarn and a strip of cloth used as a waist band as beautiful dress holding on the shoulder a trident which never misses its aim, you linked singing and dancing.  In Kudavāyil surrounded by verdent gardens full of tender leaves, and fields, you were great in the temple which has never-ceasing festivals as your favorite temple.

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse  4:

மறியாருங் கைத்தலத்தீர் மங்கைபாக மாகச்சேர்ந்
தெறியாரு மாமழுவு மெரியுமேந்துங் கொள்கையீர்
குறியார வண்டினங்கள் தேன்மிழற்றுங் குடவாயில்
நெறியாருங் கோயிலே கோயிலாக நிகழ்ந்தீரே.

You hold a young deer in your hand. You have an idea of holding fire and a big battle-axe which can be thrown on enemies and are united with a lady of distinction as one half. In Kudavāyil where the swarms of bees hum sweetly like honey with the idea of opening the petals of buds, you were present in the temple built according to āgamic rules, as your favorite temple.

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse 3:

கழலார்பூம் பாதத்தீ ரோதக்கடலில் விடமுண்டன்
றழலாருங் கண்டத்தீ ரண்டர்போற்று மளவினீர்
குழலார வண்டினங்கள் கீதத்தொலிசெய் குடவாயில்
நிழலார்ந்த கோயிலே கோயிலாக நிகழ்ந்தீரே.

Siva who wears Kazhal in the feet which are as soft as flower, you have in your neck the heat as a result of consuming the poison which rose in the ocean which has waves.
you grant your grace according to the intensity of devotion when celestial beings praise you, you were present in the temple which has splendor in Kudavāyil where the swarms of bees hum melody types resembling music produced by flute, as your favorite temple.

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: March 18, 2017, 08:06:32 AM »
Verse  2:

அடியார்ந்த பைங்கழலுஞ் சிலம்புமார்ப்ப வங்கையில்
செடியார்ந்த வெண்டலையொன் றேந்தியுலகம் பலிதேர்வீர்
குடியார்ந்த மாமறையோர் குலாவியேத்துங் குடவாயில்
படியார்ந்த கோயிலே கோயிலாகப் பயின்றீரே.

The golden Kazhal and the anklet that are worn on the feet to make a sound.
You collect alms wandering in the world, holding in the palm a white skull having the stench of flesh. [You] resided in the temple which can be compared to other temples, in Kudavāyil, where Brahmins of noble lineage praise you with delight as your favorite temple.

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: March 18, 2017, 08:02:06 AM »
Tiruk Kudavayil:

Verse 1:

கலைவாழு மங்கையீர் கொங்கையாருங் கருங்கூந்தல்
அலைவாழுஞ் செஞ்சடையி லரவும்பிறையு மமர்வித்தீர்
குலைவாழை கமுகம்பொன் பவளம்பழுக்குங் குடவாயில்
நிலைவாழுங் கோயிலே கோயிலாக நின்றீரே.

Siva who has a stag in the beautiful hand! Who has red matted locks on which the waves of the Ganga, who has tresses of hair in which there is fragrance, are full,
who made the cobra and the crescent moon to stay there. You stayed as your favorite temple in the temple which is permanent, Kudavāyil, where Plaintain trees ear ripe fruits resembling gold color and Areca-palm fruits resembling coral in color.

Arunachala Siva.

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