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General topics / Re: Saiva Canon 1 - Tiru Jnana Sambandhar.
« on: April 10, 2017, 12:23:11 PM »
Verse  6:

துங்கிய றானவர் தோற்ற மாநகர்
அங்கியில் வீழ்தர வாய்ந்த வம்பினர்
பொங்கிய கடலணி பூந்த ராய்நகர்
அங்கய லனகணி யரிவை பங்கரே.

He who chose an arrow with which he made the grand and big cities of the demons who had formerly had the honor of being the devotees of Siva. (In Puranams, it is said that the demons of the three cities who were staunch devotees of Siva, were later made to hate Siva and become his enemies by the guiles of Nāradhar,) He is the god who has as his half a lady who has eyes as beautiful as the carp fish, residing in the city of Pūntarāy which is made beautiful by the foaming and raging sea.

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Saiva Canon 1 - Tiru Jnana Sambandhar.
« on: April 10, 2017, 12:16:33 PM »
Verse  5:

வெள்ளெயி றுடையவவ் விரவ லார்களூர்
ஒள்ளெரி யூட்டிய வொருவ னாரொளிர்
புள்ளணி புறவினிற் பூந்த ராய்நகர்க்
கள்ளணி குழலுமை கணவர் காண்மினே.

The God without an equal who set bright fire to the cities of those enemies who had white teeth the whiteness of the teeth appear prominent in contrast to the black bodies of the demons. That is why this epithet has been given to them,                                                                                                           is the husband of Uma who has                             
                                                                                    tresses with honey, residing in the city of Pūntarāy which has jungle made beautiful by birds.

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Saiva Canon 1 - Tiru Jnana Sambandhar.
« on: April 10, 2017, 12:13:25 PM »
Verse  4:

நாகமும் வரையுமே நாணும் வில்லுமா
மாகமார் புரங்களை மறித்த மாண்பினர்
பூகமார் பொழிலணி பூந்த ராய்நகர்ப்
பாகமர் மொழியுமை பங்கர் காண்மினே.

Having the serpent and the mountain as bowstring and bow respectively, the great god who prevented the three cities to fly as they wished in the sky, and destroyed them is the one who has Uma, who speaks words as sweet as syrup of sugar, residing in the city of Pūntarāy which is adorned by parks of areca-palms.

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Saiva Canon 1 - Tiru Jnana Sambandhar.
« on: April 10, 2017, 12:09:43 PM »
Verse  3:

தருக்கிய திரிபுரத் தவர்கள் தாம்உகப்
பெருக்கிய சிலைதனைப் பிடித்த பெற்றியர்
பொருக்கடல் புடைதரு பூந்த ராய்நகர்க்
கருக்கிய குழலுமை கணவர் காண்மினே.

The God who had the nature of holding a bow to increase the prosperity of the Devas, and the proud inhabitants of the three cities to meet with destruction, is the husband of Uma, who has black tresses of hair and resides in the city of Pūntarāy which has on its side the sea which dashes against the shore.

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Saiva Canon 1 - Tiru Jnana Sambandhar.
« on: April 10, 2017, 12:06:28 PM »
Verse  2:

மூதணி முப்புரத் தெண்ணி லோர்களை
வேதணி சரத்தினால் வீட்டி னாரவர்
போதணி பொழிலமர் பூந்த ராய்நகர்த்
தாதணி குழலுமை தலைவர் காண்மினே.

The god who destroyed countless demons, in the three cities of old decorations, with a hot arrow is the husband of Uma who has tresses of hair adorned with pollen, and resides in the city of Pūntarāy where there are parks made beautiful by flowers.

Arunachala Siva.


General topics / Re: Saiva Canon 1 - Tiru Jnana Sambandhar.
« on: April 10, 2017, 12:01:59 PM »
Tirup Puntaray:  (Sirkazhi)

Verse 1:

மின்னன வெயிறுடை விரவ லோர்கள்தந்
துன்னிய புரமுகச் சுளிந்த தொன்மையர்
புன்னையம் பொழிலணி பூந்த ராய்நகர்
அன்னமன் னந்நடை யரிவை பங்கரே.

The three cities of the enemies who had teeth shining like lightning, which were close to each other the primordial god who destroyed them by getting angry. He is the one who has as his half a lady having a gait resembling that of the swan, in the city of Pūntarāy which is beautiful by parks of mast wood trees.

Arunachala Siva.

51.  For everything and all the beings this is the greatest teaching.  'I am Brahman' is the great emancipation and the highest.  Thus, I am that myself.

52.'I' and the experience thereof -- this is highly confidential.  I am Brahman - this alone
is ever the knowledge which is great by itself.

53.  I am Brahman - this alone is the grand effulgence, this alone the great mantra,
this alone the supreme Japa.

54.  The certitude 'I am Brahman'  - this alone is the great sacred bath.  The certainty 'I am Brahman' - this alone is the great sacred waters.

55.  The resolve 'I am Brahman' - this alone is the great Ganga.  The conviction 'I am Brahman' - this alone is the supreme dharma.

56.  The firmness 'I am Brahman' - this alone is the lofty expanse.  'I am Brahman alone ' - this alone is wisdom. The determination 'I am Brahman' - this is the consummation of everything.

57. The cowherdesses of guileless hearts while wandering hither and thither in search of water, behold the golden hearted Sambhu in the center of the 'lotus friend' sun,
who with his hands of rays reaching out to all worlds, nourishes them and enriches the flora by raining down waters drawn from their sources. 

Thus concludes Chapter 37 entitled 'Topic of all settled conclusions' in the sixth amsa
called Sankara of Sri Siva Rahasyam.


Arunachala Siva.   

General Discussion / Panguni Uttiram - 09.04.2017:
« on: April 09, 2017, 03:25:49 PM »
Today is Panguni Uttiram.  Today is the wedding of Siva and Parvati and also Muruga
and Deivyanai.  There are celebrations in all Siva Temples for these weddings.

Arunachala Siva. 

General topics / Re: Editorial - April - June 2017:
« on: April 09, 2017, 01:12:33 PM »
What surrender means is jettisoning an outmoded way of behavior that no longer is relevant because one has matured beyond that condition. How could Bhagavan explain
to His family that after the supreme revelation, He could no longer live the life He had before?  Obviously He could not and left without explanation.  He did not run away but went forward to meet His destiny.

It is the same with us.  There are times when our modes of thinking or feeling are obsolete and we endure the painful process of shedding an old skin.  It does not mean
we run off but our relationship with the world and those in it has radically altered. Sometimes we can rationally explain it, sometimes not; hence the confusion when others ask us what happened. Unless that person has been through a similar rite of passage, any explanation is pointless.  When a person discovers her or his destiny and truly believes in it, nothing can stand in the way.  Neither security, calls from family, loved ones, society's demands for conformity to its values, nothing.  That is why Bhagavan's story continues to inspire us.  Here was someone for whom the power of Arunachala over rode every other consideration.


Arunachala Siva.           

Verse  171:

Do we not know, from the way in which the trifling pleasures arise, and then just as quickly fade away, the supreme bliss is simply the eradication of desire?  If we inquire
into it and clearly understand that it is like the bamboo container into which insects enter, get struck and die, desire for the pleasures of the five senses will end.

According to TCS, the word 'nalikai' is a 'ticai-c-cool - provincial word, in other words,
a word peculiar to one of the Tamizh provinces, a dialect word.  The 'naikai' is a bamboo tube, used for dispensing liquids like oil, ghee or honey.  It is blocked up at both ends, leaving just a small hole through which insects, such as the maravattai -- millipede, might enter.  Stuck in this sticky substance and unable to find the way out,
the insects are unable to escape.


Arunachala Siva.       

Verse  170:

What need is there to point out that wealth, youth, the body itself, are a mere mirage?
It is plain for all to see (that they are impermanent).  Those who are swift to renounce the world, as their discriminating awareness falls away, will not return to the round of birth and death.  Or if they do return, will (those attachments) affect (those who are as) Siva?  No, they will not affect them.

The last sentence, literally translated, says, if they return will (those attachments) touch Siva?  No, They will not touch Him. TCS explains, if they do return to some defect of Jnana, they will remain in a state of transcendence over those attachments on account of the pure Vasana resulting from the past renunciation and austerities.  Will they (those attachments) take hold of and affect them?  No.  They will not....Since, like Siva, they are free from attachment to anything at all, since they will not be affected.

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Saiva Canon 1 - Tiru Jnana Sambandhar.
« on: April 09, 2017, 12:40:43 PM »
Verse  11:

கொடியுயர் மால்விடை யூர்தியி னான்திருக் கோட்டாற்றுள்
அடிகழ லார்க்கநின் றாடவல் லஅரு ளாளனைக்
கடிகம ழும்பொழிற் காழியுண் ஞானசம் பந்தன்சொல்
படியிவை பாடிநின் றாடவல் லார்க்கில்லை பாவமே.

On Siva who has a flag of a bull held high and a vehicle of big bull and who is full of grace, and who is able to dance standing to make the anklets worn on the leg to make a big sound,there will be no sins for those who can sing these words, and dance out of joy as a means of getting the grace of god, composed by Jnana Sambandhan of Sirkazhi, which has gardens full of fragrance.

Padigam on Tiruk Kottaru completed.

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Saiva Canon 1 - Tiru Jnana Sambandhar.
« on: April 09, 2017, 12:36:20 PM »
Verse  10:

கடுக்கொடுத் ததுவ ராடையர் காட்சியில் லாததோர்
தடுக்கிடுக் கிச்சம ணேதிரி வார்கட்குத் தன்னருள்
கொடுக்ககில் லாக்குழ கன்அம ருந்திருக் கோட்டாற்றுள்
இடுக்கணின் றித்தொழு வார்அம ரர்க்கிறை யாவரே.

Buddhists who wear dress soaked in red ochre to which is added gall-nut powder to make it a fast color. To these who wander naked taking under their arms seat for sitting, and unpleasant to look at. Those who worship without any trouble Siva in Tirukkōṭṭāṟu where the youth who does not grant his grace to those two.  Those devotees will become the Lord of the immortals.

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Saiva Canon 1 - Tiru Jnana Sambandhar.
« on: April 09, 2017, 12:29:49 PM »
Verse  9:

ஓங்கிய நாரண னான்முக னும்உண ராவகை
நீங்கிய தீயுரு வாகிநின் றநிம லன்னிழற்
கோங்கம ரும்பொழில் சூழ்ந்தெழி லார்திருக் கோட்டாற்றுள்
ஆங்கம ரும்பெரு மானம ரர்க்கம ரனன்றே.

The spotless Siva who stood as a form of fire which cannot be measured so that Narayana who grew tall and Brahma of four faces, could not find it out. The god who dwells in Tirukkōṭṭāṟu full of beauty by being surrounded by gardens where there are common caung trees, is Makātēyaṉ, who is superior to all other gods.

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Saiva Canon 1 - Tiru Jnana Sambandhar.
« on: April 09, 2017, 12:25:35 PM »
Verse  8:

இரவம ருந்நிறம் பெற்றுடை யவிலங் கைக்கிறை
கரவம ரக்கயி லையெடுத் தான்வலி செற்றவன்
குரவம ரும்மலர்ச் சோலைசூழ்ந் ததிருக் கோட்டாற்றுள்
அரவம ருஞ்சடை யானடி யார்க்கருள் செய்யுமே.

Siva who destroyed the strength of the King of Lanka, who was as black as night and lifted Kailash with a deceitful ideas. Sivaṉ on whose matted locks, a cobra, is living and who is in Tirukkōṭṭāṟu surrounded by flower gardens which have bottle-flower trees, will grant his grace to his devotees.

Arunachala Siva.

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