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Explanation for Verse 160 continues...

TCS describes in detail how, in the realized sage, each of the five avasthas - statesof the soul -- has been purified and transcended, being performed into what he calls Sutta Avasthai - Sanskrit Shuddha Avasthai - pure Avasthas.  The five avasthas - states of the soul are Chakkiram, Sanskrit Jagrat, - the waking state; Swapnam, Sanskrit Svapna, - the dreaming state; Sushupti, Sanskrit, Sushupti - the state of deep sleep, complete unconsciousness; Turiyam, Sanskrit Turiya - the fourth state, and Turiyatitam, Sanskrit Turiyatitia - the state beyond the fourth state.  (See also note to Verse 33 for information on the latter two states.)

In the purified soul these are called Chutha Avasthai, Sanskrit Shuddha Avastha,
and are termed Ninmala Sagram - pure waking state, Ninmala Swapnam - pure
dreaming state, and so on.  The individual soul, or the Jiva, acquires this purity by freeing itself from the Tattvas which limit it in each of the these states of being, at which point it merges with Sivam, the Self the universal consciousness.

Just as no shadow is cast when the sun is directly overhead, the consciousness of the Jiva which is established in the heart center, fully illuminated by the light of the Self,'
does not become caught up in the illusory nature of the 'shadow' states of consciousness, waking, dream and deep sleep.

Verse  161:

The false appears to be real, but if one inquires into it, it will disappear, as when what
appears to be a snake turns out to be just an image painted on a wall.  Otherwise,
Sir, if you perform rituals and austerities (to discover the real) it will be as if you
mistook a post for a thief, and beat a drum to scare it away.  (161)         

Verse  162.

On being informed that the world and the body, which are of the nature of Maya, are
unreal like a mirage, you should try to comprehend their true nature.  Rather than that, do you expect to be able to eliminate them, shaking them off and obliterating
them completely?  Similarly the way to escape from a fire that surrounds you in a dream, is simply to wake up.               

Verse 163:

You say that it is the incontrovertible truth that the world is false.  (If you fully
realize the truth of your words), is it necessary still to go for looking for 'the real'?
Why do you cast doubt upon this, repeatedly looking at the sun (of true knowledge)
that banished the black darkness (of ignorance), then blinking and turning away?


Arunachala Siva.     

Verse  160:

Who (among Jnanis) will be cognizant of the world in which Jivas live like a swarm
of fireflies in the darkness? Know that to them the dawn of true knowledge is like(the rising of) the sun. (The great ones) have taught the five pure avasthas so that your defilement may be destroyed, just as the sun annihilates your shadow as it reaches the zenith of the heavens.         

The darkness is the darkness of ignorance, Anava Malam, the principle of egoity, and them fireflies are the activities of the Jiva in the world of Maya.  Both this darkness and the feeble, flickering illumination of the Jiva consciousness will be invisible to the consciousness of the Jnani, which bathes in the full light of the sun of it with the feeble
illumination of the intellect, simply does not exist for the Jnani.  It exists only from the
point of view of those who labor under the delusion that they are subject to it.             


Arunachala Siva.

11.  I am the blemishless Self, the supreme bliss, the bliss of consciousness, the non
dual, the bliss of thought, the bliss of thought, the bliss of the beyond, transcending knowledge and verily blemishless.

12. I am the bliss transcending cause, the bliss of consciousness, the non dual, the bliss of all, the bliss of the beyond, the disposition that I am the bliss of Brahman.

13. I am the bliss of life, bliss of subsidence, of the form of the bliss of consciousness,
of the form of bliss of consciousness, of the form of pure bliss, the bliss of the intellect, saturating the mind.

14.  I am the bliss of sound, the great bliss, the bliss of consciousness, the non dual,
the Self beyond void of bliss and non-bliss, completely devoid of the bliss of differences.

15.  I am the Self inspiring the bliss of duality, the bliss of consciousness, the non
dual. Be of the conviction that all the aforesaid forms of bliss am I.

16. I am verily the bliss of peace, the illuminator of the bliss of awareness, the unitary
bliss, the supreme bliss, the one and the only un-diminishing consciousness.

17.  The one and the only great Self, devoid of the numeration one, the great bliss
of the one reality, devoid of philosophical variance.

18.  I am devoid of any conquest of bliss, devoid of subjugation of bliss.  I am the great peace of joylessness. I am rendered peaceful by the conviction that I am peaceful.

19.  I am the peace of the bliss of 'mine'. I am primal illuminator.  I am ever at peace
with the body, devoid of the attitude 'I am peaceful'.

20.  I am the one and the only great bliss, the one and the sole imperishable, the one and the only imperishable Brahman, the one and the only imperishable syllable.


Arunachala Siva.         

Verse  159:

Having perceived and grasped (the world through the mind and senses), remaining
entirely submerged in them, and having come to realize the nature of this defective,'
discriminating awareness, to then remain in unattached purity as pure consciousness,
untouched by the five divine operations, the first of which is creation, just as Sivam
remains unattached by these, is true renunciation.

The five divine operations creation, maintenance, destruction, or involution, veiling and the granting of grace, corresponding to the operations of the individual consciousness.  Creation is the arising of the world in conjunction with the mind and senses, and so on. See the notes to Verse 33.

In the same way that Sivam provides the ground for all manifestation, but is totally
unaffected by, and un-involved in it, the task of Jiva is to realize that the appearance of the world that comes and goes in its consciousness ism totally other than itself, and to remain untouched by it.  In doing so, it will transcend that Jiva nature and realize its
true nature as Sivam.


Arunachala Siva.           

General topics / Re: Saiva Canon 1 - Tiru Jnana Sambandhar.
« on: February 06, 2017, 11:09:32 AM »
Verse  11:

அந்தண்பூங் கச்சியே கம்பனை யம்மானைக்
கந்தண்பூங் காழியூ ரன்கலிக் கோவையால்
சந்தமே பாடவல் லதமிழ் ஞானசம்
பந்தன்சொற் பாடியா டக்கெடும் பாவமே.

On the god who dwells in Ekambam in beautiful and cool Kanchi full of splendor.
With the help of words of sweet sounds, the native of Sirkazhi which has cool water and is full of splendor, sins will perish if one dances and sings the verses of Jnāṉa Sampandaṉ, who has knowledge of Tamizh and who is capable of composing verses of rhythmic movement.

Padigam on Tiruk Kachi Ekambam concluded.

Arunachala Siva.


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« on: February 06, 2017, 11:05:26 AM »
Verse  10:

போதியார் பிண்டியா ரென்றிவர் பொய்ந்நூலை
வாதியா வம்மினம் மாவெனுங் கச்சியுள்
ஆதியார் மேவியா டுந்திரு வேகம்பம்
நீதியாற் றொழுமினும் மேல்வினை நில்லாவே.

(People of this world!)  Please come into our fold without discussing about the works containing lies of the Buddhists who esteem the Bodhi tree (Pipal tree) and the Jains who consider the Asoka tree, as sacred.  In Kanchi in the shrine which got its name from the beautiful mango-tree,worship with joined hand by right conduct Tiruv Ekambam where the first cause of all Kings, dance desiring that place, acts will not stay with you.

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: February 06, 2017, 11:01:25 AM »
Verse  9:

நாகம்பூ ணேறதே றல்நறுங் கொன்றைதார்
பாகம்பெண் பலியுமேற் பர்மறை பாடுவர்
ஏகம்ப மேவியா டுமிறை யிருவர்க்கும்
மாகம்ப மறியும்வண் ணத்தவ னல்லனே.

Siva has ornaments of cobras; rides on a bull;
wears garlands of fragrant Koṉṟai on his chest, has on one half a lady.
will receive alms [which act is low] will chant the Vēdas.
The supreme god who dances in Ekambam desiring it.
He is not of such a nature that both Vishnu and Brahma could not know the big pillar of fire.

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: February 06, 2017, 10:57:27 AM »
Verse  8:

தூயானைத் தூயவா யம்மறை யோதிய
வாயானை வாளரக் கன்வலி வாட்டிய
தீயானைத் தீதில்கச் சித்திரு வேகம்பம்
மேயானை மேவுவா ரென்றலை மேலாரே.

Those who cherish with love, Siva who is pure.  He who chanted with his mouth the pure Vēdas, who is in the form of fire and who destroyed the strength of the cruel demon, and who desires to dwell in Tiru Ekambam in Kanchi which has no evils,
will be seated on my head.

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: February 06, 2017, 10:53:54 AM »
Verse  7:

விண்ணுளார் மறைகள்வே தம்விரித் தோதுவார்
கண்ணுளார் கழலின்வெல் வார்கரி காலனை
நண்ணுவா ரெழில்கொள்கச் சிநக ரேகம்பத்
தண்ணலா ராடுகின் றவலங் காரம்மே.

Siva is in the cosmic space, will expound vēdas and Upanishads is in the eyes of wise people. He will gain victory over Yama of black complexion by kicking him with his leg. How beautiful is the adornment of the god who dances in Ekambam in Kanchi, who assumes the nature of those who approach him!

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: February 06, 2017, 10:49:39 AM »
Verse  6:

மழுவாளோ டெழில்கொள்சூ லப்படை வல்லார்தங்
கெழுவாளோ ரிமையாருச் சியுமை யாள்கங்கை
வழுவாமே மல்குசீ ரால்வள ரேகம்பம்
தொழுவாரே விழுமியார் மேல்வினை துன்னாவே.

Siva is capable of holding a battle-axe and a beautiful trident, dwells on the top of the Hmachala along with Uma who is united with him. He has two wives, Uma and Gaṅga.
Near those who worship with joined hands Ekambam flourishing by increasing fame without any defect are really excellent persons, acts will not come.

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse  5:

சடையானைத் தலைகையேந் திப்பலி தருவார்தம்
கடையேபோய் மூன்றுங்கொண் டான்கலிக் கச்சியுள்
புடையேபொன் மலருங்கம் பைக்கரை யேகம்பம்
உடையானை யல்லதுள் காதென துள்ளமே.

My mind. Siva who is prominent by his matted locks in Kanchi of bustle of Siva who snatched the three things [i.e.body, wealth and life], going to the entrances of houses of those who give alms, holding a skull. He will not think of any thing else except the Lord who has Ekambam temple on the bank of the river, Kampai, where in its banks Koṉṟai blossoms like gold.

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse  4:

குன்றேய்க்கு நெடுவெண்மா டக்கொடி கூடிப்போய்
மின்றேய்க்கு முகில்கள்தோ யும்வியன் கச்சியுள்
மன்றேய்க்கு மல்குசீ ரான்மலி யேகம்பம்
சென்றேய்க்குஞ் சிந்தையார் மேல்வினை சேராவே.

The flags that are hoisted on the tall and white storeys which resemble hills join together in the extensive Kanchi where they seem to come into contact with the clouds in which lightnings rub with one another. The acts, good and bad will not approach those who go to Ekambam where the assembly of the earth is situated and is famous by its increasing renown and direct their minds suited to that shrine.

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse  3:

பாராரு முழவமொந் தைகுழல் யாழொலி
சீராலே பாடலா டல்சிதை வில்லதோர்
ஏரார்பூங் கச்சியே கம்பனை யெம்மானைச்
சேராதா ரின்பமா யந்நெறி சேராரே.

Those who do not approach, the Lord in Ekambam in Kanchi, full of beauty and splendor where the big Muzhavu, Montai flute and Yaszh are played as accompaniments to vocal songs, and dance which never ceases, our god,
will not reach the path that leads the attainment of supreme bliss.

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: February 06, 2017, 10:33:02 AM »
Verse  2:

நொச்சியே வன்னிகொன் றைமதி கூவிளம்
உச்சியே புனைதல்வே டம்விடை யூர்தியான்
கச்சியே கம்பம்மே யகறைக் கண்டனை
நச்சியே தொழுமின்நும் மேல்வினை நையுமே.

Siva who has as vehicle of a bull, and who has a form, on the head of which he adorns himself with leaves of three-leaved chaste tree, leaves of Mesquit, Koṉṟai flowers, a crescent moon, and leaves of Bael tree.
and the Lord with a black neck who is in Kachi Ekampam.
(People of this world!)  Worship with joined hands, loving him,
the acts which are with you will dwindle.

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: February 06, 2017, 10:28:47 AM »
Tiruk Kacchi Ekambam:

Verse  1:

மறையானை மாசிலாப் புன்சடை மல்குவெண்
பிறையானைப் பெண்ணொடா ணாகிய பெம்மானை
இறையானை யேர்கொள்கச் சித்திரு வேகம்பத்
துறைவானை யல்லதுள் காதென துள்ளமே.

Siva who is in the form of Vēdas,
who has a white crescent moon waxing on his murky matted locks which has no dirt.
Who is the god who has male as well as female forms in one body.
Who pervades everywhere.
My mind would not think of any thing else except the Lord who dwells in Tiruvēkampam in beautiful Kanchi.

Arunachala Siva.

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