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81:  O Annamalai!  You the Hills that retain the poison in your
throat.  You are daily cancelling the karmas of devotees. You
are the one, who melt the hearts of devotees.  You are the one,
dear to the devotees, and confer the great bliss of liberation.

82. O Annamalai!  You wear the poisonous serpents.  You are
the Hills praised by the devotees. You are the one wearing the
pick axe and the deer.  You are the one wearing Ganga and the
fragrant 'konrai' flowers and the crescent moon, on your
matted locks.

83. O Aannamalai! In the Hills, the peacock and the serpent
are united as friends.  And where the deers and the tigers
stay together and live.*  You are the one, which even Kailash
comes and sees.  You are the one who is praised by the devotees
with their tongues.

(* During Bhagavan's times in the Hills, peacock and serpents
were friends.  The deers and the tigers were drinking water from
the stream side by side.  A Siva Jnani is Siva Himself.)

84. O Annamalai!  You burnt the Tripura with your smile and killed
the three demons.  Devotees throng you and have full trust in you.
You save them and rule them.

85.  O Annamalai!  In the Hills, the devotees have the same
thoughts and deeds in their life.  They bathe in your grace.
You mount the jumping ferocious bull.  You are the medicine
for my disease of death and birth.

to be contd......

Arunachala Siva. 

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Muruganar's Poems
« on: September 24, 2008, 03:55:25 PM »
I bought three new books of Muruganar, in Tiruvannamalai,
 which have been recently published.  These are further poems
of Muruganar, after 9-volume Ramana Jnana Botham.

These are:

1. Guru Ramana Prasadam, which was earlier published as
Ramana Anubhuti.  Many more poems have been added to this
book and the name changed as Guru Ramana Prasadam.
Some of the poems of the original book, Ramana Anubhuti,
have been translated by Robert Butler, in English, and it is
titled The Nondual Consciousness.  Some of the additional
poems of the Tamil book, Guru Ramana Prasadam, are to be
translated in English and published by David Godman and Robert
Butler and will be released by year 2009.  The Tamil GRP has got
1039 songs.

2. The second book is Ramana Anubhuti, containing 757 songs,
and can be termed as Ramana Anubhuti - Part II.

3. The third book called Anubuti Venba, has got 761 songs.  This
comprises of additonal songs of Muruganar, which are exclusively
in Venba metre.

Muruganar has composed about 30000 songs on Bhagavan Ramana
and His teachings.  Many more poems are still in manuscript.  Time
will see them in print in due course.

Arunachala Siva. 

General topics / Bhagavan and constructing Samadhi
« on: September 24, 2008, 03:42:43 PM »
Bhagavan Ramana, personally advised and/or supervised construction
of Samadhi for certain self realized souls.  There are four such
instances.  First, in the case of Seshadri Swami.  He told Swami's
devotees about how to dig a pit and construct a Samadhi for Swami.
He referred to Tirumoolar's Tiru Mandiram for the methods.  Tiru
Moolar is a great Tamil Yogi, who has written a book on yoga sastra
called Tiru Mandiram, comprising of 3000 songs.  He is a Siva Yogi.
Tirumandiram forms the 10th book of Saiva Canons.  Bhagavan also
stayed for hours during the Samadhi ceremony of Seshadri Swami.

The second was in the case of Mother Azagamamma.  The third was
in the case of Mastan, a Muslim.  He is an illiterate who came with
Akhilandamma to see Bhagavan, from Desur, a village about 60 kms
from Tiruvannamalai.  Mastan fell into a trance on seeing Bhagavan.
His Samadhi is in Desur.   The fourth case was that of Cow Lakshmi.

There were also occasions where Bhagavan suggested to dig a pit
and construct a Samadhi.  Two such cases are those of Echammal
and Mudaliar Patti.

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Bhagavan and Mother Azhagmma (2)
« on: September 24, 2008, 03:34:21 PM »
In the first post, I mentioned about four visits of Mother
Azhagamma to see her son.  In the last visit, she decided
to stay with her son permanently.

Mother Azhagamma's probation period was equally tough and
Bhagavan willed it so.  Amma had knowledge of Vedanta songs
in Tamil, composed by Chenkottai Avadai Akka.  This Avadai
Akka, was an illiterate living Southern Tamil Nadu and she had
composed several songs on Advaita Vedanta.  These were sung
my ladies of southern districts regularly.  Amma used to sing this
in Tiruchuzhi, Manamadurai and later in the Hills also.

When once, Amma was asking Akhilandamma to pluck and bring
some greens from the Hills for cooking and when Ramanatha
Brahmachari hid them under a bush and told Amma to take them,
Bhagavan noticed it.  He said sternly to Amma, : " If you want all
such greens, you can go back to Madurai."  Amma wept for sometime.

On another occasion, which everyone knows, when Amma went
to downtown and brought Papad Batter to prepare Papads, and asked
her son to help her for making papads, Bhagavan said humourosly:  "You make papads, and I shall make a song on Papads."

Amma was very orthodox, not touching non-Brahmins.  Bhagavan
made fun of this and corrected her.  Once He said:  " O Amma,
Kunju had touched your clothes (that were drying up in the cave),
please wash the clothes once again and you also take bath, since
you are touching these clothes."

Amma was not eating onions and garlic as was the custom among
Brahmin ladies, particularly widows those days.  Bhagavan used
to make fun of her:  " O Amma, see the power of these little bulbous
vegtables, they are going to stand at the gateways of heavens and
block you from entering!"     

Once or twice,  He made His mother to feed the woodcutter in the Hills first and then take her food.

There were also moments of great happiness and awe for Amma.

Once Bhagavan appeared before her, as Siva with garlands of serpents
and skulls.

He used to bring water and bathe His mother whenever she was not
well enough to fetch water herself.

Once at the request of a sadhu, He took ganja, a large doze, as
it was given to Him as prasad.  His eyes became blood red but
He was not lying down.  When asked by Amma, He told the truth.
Amma became anxious and advised Him against it.  Bhagavan replied:
"What to do?  He gave it as a prasad with devotion!".  He also said
his devotees, not to take ganga.  If it is taken by a true sadhak, it will
do good.  But if it is taken by a man of evil desires, it will become
worse for him, He had said.

Arunachala Siva.   

76.  O Annamalai!  In the presence of everyone in this world,
you took the pain from the arrow of Partha*.  You took the
pain of stones thrown by the great devotee*.  But. how come,
you burnt the god of love, who sent the arrow of flowers?
O the great round Hills, I pray to you.

(*  Partha, Arjuna, hit Siva with his arrow at the time of his penance,
for Pasupata Astara.  A Siva devotee called Sakya Nayanar, to
avoid the king's attention, (he was a Jain) was praying to
Siva Lingam, by throwing stones at Siva's feet.

77. O Annamalai!  You rose to the height of Heavans as a flame
of effulgence.  You took the honey like, green-coloured Unnamulai, as
your consort.  You are the Hills, where on the valleys, elephants
are adorned by the pearls that were given by the bamboo trees.

78.  O Annamalai!  On the the other day, when Ravana tried to
lift Kailash, you crushed him with your toe.   You are the Hills
of divine medicine.  You are the medicine for all the difficulties
of your devotees.

79.  O Annamalai!  You protected Markandeya, by telling Yama,
that he(Markandeya), is always sixteen and is not to be taken.
You stand as the effulgence of light victoriously.    You forget
all the defects of devotees and liberate them.

80.  O Annamalai!  You stood as the column of effulgence beyond
the reach of the two.  You appear as a friend, for the melting
devotees.  You dance for ever.  You drove out Narayana, from the
sacrifice of Daksha, so that he might not be killed.

to be contd....

Arunachala Siva.

73.  O Annamalai!  Brahma and Vishnu, who were full of pride,
were made to shed their ego, by you who stood as the column of
effulgence to their utter amazement.  You are the unreachable
Hills of Jnana.  You stood in four different forms in the four worlds*.

(* four worlds refer to:  the earth, the heavens of devas, the
abode of Brahma and the abode of Vishnu.)

74. O Annamalai!  You are the form of four Vedas. O the king
with crescent moon, on the asterism of Magha, in the month
of Magha, you showed your wedding form, with Unnamulai.
You are the Primal God of Brahmins of Tiruvannamalai, the
Hills of gold and precious stones.

75.  O Annmalai!  You are in every form.  You are the sun and the
moon.  You are form of Truth.  You are like a gem on my hand.
You are the one, my Guru, Guhai Namasivaya's feet on my head.

to be contd.....

Arunachala Siva.

72. O Annamalai!  You wear 'arugu' grass and  crescent moon.
In Madurai streets*, you were carrying and selling firewoods for
the sake of devotee.  You are always seated  in the hearts of devotees
who praise you for ever.

(* This is a story from Tiruvilayadal Puranam, describing the
64 divine plays of Siva in Madurai, for the sake of devotees.  This
Tiruvilaiyadal Puranam, is by Sage Paranjoti.  There was one poet
and singer called Hema Nathan, who came from another country,to Madurai King and challenged that if anyone could sing as nicely as him, then he (Hema Nathan) would be a slave to that singer.  Otherwise, the
singers of  Madurai should stop singing songs. The contest was arranged for the next day.   One Bana Pathran, th great musician of Madurai was selected by the king to challenge Hema Nathan.  Bana is a Siva devotee and was praying to Siva to help. He was praying to Siva, since everyone said that it is difficult to win over Hema Nathan. Siva, came as a wood cutter, carrying firewood and stayed on the portal of guest house, where Hema Nathan was staying.  The wood cutter, Siva, started singing: " I am the raga and I am the tala of divine Tamil songs..."  Hema Nathan was aghast about on hearing the music, came out and asked who he is. He (Siva), said that he is delivering firewood to the house of Bana Pathran and he knows a little music by listening to Bana Pathran.  Hema Nathan developed a cold feet and ran away from Madurai.  Bana Pathran was conferred the title in the absence of Hema Nathan and was given gold and land by the king!)
to be contd....

Arunachala Siva.

71.  O Annamalai!  You came as an old Brahmin, fully knowing all
the Vedas, and with a walking stick to help you in your stuttering
walking, in the wedding of Sundaramurthy, and stopped his wedding saying that Sundara was your slave.  You did this trick to take
him as your devotee.*

(*  Sundaramurthy was about to get married.  Siva came as an
old Brahmin and showing a old palmyra leaf, which stated that
the family of Sundarmurthy are life time slaves of the Brahmin.
Siva took him away and bade him to follow to a temple town
called Tiruvennai Nallur.  Sundara was on the way cursing the
Brahmin saying that he is a trickster and madecap and that the
palmyra leaf is not correct.  Siva disappeared in the temple
of Tiruennai Nallur and showed him as a column of effulgence.
Sundara, on knowing that the old man is Siva and is his Guru,
started singing a song that starts as:  "Pitha Piraichoodi, Perumane,
Arulala..."  ('O Madcap! The Wearer of the Crescent Moon, the
Great God and the merciful Guru!").  The irony is that the same
Sundara, whose wedding was stopped by Siva, married later two
girls called Sangili  and Paravai!  It was to Sangiliar's house that
Siva went as go-between to sort out their family quarrel.  The
songs of  Sundaramurthy come under the seventh book of
Saiva Canons, called Sundaramurthy Tevaram.)

to be contd....

Arunachala Siva. 

66. O Annamalai!  You are the Hills of great antiquity.  You
shall have no end either.  You are half-woman, with Mother
Unnamulai, taking your left half.  The Vedas are praising you.
Your the dispenser of Justice.  You are the Hills of tantra and
and antra.  You are the Hills of Panchakshara, mantra.

(* tantra - sastras for supernatural powers.  antra - sastras
for black magic. mantra - meditating the holy letters or words
or group of words)

67.  O Annamalai!  You are kept in the hearts of learned devotees, who
have conquered their five senses, for the sake of finishing the
death-birth cycle.  They hide in their hearts and pray  your glory
at all times.

68.  O Annamalai!  When the great Sage Markandeya, was afraid
of the god of death, who was coming swiftly with raging anger,
you kicked that god of death, and proved your valour.  You came
as my Guru and ruled me every day, every week and every fortnight.

69.  O Annamalai!  When you were not to be found by devas,
devotees and great trimuvarate* , you came mounted on the
big bull, in the company of Uma.  You are the knowledge in the
hearts of devotees, who have conquered their mind, body, words,
and action.

70.  O Annamalai!  You wear 'aathi', 'kadukai', flowers and
Panchakshara and come to the holy company of devotees,
who priase you with poems.  You come with your golden
flag or 'rishaba' to take them to your abode.

to be contd.....

Arunachala Siva.

61.  O Annamalai!  You are walking in the hearts of your
devotees, who have conquered their five senses, three desires
( land, gold and women) and three gunas (Characterisitics,
tamas, rajas and sattva).  You are not born to a mother but
is everliving Father-Mother.

62. O Annamalai!  You dug out sands and threw them on the
banks of Vaigai, when it was about to overlow, for the sake
of handful of 'pittue' sweet rice, from a poor woman in Madurai,
which is sung in all the Tamil poems.

63. O Annamalai!  You are the Hills of Siva Jnana, which could
not be searched by Brahma, the personification of ego, who flew
as a swan to find your top and by Vishnu, the personification of
intellect, who dug the earth as a pig and searched for three
under worlds to find your feet.

64. O Annamalai!  When the little crescent moon, became afraid
of the dangerous cobra, you placed Ganga, on your matted locks,
so that the moon could hide in its waters, to avoid the cobra!
You are the palace of Siva Jnana.  You are dancing on the Hills.

65. O Annamalai!  In the august company of great Tamil poets,
in South Madurai, you took the chairmanship, and in your ocean
of glory, they discussed Tamil poems.  You also checked the
correctness* of Tamil poems.  You are the Hills of Panchakshara.

(*  The correctness of Tamil poems.  Any poetry should be free
from deficiencies of words or deficiencies of meanings.  Siva
is said to have checked for these.  The deficiency of word
is the wrong use of a word.  The deficiency of the meaning is
the wrong use of the meaning.  e.g. The incorrect use of
word, everyone knows.  The incorrect use of meaning, is like
this:  The poet cannot say that lilies are blooming on the sunrise.
He should say, lotus, or if it is sunrise, or if these arel lilies, he should
say, moonlight.  There is a story about the duel of Siva and
Poet Nakkirar in the third Tamil Sangam  in Madurai.  About it,
through a later post.)

to be contd.....

Arunachala Siva.     

56. O Annamalai!  You abode is full of gardens with flowers.
Your abode is having all around gold and orchards that
ooze rains of honey.  Your abode is having springs that
rise with water in all times. 

57. O Annamalai!  Your abode is full of ardent devotees who
always bathe in the fountains of Siva Jnana bliss.  You
confer limitless wealth of all kinds to the sages in the Hills.

58. O Annamalai!  You are the Hills that could not be searched
by the blue-hill of Vishnu**.  Your Hills are the form of great
effulgence.  Your Hills are prostrated by the devas.   You
are the Primordial Hills and you went as a go-between to
Sundramurthy in the dead of night.*

(* This story has already been narrated.
** The large form Vishnu who is Neela megha, is alleded as
the blue hill.)

59.  O Annamalai!  You stand as the Hills, for the sake of devotees
who do tapas for the worldly welfare.  Your form as the Hills
is the everflowing Grace.

60.  O Annamalai.  You are the divine medicine.  You can not
be comprehended by the people who are the prisoners of the
five sensea, and who cannot comprehend with a pure mind.   

to be contd....

Arunachala Siva.


51.  O Annamalai!  You took the poison and retained in your
throat so that the devas and the worlds will survive.  If your
devotees praise your valour, you become happy.  You are
the god with snow white holy ash on you body and grace
the devotees ever.

52. O Annamalai!  You also stay in Thillai, Kasi, Tiru Arur,
Madurai and Nellai (Tirunelveli), as a great effulgence. 
You are praised by the ancient Vedas.  You dance in the
hearts of such devotees.

53. O Annamalai!  You are the concorporate consort of Unnamualai,
the Moola Prakrti, giver of great gifts, the Mother of all living
beings, praised by Vedas, the giver of Siva Jnana.

54.  O Annamalai!  You went as a go-between to Sundaramurthy.
You do anything to please your devotees.  You burnt Manmatha
and you delivered Tamil in the group of Sangam poets in South

(* The story is "Siva, the burner of the Tripura and having  red matted locks and his son, who pierced the Krouncha Hill, with his spear"
were the first two poets of Tamil Sangam (Conclve of Tamil)
in South Madurai.  This South Madurai is not the present Madurai,
in Tamil Nadu.  It was in the southern most part of ancient Tamil
Nadu, which stretched upto shores of Australia.  This was called the Continent of Lemuria, by ancient Greeks like Ptolemy.  This large
continent which stretched from Australia to Tiruttani, was having
three Sangams, in three different periods of antiquity. The first Tamil
Conclave was in South Madurai, which was headed by Siva and his
son Skanda.  After a Tsunami, when a large souther portion was
engulfed by the ocean, the Second Tamil Conclave was in
Kabada Puram, which was headed by Sage Agasthya.  After further
flooding by the oceans, the Third Tamil Sangam was established
in the present Madurai, for which Poet Nakkirar was the head.
This theory of Lemuria Continent, has been accepted and explained by Professor Arnold Toynbeee, in his Study of History, 2 volumes)

55.  O Annamalai!  You golden head and golden feet were searched by Brahma  and Vishnu, when you stood as a large column of golden effulgence.  But you are visible to the normal eyes of devotees
like a Hil.  You also appeared as Guhai Namasivaya, my Guru,
who severed my desires.

to be continued......

Arunachala Siva.

46.  O Annamalai!  You are the Father of devas and their gods,
Brahma and Vishnu, and all the lives and sages in Tiruvnnamalai.
But you are a destitute, wiithout father and mother!*
What is this glory?

(* Saint Manikkavachagar also says in Tiruchazal,  a deacd on
praising and blaming Siva, " You are a destitute without father
and mother.  But when you are angry, you will burnt the whole
universe into dust!")

47.  O Annamalai!  For the devout disciples, who do daily Siva
poojas,  you accept those poojas and remain happy.  You are
ready to be trapped in the net of love.  You remain in the hearts
of true devotees who have conquered desires.

48. O Annamalai!  You are praised by my Guru, who daily pray
to you with gratitude and you accept his flowers with relish.
You are always searched by the two.  You dance in Thillai

(* In Thillai, Chidamabaram, you show the cosmic dance
as Nataraja.) 

49.  O Annamalai!  You show your golden feet for the devotees who
steadfastly meditate on you.  But  you remained elusive to Brahma
and Vishnu.  You are the form of Panchakashara and are never
leaving Unnamulai, your concorpoate consort, whom you like most.

50.  O Annamalai!  Your feet could not be searched by dull witted
Vihsnu, who was looking for them in all the seven under worlds.
Those feet are saving me, to have no worries on any day. 
You rule me as my Sadguru.

to be continued...

Arunachala Siva.   

41.  A Annamalai!  You showed me the way of Siva Jnana,
and directed me, this lowly dog,  away from the company
of women with deer-like eyes.  You annihilate the miseries
of your devotees and make them constantly contemplate on you.

42.  O Annamalai!  You went asa Bairagi and asked for the
human flesh as food, from Siru Thondar who cut his son and
feasted you. You  took him to your abode.  You went as a bird and controlled the rage of Narasimha.

43.  O Annamalai!  You gave all gifs to my Guru, Guhai Namasivaya,
and liberated him.  You are praised by the three worlds.  You
give all gifts to the good devotees who throng at the Hills.  You
made the woman and man, which is a great wonder!*

(*This story is not clear)

44.  O Annamalai!  You made Unnamulai, as your concorporate
consort.  You are the nectar for the eyes of devotees.  You are
praised by devas, who come to the Hills everyday and pray to you.

45. O Annamalai!  You took the Tamil songs of my Guru,
Guhai Namasivaya everyday and enjoyed them as if they
are delicious fruits.   You have the crescent moon on your
head.  You always play with your devotees in the Hills.

to be continued......

Arunachala Siva.   

36. O Annamalai!  In the Hills, the male elephants will pick
the nice ripe mangoes and give them to the female-elephants.
You are the sweet, that remain in the pure thoughtless minds
of your devotees.  You are the Hills, with five forms.*

(*The Aurnachala has got five peaks)

37. O Annmalai.  For my Guru, Guhai Namasivaya, who contsantly
contemplate on you, you are the rain clouds of mercy.  You are
the great Hills, whose top and feet, could not be searched by Brahma
and Vishnu.

38. O Annamalai!  You stood as a huge column of effulgence,
beyond the search of Brahma and Vishnu.  You are the column
of mercy who rules us.  You are beyond compare.  You are
rare to see, the red Hills.

39.  O Annamalai! For the devoted poets, you confer wealth
in this life and liberation in afterlife.  You are the Hills of great
glory, the great Sadguru, of this lowly rascal.

40.  O Annamalai!  For the devotees, who chant your Panchakshara,
and who are praised by the whole world, you confer all that they want.  You confer all the gifts for them and also place them in the right
path to salvation.

to be continued......

Arunachala Siva.