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General topics / A Jesuit Father and Tiruvachakam
« on: February 26, 2009, 09:26:44 AM »
Several members of Christian missionary came to the then Madras
Presidency during British rule and they started schools, established
churches, opened hospitals etc., Many of them, started learning Tamil, primarily to communciate to the local people.  In fact, Bible
was translated into Tamil during this time.  The Biblical Tamil is very delightful to read with a lot of Sanskritized Tamil words.  Some of the Jesuit fathers showed interest in Tamil devotional literature.  One such person took up Tiruvachakam.  He was living in  Tirunelveli, where Saiva Siddhantam first flourished in South.  Soon he lost himself in Tiruvachakam and he was reading the book as regularly as he would read Bible.  One Dr.G.U. Pope even translated Tiruvachakam in English blank verses, and this came in 1990!  This Jesuit father found Saivism which speaks primarily of love for fellow beings, even animals, birds and plants, quite true and attractive as these are also said in Christian theology. 

He became quite sick in his old days.  He was death bed.  One morning, he asked his servant to bring Tiruvachakam and read the famous, Adaikala Pathu, verse 8, (The Decad of Surrender)
which reads as: Maavadu vahiranna kaNNi panga, nin malar adike kooviduvay kumbikke iduvai....

O the Consort of the woman, with eyes like cut-baby mango like eyes, You call me,
To your lotus feet or place me in hell, I do not know Your Will,
My heart is tossing like a shuttle in weaver's machine and is crying,
O I will be lost, O Lord, this slave is in your surrender!

Arunachala Siva.

After listening to this verse, tears gushed from his eyes and he passed away!       

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Miracles Do Happen
« on: February 26, 2009, 09:01:23 AM »
Sri Munuswamy, who was grazing goats and lambs and was living a livelihood with small income.  One day one of the lambs was missing and he went in search for it. Bhagavan Ramana who was at that time, in the Hill met him and said:  Your lamb has been taken away by
Annamalaiyar, Arunachala.  Later it was found to have been killed by some wild animals.

Munuswamy and his son Natesan then worked for the construction of Mother's Temple.  Annamalai Swami was the chief.  They used to bring granite stones from nearby places.  Once when Bhagavan Ramana was coming down the hill from Skandasramam, Natesan
prostrated to Him.   Bhagavan tapped his shoulder and enquired about him. He used to pull the punkah in the Hall.  Once he was asked to get in and clean up the well.  He did his best to complete this task.  Chinnaswami used to beat him if Natesan did not do the work properly.  Once when he had beaten a monkey, Bhagavan said that it would hurt the monkey as much as he would be hurt by others.   

During later years, Natesan served Sri Balaram Reddiar.  When Reddiar was very sick, he called Natesan, "dey, Natesa!" and then he passed away.

They also serve who stand and wait.

(Source: Video Interviews, Mountain Path, Deepam. 2007)

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Where is Brahmin?
« on: February 26, 2009, 08:44:49 AM »
There is a TV serial, definitely offbeat, in Jaya TV, Tamil channel,
everynight at 8 PM.  For a change, almost all the characters and
families coming in the serial are brahmins by birth.  Cho, the famous
stage director, political commentator and editor of Tamil magazine,
Thuglak, has written this story.  In every episode, he comes in between and gives clarifications about age old practices like sacrifices, annual ceremonies, upakarma, celebrating Hindu festivals etc., The hero who has got a bend towards godhead and who lives in seculsion within a rich aristocratic family, goes away to Tiruvannamalai.  The story has come up to this.  The characters last night were speaking about Tiruvannamalai and Bhagavan Ramana,
giri pradakshina etc., 

It is definitely a different TV serial.

Arunachala Siva.


Dear Ganesh_b01,

But Sekkizhar comes once in 1000 years.  Bhagavan Ramana
comes once in 10000 years.  Avataras are rarity.

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Avadhuta Gita
« on: February 26, 2009, 08:36:44 AM »
Dear Ganesh_b01,

Bhagavan Ramana has said:  Being still, Summa irutthal, is real mounam.  This is delving in Atma Swarupa.  Saint Tayumanavar
says: If one becomes That, That will tell what It is.  Athuvanal
athuvahum, athuve sollum.

Arunachala Siva.       

General topics / Re: Spiritual Practice : some guidelines
« on: February 26, 2009, 08:32:29 AM »
Dear silentgreen, Ganesh_b01,

Guru's words are of immense importance.  The follower of his words and who maintain his Satsangh with him, get all his sins washed off
and in due course, he realizes the Self.  Bhagavan Ramana said:
Visiting holy temples, Bathing in Ganga, will remove only the Sanchaya karma sins, whereas Guru's words and being with him,
removes prarabdha karma sins also.

Arunachala Siva. 

General topics / Re: Nayanmars
« on: February 26, 2009, 08:28:13 AM »
Dear Ganesh_b01,

I read your story of Idangazhi Nayanar.  With intense devotion and
total surrender to Siva, any crime is pardonable.  This is one of the
underlying themes of Periya Puranam.  Someone asked a discourser:
How come, Chandikeswara's crime and sin of cutting his father's
legs, get pardoned.  The discourser then said what I mentioned above.  Parasurama killed his mother, for the sake of his father.
Narasimha killed Prahlada's father for the sake of Prahlada's devotion.  Some of the Nayanmars have done such heroic deeds, though they may appear as crimes, for the sake of intense devotion to Siva.

Arunachala Siva.   

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Miracles Do Happen
« on: February 25, 2009, 12:51:25 PM »
Sri Kameswaran, in 1943, when he was just 2 years old, had first gone to Asramam with his father.  Bhagavan Ramana once said that "you can think of about any god's name of your choice and simply go on meditating on that name."  It was His answer to a query, and Kameswaran was very much pleased.  Bhagavan's eyes, he felt, were so powerful and attractive they forced them to remain still. Kameswaran went to the Asramam frequently even after Bhagavan's  Maha Nirvana, and he had a special attraction for the Old Hall, where Bhagavan had sat for many years. Once he had an opportunity to listen to Bhagavan beautifully explaining Viveka Choodamani for about half an hour.

In 1994, he had some difference of opinion with his eldest son in fixing the marriage of his second daughter.  He went to Bhagavan Ramana's photo and asked him to solve the dispute.   He sat for three days, and Bhagavan told him to do whatever he had considered as his duty and that his son's views were only secondary in the matter.  He took it as a direction from Bhagavan Ramana and proceeded further.

In 1995, he was in a very depressed mood because of some tiff with his son again.  He prayed before Bhagavan Ramana's photo.  He saw something move in Bhagavan's photo saying: "Was he your son and you the father?  What were you before your son's birth and why do you worry? Iswara is only father for all of us."

Even after Maha Nirvana, one day, he saw a bright diamond glow around Bhagavan's head which lasted for about 10 minutes.   He felt that Bhagavan to be still there and everywhere.

(Source: Video Interviews, Mountain Path, Deepam, 2007)

Arunachala Siva.         

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Miracles Do Happen
« on: February 25, 2009, 12:13:44 PM »
Sri Ramanasramam has recorded over the past few years video interviews with some of the lesser known devotees, who had some
lesser known incidents to share and also their experiences with Bhagavan Ramana.

Sri T. Navaratna is a Sri Lankan, who even at the age of 21 thought thinking about the sorrows of the world and was anxious to know why all those things are happening and what was the role of god? Oneday, a friend of him, gave him a copy of Tamil biography of Bhagavan Ramana written by Suddhanda Bharati.  On reading that book, Navaratna felt that it was He who could give him answers to his doubts and questions.  In 1943, he came to the Asramam.  He was allotted a room, and he went into the Old Hall.  He prostrated to Bhagavan and gazed at Him. He understood that Bhagavan's eyes were not fixed to any one. Suddenly, Bhagavan looked at him and he felt that His gaze pierced his heart.  He felt a current passing through him and he could not face Him.  His experiences were inexpressible and His eyes were like two twinkling stars.  He also saw a halo arounbd Bhagavan, not a halo around His face, but the body had disappeared and the whole frame was halo!

After spending three days in the Hall, one day Navaratna prostrated  beofe Bhagavan on His return from the Hill.  He told Him that he was from Sri Lanka. Bhagavan Ramana looked at him very hard and said said:  "In the end of your spiritual journey, you will reach your goal!"  Navaratna strongly felt that he had all the answers for his burning questions.

After Bhagavan's Maha Nirvana, he had a dream in his house in Sri Lanka where Bhagavan appeared and he seemed to be telling Him:
Now we will go!  Bhagavan Ramana replied in the dream: Where would you go?  It seemed that Bhagavan Ramana told him in the dream that when he surrendered to Him, He would take him up!

(Source: Mountain Path, Deepam, 2007)

Arunachala Siva.   

Like Skanda Puranam, (Skandam), Periya Puranam, (the stories of
63 Siva Saints), TiruviLaiyadal Puranam, is also equally important for Siva duties.  The epic speaks about 64 holy plays of Siva, in and around Madurai.  This is in written in Tamil, and I do not know whether anyone has made it in Sanskrit, or other languages.  Sri
Ramanasramam, has got its own English prose translation of Periya Puranam, but not TiruviLaiyadal Puranam.  The Tamil book of poems
runs into some 3500 verses and is written by one Sage Paranjyoti.

The scene of action is Madurai.  The epic begins with some prehistoric stories involving Indra, Kubera, Brahma and Manmatha.
Then it moves to the story of Meenakshi and also about some commoners, like one gems trader, one poet, one priest of Madurai temple etc.,  There are more than 6 or 7 stories connected with Saint Manikkavachagar, who was first a Minister in Pandya Kingdom.  The  epic ends with Manikkavachagar's merging in Effulgence of Siva, in Thillai, Chidambaram.

Sri Ramanasramam is of course, is selling a prose version in Tamil, sprinkled with original poems of Paranjyoti.  The prose reading is quite delightful.  This is published by Kasi Math, Tirupanandal, Thanjavur Dist, Tamil Nadu, a Saiva Siddhanta Math.  The book is priced at Rs 70.00.  This Kasi Math is also publishing all the Saiva Siddhanta books, 12 books of Siva Canons, works of Saiva Siddhanta conceptual matters, like Siva Jnana Bodham, Siva Jnana Siddhi etc.,

I shall try to pick up some stories from this Puranam and give them briefly, in due course.

Arunachala Siva.       

Dear srkudai,

Then it becomes the question of bhavana, conviction.  As said in
Ribhu Gita, if like a worm wanting to become a fly, if their bhavanas
are quite strong, they would have seen Siva or become Siva.  But who is to verify?

Arunachala Siva. 

Dear srkudai,

Yes they are like one of the 63 Saiva Saints.  And Prabhakaran is Siva
and the hapless civilians caught in the cross fire are his eyes!

Arunachala Siva.

Dear srkudai,

Absolutely right.  It is the ego, the monkey is the mischief-monger!
Bhagavan Ramana says that the mind is the condensed body.  The mind gets bored, the mind gets irritated, the mind becomes restless,
the mind gets pained.  It is all mind's game.  I decide when I go to sleep, that I should get up at 5 am next morning.  I wake up.  It is
4.45.  Oh, it is only 4.45, another 15 minutes.  The body is ready and willing.  It  is the mind. The mind which decided previous night to get up at 5 am, does not want it now.  I sit for japa, after two minutes, I begin to think, why can't I have some coffee and then  continue....? Is it the body that wants coffee?  It is the mind. It is all mind's game.  Saint Tayumanavar says that he wants only a religion that teaches  how to control the mind and not any other religion! 

Arunachala Siva.   

Dear srkudai,

Ha, ha, ha.  They are like those misinformed college students in
Tamil Nadu who are self immolating themselves for the sake of
Tamils in Kilinochi areas of Sri Lanka still under the control of LTTE,
who keep these innocent civilians as human shield for their own protection!

Arunachala Siva.

Dear srkudai,

You are very correct. In these days of pseudo-gurus and cheats,
the task of finding a human guru bristles with risks.  The best way is to observe the teachings of any great guru in recorded history, say like Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Seshadri Swami or Bhagavan Ramana, and meditate within.  There was one pseudo-guru near Tiruchirappalli,
who got two life imprisonments, with a proviso, no remission on any account, full 28 years, for his fraudulent activities.  Maharshi Mahesh Yogi who said that he would show way for living 200 years died at the age of 87.  Such stories are legion.  We have got Bhagavan Ramana, His teachings, His way of life, His mantras in his work and these are more than adequate.  For people who still like worship in form, any one His various photographs would do.  A visit to Asramam once a while will reinforce our energy to pursue the Truth.

Arunachala Siva.