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36. There is no earth, no water, no fire, and no space. All being Consciousness, there is nothing whatsoever in the least.

37.  Being of this disposition be happy released from the body.  I am the Self. This is naught, all being Consciousness.

38. I am, indeed, the perfect Self, the ocean of bliss and affliction less. 'This' is, indeed, always non existent.  Being insentient, it is verily unreal.  This is Brahman, always Brahman. Be happy that 'this' is naught.

39.  Those men, celestial beings, and sages with a firm certitude in the knowledge of the Self inspired by the Vedas, look upon the latencies of desire as horns of the horse and they adore Siva, who though united with Uma Parvati, is ever unattached.

Thus concludes chapter 36 entitled 'Topic of instruction on the disposition in Brahman'
in the sixth amsa called Sankara of Sri Siva Rahasyam.


Arunachala Siva,                   

We have been to several Ashrams all over India.  But Sri Ramanasramam stands unique
and is the true Asramam for sadhana towards liberation or self realization.  There is no place for ego, money, worldly matters or other mundane activities.  The Asramam can aptly be called Kalpataru, as it satisfies the yearning of seekers in search of the true silence, meditation and peace and self realization.

Though Sri Ramana Maharshi is not in His mortal body, He still is regarded as the monarch of the place, and the Asramam is run as per His wish and guidance. People from various corners of the world, who are His devotees and true seekers of knowledge come here to stay and have His darshan.  They relish the love and grace of the Master and experience the joy and bliss found nowhere else. Devotees stay in the Asramam for three to four days and return to their homes. Some are fortunate enough to stay permanently.  Paryana (chanting of the Vedas), Narayana Seva (feeding the poor and needy), meditatiion, Prasadam for devotees, circumambulating the Hill and the Guru's Samadhi are some of the regular routines in Sri Ramanasramam; and Bhagavan's presence is experienced in all these activities. His presence is also seen in the acts and deeds of all who serve in the Asramam - the cooks, laborers, Ashramites running the library and the management personnel.  It is His discipline, philosophy, simplicity, and perfection in every act that is reflected in everyone, and it assures us of His continuing presence. Silence speaks more than words and there resides a deep calm and peace everywhere.


Arunachala Siva.         

Sage Vidyaranya's Principle of 'Leading Error'- samvaadi bhrama.

In the celebrated Vedantic text Panchadasi, (Chapter 9. Dhyana Deepam, Verses 1-25.
30-35, 38-47, 122-130, 139, and 155) the renowned sage Vidyaranya of Sringeri Peetham, postulates a brilliant concept and expatiates upon it with several examples to elucidate the issue raised above concerning the role of Sastra Jnanam and meditation (nirgunaa Upasana) in triggering Pratyabhijnaanam, the immediate Knowledge. Consider a thick forest where two modest temples stand far apart. Two travelers are journeying separately through this wood by nightfall. Each one glimpses a bright gleam of light emanating from a distance through the keyhole of the door from each of the two temples.  They think mistakenly that the bright light corresponds to a precious gem fallen somewhere in the forest and desiring to possess it, each one follows the gleaming rays and respectively reach the spot where each temple stood.

The first traveler opens the door and indeed finds the gem that was throwing out the light and he is happy that what he 'knew' as a gem was indeed right, though the fact it was merely his hunch.  The second traveler also reaches the door of he other temple from where he saw the light coming out.  However, he is disappointed to find that the light was actually originating from an oil lamp and came out of the key hole in the door. He does not get the gem which he too was lying there.


Arunachala Siva.     

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Verse  11:

எய்த வொண்ணா இறைவன் னுறைகின்ற புகலியைக்
கைதவ மில்லாக் கவுணியன் ஞான சம்பந்தன்சீர்
செய்த பத்தும் மிவைசெப்ப வல்லார் சிவலோகத்தில்
எய்தி நல்ல விமையோர்க ளேத்த இருப்பார்களே.

On Pukali, where the Lord who cannot be reached by one's own intelligence, resides, those who are able to say these eminent verses numbering ten composed by Jnana Sambandhan, Kauniyaṉ, who has no cunning and falsehood, will remain in the world of Siva, to be worshipped there by the good Devas. [Jnana Sambandhar was born in the Kountinya Gotram.]

Padigam on Tirup Pukali completed.

Saiva Canon 2 completed.

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse  10:

தடுக்கு டுத்துத் தலையைப் பறிப்பாரொடு சாக்கியர்
இடுக்க ணுய்ப்பா ரிறைஞ்சாத வெம்மாற் கிடமாவது
மடுப்ப டுக்குஞ் சுருதிப்பொருள் வல்லவர் வானுளோர்
அடுத்த டுத்துப் புகுந்தீண்டு மந்தண் புகலியே.

Along with the Jains who dress themselves in mats and pluck the hairs on the head.
and the Buddhists, the place of our Lord who is not worshipped by both of them, who lead people into distress the residents of paradise and people of this world who have in their minds the meaning of the Sruti (Vēdas) is beautiful and cool Pukali where the above mentioned people enter very often and gather together.

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: March 28, 2017, 09:24:52 AM »
Verse 9:

கீண்டு புக்கார் பறந்தார் அயர்ந்தார் கேழலன்னமாய்க்
காண்டு மென்றார் கழல்பணிய நின்றார்க் கிடமாவது
நீண்ட நாரை யிரையாரல் வாரநிறை செறுவினிற்
பூண்டு மிக்கவ் வயல்காட்டும் அந்தண் புகலியே.

Vishnu, who went down splitting the world and Brahma, who flew high in the sky as a swan, the place of the Lord who stood (as a column of fire) his feet to be wordhipped by both of them who were determined to find out (the head and feet) is beautiful and cool Pukali where the Aaral fish (brownish or greenish sand-eel) which is the food of the long crane run along the water in the fields which are full of mire small plants grow abundantly.

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse  8:

தொலைவி லாத அரக்கன் உரத்தைத் தொலைவித்தவன்
தலையுந் தோளுந் நெரித்த சதுரர்க் கிடமாவது
கலையின் மேவும் மனத்தோர் இரப்போர்க்குக் கரப்பிலார்
பொலியு மந்தண் பொழில்சூழ்ந் தழகாரும் புகலியே.

Having removed the strength of demon, who did not know defeat before, is the place of the able Lord who crushed his heads and shoulders. It is Pukali which is full of beauty and which is surrounded by beautiful and cool parks, where people do not conceal their donations to supplicants whose thoughts are always upon arts, prosper well.

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: March 28, 2017, 09:19:42 AM »
Verse 7:

Not available.

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse 6:

தக்கன் வேள்வி தகர்த்த தலைவன் தையலாளொடும்
ஒக்க வேயெம் முரவோ னுறையும் மிடமாவது
கொக்கு வாழை பலவின் கொழுந்தண்  கனிகொன்றைகள்
புக்க வாசப் புன்னை பொன்றிரள் காட்டும் புகலியே.

The Lord who destroyed the sacrifice performed by Dakshan, the place where out strong Lord dwells to be suited to the young lady, is Pukali, where Mango-trees, Plaintain trees, cool and Plumpy jack fruits, different kinds of Koṉṟai, fragrant mast-wood tree whose fragrant speards everywhere, resemble a ball of gold.

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse  5:

ஏவி லாருஞ் சிலைப்பார்த் தனுக்கின் னருள்செய்தவர்
நாவி னாண்மூக் கரிவித்த நம்பர்க் கிடமாவது
மாவி லாருங் கனிவார் கிடங்கில் விழவாளைபோய்ப்
பூவி லாரும் புனற்பொய்கை யில்வைகும் புகலியே.

The Lord bestowed his benign grace on Pārtaṉ (Arjunaṉ) who was skilled in fighting with a bow to which arrows would be fixed, the place of the Lord who deserves the love of devotees and who had the nose of the goddess of learning cut by Vīrapattirar is Pukali, where the fruit from the mango-tree, when its falls into the long moat the scabbard fish leaves it and stays in the natural tank filled with water and having water-flowers.

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse  4:

திரியு மூன்று புரமும் எரித்துத் திகழ்வானவர்க்
கரிய பெம்மான் அரவக் குழையார்க் கிடமாவது
பெரிய மாடத் துயருங் கொடியின் மிடைவால்வெயிற்
புரிவி லாத தடம்பூம் பொழில்சூழ் தண்புகலியே.

Having burnt all the three wandering cities, the great one is unapproachable to the shining celestial beings, the place of the Lord who wears ear-ring of a cobra, is the cool Pukali of big gardens of flowers, where the scorching heat of the sun is unknown due to the closeness of the tall flags flown on the big storeys.

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse  3:

வண்டு வாழுங் குழல்மங்கை யோர்கூ றுகந்தார்மதித்
துண்ட மேவுஞ் சுடர்த்தொல் சடையார்க் கிடமாவது
கெண்டை பாய மடுவில் லுயர்கேதகை மாதவி
புண்ட ரீகம் மலர்ப்பொய்கை நிலாவும் புகலியே.

The Lord became great, by having on his half a young lady on whose tresses of hair bees stay (on the flowers worn on them) the place of the Lord having an old and shining matted locks, on which there is the crescent moon is Pukali where when the fresh-water fish, Keṇṭai leaps in the pond, the superior fragrant screw-pine, creeper called the common delight of the woods and the natural tanks having lotus flowers shine brightly.

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse 2:

வேலை தன்னின் மிகுநஞ்சினை யுண்டிருள் கண்டனார்
ஞால மெங்கும் பலிகொண் டுழல்வார் நகராவது
சால நல்லார் பயிலும் மறைகேட்டுப் பதங்களைச்
சோலை மேவுங் கிளித்தான் சொற்பயிலும் புகலியே.

The Lord has a neck which became black after swallowing the poison of increasing cruelty which rose in the ocean, the city of the Lord who wanders throughout the world receiving alms. Having heard the Maṟai (Vedam) which is often recited by very good people (Brahmins), is Pukali, where the parrots living in gardens train themselves to repeat them word by word.

Arunachala Siva.

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Tirup Pukali (Sirkazhi):

Verse 1:

விடைய தேறி வெறிஅக் கரவார்த்த விமலனார்
படைய தாகப் பரசு தரித்தார்க் கிடமாவது
கொடை யிலோவார் குலமும் உயர்ந்தம் மறையோர்கள்தாம்
புடைகொள் வேள்விப் புகையும்ப ருலாவும் புகலியே.

Having mounted on a bull the immaculate Lord who fastened cobras and foul-smelling bones the place for the Lord who held a battle-axe as a weapon, is Pukali, where the smoke issuing from sacrifice performed in many places by Brahmins of noble families and who are ceaselessly giving donations, moves and rises high into the sky.

Arunachala Siva.

Here, the mound of camphor represents the mundane world, the pillar of wax represents the human being, and hamsa, - the swan - represents of the self.  When the body consciousness is burnt, then the self is awakened towards liberation. One day, as I was circumambulating Bhagavan's shrine, my mind withdrew into itself and my eyes closed without my knowledge.  My tread slowed, and I was plunged into deep meditation.  I sat in the left corner of Samadhi, deep in the self, unaware of the surroundings, place or time. Another day, at dawn, in one of the rooms in Sri Ramanasramam allotted to us, sitting on the bed, I kept gazing at Arunachala Hill through the window.  Watching the Hill, my mind and eyes were stilled, and I could not withdraw my sight from the vision of Arunachala.  I sat like this for hours, drawn inwards into deep meditation.  When I regained consciousness of the outer world, it was dusk.  I had lost myself in the Self the whole day, as Sri Guru Ramana says.  During recent visits, such a state of meditation persists as long as we stay in Sri Ramanasramam.  These deeper meditational experiences were beyond anything I had imagined. 

Bhagavan was ever in the state of Samadhi (awareness of the Self) from His 17th year to His 70th, and even in the absence of His mortal body, He exists everywhere in Sri
Ramanasramam and its vicinity. That made a deep impact on me and is perhaps the cause of my experiences.


Arunachala Siva.               

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