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General Discussion / Re: Laghu Vasudeva Mananam:
« on: December 27, 2015, 09:48:34 AM »
If it is so, why is it that the Upanishads speak repeatedly and one after the other that the Atman is
Sat, the Atman is Chit, and the Atman is Ananda?  If it is described even once, one can understand
the nature of the Atman.  Why then this repetition?

I shall give in brief why the Upanishads resort to this repetition which you think is unnecessary.
On account of ignorance are superimposed the existentiality of the Atman on the world of perception,
the conscious nature of the Atman on the world of perception, the conscious nature of the Atman on
inert things like buddhi and the blissfulness of the Atman on one's relatives like wife and children.
Contrarily the ignorant person superimposes on the Atman the falseness of the world of perception,the
inertness of buddhi and such other categories and the misery inflicting nature of relatives like wife and son.
As a consequence of this mutual superimposition ignorant persons are deluded that the world of perception
is real, the buddhi and such categories are conscious and that misery inflicting relatives like wife and sons
are bliss giving.  The result of this mutual superimposition is that the ignorant person is agitated,
thinking, " I am subject to death, I am ignorant, I am a subject to misery."  To efface once for all this
delusion causing ignorance, declares repeatedly, 'O Jivas, you are of the nature of Sat Chit Ananda.'

The Atman is by nature real (that is, not false), is subject to misery).  This is said positively and negatively
time and again only to efface once for all all the infatuation caused by ignorance. It is not meant, as you
doubt, to show that Sat, Chit and Ananda of the Atman are separate.


Arunachala Siva.                                   

Verse 10:


பாதாளம் ஏழினுங்கீழ் சொற்கழிவு பாதமலர்
    போதார் புனைமுடியும் எல்லாப் பொருள்முடிவே
பேதை ஒருபால் திருமேனி ஒன்றல்லன்
    வேதமுதல் விண்ணோரும் மண்ணும் துதித்தாலும்
ஓத உலவா ஒருதோழன் தொண்டருளன்
    கோதில் குலத்தரன்றன் கோயிற் பிணாப்பிள்ளைகாள்
ஏதவன்ஊர் ஏதவன்பேர் ஆருற்றார் ஆரயலார்
    ஏதவனைப் பாடும் பரிசேலோ ரெம்பாவாய்.

Far beyond the seven nether worlds are His ineffable Flower-feet !
His flower-studded crown is the very Peak of all Scriptures !
He is concorporate with His Consort !
His sacred form is not one only.
He is the Genesis Of the Vedas.
He is but hailed by heaven and earth inadequately.
His servitors are legion.
O ye flawless clan Of hierodules attached to the shrine of Siva !
What indeed Is His polis?

Arunachala Siva.
What is His name?
Who are His kin?
Who are Strangers unto Him?
How may He be sung,
Empaavaai !

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: December 27, 2015, 08:42:11 AM »

அலறுபேர் ஆவை நோக்கி
   ஆருயிர் பதைத்துச் சோரும்
நிலமிசைக் கன்றை நோக்கி
   நெடிதுயிர்த் திரங்கி நிற்கும்
மலர்தலை உலகங் காக்கும்
    மனுவெனும் எங்கோ மானுக்கு
உலகில்இப் பழிவந் தெய்தப்
   பிறந்தவா வொருவ னென்பான்.

Looking at the great cow that cried in agony,
He too trembled and his life seemed to ebb away;
He stared contrite for long at the calf, and gasped
For breath; he then gave vent to his feeling thus:
Unto Manu, the protector of this wide earth -- my sovereign --,
I am born as son alas, to involve him in this sin.?   

Arunachala Siva.


General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: December 27, 2015, 08:40:03 AM »

மற்றது கண்டு மைந்தன்
   வந்ததிங் கபாயம் என்று
சொற்றடு மாறி நெஞ்சில்
    துயருழந் தறிவ ழிந்து
பெற்றமுங் கன்றும் இன்றென்
   உணர்வெனும் பெருமை மாளச்
செற்றஎன் செய்கேன் என்று
   தேரினின் றிழிந்து வீழ்ந்தான்.

The prince eyed this and cried: ?Woe is me!?
His words became incoherent; sore was his heart
As he stood utterly bewildered; he cried aloud:
?The cow and its calf have this day, undone
My glorious life! O poor helpless me!?
Down he tumbled from the car and fell on earth.

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: December 27, 2015, 08:36:52 AM »

 அம்புனிற் றாவின் கன்றோர்
   அபாயத்தின் ஊடு போகிச்
செம்பொனின் தேர்க்கால் மீது
    விசையினாற் செல்லப் பட்டங்
கும்பரி னடையக் கண்டங்
   குருகுதா யலமந் தோடி
வெம்பிடும் அலறும் சோரும்
    மெய்ந்நடுக் குற்று வீழும்.

The tender calf leaped across dangerously
And run over by the powerful wheel of the golden car
Breathed its last; this witnessing, its mother
Wilted, cried aloud, trembled and fell down on earth.

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: December 27, 2015, 08:34:29 AM »

தனிப்பெருந் தருமம் தானோர்
   தயாவின்றித் தானை மன்னன்
பனிப்பில்சிந் தையினில் உண்மைப்
   பான்மைசோ தித்தால் என்ன
மனித்தர் தன் வரவு காணா 
   வண்ணமோர் வண்ணம் நல்ஆன்
புனிற்றிளங் கன்று துள்ளிப்
   போந்ததம் மறுகி னூடே.

Like the merciless coming down
Of the peerless God of Dharma
To put to the test the unwavering mind
Of the king ever-poised in truth, invisible to mortal eyes,
Though many were there surrounding the prince,
A cow?s calf, young and beauteous, darted into the street.

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: December 27, 2015, 08:32:09 AM »

பரசுவந் தியர்முன் சூதர் 
   மாகதர் ஒருபால் பாங்கர்
விரைநறுங் குழலார் சிந்தும்
   வெள்வளை ஒருபால் மிக்க
முரசொடு சங்கம் ஆர்ப்ப
   முழங்கொலி ஒருபால் வென்றி
அரசிளங் குமரன் போதும்
   அணிமணி மாட வீதி.

The minstrels followed singing eulogies, on one side,
Sootas and Magatas on another;
Melting in love, chank-bangled lasses moved on another;
Drummers and blowers of shells, on yet another;
Thus the victorious prince moved through the street
That dazzled beauteous with gems and jewels.   

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: December 27, 2015, 08:29:33 AM »

திங்கள்வெண் கவிகை மன்னன்
    திருவளர் கோயில் நின்று
மங்குல்தோய் மாட வீதி
   மன்னிளங் குமரர் சூழக்
கொங்கலர் மாலை தாழ்ந்த
   குங்குமங் குலவு தோளான்
பொங்கிய தானை சூழத்
   தேர்மிசைப் பொலிந்து போந்தான்.

Decked with fragrant wreaths and sandal-paste
One day the strong-shouldered prince,
Surrounded by princelings
Fared forth on the royal street
Dight with cloud-crested mansions;
Armed warriors too marched encircling him;
Thus on the chariot bright he rode
From the royal palace of the parasolled king.

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: December 27, 2015, 08:26:58 AM »

அளவில்தொல் கலைகள் முற்றி
   அரும்பெறல் தந்தை மிக்க
உளமகிழ் காதல் கூர
   ஓங்கிய குணத்தால் நீடி
இளவர சென்னுந் தன்மை
   எய்துதற் கணிய னாகி
வளரிளம் பரிதி போன்று
   வாழுநாள் ஒருநாள் மைந்தன்.

He mastered the innumerable hoary arts, and grew
As a paragon of virtues, greatly gladdening
The heart of his peerless father.
Such was his attainment, that ere long,
He could be, crowing as the Prince;
He was like the young sun growing gloriously bright.

Arunachala Siva.


General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: December 27, 2015, 08:24:49 AM »

தவமுயன் றரிதில் பெற்ற
   தனிஇளங் குமரன் நாளுஞ்
சிவமுயன் றடையுந் தெய்வக்
   கலைபல திருந்த ஓதிக்
கவனவாம் புரவி யானை
   தேர்படைத் தொழில்கள் கற்றுப்
பவமுயன் றதுவும் பேறே
   எனவரும் பண்பின் மிக்கான்.

The peerless son, the guerdon to tapas rare,
Daily cultivated flawlessly all the divine scriptures
That would lead him to Siva; he also came by
The mastery of cavalry, elephantry,
And the art of leading armed chariots.
Thus did he demonstrate to the world
That even birth on earth can indeed be a beatitude.

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: December 27, 2015, 08:22:46 AM »

அறம்பொரு ளின்ப மான
   அறநெறி வழாமற் புல்லி
மறங்கடிந் தரசர் போற்ற
   வையகங் காக்கும் நாளில்
சிறந்தநல் தவத்தால் தேவி
   திருமணி வயிற்றில் மைந்தன்
பிறந்தனன் உலகம் போற்றப்
   பேரரிக் குருளை அன்னான்.

He held fast to the Way of Righteousness,
Wealth and Joy, and did not from it swerve;
He quelled Sin, and ruled, hailed by monarchs;
Unto his pious queen who was quick with child,
Was born a son as a guerdon for his great tapas;
He grew gloriously hailed by the earth as a lion-cub.

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: December 27, 2015, 08:20:32 AM »

பொங்கு மாமறைப் புற்றிடங் கொண்டவர்
எங்கும் ஆகி இருந்தவர் பூசனைக்கு
அங்கண் வேண்டும் நிபந்தமா ராய்ந்துளான்
துங்க வாகமஞ் சொன்ன முறைமையால்.

The Lord of the compiler of Vedas, -- Vanmika Natha --,
Is ever present everywhere; unto His worship
In unison with holy Aagamic commandments
The king duly ordained everything.

Arunachala Siva.

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: Our Bhagavan-Stories
« on: December 27, 2015, 07:05:08 AM »

One Rishikesananda of Sri Ramakrishna Mission, visited Bhagavan Ramana on 21st November 1945.
He was asking about characteristics of a Jnani.  Bhagavan said that they are all described in books,
such as the Bhagavad Gita, but we must bear in mind that the Jnani's state being one which transcends
the mind, cannot be described with the help merely of the mind and that all description therefore
must be defective. Only silence can correctly describe their state or characteristics. But silence is more effective than speech. From silence came thought, from thought the ego and from the ego, the speech.
So if the speech is effective, how much more effective must its original source be.

Bhagavan then narrated the story of Tattvaraya.  He had composed a 'bharani' [a kind of poetic
composition in Tamizh]:

In honor of his Guru, Swarupananda.  He convened an assembly of poets to hear the work and
assess its value. The great pandits who came said:  'Bharani' is sung only in honor of a king who
had killed a thousand elephants in the battle, and how can an ascetic be compared to a king
of such valor?  Tattvaraya then took the pandits to his Guru, Swarupananda, and told the guru
about the purpose of their visit. The Guru sat silent and all the others also remained in mouna. 
The whole day passed and then the night and like that several days and nights without a word.
After some days, the Guru moved his mind a bit and thereupon the assembly regained their thought
activity!  Then they all declared:

"Conquering a thousand elephants is nothing beside the Guru's power of silence to conquer the
rutting elephants of all our egos put together.  So certainly he deserved a bharani upon his honor
and glory.  The pandits prostrated to Swarupananda and left with contentment.

(Source: Day by Day entry of 21.11.1945.  Also Talks entry dated 1.10.1936.)

Arunachala Siva.   

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: Our Bhagavan-Stories
« on: December 27, 2015, 06:58:51 AM »

Once Swami Rajeswarananda had planned to take a big party of pilgrims with Bhagavan in
their midst.  Bhagavan Ramana said:  "I did not consent to go and the thing had to be dropped.
What is there I could go and see?  I see nothing.  What is the use of my going anywhere? Nothing
can be seen by me. 'Paarthal Ondrum Terihiradhu Illai'."

This is one of the self-revealing statements which escape Bhagavan's lips. 

The following remarks were also made by Bhagavan, on the same night.

"The Jnani sees he is the Self and it is on that Self, as the screen that the various cinema-pictures of
what is called the world pass.  He remains unaffected by the shadows which play on the surface of
that screen.  See with the physical eye, and you see the world.  See with the eye of realization,
everything appears as the Self, Brahma-mayam."

"To see an object that is in the dark, both the eye and the light of the lamp are required.  To see the
light only the eye is enough.  But to see the Sun, there is no need of any other light.

(Source: Day by Day, Devaraja Mudaliar, 21st November 1945.)

Arunachala Siva.

Today is Sri Bhagavan's 136th Year Jayanti, birthday.  He was born in  the year 1880 at 2.15 am.
on 30th-31st December.  His birth star was Punarvasu.

There will be special abhishekam, alankaram and arti for Sri Ramaneswara Mahalingam today.
This will be followed by a lunch with sweets and special dishes.  There will also be some special
programs.  Once when I had been at the Asramam, there was music performance by A.R. Natarajan's
daughters and also singing of Tevarams with qualified persons.     

There will be quite a crowd today in the Asramam.

Arunachala Siva.

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