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General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: September 28, 2015, 09:52:06 AM »
Verse 4 of 6.095:

நற்பதத்தார் நற்பதமே ஞான மூர்த்தீ
    நலஞ்சுடரே நால்வேதத் தப்பால் நின்ற
சொற்பதத்தார் சொற்பதமுங் கடந்து நின்ற
    சொலற்கரிய சூழலாய் இதுவுன் தன்மை
நிற்பதொத்து நிலையிலா நெஞ்சந் தன்னுள்
    நிலாவாத புலாலுடம்பே புகுந்து நின்ற
கற்பகமே யானுன்னை விடுவே னல்லேன்
    கனகமா மணிநிறத்தெங் கடவு ளானே. (4)

You are the superb beatitude of those great ones Rendered competent (by You),
O Murti of gnosis!  You are the weal- conferring light!
You are beyond The pale of words chanted by the masters of words;
You are truly ineffable;  this indeed is Your state.
(Yet) You, the Karpaga deigned to enter and abide In the seemingly-still heart which is ever in commotion,
And pervade the transient body of flesh; I will not lose My hold on You,
God whose hue is golden and ruby-like!

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: September 28, 2015, 09:48:59 AM »
Verse 3 of Padigam 6.095:

ஆட்டுவித்தால் ஆரொருவர் ஆடா தாரே
    அடக்குவித்தால் ஆரொருவர் அடங்கா தாரே
ஓட்டுவித்தால் ஆரொருவர் ஓடா தாரே
    உருகு வித்தால் ஆரொருவர் உருகா தாரே
பாட்டுவித்தால் ஆரொருவர் பாடா தாரே
    பணிவித்தால் ஆரொருவர் பணியா தாரே
காட்டுவித்தால் ஆரொருவர் காணா தாரே
    காண்பாரார் கண்ணுதலாய் காட்டாக் காலே. (3)

Who will not paly (his role ) if You cause him paly it?  Who will not remain still if You cause his stillness?
Who will not be driven if You cause the driving? Who will not melt if You cause him melt?
Who will not Sing if You cause him sing?  Who will not bow If You cause him?
Who will not behold If You cause him behold? (Yet) who can ever witness,
If You, O the forehead-eyed, do not reveal?

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: September 28, 2015, 09:45:16 AM »
Verse 2 of 6.095:

வெம்பவரு கிற்பதன்று கூற்றம் நம்மேல்
    வெய்ய வினைப்பகையும் பைய நையும்
எம்பரிவுந் தீர்ந்தோம் இடுக்கண் இல்லோம்
    எங்கெழிலென் ஞாயி றெளியோ மல்லோம்
அம்பவளச் செஞ்சடைமேல் ஆறு சூடி
    அனலாடி ஆன்அஞ்சும் ஆட்டு கந்த
செம்பவள வண்ணர்செங் குன்ற வண்ணர்
    செவ்வான வண்ணரென் சிந்தை யாரே.(2)

Death canst not assail us causing us to wilt; the cruel foe-- Karma--, will gradually fall away;
Gone is misery; we are freed of troubles; let the sun Rise anywhere!
We are not weaklings; He whose hue is like the ruddy hill and the ruddy sky,  He who sports the river
on His beautiful, coral- like, ruddy, matted hair, He who dance in the fire,
He who bathes In the Pancha- kavya, even He, abides in my mind.

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: September 28, 2015, 09:40:45 AM »
The following are the ten verses of composed and sung by Tiru Navukkarasar, as General Padigam.

Padigam: 1.095:

அப்பன்நீ அம்மைநீ ஐய னும்நீ
    அன்புடைய மாமனும் மாமி யும்நீ
ஒப்புடைய மாதரும் ஒண்பொரு ளும்நீ
    ஒருகுலமும் சுற்றமும் ஓரூ ரும்நீ
துய்ப்பனவும் உய்ப்பனவுந் தோற்று வாய்நீ
    துணையாயென் நெஞ்சந் துறப்பிப் பாய்நீ
இப்பொன்நீ இம்மணிநீ இம்முத் து(ம்)நீ
    இறைவன்நீ ஏறூர்ந்த செல்வன் நீயே .  (1)

The None-pareil tirutthaandakam*,  You are loving father, mother and elder brother;
You are uncle as well as aunt; You are well-endowed wife and righteous riches,
You are clan, kin and peerless town;  You are objects of relish and carriers too;
As help, You authored renunciation in my heart; You are this gold, this ruby and this pearl;
You are God; You alone are the opulent One that rides the Bull.

(*) Incomparable holy dance.)

Arunachala Siva.

General Discussion / Re: Divine poetry and thoughts
« on: September 28, 2015, 08:03:15 AM »

Manikkavachagar had a vision of effulgence, in Uttarakosa Mangai.  Subsequently, he saw him
as a Guru, below the Kurundai Tree.  The Guru held his feet on Manikkavachagar's head and
conferred him Pada Diksha.  Muruganar saw Bhagavan Ramana, at Mother's Samadhi.  Here, he saw
him both as effulgence and a Guru. 

Tiruvachakam and Tiru Chitrambalakovai, the two works of Manikkavachagar was scribed by Siva himself.
In case of Muruganar, Bhagavan Ramana Himself wrote a good portion of Ramana Puranam, the first poem
of Sri Ramana Sannidhi Murai.  He also wrote about 20 verses in Guru Vachaka Kovai. Further Bhagavan Ramana corrected many verses of both the works.

The dual relationship between Siva and Manikkavachagar ended as he came to Chidambaram.  In
the last two poems of Tiruvachakam, titled Tiru Padai Atchi and Acho Padigam, the saint poet gives
his non-dual experience with Siva.  These are called poems of Siva-anubhuti.  He says in Tiru Padai Atchi -

I am not able to apply Vibhuti on my body,
I am not able to prostrate to Siva, whose feet are not known even
  to Vishnu.
I do not know what is good and bad, I am beyond both.
Because He has come to dwell in my Heart.

In Acho Padigam which is the pinnacle of anubhuti he says:

I did was moving with rascals who did not the path of good;
He snapped my three impurities and he is the first.
He also considered me as worthy and placed me, this lowly dog,
             on the throne;
O Who can get that grace that my Mother had conferred on me!

Muruganar describes the same Ramananubhuti, in his two last works, Sri Ramana Anubhuti and
Sri Ramana Anubhuti Venba.

In Pada-anusanthanam, in the first book, Muruganar says:

Verse 648:  They are the feet where He granted me inward
realization, saying: 'There is nothing to be grasped and nothing
to be given away'.

Verse 655:  They are the feet of Lord Siva that shine within my
Heart as the life of true realization, stilling the whirlpool of desires
caused by ignorance.

Verse 656: His feet are the Self, flourishing as the Consciousness
that knows only Itself, so that the non-dual existence of Sivam
thrives in my Heart.

Verse 669:  His feet are the Space of Pure Consciousness, Chidambram, that shines clearly within the Heart by the grace
of my loving Master.

                         (Tr. Robert Butler)

Arunachala Siva.   

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: Our Bhagavan-Stories
« on: September 28, 2015, 07:58:47 AM »

During Bhagavan Ramana's post- Nirvana years, Muruganar continued to stay in Tiruvannamalai.  He conducted discourses on Sri Arunachala Stuti Panchakam and Sad Darsanam and Upadesa Saram.
One of the fortunate students was T.R. Kanakamma.  She grasped the message of Bhagavan Ramana,
through the words of Muruganar.  Later, when the Asramam requested T.R. Kanakamma to write a
simple commentary in Tamizh for Bhagavan's complete works, she reluctantly agreed  completed her
task, mainly on the basis of Muruganar's discourses.  This two volume book in Tamizh is a splendid work
giving the simple meaning and message of Bhagavan Ramana's works, including the difficult Sad Darsanam.

Muruganar kept himself in silent meditation, during his last two or three years.  Many later year
devotees came to him and requested him to speak about his years with Bhagavan Ramana.  He invariably
did not answer.  What is there to say? How to explain the non-dual experience to someone else?
He kept his experience, without diluting it in spoken words.

Once someone asked him: "What is your Sadhana for this?" Muruganar kept quiet for some time.
Then he explained:

"Sadhana? What Sadhana?  Where was the time for all that? The moment I saw Him, my ego was
annihilated.  Then where is separateness for doing this Sadhana and that Sadhana?"
He resumed his silence.

Arunachala Siva.


Bhagavan Ramana, on very rare occasions, showed through His conversations, about His state of transcendence of time and space.  Once a devotee asked:  "Bhagavan!  If Lord Arunachala
comes before You, what will you ask him?"   Bhagavan Ramana told the devotee, after a pause:
"I shall tell him, do not have this business of coming and going with me!"

Seeing Godhead alone will not do.  Ravana and Hiranyakasyap saw Narayana.  What use?
They could not conquer their mind and ego!   In case of Saiva Saints,  Siva did not come because
they wanted.  They were ready for salvation and Siva came to take them to his Abode.

Madhva Vidyaranya says:  "Only when one can fold the Space, as a mat, and swalllow the Sun
as if it is a sweet-dish, he can attain Atma Jnana!"   This only speaks of conquest of space and time.

Arunachala Siva.

Bhagavan Ramana says:

Mind and ego help us to acquire scriptural knowledge.  That is all. We have to open our mind-free
Heart to attain Self realization. Our mind, intellect and ego are in no way concerned with that
Self realization. 

There were some young children, who had been brought by their father or mother, because there
was no one to baby-sit at home.  One child looked at the speaker, and then went in to some state of
semi-sleep.  His mind is gone, his buddhi is gone.  There was no ego, of course.  His parents were
listening to the discourse in all earnestness.

Next day, it so happened that the mother of that child got  angry and scolded the child.  The child
looked up at his mother and said: "Amma!  Please see from where, your anger sprouts and causes

The mother became speechless.  It was exactly what the speaker,  had told the gathering in the
previous evening!  The child had understood this in his semi-sleep state more clearly than the
mother!  She rushed to speaker and told him about this:  The Speaker smilingly told the mother:
"Do not worry, it is the Heart that should be open to get the insights of my teaching.  The child
had done exactly that!"

Arunachala Siva.


Bhagavan Ramana has said in Who am I? "Since the Self is within five sheaths, to attain It from
books which are outside is not possible.  Rama to know that He is Rama does not require a mirror!"
There is no point in reading scriptures endlessly."

Even reading books is not necessary.  Bhagavan Ramana's life tells only this.  Because Atma Jnana
cannot be captured by mind. It can be captured only beyond mind.  Not seeing the rope will never
be a problem. Only seeing the rope as a snake is the problem.  This is ignorance and this ignorance
will not go by merely reading the books.  If one reads the books, he should see the purport of the
book and not its meaning intellectually.

Manikkavachagar completed Tiruvachakam.  He went to Chidambaram Temple to see Nataraja.
The huge gathering headed by the King asked the saint: "What is the meaning of your book?"  Manikkavachagar said:  "This meaning is only He" and showed Nataraja and then disappeared as
a flame into Nataraja Siva!   

Arunachala Siva.

Once Natesa Iyer, who was working as a kitchen assistant in the Asramam, asked Bhagavan Ramana:  "Bhagavan!  Everyone here seems to know everything, they are all knowledgeable.  I do not know anything!"

Bhagavan Ramana said:  "Do not worry, you are ignorant.  They are all in learned ignorance.  There is no difference.  Have Sraddha in my words.  That is adequate."  Natesa Iyer merged with Bhagavan
Ramana in 1980s.  He was telling about 10 days before his merger that he would be merging with
Bhagavan in 10 days.  Ganesan, the first son of Swami Niranjananda told him:  "Iyer, you are
unnecessarily worrying about your health.  Doctors have given medicine and you will be alright soon.  Do not keep on telling this!"

But Natesa Iyer was telling others:  "Nine days more, eight days more, seven days more etc.,"
Finally on the day of his merger he was telling:  This evening Bhagavan Ramana is going to take
me to His Feet."  He quietly passed away in that evening!

Upadesa Saram, Verse 27 says exactly the same thing.  "The true Jnana is one where there is neither knowledge, nor ignorance. This is the Truth.  There is nothing else to know."

Arunachala Siva.   

Translations and Commentaries by Forum Members / Re: Saint Thayumanavar
« on: September 27, 2015, 12:25:47 PM »
Verse  10 of Sivan Seyal:  Siva's Will:

யானெனல் காணேன் பூரண நிறைவில்
      யாதினும் இருந்தபே ரொளிநீ
தானென நிற்குஞ் சமத்துற என்னைத்
      தன்னவ னாக்கவுந் தகுங்காண்
வானென வயங்கி யொன்றிரண் டென்னா
      மார்க்கமா நெறிதந்து மாறாத்
தேனென ருசித்துள் அன்பரைக் கலந்த
      செல்வமே சிற்பர சிவமே. 10.

I see nothing of me in anything.
Thou art the Refulgent Light
That pervade all in fullness perfect.
Thou stand thus unique.
And well is it possible for Thee to make me as Thyself.
Pervasive as the firmament vast.
Thou showed the path holy
That says ''Neither One, nor Two.''
Thou, the Treasure that united in Thy loving devotees!
Oh! Chit! Oh! Para Sivam!

Arunachala Siva.

Translations and Commentaries by Forum Members / Re: Saint Thayumanavar
« on: September 27, 2015, 12:23:15 PM »
Verse 9 of Sivan Seyal : Siva's Will:

அன்றுநால் வருக்கும் ஒளிநெறி காட்டும்
      அன்புடைச் சோதியே செம்பொன்
மன்றுள்முக் கண்ணுங் காளகண் டமுமாய்
      வயங்கிய வானமே என்னுள்
துன்றுகூ ரிருளைத் துரந்திடும் மதியே
      துன்பமும் இன்பமு மாகி
நின்றவா தனையைக் கடந்தவர் நினைவே
      நேசமே நின்பரம் யானே. 9.

Thou, the Light of Love
That showed the radiant path
To the Saints Four *[1] of yore!
Thou, the Expanse Vast
That shone in the Golden Arena *[2]
As Eye Triple and Neck dark!
Thou, the Moon
That dispel the thick mass of darkness in me!
Thou, the Object of thought
Of those who have crossed
The experience of pleasure and pain!
My Love! Thou, who art my refuge!


[1] Sanaka, Sanathana, Sanathkumara, Sananthara

[2] Dancing hall at Chidambaram.

Arunachala Siva.

Translations and Commentaries by Forum Members / Re: Saint Thayumanavar
« on: September 27, 2015, 12:21:19 PM »
Verse 8 of Sivan Seyal :  Siva's Will:

பெற்றவர் பெற்ற பெருந்தவக் குன்றே
      பெருகிய கருணைவா ரிதியே
நற்றவத் துணையே ஆனந்தக் கடலே
      ஞாதுரு ஞானஞே யங்கள்
அற்றவர்க் கறாத நட்புடைக் கலப்பே
      அநேகமாய் நின்னடிக் கன்பு
கற்றதுங் கேள்வி கேட்டதும் நின்னைக்
      கண்டிடும் பொருட்டன்றோ காணே. 8.

Thou, the Mountain of tapas
That the blessed ones reached!
Thou, the Ocean of surging Compassion!
The Support of goodly austerities!
The Sea of Bliss!
Thou, the Interminable Bond of united love
Of those who have transcended the categories,
Knowledge, knower and known!
Is it not to see Thee
That my learning and listening was directed
To Thy loving Feet!

Arunachala Siva.

Translations and Commentaries by Forum Members / Re: Saint Thayumanavar
« on: September 27, 2015, 12:18:57 PM »
Verse 7 of Sivan Seyal:  Siva's Will:

மறமலி யுலக வாழ்க்கையே வேண்டும்
      வந்துநின் அன்பர்தம் பணியாம்
அறமது கிடைக்கின் அன்றியா னந்த
      அற்புத நிட்டையின் நிமித்தந்
துறவது வேண்டும் மௌனியாய் எனக்குத்
      தூயநல் லருள்தரின் இன்னம்
பிறவியும் வேண்டும் யானென திறக்கப்
      பெற்றவர் பெற்றிடும் பேறே. 7.

Even this worldly life paved with sins
I crave for,
If only, I get the holy opportunity
To serve Thy devotees true.
If not, I seek the renunciation pure
That leads to the Samadhi trance.
If as a Mouni, Thou grant me the goodly Grace,
Then even to be born again
Is what I would devoutly wish for.
For, I might then attain the state
Which those who have annihilated the I and mine have reached.

Arunachala Siva.

Translations and Commentaries by Forum Members / Re: Saint Thayumanavar
« on: September 27, 2015, 12:16:44 PM »
Verse 6 of Sivan Seyal: Siva's Will:

ஞானமே வடிவாய்த் தேடுவார் தேடும்
      நாட்டமே நாட்டத்துள் நிறைந்த
வானமே எனக்கு வந்துவந் தோங்கும்
      மார்க்கமே மருளர்தாம் அறியா
மோனமே முதலே முத்திநல் வித்தே
      முடிவிலா இன்பமே செய்யுந்
தானமே தவமே நின்னைநான் நினைந்தேன்
      தமியனேன் தனைமறப் பதற்கே. 6.

Thou, the Jnana Embodied Goal
That seekers seek!
Thou, the heavens filling that Goal!
Thou, the Way Great that appears to me in rapture!
Thou, the Silentness that the ignorant know not!
Thou, the Beginning of all!
Thou, the goodly Seed of Liberation!
Thou, the Endless Bliss!
Thou, the charities and penances I perform!
Thou, I sought, to forget my I-ness.

Arunachala Siva.

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