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General Discussion / Re: The Heart of Vedanta - John Grimes:
« on: February 10, 2016, 10:19:16 AM »
Thus, for spiritual aspirants, Advaita emphasizes 'not this, not this', which is not so much to say that
appearances are not applicable to the Absolute,  as to indicate the impossibility of attributing any
conceptualization to It. Brahman is too great for words to adequately describe, or for the finite mind
to fathom.  Reality is called 'a-dvaita' to point to the fact that there is nothing with which it can be
compared to.

It is the thesis of Advaita that the Self is ever present and yet, one does not realize it.  The problem
for each individual can be reduced to the simple question of 'knowing' or 'not knowing'. With Vedanta
there is actually nothing to be done.  It is only a matter of understanding, but that understanding has to
be very accurate and refined.

The purpose of Advaita, of the Mahavakyas, of the Guru, of spiritual disciplines, is to kindle an awakening
to this ever-present, already established Self. This it does by utilizing the knowledge that appearances
cannot manifest independent of a reality which enables their manifestation.


Arunachala Siva.           

General topics / Re: Veda Parayanam - Eduardo Linder -
« on: February 10, 2016, 10:08:48 AM »
The vibration which is generated by the holy sounds is spiritual in nature and counters the dark forces
of inert matter in an effort to uplift creation.  The universal mantra AUM, now known throughout
the world, is the essential spiritual vibration of the universe.  Sanskrit, the language of the Vedas,
is said to have been revealed and it is claimed that the sounds of that form in 50 letters and perfect
grammar are unique. Even Western philologists study it as a great revelation in the course of human

There is a school of research today which refutes the notion that Sanskrit originated in Central Asia
or the Caucasus and was transported to India during the 'Aryan Invasion'.  The idea was propounded
in the late nineteenth century by Western philologists, some of whom had never visited India. It is
currently argued that Sanskrit was indigenous and that its texts go  back several thousand years.
European languages quite possibly developed from Sanskrit and not the reverse.


Arunachala Siva.         

General topics / Re: Lessons from the Brahma-Vishnu Tussle: S. Raman.
« on: February 10, 2016, 09:59:22 AM »
Once there was a tussle between the Lord of Creation, Brahma, and the Lord of Protection, Vishnu.
Brahma maintained that since he was the creator, without him there would be nothing to protect,
therefore he was the mightiest.  Vishnu contested this, saying that since nothing created could
remain without his acts of protection, he indeed was the greatest.  This developed into a heated
argument.  As the situation deteriorated, the Lord Supreme (Maheswara) decided to intervene
and he decided to appear before them as an infinite column of light. Bhagavan elsewhere described
this as being accompanied by a thunderous explosion.  Maheswara suggested to the contenders
that they might resolve their argument by taking part in a contest of trying to find either end of the
column of light, and that whosoever succeeded could indeed be declared the winner.  Since both of
them were, in their own minds, superior to all others neither of them could identify the newcomer,
and so agreed to this fair way of settling the issue. Vishnu took the form of a boar and went digging
in the earth to trace the bottom end of the column, and Brahma took the form of a swan and flew up
to seek the top end of the column.  Even after a long time, neither was successful. Vishnu got tired
of the venture and realized that the new entrant was obviously mightier than himself and therefore
he was not in a position to boast of being the mightiest. Having learnt his lesson, he retired from
the contest.


Arunachala Siva.       

Verse  218:

There is a pitcher of water, and there is the reflection of the sun in the water.  Seeing that reflection,
the fool thinks that that is the sun. So in the upadhis (ego), the reflection of the Atman is ignorance.
The fool thinks that that is the Atman.

Verse  219:

By giving up the reflection in the water, one sees the real sun in the sky. So one should give up these
three states - jagrat, svapna, and sushupti -- and see that anvil-like Atman, which is the cause of all
manifestations and is self effulgent.

Verse 220 & 221:

Giving up this body, intellect, and the reflection of consciousness in the intellect,  and resting in
the cave of the heart, the seer -- the Atman, indivisible consciousness, the manifester of all,
separated from the manifested and unmanifested, ever existent, and beyond all, all permeating,
very minute, with neither inside nor outside, the One without a second -- knowing Him, the real
Self of all, the individual becomes free from birth and death.


Arunachala Siva.           

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: February 10, 2016, 08:31:59 AM »
Verse  22:

இங்கது பிழைப்ப தெங்கே
   இனியென எரிவாய் சிந்தும்
அங்கையின் மழுவுந் தாமும்
   அனலும்வெங் காலு மென்னப்
பொங்கிய விசையிற் சென்று
   பொருகரி தொடர்ந்து பற்றும்
செங்கண்வாள் அரியிற் கூடிக்
   கிடைத்தனர் சீற்ற மிக்கார்.

"It cannot survive hereafter!" said he and held
In his palm the fire-breathing battle-axe.
He with the axe looked like fire attended by wind;
He leaped on with terrible speed, resembling
A fiery-eyed lion of cruel claws;
In spiraling wrath he encountered the tusker.

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: February 10, 2016, 08:29:20 AM »
Verse 21:

வந்தவ ரழைத்த தொண்டர்
   தமைக்கண்டு வணங்கி உம்மை
இந்தவல் லிடும்பை செய்த
   யானைஎங் குற்ற தென்ன
எந்தையார் சாத்தும் பூவை
   என்கையில் பறித்து மண்மேல்
சிந்திமுன் பிழைத்துப் போகா
   நின்றதித் தெருவே யென்றார்.

He approached the summoning devotee and bowed;
He questioned him thus: "Where did it go,
The tusker that involved you in distress deep?"
Unto him he replied thus: "This is the street
Through which it passed, the sinful one --,
After plucking from my hand the flowers
-- Meet for my Father --, and scattering them on earth."   

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: February 10, 2016, 08:26:30 AM »
Verse 20:

என்றவ ருரைத்த மாற்றம்
   எறிபத்தர் எதிரே வாரா
நின்றவர் கேளா மூளும்
   நெருப்புயிர்த் தழன்று பொங்கி
மன்றவ ரடியார்க் கென்றும்
   வழிப்பகை களிறே யன்றோ
கொன்றது வீழ்ப்ப னென்று
   கொடுமழு எடுத்து வந்தார்.

Eri-Patthar who came thither, heard these words;
He blazed aloft like spiraling flame;
In overflowing wrath he thundered thus:
"Is not the elephant the traditional enemy
Of the devotees of the Lord of the Ambalam?
I'll smite it to death." Thus he spake
And held aloft his battle-axe.   

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: February 10, 2016, 08:23:34 AM »
Verse  19:

நெடியோன் அறியா நெறியா ரறியும்
படியால் அடிமைப் பணிசெய் தொழுகும்
அடியார் களில்யான் ஆரா அணைவாய்
முடியா முதலாய் எனவே மொழிய.

"Established in the way unknown even to Vishnu,
The devotees as servitors serve the Lord;
What is my worth in this holy company
Meriting Your advent for my rescue? O Endless Ens!"
Thus he cried, and even thus he lamented.   

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: February 10, 2016, 08:21:11 AM »
Verse 18:

தஞ்சே சரணம் புகுதுந் தமியோர்
நெஞ்சேய் துயரங் கெடநேர் தொடரும்
மஞ்சே யெனவீழ் மறலிக் கிறைநீள்
செஞ்சே வடியாய் சிவதா சிவதா.

"He took refuge in Your feet;
You resolved to rid him of his grief;
So when dark Yama came chasing him
You smote him with Your roseate foot, Sivata!"   

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: February 10, 2016, 08:18:24 AM »
Verse  17:

ஆறும் மதியும் அணியுஞ் சடைமேல்
ஏறும் மலரைக் கரிசிந் துவதே
வேறுள் நினைவார் புரம்வெந் தவியச்
சீறுஞ் சிலையாய் சிவதா சிவதா.

"Should an elephant spill away the blooms fit to
Deck the matted hair where abide the crescent and the Ganga.
O wielder of angry bow who burnt the cities
Of Asuras that harbored hostility, Sivata, Sivata!"   

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: February 10, 2016, 08:16:07 AM »
Verse  16:

களியா னையின்ஈர் உரியாய் சிவதா
எளியார் வலியாம் இறைவா சிவதா
அளியார் அடியார் அறிவே சிவதா
தெளிவார் அமுதே சிவதா சிவதா.

"O the wearer of the hide of the musty mammoth, Sivata!
O, the puissance of humble ones, Sivata!
O, the guiding light of merciful devotees, Sivata!
O, the nectar of the clarified, Sivata, Sivata!"   

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: February 10, 2016, 08:14:06 AM »
Verse  15:

அப்பொழு தணைய வொட்டா
   தடற்களி றகன்று போக
மெய்ப்பெருந் தொண்டர் மூப்பால்
   விரைந்துபின் செல்ல மாட்டார்
தப்பினர் விழுந்து கையால்
   தரையடித் தெழுந்து நின்று
செப்பருந் துயரம் நீடிச்
   செயிர்த்துமுன் சிவதா வென்பார்.

The mammoth ran beyond his reach;
The true devotee great could not chase it;
He was too old to continue the chase; he fell down;
He struck the earth with his hand and rose up;
Indescribable was his grief; in anger he cried: ?Sivata.?   

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: February 10, 2016, 08:12:11 AM »
Verse  14:

மேல்கொண்ட பாகர் கண்டு
   விசைகொண்ட களிறு சண்டக்
கால்கொண்டு போவார் போலக்
   கடிதுகொண் டகலப் போக
நூல்கொண்ட மார்பின் தொண்டர்
   நோக்கினர் பதைத்துப் பொங்கி
மால்கொண்ட களிற்றின் பின்பு
   தண்டுகொண் டடிக்க வந்தார்.

This witnessing the mahouts drove the speeding tusker,
As though they conveyed a storm, and were gone.
The devotee -- the wearer of the triple sacred threads --,
Beheld this in agitated wrath; he chased
The musty elephant, to beat it with his staff.   

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: February 10, 2016, 08:10:14 AM »
Verse  13:

வென்றிமால் யானை தன்னை
   மேல்கொண்ட பாக ரோடும்
சென்றொரு தெருவின் முட்டிச்
   சிவகாமி யார்முன் செல்ல
வன்தனித் தண்டில் தூங்கும்
   மலர்கொள்பூங் கூடை தன்னைப்
பின்தொடர்ந் தோடிச் சென்று
   பிடித்துடன் பறித்துச் சிந்த.

The triumphant tusker with its mahouts
On its back, barged into a(different) street,
Chased him, plucked the flower-basket
That dangled from his staff and scattered the flowers.   

Arunachala Siva.

General Discussion / Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
« on: February 10, 2016, 06:48:16 AM »

Even a Brahma Jnani is powerless in cases of prarabdha, where prarabdha, which is God's own law,
is so tough.  After learning from Vasishta all the advaita, why should Sri Rama, cry for his
wife's abduction?  After difficult battles with Ravana's army, and when Sita came back, why should
he ask her to do agni-pravesa?  There are many such things. I think, Gods also "play"
their prarabdhas, to display them to the mortals.

Arunachala Siva.

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