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Arthur Osborne's birth centenary was on 25th September 2006.  It was typical of this self effacing man that
we did not notice this significant date at the time and were only told by a devotee after the fact.

Arthur's life in this world was relatively short.  He died at the age of 64.  Probably the hardships and deprivations he suffered as a captive in Bangkok during the Second World War contributed.

He left us a legacy of writing about Sri Ramana which will live on as long as there are people who read about
Bhagavan.  He wrote in a simple, straightforward style.  There were neither literary effects nor for that matter
any superfluous wolds  He thought that the message was more important than the messenger.

As founder editor of The Mountain Path, he opened up a new world for many, particularly in the West 
who had trouble with Sanskrit terminology and Indian philosophical terms in general.  As in his life,
he went right to the heart of an argument and said what was absolutely necessary so readers could \
easily grasp the essentials.


Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Abhirami Andati - verses and meanings:
« on: April 26, 2016, 10:59:02 AM »
Verse  39:

39: ஆளுகைக்கு, உன்தன் அடித்தாமரைகள் உண்டு, அந்தகன்பால்
மீளுகைக்கு, உன்தன் விழியின் கடை உண்டு, மேல் இவற்றின்
மூளுகைக்கு, என் குறை, நின் குறையே அன்று,-முப்புரங்கள்.
மாளுகைக்கு, அம்பு தொடுத்த வில்லான், பங்கில் வாணுதலே.

அபிராமி! நின் திருவடித் தாமரைகள் இருக்கின்றன. அவற்றிற்கு என்னை ஆளும் அருள் உண்டு. உன்னுடைய கடைக்கண் கருணையுண்டு. ஆகையால் எமனிடத்திலிருந்து எனக்கு மீட்சியுண்டு. நான் உன்னை முயன்று வணங்கினால் பயன் உண்டு. வணங்காவிடின் அது என் குறையே; உன் குறையன்று. அழகிய நெற்றியை உடையவளே! முப்புரத்தை அழிக்க வில்லையும் அம்பையும் எடுத்த சிவபெருமானின் இடப்பாகத்தில் அமர்ந்தவளே! அபிராமியே!.

Abhirami!  Your two lotus like feet.  These feet has got the grace that can rule over me.  Your twin eyes
has got the mercy that can rule over me., Thus I have got the power to escape from the god of death,
Yama.  If I make sincere efforts to pray to You, all these benefits will accrue to me,  If I do not pray to
You, it is only my fault, and not Your fault.  O the Mother with broad and beautiful forehead, and the
One who occupies the left part of Siva who took the bow and arrow to vanquish the Tripura, (Please
save me from all hardships.).


Arunachala Siva.   

36.  Hence it is said that this world is at night to the Sage, whereas to the ignorant the Real Self is as
night.  For this reason that natural State, the Fourth State is described by the sage as a state of waking sleep.

37. For those to whom the three States,waking and the rest, are real, that Supreme State is mentioned as
the Fourth State.  But since that so called Fourth State alone is real, and these three states are unreal, the
term Fourth State alone is real, and these three states are unreal, the term 'Fourth State' is not rightly
applicable to it.

38.   In dream and waking the mind being active, itself creates the world.  In deep sleep it goes into
seed form and on awaking again creates the world.

39.  Unless and until the mind becomes utterly extinct, these three states will continue to prevail.
When the mind becomes extinguished the Supreme State is won, wherein the world once for all
ceases to disappear.

40.  Though the state of being the Real Self is called the State of Knowledge, it is one in which there
is none of the three, the knower, the object, and act of knowing.  That being the case, what does one
know there, by what means, and who is here to know?  It must be understood that knowledge is just a
name for the State of the Self.


Arunachala Siva.       

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: April 26, 2016, 09:32:18 AM »
Verse 303:

மற்றப் பதிகள் முதலான
   மருங்குள் ளனவுங் கைதொழுது
பொற்புற் றமைந்த திருப்பணிகள்
   செய்து பதிகங் கொடுபோற்றி
உற்ற அருளால் காவிரியை
   ஏறி ஒன்னார் புரமெரியச்
செற்ற சிலையார் திருப்பைஞ்ஞீ
   லியினைச் சென்று சேர்கின்றார்.

At that shrine and at other shrines nearby he adored;
There he rendered his handsome manual service
And hymned Him in decades divine; by His grace
He crossed the Kaveri and reached its other shore;
Then he fared forth to Tiruppaigngneeli, where
The Lord -- the wielder of the bow --, who burnt
The triple hostile cities, abode.   

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: April 26, 2016, 09:30:06 AM »
Verse  302:

சிலந்திக் கருளுங் கழல்வணங்கிச்
   செஞ்சொல் மாலை பலபாடி
இலங்கு சடையார் எறும்பியூர்
   மலையும் இறைஞ்சிப் பாடியபின்
மலர்ந்த சோதி திருச்சிராப்
   பள்ளி மலையுங் கற்குடியும்
நலங்கொள் செல்வத் திருப்பராய்த்
   துறையுந் தொழுவான் நண்ணினார்.

He adored the ankleted feet of the Lord
Who had bestowed grace on the spider and hymned
Many a garland wrought of sweet redeeming words;
He then adored at the hill of Tiruverumbiyoor
Where is enshrined the Lord of ruddy matted hair
And hymned Him; then he adored the Lord
At the effulgent hill of Tiruchirappalli and at the hill
Of Karkkudi, and fared forth to the prosperous
Tirupparaitthurai to adore Him there.

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: April 26, 2016, 09:27:53 AM »
Verse 301:

பொங்கு புனலார் பொன்னியினில்
   இரண்டு கரையும் பொருவிடையார்
தங்கும் இடங்கள் புக்கிறைஞ்சித்
   தமிழ்மா லைகளுஞ் சாத்திப்போய்
எங்கும் நிறைந்த புகழாளர்
   ஈறில் தொண்டர் எதிர்கொள்ளச்
செங்கண் விடையார் திருவானைக்
   காவின் மருங்கு சென்றணைந்தார்.

He adored and hymned in garlands of Tamizh verse
The Lord -- the Rider of martial Bull -- in all
His shrines situate on both the banks of the Kaveri
Coursing with swelling flood; received by devotees
Of universal renown and endless servitorship,
He came near Tiruvanaikka where abides
The Lord of the red-eyed Bull.   

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: April 26, 2016, 09:24:44 AM »
Verse  300:

தலையின் மயிரைப் பறித்துண்ணுஞ்
   சாதி அமணர் மறைத்தாலும்
நிலையி லாதார் நிலைமையினால்
   மறைக்க ஒண்ணு மோஎன்னும்
விலையில் வாய்மைக் குறுந்தொகைகள்
   விளம்பிப் புறம்போந் தங்கமர்ந்தே
இலைகொள் சூலப் படையார்சேர்
   இடங்கள் பிறவுந் தொழஅணைவார்.

"Even though the Jains -- pluckers of hair
From their pates and mere eaters --, hide You by reason
Of their false and hare-brained plight
Can they truly conceal You?" Thus he hymned
His invaluable and truthful Kuruntokais;
He moved out and sojourned there; then he
Proceeded to hail the many shrines of the Lord
Who wields the three-leaved trident.

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: April 26, 2016, 09:22:07 AM »
Verse 299:

ஆனை இனத்தில் துகைப்புண்ட
   அமணா யிரமும் மாய்ந்ததற்பின்
மேன்மை அரசன் ஈசர்க்கு
   விமான மாக்கி விளக்கியபின்
ஆன வழிபாட் டர்ச்சனைக்கு
   நிபந்தம் எல்லாம் அமைத்திறைஞ்ச
ஞான அரசும் புக்கிறைஞ்சி
   நாதர் முன்பு போற்றுவார்.

Like stubbles mashed by trampling tuskers
The assembly of the thousand Jains was pulverized
And the Jains were driven away; the lofty king
Raised a resplendent Vimana for the Lord;
He arranged for the daily Pooja, lavishing
Endowments therefor and adored the Lord.
Tirunavukkarasar of godly wisdom moved
Into the presence of the Lord and hailed Him.   

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: April 26, 2016, 09:19:35 AM »
Verse  298:

கண்ட வியப்பு மந்திரிகட்
   கியம்பிக் கூடக் கடிதெய்தி
அண்டர் பெருமான் அருள்செய்த
   அடையா ளத்தின் வழிகண்டு
குண்டர் செய்த வஞ்சனையைக்
   குறித்து வேந்தன் குலவுபெருந்
தொண்டர் தம்மை அடிவணங்கித்
    தொக்க அமணர் தூர்அறுத்தான்.

The king spake of the wondrous vision he had
In his dream to his ministers and with them
Hastened to that place and discovered the shrine
With the help of the marks indicated to him by the Lord
Of the celestial beings, and also the deception of the Jains;
He adored the sacred feet of Vakeesar who unearthed
Their foul-play; total did he their fraud uproot.   

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: April 26, 2016, 09:16:47 AM »
Verse  297:

அறிவில் அமணர் நமைமறைப்ப
   இருந்தோம் என்றங் கடையாளக்
குறிகள் அறியச் செய்தருளி
   நம்மை அரசு கும்பிடுவான்
நெறியில் அமணர் தமையழித்து
   நீக்கிப் போக்கென் றருள்புரியச்
செறிவில் அறிவுற் றெழுந்தவனுஞ்
   செங்கை தலைமேற் குவித்திறைஞ்சி.

"Having been concealed by the brainless Jains
We abide invisible to others!" Thus spake
The Lord and pointed to the king the marks
Of identification; then spake the Lord:
"That Tirunavukkarasu may duly adore Us
Destroy their unholy deception and expel them."
Thus graced the Lord the King; he rose up
And folded his hands above his head in adoration.   

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: April 26, 2016, 09:14:15 AM »
Verse  296:

வண்ணங் கண்டு நான்உம்மை
   வணங்கி யன்றிப் போகேனென்
றெண்ண முடிக்கும் வாகீசர்
   இருந்தார் அமுது செய்யாதே
அண்ண லாரும் அதுவுணர்ந்தங்
   கரசு தம்மைப் பணிவதற்குத்
திண்ண மாக மன்னனுக்குக்
   கனவில் அருளிச் செய்கின்றார்.

"I'll not quit this place without beholding You
In Your true splendor!" Thus he addressed
His resolute prayer to the Lord, and Vakeesar
Who was bent upon the fulfillment of his wish
Remained there abjuring food; he the Omniscient
Who knew of it, to help His servitor hail Him truly,
Appeared in the dream of the King of the realm
And firmly and duly apprised him of all.   

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: April 26, 2016, 09:11:34 AM »
Verse  295:

அந்த விமானந் தனக்கருகா
   ஆங்கோர் இடத்தின் பாங்கெய்திக்
கந்த மலருங் கடிக்கொன்றை
   முடியார் செய்ய கழலுன்னி
மந்த அமணர் வஞ்சனையால்
   மறைத்த வஞ்சம் ஒழித்தருளிப்
பந்தங் கொண்ட குண்டர்திறம்
   பாற்றும் என்று பணிந்திருப்பார்.

He went to a place near that pseudo-Vimana,
Meditated on the roseate feet of the Lord who wears
Fragrant petaled Konrai blossoms and prayed thus:
?The brainless Jains have caused a concealment
In deception; may You Oh Lord, be pleased
To extirpate their fraud.

Arunachala Siva.


In sleep, god as a matter of grace, allows the prana, breath to continue, whereas the mind is
temporarily under suspended animation.  [ The prana goes in and comes out, so that others
would not think that you are dead, this is god's grace].
-- Who am I?

In dream, mind shows some mischief.

In wakeful state, it is the mind which calls all the shots.

In all three states, Soul or the Self or Brahman is everpresent.

Arunachala Siva.


Once a devotee with some familiarity complained to Bhagavan Ramana:  "Bhagavan!
Why do people behave like this [in an undesirable manner] even in your august presence?"

With a smile, Bhagavan replied: "Yes, what else can be done? That which is within comes out.
Nothing that is not inside can come out, you see. If there is something good, it comes out;
so also that which is bad likewise comes out.  Nothing can remain bottled up within for long."

"That means, the Sannidhi in the presence of Jnanis and Mahatmas  acts only as a mirror.
Whatever is within gets reflected outside. Is that so?" asked the devotee.

"Yes. That is so. The thoughts of the one sitting opposite to me get reflected here. What of that?
Where people gather together such things happen.  It can't be helped."  said Bhagavan Ramana.

(Source: Arunachala's Ramana, Boundless Ocean of Grace.
Volume 5. Sri Ramanasramam, Tiruvannamalai.)

Arunachala Siva.

We cannot predict what will happen when we finally stop resisting the forward thrust of living, because
our surroundings and everyone we meet are affected differently by what we do and have their own freedom
of choice to respond to our behavior.  Anyway we obviously do not live in isolation but truly belong to one another.  Life is indivisible because everything is inter-related, and plainly there can be only be one totality.
The desperate tragedy of modernity is the essential fact that human beings are an inescapable part of reality
-- and yet we do not realize their innate solidarity and suffer accordingly from the unremitting and un-
acknowledged anguish that only the sense of separation from wholeness of being can bring.

The most important thing to remember is that we never need be afraid.  Life is pure in essence and benign
in purpose.  How could the mysterious and mighty power, which created the universe, be other than
supremely beneficent?  Once we realize this, we are set free to become informed by mercy as we play a part
in the unfolding of a more subtle and wondrous plan than anyone can envisage.  It is an unobtrusive way of
service to the wider community in a world entrancing in beauty but overwhelmed by strife and sorrow.

Then all will be well with us,  but we need not imagine that our personal life will somehow end there or
cease to unfold. Not at all -- it will continue to be just the way it is, but now we shall view it differently
as the mystery of the unknown.  It is a profound mystery about which we may never cease to wonder,
even as we gain confidence to explore it in awe and delight  -- more wide awake than before, but less
heedless and more responsive to the stark challenges we face.

There is always work to be done - the noble work of unassuming goodness  - and it is within the scope of
almost everyone to contribute in this way as best as they can.  Furthermore, it is always this moment --
the task immediately at hand -- that claims our attention.  For every single person in each living moment,
there is no other placed but here - and no time like the present.  We are already living in eternity.  It is
certainly an uncomfortable paradox, but the best way to save the world is to realize, that at the most
profound level, the world does not really need to be saved. 


Arunachala Siva.       

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