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As I said earlier, my father was a stern administrator.  From the day I started serving at the Asramam
till his last days, he never said a kind word to me which would smack of paternal affection. Being a
renunciate, he kept his relationship with me at the most impersonal level. He would object to my leaving
my room even for a day or two.  If I left with my family to attend a marriage in a neighboring village,
he would complain to Bhagavan.  Bhagavan would pacify him saying that it was not proper to object
Venkitoo fulfilling his social obligations as a house holder.

My father would occasionally be absent and I would then attend to his work.  If Asramam people approached
Bhagavan for any approval, He would say, 'Why not ask Venkitto, the little Sarvadhikari?' In this way,
He upheld my authority whenever it is questioned.

Another incident which I remember with a thrill of pride is when I stood by the side of Sri Bhagavan
in 1949, received the Sri Chakra Meru blessed by Hi,m from His hands and fixed it over the Samadhi
of Mother Alagmmal.  I had also the good fortune of installing the Matrubhuteswara Lingam, in the
sanctum of the Temple.

I recall with great joy meeting Mahatma Gandhi at Madras in January 1946, and presenting him with a
photo of Sri Bhagavan and some Asramam publications. Gandhiji kept looking at the photo and saying
in Hindi, 'What a great Sage!'

During His last months the Sarvadhikari would not allow anyone to enter Bhagavan's room later called
the Mahanirvana Room.  I would however go in flouting his orders.  Arguments would ensue.  Once I said
in a firm tone, 'Bhagavan is bedridden and either of us two should always be by His side.  In your absence
I will be with Him.'  Bhagavan, who was lying down, turned His head towards us with effort and slightly
nodded His head in approval.

On 15th April, the day after Mahasamadhi, in the presence of Swami Niranjananda, and surrounded
by a huge gathering of devotees, I poured a large quantity of milk, curds, fruit juice, coconut water etc.,
on Bhagavan's divine head.  Then, rose water, scent, oil, etc., were poured.  Numerous garlands were
offered to His body. By 6.30 in the evening, His body was carried to the Samadhi pit. I offered a large
quantity of camphor, sacred ash, salt, etc., into the pit. His divine body was worshipped and then lowered
into the pit in the Padmasana posture.  The Samadhi bricks were laid and cemented.  The Mahasamadhi
was completed.


Arunachala Siva.                     

As Sri Sadhu Om used to say (punning on the words 'new clear' and 'nuclear'), Sphurana is a new clear
awareness of ourself.  Just as the potentially destructive power of nuclear energy is released by splitting
an atom, the all destroying power of this Sphurana or new clear self awareness is released by splitting
the ego atom -- the chit jada granthi or knot that binds the conscious (ourself) to the non  conscious
(a body) -- by means of keenly focused self attentiveness.

Until the final moment when the ego is destroyed completely by absolute clarity, but even while practicing
self attentivenes we are beginning to split it, and thus we experience a less than perfect kind kind of
Sphurana, a fresh but still partial degree of clarity of self awareness. which will not have the  power to
destroy our mind entirely, but will not gradually undermine it by weakening its vasanas, or outward going
inclinations. Only when we experience absolute clarity of self awareness, which is the perfect kind of
Sphurana, will its full power be released, thereby destroying not only our mind but also its entire creation,
the appearance of this vast universe that comes into seeming existence whenever it rises, as Bhagavan
is recorded as saying:

'The spark of Jnana will easily consume all creation as if it were a mountain heap of cotton. All the crores
of worlds being built upon the weak (or no) foundation of the ego, they all topple down when the atomic
bomb of Jnana comes down upon them.'  (Devaraja Mudaliar, Day by Day.  22.11.1945 afternoon.,)

This spark of Jnana or atomic bomb of Jnana is the absolute clarity of self awareness, which is the perfect
variety of what Bhagavan sometimes called the Aham Sphurana.


(from the next issue of Mountain Path)

Arunachala Siva.             

13.   laya vinaasane ubhaya rodhane
        laya gatam punar bhavati no mrtam.

Absorption, or laya, and destruction, or nasa, are the two kinds of mind control.  When merely
absorbed, it emerges again, but not when it is destroyed.

When the Jiva is able to bring about the temporary absorption of the mind, by Pranayama, he
experiences in that state a form of Samadhi or experience of Reality in which the ego ceases
to intrude and intense happiness is enjoyed.  But as soon as breath control ceases, the 'I am the
body' sense resumes and the Jiva returns to his 'normal' active state of bondage, with its pains
and pleasures. Sri Maharshi describes this way:  'The involution of the mind in the Self, but without
its destruction, is Kevala Nirvikalpa Samadhi.. Even though one practices it for years together, if one
has not rooted out the vasanas he will not attain salvation. (Ramananda Swarnagiri - Crumbs from the

Again, referring to this verse, 'Breath control can only produce manolaya, temporary suspension of mind.
One pointed meditation alone can lead  to destruction of mind.'  (G.V.Subbramaiah, Reminiscences.
See also Talks.)


Arunachala Siva.           

Denunciation of Inadvertence:

Verse  320:

Reduce the world, which you see, in Brahman by thinking of that one Reality, the solidity of all
blissfulness; and the internal and external both being one, think of the blissfulness, pass your time
and be free from all bondage.

Verse  321:

To be always in Brahman should not be neglected, for that neglect is death, says Brahma's son

Verse 322:

To the knower, there is no more danger than this neglect of remaining in Brahman. For then comes
delusion. From that delusion comes ego and from ego comes bondage, or error.  So that neglect is
the great enemy of the knower.

Verse 323:

This delusion will distract  even the knower immediately, if he is intent upon the objects of senses.         

Verse 324:

As the moss removed from the water, comes back again, so this Maya covers the intellect of even
the learned one who is not careful.


Arunachala Siva.

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« on: March 04, 2016, 10:18:38 AM »
Verse  181:

மங்குல்வாழ் திருக்கா ளத்தி   
   மன்னனார் கண்ணில் புண்ணீர்
தங்கணால் மாற்றப் பெற்ற
   தலைவர்தாள் தலைமேற் கொண்டே
கங்கைவாழ் சடையார் வாழும் 
   கடவூரிற் கலய னாராம்
பொங்கிய புகழின் மிக்கார் 
   திருத்தொண்டு புகல லுற்றேன்.

I wear on my head the feet of the lord
Who grafted his eye on that of the Lord's,
Of cloud-capped Tiru-k-Kalatthi and thus
Stopped the streaming of blood from His eye,
And proceed to chronicle the divine service
Of Kalayanar of excelling fame, who hailed
From Kadavur where the Lord on whose matted hair
Courses the Ganga, is enshrined.   

(Kannappa Nayanar Charitam - completed.

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: March 04, 2016, 10:14:12 AM »
Verse 180:

பேறினி யிதன்மேல் உண்டோ 
   பிரான்திருக் கண்ணில் வந்த
ஊறுகண் டஞ்சித் தங்கண் 
   இடந்தப்ப உதவுங் கையை
ஏறுயர்த் தவர் தங் கையால்
   பிடித்துக்கொண் டென்வ லத்தின்
மாறிலாய் நிற்க வென்று 
   மன்னுபே ரருள்பு ரிந்தார்.

"Can there he a greater beatitude". The Lord
Of the Bull held with His hand the hand of him
Who was to scoop out his eye and graft it
On the Lord's eye when he beheld His injured eye,
And said: "O peerless One! Be at My Right for ever!"
Thus, even thus, He graced him.   

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: March 04, 2016, 10:10:48 AM »
Verse  179:

கானவர் பெருமா னார்தங்
    கண்ணிடந் தப்பும் போதும்
ஊனமு துகந்த ஐயர் 
   உற்றுமுன் பிடிக்கும் போதும்
ஞானமா முனிவர் கண்டார்
    நான்முகன் முதலா யுள்ள
வானவர் வளர்பூ மாரி
    பொழிந்தனர் மறைகள் ஆர்ப்ப.

The great muni of wisdom beheld the act
Of the prince of the hunters who goughed his eye
And applied it to that of the Lord's and the act
Of the Lord - the Relisher of the ambrosial food
Offered to him --, who with His own hand prevented
His hand from scooping out his eye; all the celestial beings
From Brahma on-wards showered fresh flowers
Whilst the Vedas great resounded.

Arunachala Siva.   

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« on: March 04, 2016, 10:07:52 AM »
Verse  178:

செங்கண்வெள் விடையின் பாகர்
   திண்ணனார் தம்மை ஆண்ட
அங்கணர் திருக்கா ளத்தி 
   அற்புதர் திருக்கை யன்பர்
தங்கண்முன் னிடக்குங் கையைத் 
   தடுக்கமூன் றடுக்கு நாக
கங்கணர் அமுத வாக்குக் 
   கண்ணப்ப நிற்க வென்றே.

The Rider of the red-eyed, white-hued Bull
-- The merciful Lord, the Ruler of Thinnan,
The Marvelous One of Tiru-k_Kalatthi --,
Stuck out His hand and stayed his hand
That was about to gouge his eye.
The ambrosial words of the Lord who wears
As jewels the serpents, announced thus thrice:
"Stop! Oh Kannappa!"   

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: March 04, 2016, 10:04:12 AM »
Verse 177:

கண்ணுதல் கண்ணில் தங்கண் 
   இடந்தப்பிற் காணும் நேர்பா
டெண்ணுவார் தம்பி ரான்தன் 
   திருக்கண்ணில் இடக்கா லூன்றி
உண்ணிறை காத லோடும் 
   ஒருதனிப் பகழி கொண்டு
திண்ணனார் கண்ணி லூன்றத்
    தரித்திலர் தேவ தேவர்.

If he should scoop out his eye to graft it
On the eye of the Lord -- the forehead-eyed --,
He should precisely know where to fix it.
So, he planted his left foot on the divine eye
Of the Lord and when with love inly welling up
Thinnan took out an arrow non-pareil
And applied it to his eye; the Lord of gods
Could endure it no longer.

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse  176:

கண்டபின் கெட்டேன் எங்கள்
    காளத்தி யார்கண் ணொன்று
புண்தரு குருதி நிற்க
   மற்றைக்கண் குருதி பொங்கி
மண்டும்மற் றிதனுக் கஞ்சேன்
   மருந்துகைக் கண்டே னின்னும்
உண்டொரு கண்அக் கண்ணை
    இடந்தப்பி யொழிப்பே னென்று.

"Woe's me!" he shrieked, and spake thus:
"The blood that streamed from one of the eyes
Of our Lord of Kalatthi had ceased to flow;
But blood gushes forth from the other;
I'll not be daunted; I've known of the cure;
I am still left with an eye; I'll scoop it out
And graft it on His and thus cure Him."   

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse  175:

வலத்திருக் கண்ணில் தங்கண்
   அப்பிய வள்ள லார்தம்
நலத்தினைப் பின்னும் காட்ட 
   நாயனார் மற்றைக் கண்ணில்
உலப்பில்செங் குருதி பாயக் 
   கண்டனர் உலகில் வேடர்
குலப்பெரும் தவத்தால் வந்து 
   கொள்கையின் உம்பர் மேலார்.

The Lord of Kalatthi, the more to demonstrate
The greatness of the munificent devotee
Who grafted his right eye on His right eye,
Made red blood flow ceaselessly from his other eye;
Thinnan who is far superior to all the celestial beings
And who came to be born by reason
Of the immense askesis of the hunting clan,
Witnessed this.

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: March 04, 2016, 09:56:37 AM »
Verse  174:

நின்றசெங் குருதி கண்டார் 
   நிலத்தினின் றேறப் பாய்ந்தார்
குன்றென வளர்ந்த தோள்கள்
    கொட்டினார் கூத்து மாடி
நன்றுநான் செய்த இந்த 
   மதியென நகையும் தோன்ற
ஒன்றிய களிப்பி னாலே 
   உன்மத்தர் போல மிக்கார்.

The blood ceased to gush forth; up he jumped
In delight great; he stroked his hill-like shoulders,
He danced for joy. "This, my intelligent act
Is great indeed!" So he spake and smiled.
Excessive joy threw him into a fine frenzy.

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: March 04, 2016, 09:53:37 AM »
Verse  173:

இதற்கினி என்கண் அம்பால் 
   இடந்தப்பின் எந்தை யார்கண்
அதற்கிது மருந்தாய்ப் புண்ணீர் 
   நிற்கவும் அடுக்கு மென்று
மதர்த்தெழும் உள்ளத் தோடு 
   மகிழ்ந்துமுன் னிருந்து தங்கண்
முதற்சர மடுத்து வாங்கி 
   முதல்வர்தங் கண்ணில் அப்ப.

"For this, the remedy is to scoop out my eye
With an arrow and transplant it;
The blood will peradventure cease to flow."
Thus he resolved and rejoicing in his heart
He stood before Him and in joy, gouged
His eye and holding it with care, in his hand
He fixed it in the eye of the First One.

Arunachala Siva.   

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« on: March 04, 2016, 09:51:00 AM »
Verse  172:

மற்றவர் பிழிந்து வார்த்த
    மருந்தினால் திருக்கா ளத்திக்
கொற்றவர் கண்ணிற் புண்ணீர் 
   குறைபடா திழியக் கண்டே
இற்றையின் நிலைமைக் கென்னோ
   இனிச்செய லென்று பார்ப்பார்
உற்றநோய் தீர்ப்ப தூனுக்
   கூனெனும் உரைமுன் கண்டார்.

The herbal juice distilled into the eye
Of the Lord of Tiru-k-Kalatthi, was of no avail,
Blood continued to stream, as before.
"What shall I, alas, do for this plight?" he thought.
Then he remembered the saying: "Flesh is
By flesh cured."   

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse  171:

நினைத்தனர் வேறு வேறு 
   நெருங்கிய வனங்க ளெங்கும்
இனத்திடைப் பிரிந்த செங்கண் 
   ஏறென வெருக்கொண் டெய்திப்
புனத்திடைப் பறித்துக் கொண்டு
    பூதநா யகன்பால் வைத்த
மனத்தினுங் கடிது வந்து 
   மருந்துகள் பிழிந்து வார்த்தார்.

His mental eye surveyed the various herbs
Situate in the dense jungles variety
Like a red-eyed bull parted from its herd
He darted out in dread, and gathered herbs
And returned with a speed excelling that of his mind
Dedicated to the Lord of the Bhootas;
He squeezed the herbs and poured the demulcent juice
Into the bleeding eye.   

Arunachala Siva.

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