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112:  The act of making the ego serve as the food of God,  by stilling the mind in the Heart, by the power
of devotion to God in His real nature (as the Self), is the real offering of ourselves to Him.

113:  Offering of the self to that which is the reality of God in the Heart, through the extinction of the ego,
is the final outcome of long continued devotion to Him.

114:  He that sees the Lord in the temple, the living body, by seeking Him within, can alone see Him, the
Infinite, in the temple of the universe, having become the Endless Eye.

114 A: He that has practiced devotion to God in the 'monkey style', through many lives, attains supreme
Illumination by the grace of God, through devotion in the 'kitten style'.  (marjara bhava and markata

115: The man who has the sense of the body being himself cannot possibly worship God as formless;
whatever worship he makes will be worship in form alone, not otherwise.

116: But, he that is unqualified for the formless worship obtains by the grace of God, in the end the
Illumination of the Real Self, by worshipping Him with the form.

117:  Whatever one does in the world is the worship of God, if he has the conviction that difference does
not really exist, since all things are only manifestations of God in forms.

118: Days, planets, astrological 'yogas', time periods, and constellations are all auspicious for practicing
the devotion to the Most Auspicious, for those that have sincere devotion to Him.

119:  Ignorant ones look upon love as the seventh taste; the truth is that it is the first and foremost of all
tastes, which gives flavor to all the so called other tastes.

120:  The One (Real Self) becomes three fold; to the devotee He is God; to the seeker of Illumination
He becomes the Guru;  when the mind becomes still in the heart, He Himself becomes manifest as the
Real Self.


Arunachala Siva.             

28.  kim svarupam ityaatma darsane
       avyayaa bhaava purna chit sukam.

If one's true Self is known, then there is neither birth nor death, but eternal Being, Consciousness, Bliss.

The Maharshi often asked those who came to Him with questions to find out if they had ever been born.
Once they had been able to answer this fundamental question, He said, they would have no others. This
verse puts the matter in a different order: When, by the sadhanas prescribed in the preceding verses,
one knows his Self,  then he will discover that he was never born.

All earthly existence is experienced by an apparent entity which believes itself to have been born and to have
enjoyed and suffered -- an entity which will finally die.  It is only as real as the subjects in dream.


Arunachala Siva.   

Markanedya's Unconditional Surrender to Lord Siva on Encountering Yama:

The story is narrated in the Skanda Purana.  Being issueless for a long time, Rishi Mrikandu and his wife
Marudmati intensely worship Siva and seek the boon of progeny.  Pleased with their devotion, Lord Siva
appears before them and offers two choices;  a dim witted son who would live for a hundred years or an
exceptional son with a short life span of only sixteen years.  The couple chose the later.  As expected,
Markandeya (literally son of Mrikandu) grows up to be a handsome and an exemplary child quickly mastering
all Vedas and Sastras.  He soon becomes an accomplished sage and is extremely devoted to Lord Siva.
As he was nearing sixteen, his parents grew nervous.  Observing this, Markandeya sought to know the reason
and learnt about his impending death.  He consoles them assuring that Lord Siva would surely come to his
succor.  Since then, he intensely offers worship to the Siva Lingam, and on the destined day, Yama himself
approaches Markandeya, as his minions were unable to take away his life owing to his extreme devotion
towards Siva.

On seeing Yama, out of fright, Markandeya hugs the Siva Linga  tight with undivided devotion and surrenders
completely.  When Yama throws his noose around the young sage, it encircles the Siva Lingam too.
Enraged at Yama's audacity to throw the noose over Siva Lingam, Lord Siva emerges out from the Linga
in his fiery form and strikes at Kaala (Yama is also known as Kaala or time, since time brings an end to all
things) with his trident.  He then revives Yama under the condition that the devout youth would be a
Chiranjeevi (one who lives forever).  Markandeya is thus bestowed with immortality much to the delight of
his parents.  'Siva thenceforth was known as Kaalantaka (end of Kaala).  He is also Mrtyunjaya (conqueror
of death) and Mahakaaleswarar (ruler of time who is beyond time and death).

Here ends the narration as found in the scriptures.  The text that follows is an attempt, from a layman's
standpoint, to interpret the events given their puzzling nature.


Arunachala Siva.                     

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« on: March 19, 2016, 09:11:47 AM »
Verse  49:

அகல்பாறையின் வைத்து முழங்கையை
   அன்று தேய்த்த
இகலார்களிற் றன்பரை யேத்தி
   முருக னாராம்
முகில்சூழ்நறுஞ் சோலையின் மொய்யொளி
    மாட வீதிப்
புகலூர்வரும் அந்தணர் தந்திறம்
   போற்ற லுற்றாம்.

Having hailed the great servitor who on the huge stone
Ground his elbow, and rode on the warring tusker,
We proceed to historicise Muruganar,
The great Brahmin of Pukaloor of vast, bright streets,
Girt with fragrant gardens cloud-capped.   

Moorthi Nayanar story completed.

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: March 19, 2016, 09:10:03 AM »
Verse  48:

பாதம்பர மன்னவர் சூழ்ந்து
   பணிந்து போற்ற
ஏதம்பிணி யாவகை இவ்வுல
   காண்டு தொண்டின்
பேதம்புரி யாஅருட் பேரர
   சாளப் பெற்று
நாதன்கழற் சேவடி நண்ணினர்
   அண்ண லாரே.

Many a monarch flocked round his feet
And hailed him; he ruled this world, extirpating
All ills; he also was blessed to reign, never swerving
From his servitorship, the spiritual empire.
Thus in the end, the great one reached the feet
Of the Lord of heroic anklet.   

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: March 19, 2016, 09:08:01 AM »
Verse 47:

ஏலங்கமழ் கோதையர் தந்திறம்
   என்றும் நீங்குஞ்
சீலங்கொடு வெம்புலன் தெவ்வுடன்
   வென்று நீக்கி
ஞாலந்தனி நேமி நடாத்தி
   நலங்கொள் ஊழிக்
காலம்உயிர் கட்கிட ரான
    கடிந்து காத்து.

Poised in piety he cut away for ever all nexus
With dames of perfumed locks; he quelled the five
Hostile senses as well as all his foes; unique was his
Scepter?s reign; he fostered all good that would
Endure till the end of the world, and protected lives
From ills and troubles that would beset them.

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: March 19, 2016, 09:05:55 AM »
Verse  46:

நுதலின்கண் விழித்தவர் வாய்மை
   நுணங்கு நூலின்
பதமெங்கும் நிறைந்து விளங்கப்
   பவங்கள் மாற
உதவுந்திரு நீறுயர் கண்டிகை
   கொண்ட வேணி
முதன்மும்மையி னால்உல காண்டனர்
   மூர்த்தி யார்தாம்.

For the spreading and flourishing of the true
And subtle message of the brow-eyed Lord?s scriptures
Moortiyar ruled the world with the triad,
-- The means par excellence that confer salvation --,
Namely, the holy ash that ends embodiment,
The sublime garland sacred of Rudraksha beads
And the crown of matted hair.   

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: March 19, 2016, 08:42:04 AM »
Verse  45:

குலவுந்துறை நீதி யமைச்சர்
   குறிப்பின் வைகக்
கலகஞ்செய் அமண்செய லாயின
   கட்டு நீங்கி
நிலவுந்திரு நீற்று நெறித்துறை
   நீடு வாழ
உலகெங்கும் நிரம்பிய சைவம்
   உயர்ந்து மன்ன.

The just ministers of manifold portfolios
Shrewdly divined his wishes and implemented them;
The bewildering fetters of Samanism stood broken;
The ever-during way of the holy ash began to thrive
For ever; ubiquitous Saivism soared aloft and flourished.   

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: March 19, 2016, 08:40:14 AM »
Verse 44:

மின்னும்மணி மாளிகை வாயிலின்
    வேழ மீது
தன்னின்றும் இழிந்து தயங்கொளி
   மண்ட பத்திற்
பொன்னின்அரி மெல்லணைச் சாமரைக்
   காமர் பூங்கால்
மன்னுங்குடை நீழல் இருந்தனர்
   வையந் தாங்கி.

He descended from the tusker at the threshold
Of the gemmy mansion, moved into the durbar
And ascended the throne of gold; to the waving
Of beauteous chamaras and under the white parasol
He abode, and bore the reign of the world.   

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse 43:

மாடெங்கும் நெருங்கிய மங்கல
   ஓசை மல்கச்
சூடுஞ்சடை மௌலி யணிந்தவர்
   தொல்லை ஏனம்
தேடுங்கழ லார்திரு வாலவாய்
   சென்று தாழ்ந்து
நீடுங்களிற் றின்மிசை நீள்மறு
   கூடு போந்தார்.

On all sides resounded auspicious blessings and organs;
The monarch whose crown was that of matted hair
Proceeded to Tiru Alavai where is enshrined
The Lord whose feet were unknown to the Boar,
And hailed Him; thence he rode in procession
On the back of the royal tusker through the long streets.   

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse  42:

என்றிவ்வுரை கேட்டலும் எல்லையில்
    கல்வி யோரும்
வன்திண்மதி நூல்வளர் வாய்மை
   அமைச்சர் தாமும்
நன்றிங்கருள் தானென நற்றவ
   வேந்தர் சிந்தை
ஒன்றும்அர சாள்உரி மைச்செய
   லான உய்த்தார்.

When they of limitless learning, and the ministers
Of firm intellect, sound scholarship and trustfulness
Ever-growing, heard him speak thus, they said:
"The King's message is great and grand indeed."
They performed all the rites which pleased his heart
To invest the king of tapas with scepter and crown.   

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse  41:

வையம் முறைசெய் குவனாகில்
   வயங்கு நீறே
செய்யும் அபிடே கமுமாக
   செழுங்க லன்கள்
ஐயன் அடையா ளமுமாக
   அணிந்து தாங்கும்
மொய்புன் சடைமா முடியேமுடி
   யாவ தென்றார்.

Then he said: "Were I to rule the world, the holy ash
Shall be my royal anointment; Rudraksha beads,
The insignia of the Lord, shall be my royal jewels;
The regal crown that I wear shall be but the crown
Of my dense and matted hair."   

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: March 19, 2016, 08:26:37 AM »
Verse  40:

அவ்வாறு மொழிந்தது கேட்ட
   அமைச்ச ரோடு
மெய்வாழ்தரு நூலறி வின்மிகு
   மாந்தர் தாமும்
எவ்வாறருள் செய்தனை மற்றவை
   யன்றி யாவர்
செய்வார் பெரியோய் எனச்சேவடி
   தாழ்ந்து செப்ப.

When ministers and wise men well-versed in works
Which confer true life on man, heard him speak thus,
Falling at his feet they said: "O great one! we will
Abide by what you are pleased to tell us;
Who will dare disobey you?"   

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: March 19, 2016, 08:24:09 AM »
Verse  39:

வந்துற்றெழு மங்கல மாந்தர்கள்
   தம்மை நோக்கிச்
சிந்தைச்சிவ மேதெளி யுந்திரு
   மூர்த்தி யார்தாம்
முந்தைச்செய லாம்அமண் போய்முதற்
   சைவ மோங்கில்
இந்தப்புவி தாங்கிஇவ் வின்னர
   சாள்வ னென்றார்.

Moortiyar who was blessed with clarity of intellect
By reason of his constant contemplation of Lord Siva
Spoke to them of auspicious deeds, that came
And hailed him, thus: "If Samanism
Of recent origin would vanish and Saivism
-- Whole and absolute --, would rise aloft,
I would bear the world and sweetly reign."

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: March 19, 2016, 08:22:12 AM »
Verse  38:

மன்னுந் திசைவேதியில் மங்கல
   ஆகு திக்கண்
துன்னுஞ் சுடர்வன்னி வளர்த்துத்
   துதைந்த நூல்சூழ்
பொன்னின் கலசங்கள் குடங்கள்
   பூரித்த தூநீர்
உன்னும் செயல்மந் திரயோகர்
   நிறுத்தி னார்கள்.

Priests well-versed in mantras and yoga
Fixed vetikais in the ever-abiding directions
And reared blazing fire in the auspicious homa-pit;
Golden vessels were strung with threefold threads
And pots were filled with holy water.

Arunachala Siva.

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