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Cycle Ramaswami Pillai (whose Samadhi is there inside the Asramam, along with Muruganar's
and Viswanatha Swami's) was going for circumambulation of the Hill.  It was through the middle
path that he was going.  He lost his way in the middle and was perplexed not knowing what to do.
Suddenly a dog appeared in the scene, and walked in the front, taking deviation at a particular
place and put Cycle Ramaswami Pillai in the correct path.  Ramaswami Pillai was horripilated and
thanked Bhagavan Ramana.  He was wondering whose dog that it could be.  When he returned
from the circumambulation, he found to his astonishment that the dog was waiting at the entrance
of the Old Hall and after seeing Pillai's safe return, suddenly ran away and disappeared!

Ramaswami Pillai said:  Even though it may appear a trivial incident, it strengthened by faith
in Bhagavan Ramana, who is always a guide for devotees in distress, abatbandava. 

Arunachala Siva.   

Bhagavan said:

The priests in one way, are fortunate to be of service to God,
by washing God's image, adorning with flowers, silks, sandal
paste, vibhuti etc.,  This opportunity has given to them by
the Almighty, due to their merits of the previous births.  It
stops with that.  The mere functioning as a priest, shall not
confer deliverance.  They have to work it out, through meditation
and self inquiry.  Further, if as a priest, someone does some sins,
like asking money from devotees or giving priority to rich vis a vis
poor etc., it adds to their sins.

In Periya Puranam, the story of 63 Saints, there are only a few
brahmins and still a fewer were priests in the Siva temples. This
clearly shows that mere priesthood shall not confer deliverance.

Arunachala Siva.


As a related subject, the subject of a Jnani and an Avatara, came up two times as indicated
in Talks of M. Venkataramiah and once in Day by Day of Devaraja Mudaliar.

Bhagavan Ramana has clarified to Devaraja Mudaliar (in his
entry of 14th Sept. 1946) that the Jnani was higher than the
avatara, according to some books.  When Devaraja Mudaliar
had written earlier in a letter to his brother "that Jnani is the highest manifestation
of God on earth, next perhaps only to an avatara",

Bhagavan had said this.  When Mudaliar wanted to correct his letter, Bhagavan Ramana said:
"Why do you correct it?  Let it go as it is"

Earlier, there are two "talks" in Munagala Venkataramiah's book.

In Talk No. 307, Bhagavan Ramana when asked by someone regarding avatars of Vishnu, had said:
 "Let us know our own avatara, the knowledge of the other avataras will follow."

In Talk No. 471, a devotee said:

The avatars are said to be more glorious than the self realized
Jnanis.  Maya does not affect them from birth, divine powers are manifest,new religions are started
and so on.           

Bhagavan:  (1) "Jnani tvatmaiva me matam."
                 (2) "Sarvam khalvidam brahma."

How is an avatar different from a Jnani; or how can there be an
avatar as distinct from the universe?

Devotee:  The eye is said to be repository of all forms.  So the
ear is of all sounds, etc.,  The one Chaitanya operates as all.
No miracles are possible without the aid of the senses, indriyas.
How can there be miracles at all?  If they are said to surpass
human understanding so are the creation in dreams.  Where then
is the miracle?

The distinction between Avataras and Jnanis is absurd.
"Knower of Brahman becomes Brahman only." is otherwise contradicted.

Bhagavan: Quite so.

(Source:  As indicated above)

Arunachala Siva.   


வேனில் வேள்கணை கிழித்திட மதிசுடும்
    அதுதனை நினையாதே
மான்நி லாவிய நோக்கியர் படிறிடை
    மத்திடு தயிராகித்
தேன்நி லாவிய திருவருள் புரிந்தஎன்
    சிவன்நகர் புகப்போகேன்
ஊனில் ஆவியை ஓம்புதற் பொருட்டினும்
    உண்டுடுத் திருந்தேனே.

When the dart of the Vernal Load cleaves,
moon doth scorch;
Ignoring that,
like curd agitated by the churning-stick I get stirred by the wiles of them whose eyes are Like the fawn`s.
My Siva conferred on me Divine grace sweet as honey;
yet I journey not To enter my Siva`s City;
to foster my embodied life I continue to feed and clothe me.

Arunachala Siva.


ஓய்வி லாதன உவமனில் இறந்தன
    ஒண்மலர்த் தாள்தந்து
நாயி லாகிய குலத்தினுங் கடைப்படும்
    என்னைநன் னெறிகாட்டித்
தாயி லாகிய இன்னருள் புரிந்தஎன்
    தலைவனை நனிகாணேன்
தீயில் வீழ்கிலேன் திண்வரை உருள்கிலேன்
    செழுங்கடல் புகுவேனே.

To one that belongs to that kind which is baser than dog`s He revealed His radiant,
flower-feet that are everlasting and beyond compare;
He showed me the salvific way.
Yet I do not at all behold my Lord who conferred on me Sweet grace excelling mother`s love.
I do not fall into fire;
I do not roll down the rocky mountain;
Will I plunge into the mighty main?

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: June 07, 2016, 12:24:13 PM »
Verse  46:

46: வெறுக்கும் தகைமைகள் செய்யினும், தம் அடியாரை மிக்கோர்
பொறுக்கும் தகைமை புதியது அன்றே,-புது நஞ்சை உண்டு
கறுக்கும் திருமிடற்றான் இடப்பாகம் கலந்த பொன்னே.-
மறுக்கும் தகைமைகள் செய்யினும், யானுன்னை வாழ்த்துவனே.

ஏ அபிராமியே! விஷத்தை உண்டவனும், அதனால் கருத்திருக்கும் கழுத்தை உடையவனுமாகிய சிவபெருமானின் இடப்பாகத்தில் அமர்ந்தவளே! சிறியோர்கள் செய்யக்கூடாத செயல்களைச் செய்து விடுவர். அறிவிற் சிறந்த ஞானிகள் அதைப் பொறுத்து அருளியதும் உண்டு. இது ஒன்றும் புதுமையல்ல. பொன் போன்றவளே! நான் தகாத வழியில் சென்றாலும், அது உனக்கே வெறுப்பாகயிருந்தாலும் மீண்டும் மீண்டும் உன்னையே சரணடைவேன். அத்துடன் மேலும் வாழ்த்தி வழிபடுவேன்.

O Mother Abhirami!  You have occupied the left side of Siva who took hala hala poison and thus had
a black throat.  When the unlearned ones do the sinful deeds, the great Jnanis tolerate them and grace them!
This is not something new.  O of the golden hue!  Even if follow the evil path and even such a path is
normally detested by You, I shall surrender to You again and again.  I shall praise You and pray to You,
more and more.


Arunachala Siva.

40.  The ceremonious performance of Abhisheka and Puja to the Linga wearing ashes and sacred beads,
chanting the essentially pure and supreme Panchakshari Mantra and with the heart avidly longing for
Isa, the Lord, dwelling in Saiva centers, singing of Siva's glories and exploits, worshipping the devotees
--- by these pious acts is generated the transcendental knowledge that leads to liberation.

41.  Recitation of the Sri Rudra mantra starting and ending with the Pranava syllable (Om) removes sin.
Brahma and other gods wear on their heads the dust of His feet, to be freed of shortcomings.

42. He who recites the glories and sin effacing septer of Mantras, hymned by the seven Munis derived
from the Atharvana Upanishad, the stainless knowledge that stamps out dire ignorance and egotism;
who avows to sacrifice his heart full of enjoyments, for such a one this teaching is imparted.

43.  To the one who loves his Guru and is earnestly faithful to Me, the intricate imports of these
aphorisms - quintessence of the crown of Vedas -- are easily revealed.  This wisdom entrusted to
you for pleasure is nowhere found.  Therefore, it deserves to be protected in camera from the fools.
However, it can be offered to deserving Munis of purity and discernment.

44. Skanda:

Sage Ribhu was in raptures after pouring out his heart to Siva. He, along with fellow Munis, advanced
toward Kailasa, the abode of Isvara, where the towering Ganga falls from the above. I shall relate
to you what the great seer had proclaimed.  Listen O best among Brahmanas (Jaigishavya)!

45. Ribhu:

O Hara! Let a series of lightning strike me or the ocean engulf the land along with mountains.
Stars and planets may tumble down or else celestial beings may suffer damnation.  Touching
Thy lotus feet I pledge that my mind shall not stray from worship of Thee, come what may!

The third  chapter entitled 'The dialogue between Siva and Ribhu' in the sixth amsa called Sankara
of Sri Siva Rahasya - concluded.


Arunachala Siva.               

272.  Since consciousness is not of the nature of the mind, it goes into latency in deep sleep.  But
the Real Self never goes into latency, because consciousness is His very Nature.

273.  The mind always veils for itself, the Real Nature of that Self, both in dream and in waking.
Becoming latent in deep sleep and wholly extinguished in the Supreme State, how can it ever
know Him, who is the Sole Reality?

274. There is the pronouncement of the Most Holy One, that the true knowing of God is simply
the mind becoming one with Him in the Natural State by seeking the Source where from it has
come into being.

275.  What one has to do is to obtain perfect poise in unity with the Supreme Being, whether by
devotion or by the Quest of the Real Self, with the clear understanding that God and the soul are
not distinct entities in reality.

276. There is a two fold ignorance experienced by those not aware of the Real Self, which are
named as knowledge and ignorance. The Sage is delivered from both.  This pair is unreal just
like all else.

277.  The two are inseparable;  neither exists without the other; and because both arise from
Ignorance of the Self, the both are equally ignorance.


Arunachala Siva.             

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Verse  107:

திருப்பெருகு பெருங்கோயில் சூழவலங்
    கொண்டருளித் திருமுன் நின்றே
அருட்பெருகு திருப்பதிகம் எட்டொருகட்
    டளையாக்கி அவற்று ளொன்று
விருப்புறுபொற் றிருத்தோணி வீற்றிருந்தார்
    தமைப்பாட மேவுகாதல்
பொருத்தமுற அருள்பெற்றுப் போற்றியெடுத்
    தருளினார் பூவார் கொன்றை.

He circumambulated the temple
Of ever-growing divinity
And stood before the holy Lord.
Divine grace impelled him to compose in all
And octad of divine decades
(in takka raga);
Divinely inspired and in love, he now began
To hymn one of them, on the Lord
Of the golden Ark, blessed with His grace.
This he began with the adorable words thus:
"Poovaar Konrai."*

( * Tirumurai 1 Padigam 24.)

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse  106:

செங்கமல மலர்க்கரத்துத் திருத்தாளத்
    துடன்நடந்து செல்லும் போது
தங்கள்குலத் தாதையார் தரியாது
    தோளின்மேல் தரித்துக் கொள்ள
அங்கவர்தந் தோளி ன்மிசை எழுந்தருளி
    அணைந்தார்சூழ்ந் தமர ரேத்தும்
திங்களணி மணிமாடத் திருத்தோணி
    புரத்தோணிச் சிகரக் கோயில்.   

When the child holding in his lotus-red hand
The celestial cymbals, walked forth,
His father could not endure it;
He bore him on his shoulders;
Thus he reached the towered temple
Adored by the thronging celestial beings,
In the city of the beauteous Ark
Resplendent with beauteous casements
Bathed in moonbeams.

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse  105:

உம்பருல கதிசயிப்ப ஓங்கியநா
    தத்தளவின் உண்மை நோக்கித்
தும்புருநா ரதர்முதலாம் சுருதியிசைத்
    துறையுள்ளோர் துதித்து மண்மேல்
வம்பலர்மா மழைபொழிந்தார் மறைவாழ
    வந்தருளும் மதலை யாரும்
தம்பெருமான் அருள்போற்றி மீண்டருளிச்
    சண்பைநகர் சாரச் செல்வார்.   

Hearing the divine melody that swelled
Through all the bournes of Naada
The world of gods was steeped in wonder;
Tumpuru, Naarada and others well-renowned
In the sphere of sruti-music
Offered their prayers, and on earth
Caused showers of fragrant flowers;
The child that took birth for the flourishing
Of the Vedas, hailing the grace of his Lord
Returned to the city of Sanbai.

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse  104:

காழிவரும் பெருந்தகையார் கையில்வருந்
    திருத்தாளக் கருவி கண்டு
வாழியதந் திருமுடிமேற் கொண்டருளி
    மனங்களிப்ப மதுர வாயில்
ஏழிசையுந் தழைத்தோங்க இன்னிசைவண்
    தமிழ்ப்பதிகம் எய்தப் பாடித்
தாழுமணிக் குழையார்முன் தக்கதிருக்
    கடைக்காப்புச் சாத்தி நின்றார்.   

Beholding the cymbals in his hands
The great one of Kaazhi placed them
On his head in reverence;
His mind-heart was delighted and then
From his sweet lips streamed
A musical and munificent decade of Tamizh
For the flourishing of the seven-fold music;
Thus he sang before the Lord of beauteous ear-ring,
And completed his decade with his word of benediction.

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse  103:

கையதனால் ஒத்தறுத்துப் பாடுதலும்
    கண்டருளிக் கருணை கூர்ந்த
செய்யசடை வானவர்தம் அஞ்செழுத்தும்
    எழுதியநற் செம்பொற் றாளம்
ஐயரவர் திருவருளால் எடுத்தபா
    டலுக்கிசைந்த அளவால் ஒத்த
வையமெலாம் உய்யவரு மறைச்சிறுவர்
    கைத்தலத்து வந்த தன்றே.   

As he sang keeping time by the clap of his hands
The merciful, red-haired Lord caused a pair
Of golden cymbals inscribed with the Panchaakshara
Of the celestial Lord, then and there, reach the hands
Of the Vedic child, born to redeem all the worlds,
That he could keep time with them for the hymns
He then sang (and was to sing thereafter).

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse  102:

மெய்ந்நிறைந்த செம்பொருளாம் வேதத்தின்
    விழுப்பொருளை வேணிமீது
பைந்நிறைந்த அரவுடனே பசுங்குழவித்
    திங்கள்பரித் தருளு வானை
மைந்நிறைந்த மிடற்றானை மடையில்வா
    ளைகள்பாய என்னும் வாக்கால்
கைந்நிறைந்த ஒத்துஅறுத்துக் கலைப்பதிகம்
    கவுணியர்கோன் பாடுங் காலை   .

The Lord is the enshrined import of the Vedas
Which are Truth incarnate;
He wears the hooded serpent of venomous sacs
And the infant moon on His matted hair;
It is thus He is, and grants grace.
The Prince of Kauniyas hailed the Lord
Whose throat holds the poison,
In a decade which opened thus:
"The carp leap at the sluiced stream?"
He sang the Vedic hymn keeping time
By the clap of his hands.

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse  101:

பெருக்குஓலிட் டலைபிறங்கும் காவிரிநீர்
    பிரசமலர் தரளம் சிந்த
வரிக்கோல வண்டாட மாதரார்
    குடைந்தாடும் மணிநீர் வாவித்
திருக்கோலக் காவெய்தித் தேவர்பிரான்
    கோயில்வலஞ் செய்து முன்னின்
றிருக்கோலிட் டறிவரிய திருப்பாதம்
    ஏத்துவதற் கெடுத்துக் கொள்வார்.

The loud billowy Kaveri with its goodly water
Washes ashore honied flowers and pearls;
The speckled bees buzz over blooms,
The damsels plunge into the tank and bathe;
Such is lovely Kolakka to the temple of which
He repaired and completed his sacred circuit;
They standing in the divine presence
He began to hail the divine feet of the Lord
Of the celestial beings unknowable even to the Vedas.   

Arunachala Siva.

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