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General Discussion / Re: Mithya:
« on: February 01, 2016, 10:48:39 AM »
Suppose one says, 'Alright, this world is mithya but where is Satyam, the underlying Reality?
I don't see it, unlike the 'rope' given in the analogy.'  In order to appreciate the world as mithya,
we are not to expect a new object to emerge mysteriously answering to the name Brahman.  The
saving grace about mithya (for all its deluding capacity) is that you do not need to look anywhere
else for Satyam other than the wrongly superimposed object.  The 'snake' alone had to be given a
'hard look' (literally in this case!) to understand that it is just a harmless rope. In the same way, this
'world' alone has to be given a 'hard look' with the help of 'a better light' namely verbal testimony
(shruti pramana), to appreciate that Brahman alone 'appears' as the world. Brahman is that limitless
and formless Consciousness (which is Satyam) seamlessly pervading the world of myriad forms
(which are mithya) and sustaining it.  The scriptures  say, 'Make your vision full of Jnana and see this
world as filled with Brahman.'  (drshtim jnanamayim krtva, pasyet brahmamayam jagat'.   (Aparokshanubhuti
Verse 116). The same physical perception will continue with all its teeming plurality but now undestanding
is entirely transformed.  The mirage water continues to appear but having understood it, one is no
more deluded.


Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: A Sense of Peace -- K.C. Mohan:
« on: February 01, 2016, 10:29:36 AM »
Along with many of my close family members I was destined to witness this ceremony at close quarters,
and to this day I have a dramatic memory of the events of that extraordinary day.  In the evening I walked
down the sloped of the Hill once again and knew decisively that life would never be the same.   Bhagavan's
presence had permeated our lives and was the rock upon which we had depended, especially my mother
who was now in profound shock.  We feared for her and understood that even though we all felt the loss,
my mother was particularly vulnerable and upset because she had given her heart and soul to Bhagavan.
We returned to Madras the next day with heavy hearts knowing that life had radically changed and we
could never go back to those carefree days.  A door had closed.  Even now  I feel the emptiness of that moment.

I resumed my studies and eventually found a position within the fledgling steel industry. I believed in the
philosophy of Swami Vivekananda; that it is not so important to pander to ritualistic practices but better
to concentrate one's effort in doing the right thing. 'Your God is in your work and it is more important to do
one's duties correctly than to visit temples'  This quote from Swami Vivekananda struck a note with me and
it has been the guiding principle in my life ever since.


Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Guru Ramana Prasadam - (II)
« on: February 01, 2016, 10:16:24 AM »
Verse 202:

At the golden feet of the Divine One, where the peace of blissful union with Lord Siva prevails,
dispelling the torment of the lustful mind and granting liberation. I have attained the experience
of true knowledge that shines as my Master's very self, so that 'I am the body awareness' is no more.

Verse 203:

His holy feet are the treasure that exists within the Heart as the life that is free of suffering caused by
the humiliating bonds of the world and the soul.  This life at the feet of the Lord, where the ruinous
seeds of our actions are consumed like cotton in a flame, is for my soul the life of supernal bliss.

Verse 204:

He caused a flower of light to unfold in the state of pure consciousness, so that the disastrous error
of a body-bound ego faded.  That radiance grew  brighter with my love until I realized the flawless
knowledge of the Self manifesting as the unbroken awareness I-I within my heart.

Verse 205:

Destroying the dark void of base ignorance, the light of the grace bestowing feet of my Guru and
Master, whose nature is of the form, of shining self knowledge,  revealed to me as my true self,
driving out entirely the degrading confusion of that false, delusional state, in which, I wandered
weeping and fretting over 'I' and 'mine'.


Arunachala Siva.   

General topics / Re: And Another Thing...
« on: February 01, 2016, 10:04:59 AM »
Kitty continues...

I was not being cute, I actually had no idea what a poor heathen was anyway... I truly wanted to know.
Anyway, after quite a long pause I was sent out of the class for being cheeky and possibly gained the
distinction of being the only six year old to be so honored.

I told my father about it when we came home and when he laughed I knew it was alright. Of course
we were delighted to be home and free again.  There were no railings around the couch in those days
so we could go right up to Bhagavan and talk to Him or show Him our toys and discuss with Him our latest
news.  The first time the railings were put up and my brother Adam came in and saw them, he looked
unbelieving and then walked round and up to Bhagavan to tell Him whatever it was he had come to say.
Bhagavan laughed and commented to authority in general, 'You see what use your railings are.'

Apart from those I mentioned before, the stalwarts sitting in the Hall included Major Chadwicik with
his broad cloth band to keep his knees up as he had not been trained from childhood to sit cross-legged;
my parents were nearly always there and Mrs. Talyerkhan in her white saris and white hair and white
skin was there regularly until she quarreled with everyone and would not honor the Asramam with
her presence any more.  Mr.Bose, an industrialist from Bangalore was often there. We three children
stopped him one day and I asked if he would help me with my matchbox label collection.  He agreed an d
he also agreed to help my sister Frania with her stamp collection.  Adam had not said anything and so Mr.
Bose asked him what he was collecting. Adam had not said anything so Mr.Bose asked him what he was
collecting.  Adam replied very earnestly 'Money'.  Mr.Bose thought this such a  brilliant reply that he gave
Adam Rs. 5.00. Can you imagine how much that was in the days of 16 annas to the rupee and 1/4 of an
anna was three thumbadis and had purchasing power.


Arunachala Siva.         

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: February 01, 2016, 08:40:35 AM »
Verse  7:

மெய்யெலாம் நீறு பூசி
   வேணிகள் முடித்துக் கட்டிக்
கையினிற் படைக ரந்த
   புத்தகக் கவளி யேந்தி
மைபொதி விளக்கே யென்ன
   மனத்தினுட் கறுப்பு வைத்துப்
பொய்தவ வேடங் கொண்டு
   புகுந்தனன் முத்த நாதன்.

He smeared all over his person the holy ash;
He had his hair matted and tied it into a crown;
He held a mega book of palm leaves which concealed a dagger;
Like a lamp thick with black at the wick, his mind
Harbored deception; thus in his false habit of tapas
Muthanathan barged in.

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: February 01, 2016, 08:38:49 AM »
Verse  6:

இப்படி இழந்த மாற்றான்
   இகலினால் வெல்ல மாட்டான்
மெய்ப்பொருள் வேந்தன் சீலம்
   அறிந்துவெண் ணீறு சாத்தும்
அப்பெரு வேடங் கொண்டே
   அற்றத்தில் வெல்வா னாகச்
செப்பரு நிலைமை எண்ணித்
   திருக்கோவ லூரிற் சேர்வான்.

The worsted king who could not think of victory
In the field of battle, coming to know
Of the religious piety of Mei-p-Porul, desired
To ape his great habit of wearing the holy ash
And thus win by deception; his mind
Nurtured such unspeakable evil, and he
Prepared for his infiltration into Tiru-k-Kovalur.   

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: February 01, 2016, 08:36:58 AM »
Verse  5:

இன்னவா றொழுகு நாளில்
   இகல்திறம் புரிந்ததோர் மன்னன்
அன்னவர் தம்மை வெல்லும்
   ஆசையால் அமர்மேற் கொண்டு
பொன்னணி யோடை யானை
   பொருபரி காலாள் மற்றும்
பன்முறை இழந்து தோற்றுப்
    பரிபவப் பட்டுப் போனான்.

Whilst thus he flourished, a hostile king
Fired by a desire to vanquish him,
Waged wars against him many a time, only to lose
His elephants and cavalry and infantry,
Thus repeatedly defeated he was sunk in shame.

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: February 01, 2016, 08:35:07 AM »
Verse  4:

தேடிய மாடும் நீடு
   செல்வமும் தில்லை மன்றுள்
ஆடிய பெருமான் அன்பர்க்
   காவன ஆகும் என்று
நாடிய மனத்தி னோடு
   நாயன்மார் அணைந்த போது
கூடிய மகிழ்ச்சி பொங்கக்
   குறைவறக் கொடுத்து வந்தார்.

All the riches and wealth he came by as a prince
Were ear-marked for the devotees of the Lord
Who dances in Thillai Ambalam;
When devotees sought him to supply their wants
He gave them aplenty and in soaring joy.   

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: February 01, 2016, 08:33:23 AM »
Verse  3:

மங்கையைப் பாக மாக
   வைத்தவர் மன்னுங் கோயில்
எங்கணும் பூசை நீடி
   ஏழிசைப் பாட லாடல்
பொங்கிய சிறப்பின் மல்கப்
   போற்றுதல் புரிந்து வாழ்வார்
தங்கள்நா யகருக் கன்பர்
   தாளலால் சார்பொன் றில்லார்.

In all the temples of Ammai-Appar, poojas were
Gloriously and unfailingly performed;
In temples flourished music seven-fold and dance;
Thus ruled the adorable prince adoring,
Whose sole sustaining force was the feet of the Lord?s servitors.   

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: February 01, 2016, 08:31:42 AM »
Verse  2:

அரசியல் நெறியின் வந்த
   அறநெறி வழாமல் காத்து
வரைநெடுந் தோளால் வென்று
   மாற்றலர் முனைகள் மாற்றி
உரைதிறம் பாத நீதி
   ஓங்குநீர் மையினின் மிக்கார்
திரைசெய்நீர்ச் சடையான் அன்பர்
   வேடமே சிந்தை செய்வார்.

He adhered flawlessly to the righteous way of monarchic code;
He quelled his foes by the valor of his shoulders strong;
He swerved not from the plighted word and ruled gloriously;
He for ever contemplated the habit of devotees
Of the Lord whose matted hair sports the billowy flood.

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: February 01, 2016, 08:29:41 AM »
Mei Porul Nayanar:

Verse  1:

சேதிநன் னாட்டு நீடு
   திருக்கோவ லூரின் மன்னி
மாதொரு பாகர் அன்பின்
   வழிவரு மலாடர் கோமான்
வேதநன் னெறியின் வாய்மை
   விளங்கிட மேன்மை பூண்டு
காதலால் ஈசர்க் கன்பர்
   கருத்தறிந் தேவல் செய்வார்.

His capital was Tiru-k-Kovalur in goodly Sethi realm;
He hailed from Malayaman dynasty which served
Ammai-Appar from generation to generation;
He, the Prince was poised in the noble way true, of the Vedas
And served the Lord?s servitors divining their true wish.

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: February 01, 2016, 08:27:32 AM »
Verse  27:

இப்பரி சிவர்க்குத் தக்க
   வகையினால் இன்பம் நல்கி
முப்புரஞ் செற்றா ரன்பர்
   முன்பெழுந் தருளிப் போனார்
அப்பெரி யவர்தந் தூய
   அடியிணை தலைமேற் கொண்டு
மெய்ப்பொருட் சேதி வேந்தன்
   செயலினை விளம்ப லுற்றேன்.

Rewarding him fittingly and conferring on him bliss,
The One that burnt the triple cities, grew invisible;
Wearing the feet of that great servitor on my crown
I now proceed to narrate the annals
Of Mei-p-Porul, the King of Sethi realm.   

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: February 01, 2016, 08:25:10 AM »
Verse  26:

அன்பனே அன்பர் பூசை
   அளித்தநீ அணங்கி னோடும்
என்பெரும் உலகை எய்தி
    யிருநிதிக் கிழவன் தானே
முன்பெரு நிதியம் ஏந்தி
   மொழிவழி ஏவல் கேட்ப
இன்பமார்ந் திருக்க என்றே
   அருள்செய்தான் எவர்க்கும் மிக்கான்.

"Dear one, you have (all through your life)
Performed Maheswara Pooja; with your wife
Abide in My world; with Kubera himself
To carry out your mandates with all his wealth
At your disposal, be in bliss immersed."
The one far far superior to all, blessed him thus.   

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: February 01, 2016, 08:22:29 AM »
Verse  25:

மாலயற் கரிய நாதன்
   வடிவொரு சோதி யாகச்
சாலவே மயங்கு வார்க்குச்
   சங்கரன் தான்ம கிழ்ந்தே
ஏலவார் குழலாள் தன்னோ
   டிடபவா கனனாய்த் தோன்றிச்
சீலமார் பூசை செய்த
   திருத்தொண்டர் தம்மை நோக்கி.

Before the devotees who stood transfixed in awe
When the Lord unknown to Vishnu and Brahma
Blazed forth as flame, Sankara with His Consort
Of perfumed locks rejoicing manifested
On His mount, the Bull; addressing the great devotee
Who performed the Maheswara Pooja, He said:   

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: February 01, 2016, 08:20:06 AM »
Verse  24:

அழுந்திய இடருள் நீங்கி
   அடியனேன் உய்ய என்பால்
எழுந்தருள் பெரியோய் ஈண்ட
   அமுதுசெய் தருள்க வென்று
தொழும்பனா ருரைத்த போதில்
    சோதியா யெழுந்து தோன்றச்
செழுந்திரு மனைவி யாரும்
   தொண்டருந் திகைத்து நின்றார்.

He beseeched Him thus: "O great one that hath
Deigned to redeem humble me sunk in misery!   
Be pleased to partake of the repast."
When the servitor spake thus, He rose up
And blazed as pure flame; the devotee
And his divine wife stood wonder-struck.

Arunachala Siva.

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