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691.  Every creature is aware of its own spectacle, the world, and its seer himself (the individual soul)
and understands these two are real in their own right.  The delusion is the cause for its samasra.
692. If the two were real in their own right, they would appear continuously.  How can something
that appears at sometimes and does not appear at other times, be real in its own right?

693.  This pair shines, in dream and waking only by the functioning of the mind.  In deep sleep
both of them fail to shine.  Therefore both are mental.

694.  That, wherein the mind goes into latency, and where from it rises again, is alone
Real.  That One, being without settings and risings, is Real, in its Own Right, and is the Home
of Deliverance for the aspirant.

695.  That Reality, named Brahman, which is only One without a second, and complete in Itself,
is the Giver if existence to the whole world.  It also gives the light of consciousness to the mind,
which in itself is inconscient. 

696.  That Itself dwells in the Heart of all creatures as the Own Self like a Witness, without
thoughts and unrelated.  But the One is concealed, during the outward turned mind, by the false
appearance of the world, which is the stuff of mind.

697.  Therefore no one in the world knows This (Real Self), due to Illusion.  Also, being persuaded
that the gross body is itself the Self, he wanders in lives innumerable, suffering unhappiness.

698. This world must be covered over by the Supreme who is the Real Self, by extinction of the mind.
Then, the Pure Self will shine unhindered, as He really is as the Sole Reality, the Brahman.

699.  If and when he makes efforts, equipped with Discrimination and Detachment, for deliverance
by the means taught by the Holy Guru, then he becomes Free from the bondage of samsara by attaining
birth in his own Source, the Brahman.

700.  Turning  his mind inwards, free from thoughts, and diving into the Heart by the Quest of his
own Real Self, becoming free from delusion by the extinction of the ego mind, he attains the State
of Deliverance.  Such one is a Sage.

701.  To that Supreme One, the Self in all creatures, which became our Guru, Sri
Ramana, let there be thousands of namaskaras until there comes about the extinction of the ego.

Sri Ramana Paravidyopanishad - concluded.

Arunachala Siva.         

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« on: August 05, 2016, 09:20:09 AM »
Verse  721:

மீனவன் செவியி னூடு
    மெய்யுணர் வளிப்போர் கூற
ஞானசம் பந்த ரென்னும்
    நாமமந் திரமுஞ் செல்ல
ஆனபோ தயர்வு தன்னை
   அகன்றிட அமண ராகும்
மானமில் லவரைப் பார்த்து
    மாற்றமொன் றுரைக்க லுற்றான்.

When the words of the conferrers of true awareness
Found their way into the ears of the Pandya, and when
With them the hallowed name of Jnaana Sambandhar,
Verily a mantra, found its way, his languishment
Quit him at once; then he desired to apprise
The shameless Samanas of what he intended to do.   

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: August 05, 2016, 09:15:59 AM »
Verse  720:

காயமும் மனமும் மாசு
    கழுவுதல் செய்யார் செய்யும்
மாயமும் இந்த நோயை
    வளர்ப்பதே வளர்வெண் திங்கள்
மேயவே ணியர்பால் ஞானம்
    பெற்றவர் விரும்பி நோக்கில்
தீயஇப் பிணியே அன்றிப்
    பிறவியுந் தீரு மென்றார்.

"They wash not their bodies' dirt or minds' flaws;
Their deception will but augment this illness;
If only he that has received Gnosis from the Lord
Whose matted hair sports the white crescent, deigns to cast
His loving looks on you, not only the evil malady
But the very misery of embodiment will surely end."   

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: August 05, 2016, 09:13:17 AM »
Verse  719:

இருதிறத் தவரும் மன்னன்
    எதிர்பணிந்து இந்த வெப்பு
வருதிறம் புகலி வந்த
    வள்ளலார் மதுரை நண்ண
அருகர்கள் செய்த தீய
    அநுசித மதனால் வந்து
பெருகிய திதற்குத் தீர்வு
    பிள்ளையார் அருளே என்று.

The queen and the minister bowed to the king, and said:
"This fever is the outcome of the evil and blasphemy
Done by the Samanas to the munificent Patron from Pukali--
To a guest of Madurai: the cure for this, is
But the grace of the godly child."

Arunachala Siva.   

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« on: August 05, 2016, 09:10:32 AM »
Verse  718:

கொற்றவன் அமைச்ச னாராம்
    குலச்சிறை யாருந் தாழ்ந்து
மற்றிதன் கொடுமை இந்த
    வஞ்சகர் மதில்கள் மூன்றும்
செற்றவர் அன்பர் தம்பாற்
    செய்ததீங் கரசன் பாங்கு
முற்றிய திவர்கள் தீர்க்கின்
    முதிர்வதே யாவ தென்பார்.

Kulacchiraiyaar, the king's minister, bowed to her
And said: "They evil that these diabolical ones wrought
To the servitors of the Lord-Smiter of the triple citadals,
Grown ripe, has afflicated the king with this cruel aliment;
If these try to cure him, it will but worsen."   

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: August 05, 2016, 09:08:16 AM »
Verse 717:

பாண்டிமா தேவி யாரும்
    பயமெய்தி அமைச்சர் பாரம்
பூண்டவர் தம்மை நோக்கிப்
    புகலியில் வந்து நம்மை
ஆண்டுகொண் டவர்பாற் கங்குல்
    அமணர்தாம் செய்த தீங்கு
மூண்டவா றினைய தாகி
    முடிந்ததோ என்று கூற.

Struck with fear the great queen of the Pandya
Spake to the minister thus: "Is this the consequence
Of the evil wrought last night by the Samanas
To our Redeemer from Pukali?"

Arunachala Siva.   

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« on: August 05, 2016, 09:05:35 AM »
Verse 716:

கருகியமா சுடையாக்கைத் தீயோர் தங்கள்
    கைத்தூங்கு குண்டிகைநீர் தெளித்துக் காவாய்
அருகனே அருகனே என்றென் றோதி
    அடல்வழுதி மேல்தெளிக்க அந்நீர் பொங்கிப்
பெருகும்எரி தழற்சொரிந்த நெய்போ லாகிப்
    பேர்த்துமொரு தழல்அதன்மேற் பெய்தாற் போல
ஒருவரும்இங் கிருமருங்கும் இராது போமென்
    றமணரைப்பார்த் துரைத்தரசன் உணர்வு சோர்ந்தான்.

The dark and unwashed and evil-minded Samanas
Sprinkling water from the Kamandalas that dangled
From their arms, chanted thus: "Aruka, O Lord Aruka!
Protect the king." Thereat the sprinkled water
Only began to boil and acted like ghee poured
Into raging fire; it inflamed the more; thereupon the king
Ordered them thus: "Go away, all of you; let none
Here remain." This said, he grew weak, and fainted.

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: August 05, 2016, 09:02:45 AM »
Verse 715:

மால்பெருக்குஞ் சமண்கையர் மருங்கு சூழ்ந்து
    வழுதிநிலை கண்டழிந்து வந்த நோயின்
மூலநெறி அறியாதே தங்கள் தெய்வ
    மொழிநவில்மந் திரங்கொண்டு முன்னும் பின்னும்
பீலிகொடு தைவருதற் கெடுத்த போது
    பிடித்தபீ லிகள்பிரம்பி னோடுந் தீந்து
மேலெரியும் பொறிசிதறி வீழக் கண்டு
    வெப்பினதி சயம்நோக்கி வெருவின் மிக்கார்.

When the base Samanas, the breeders of tohu-bohu
Stood circling the Pandya, and witnessed his plight,
They wilted; not knowing the cause for his malady,
When they began to chant their mantras, invoking
Their deity, and lifted up their stalks
Of peacock-feathers to touch therewith the king?s person,
The stalks and their handles caught fire and blazed
And scattered sparks of flame; even as they marveled
At the effect of the fever, they became scared.

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse 714:

ஆன வன்பிணி நிகழ்வுழி
    அமணர்க ளெல்லாம்
மீன வன்செயல் கேட்டலும்
    வெய்துயிர்த் தழிந்து
போன கங்குலிற் புகுந்ததின்
    விளைவுகொல் என்பார்
மானம் முன்தெரி யாவகை
    மன்னன்மாட் டணைந்தார்.

When the Samanas heard of the cruel ailment which afflicted
The Pandya, they heaved deep sighs, and became
Broken-hearted; they mused thus: "Is this the outcome
Of what we did last night?" Concealing this dishonor that had
Befallen them they came to the presence of the king.

Arunachala Siva.   

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Verse  713:

மருத்து நூலவர் தங்கள்பல்
    கலைகளில் வகுத்த
திருத்த குந்தொழில் யாவையும்
    செய்யவும் மேன்மேல்
உருத்தெ ழுந்தவெப் புயிரையும்
    உருக்குவ தாகக்
கருத்தொ ழிந்துரை மறந்தனன்
    கௌரியர் தலைவன்.

Even though the doctors treated him in the best
Possible ways as ordained in their treatises, the fever
That raged the more, began to melt his very life;
Losing consciousness, the Pandya lay speechless.

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse  712:

உணர்வும் ஆவியும் ஒழிவதற்
    கொருபுடை ஒதுங்க
அணையல் உற்றவர் அருகுதூ
    ரத்திடை அகலப்
புணர்இ ளங்கத லிக்குருத்
    தொடுதளிர் புடையே
கொணரி னுஞ்சுருக் கொண்டவை
    நுண்துக ளாக.

In him his consciousness and life too moved aside,
Ready to quit; they that neared him, fled
Far away from him unable to stand the heat;
Even the tender plantain shoots and cooling articles
That were brought near him, very soon dried
And withered and became mere powder.   

Arunachala Siva.


After writing a verse on Sri Arunachala Tattvam, Muruganar
requested Bhagavan Ramana to compose a verse on the significance
of the Seeing the Beacon Light on the Hill.  Bhagavan Ramana
composed the following verse:

Ittanuve nanam enum madhiyai neettap
Buddhi idayate porundi aha nokkal
adduvita mamei ahac chudar kangai bhu
Maddhi yenum anna malaic chudar kaan meyye.

Getting rid of the idea of treating this insentient body as "I",
the mind thus thinking given up and the mind turned inward into
the Heart merging firmly with inward perception, is to realize,
seated as the Heart Center of the universe,  the real form
of effulgence within, the non-dual pure Awareness - the one Sat
within.  Know as Truth is the witnessing of the beacon light on the
crown of Arunachala.         

Arunachala Puranam, the Tamizh epic mentions the fruits of
witnessing the Deepam as follows:

1. Those who behold the beacon light atop the Hill will live
long, freed of afflictions like hunger and disease.

2. Kings will ensure victory for their rightful wars.

3. The Tapasvins shall get their obstacles removed and attain

4. Those who witness and pray with devotion will gain liberation
for themselves and their ancestors and descendants covering
twenty one generations.

Once Bhagavan Ramana was asked why He was tirlessly looking
at the Hill, and He replied:  I am looking at the Atma within.

Suri Nagamma writes about Bhagavan Ramana bubbling with
joy and tearful eyes, when the beacon light is lighted on the
Maha Deepam, Kartikai Poornima (as per solar calendar) Day.

Arunachala Siva.


Arunachala Mahatmyam - Sri Bhagavan's translation in Tamizh:

This Verse is as spoken by Devi Unnamulai:-

Endrume aravor anbark kiruppitam ittalam taan
Ponduruvar pirark kinnavun pun maiyar pannoy tunni
Ondrurathu ozhium teeyor uran oru kanattil angi
Kundruru arunai isan kopa ven tazhal vizhade.

This holy Arunachala is always the haven and refuge of pious
devotees and righteous people who never swerve from their
path.  The wicked who contempate doing evil to others will
suffer from tortuous maladies and come to grief.  The demoniac
powers of the wicked will, in a trice, become fruitless.  Do not
perish by falling into the burning fire of the anger of Lord Arunachala, who appears in the form of the fiery Hill.

This is the advice of Devi to demon Mahishasura.  She was
doing penance to obtain half the body of Siva in Tiruvannamalai.
When the demon came to war with her, she said this.

Siva is said to forgive those who do wrong to him, but does
not forgive those who do wrong to his devotees.  Arunachala
is also like that.

There is one Ganesa shrine inside the Big Temple.  He is called
the Ganesa who took monthly tax from a king.  The story
is that this king from a neighboring country, invaded Tiruvannamalai and
harmed the residents.  The local chieftain and the people rushed to Guhai Namasivaya,
who was doing penance in the Hill.  Guhai Namasivaya then said in a poem:

"O Siva, are your three eyes sleeping?  What happened to your trident and fire on
the hands?  What happened to the serpents on your body?  Why do you not show your
anger towards the harming king?"  Siva then sent his son Ganesa.  Ganesa went to
the enemy barracks as a mad elephant and ransacked the whole army.  The king told
the elephant that he would withdraw, saying that he would pay a monthly tax for the
harm done to the local chieftain!               

Arunachala Siva.

Verse  10:

புரள்வார் தொழுவார் புகழ்வாராய்
    இன்றே வந்தாள் ஆகாதீர்
மருள்வீர் பின்னை மதிப்பாரார்
    மதிஉட் கலங்கி மயங்குவீர்
தெருள்வீ ராகில் இதுசெய்மின்
    சிவலோ கக்கோன் திருப்புயங்கன்
அருள்ஆர் பெறுவார் அகலிடத்தே
    அந்தோ அந்தோ அந்தோவே .

You roll not on holy ground;
adore not;
praise not;
And do not,
this very day.
become His servitors.
you are bewildered.
Who will ever esteem you?
O ye who are perplexed as your minds are agitated !
If you seek saving clarity,
do this:
"Become His devotees."
Alas !
Alas !
Who in the world can at all come by the grace of the Sovereign Of Sivaloka whose jewels are serpents?

(Yathiraip Pathu - concluded.)

Arunachala Siva.

Verse 9:

சேரக் கருதிச் சிந்தனையைத்
    திருந்த வைத்துச் சிந்திமின்
போரிற் பொலியும் வேற்கண்ணாள்
    பங்கன் புயங்கன் அருளமுதம்
ஆரப் பருகி ஆராத
    ஆர்வங் கூர அழுந்துவீர்
போரப் புரிமின் சிவன்கழற்கே
    பொய்யிற் கிடந்து புரளாதே.

O ye who know no satiety having abundantly quaffed the nectar of divine grace,
conferred by Our God whose jewels are serpents and who is concorporate With Her
whose eyes gleam like the martial spear !
Do not slip into the phenomenal ways and wallow In falsity.
Keep straight your Mind and constantly contemplate the ankleted feet of Siva with a view to gaining them.


Arunachala Siva.

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