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18.  O Lord of Parvati, eulogized by the celestial beings and extolled by the Vedas  Thy thought alone grants
me freedom.   Thy feet alone can be the sole asylum for those wallowing in the quagmire of worldliness.
What other duty can one have than contemplating on them?

19.  O Bharga, dispenser of light!  For those whose feet are locked in the clutches of relative existence
Thy world expunging feet are the sole means of release.  Recitation of Thy name wards off hosts of sin
and evil.  Thy glance of grace is an expert dispeller of misery.

20.  O Viswanatha, Lord of the Universe, sporting Brahma's skull in Thy hand!  In the campaign against
the demonic Tripurasuras Thou hast used the Mount Meru as the bow and the eagle mounted Vishnu
as the arrow, and regaled openly as the Vedas that transformed into horses neighed aloud while
pulling the earth chariot.

21.  O Parvati's better half!  There is no end to Thy glories.  It is by a great fortune that one acquires
the love for union with Thee.  Not to be capable of contemplating Thee is foolishness.  By meditating
within on Thy feet which bestow protection, one transcends the deadly life cycle by the annihilation of

22.  Fount of auspiciousness, O Sambhu!  Let my mind rejoice in identifying with Thee. Let this dusty
Universe be filled with the holy dust of Thy feet.  Glory be to the acts of wearing of sacred bead rudrakshas
and sacred ash - bhasma - which are praised by the Vedas.  Constant mental association with Thy
holy feet reaps a rich harvest of bliss.


Arunachala Siva. 

57. It is only the One Supreme Reality that appears as the three, namely the world, God and the
Soul.  But asserting thus as a doctrine is not Right Awareness. Right Awareness is just the death of the ego.

58.  Indifferent to the actual experience of the Real Self, the sectarians affirm their dogmas with fanatical
vehemence, saying 'There is a Reality', 'There is none', 'It has form', 'It is formless', 'It is One', 'It is two fold',
'It is neither'. 

59.  There is no end to logical discussions, for logic does not come to rest anywhere.  The Supreme transcends
the world. How can it be known by the logical mind?

60. Since the Sage has no creed of His own, He never engages in useless discussions.  All creeds are approved of by Him. He does not seek to unsettle the faith of anyone.

61.  Therefore, the aspirant should, with a mind at peace, cease from hatred of other faiths and from all
disputation and engage in sadhana as taught by his own faith, intent on winning Deliverance.


Arunachala Siva.           

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« on: April 30, 2016, 09:37:46 AM »
Verse 342:

திருவாலங் காடுறையுஞ்
   செல்வர்தாம் எனச்சிறப்பின்
ஒருவாத பெருந்திருத்தாண்
   டகம்முதலாம் ஓங்குதமிழ்ப்
பெருவாய்மைத் தொடைமாலை
   பலபாடிப் பிறபதியும்
மருவார்வம் பெறவணங்கி
   வடதிசைமேல் வழிக்கொள்வார்.

"He is the opulent One of Tiruvalankadu!"
Thus he hailed Him in ever-glorious Tandakam great
And many other supremely truthful garlands of Tamizh;
In great devotion, he hailed the Lord in the other
Shrines, and moved northward.   

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: April 30, 2016, 09:35:51 AM »
Verse  341:

அம்மலர்சீர்ப் பதியைஅகன்
   றயல்உளவாம் பதிஅனைத்தின்
மைம்மருவுங் களத்தாரை
   வணங்கிமகிழ் வொடும்போற்றி
மெய்ம்மைநிலை வழுவாத
   வேளாள விழுக்குடிமைச்
செம்மையினார் பழையனூர்த்
   திருஆல வனம்பணிந்தார்.

He left the beauteous town and adored the Lord
Whose throat is blue with the hue of poison
In all His nearby shrines in delight great;
He reached and adored Pazhaiyanoor Tiruvalankadu
Where abide the noble members of the glorious clan
Who never swerve from truth, ever-poised
In the way, lofty and sublime.

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: April 30, 2016, 09:33:25 AM »
Verse 340:

முந்திமூ வெயில்எய்த
   முதல்வனார் எனவெடுத்துச்
சிந்தைகரைந் துருகுதிருக்
   குறுந்தொகையும் தாண்டகமும்
சந்தநிறை நேரிசையும்
   முதலான தமிழ்பாடி
எந்தையார் திருவருள்பெற்
   றேகுவார் வாகீசர்.

?He, the First One, burnt the triple cities of yore!?
Thus he oped the heart-melting hymn;
Songs in Tirukkuruntokai
Tandakam, metrical Tirunerisai full of rhythm
And other psalms in Tamizh he melodized, and blessed
With the grace of Our Father he desired to march onward.   

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: April 30, 2016, 09:31:24 AM »
Verse  339:

திருப்பாசூர் நகரெய்திச்
   சிந்தையினில் வந்தூறும்
விருப்பார்வம் மேற்கொள்ள
   வேயிடங்கொண் டுலகுய்ய
இருப்பாரைப் புரமூன்றும்
   எரித்தருள எடுத்ததனிப்
பொருப்பார்வெஞ் சிலையாரைத்
   தொழுதெழுந்து போற்றுவார்.

When he reached Tiruppasoor, the love in his mind
Began to swell as ardent devotion; for the deliverance
Of the world the Lord is there enshrined in a bamboo;
He adored the Lord who burnt the triple cities
Sparing in the process the lives of three devotees,
Prostrated before Him and rose up.   

Arunachala Siva.

General topics / Re: Tevaram - Some select verses.
« on: April 30, 2016, 09:29:33 AM »
Verse  338:

அங்குறையு நாளின்கண்
   அருகுளவாம் சிவாலயங்கள்
எங்குஞ்சென் றினிதிறைஞ்சி
   ஏத்துமவர் இறையருளால்
பொங்குபுனல் திருவொற்றி
    யூர்தொழுது போந்துமையாள்
பங்குடையார் அமர்ந்ததிருப்
   பாசூராம் பதியணைந்தார்.

During his days of sojourn, he visited many
Beatific shrines of Siva and adored the Lord there
In love; Him of Tiruvotriyoor he hailed;
Blessed with His grace he departed from Tiruvotriyoor
Well-endowed with the wealth of water; he came
To Tiruppasoor the Lord of which shares Uma in His frame.   

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: April 30, 2016, 09:27:01 AM »
Verse 337:

விளங்குபெருந் திருமுன்றில்
   மேவுதிருப் பணிசெய்தே
உளங்கொள்திரு விருத்தங்கள்
   ஓங்குதிருக் குறுந்தொகைகள்
களங்கொள்திரு நேரிசைகள்
   பலபாடிக் கைதொழுது
வளங்கொள்திருப் பதியதனில்
   பலநாள்கள் வைகினார்.

He rendered service divine in the vast and beauteous
Yard resplendent; he sang many adorable
Kuruntokais and Tiruviruttams treasured by all hearts;
He melodized Tirunerisais in full throated ease;
He adored the Lord with his hands, and sojourned
In that city of foison for full many a day.

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: April 30, 2016, 09:23:16 AM »
Verse 336:

வண்டோங்கு செங்கமலம்
   எனஎடுத்து மனமுருகப்
பண்தோய்ந்த சொற்றிருத்தாண்
   டகம்பாடிப் பரவுவார்
விண்தோய்ந்த புனற்கங்கை
   வேணியார் திருவுருவங்
கண்டோங்கு களிசிறப்பக்
   கைதொழுது புறத்தணைந்தார்.

"Lotuses buzzed over by bees!"* Thus he oped his divine
Tandakam which he hymned in melodic words;
Thus he hailed the Lord and in bliss beheld
The form divine of the Lord in whose matted hair
Courses the celestial flood, the Ganga; his hands
Folded in adoration; he then moved out.   

(*Padigam 6 Song 45)

Arunachala Siva.

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« on: April 30, 2016, 09:21:23 AM »
Verse  335:

எழுதாத மறைஅளித்த
   எழுத்தறியும் பெருமானைத்
தொழுதார்வ முறநிலத்தில்
   தோய்ந்தெழுந்தே அங்கமெலாம்
முழுதாய பரவசத்தின்
   முகிழ்த்தமயிர்க் கால்மூழ்க
விழுதாரை கண்பொழிய
   விதிர்ப்புற்று விம்மினார்.

He hailed the Lord Ezhutthu Ariyum Peruman,
He prostrated flat before the Lord and rose up;
His body thrilled in its every pore; his hair
Stood erect; his eyes showered tears and he
Experienced an ecstatic mysterium tremendum.

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse  334:

திருநாவுக் கரசரும்அத்
   திருவொற்றி யூர்அமர்ந்த
பெருநாகத் திண்சிலையார்
   கோபுரத்தை இறைஞ்சிப்புக்
கொருஞானத் தொண்டருடன்
   உருகிவலங் கொண்டடியார்
கருநாமந் தவிர்ப்பாரைக்
   கைதொழுது முன்வீழ்ந்தார்.

Tirunavukkarasar adored the entrance-tower
Of the shrine of Tiruvotriyoor where is enshrined
The Lord who wields the sturdy hill as His martial bow;
With devotees blessed with the wisdom of Oneness
He moved in and made his sacred round in melting love;
He folded his hands in adoration of the Lord
Who will, for sure, end the very name of embodiment.

Arunachala Siva.

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Verse  333:

ஒற்றியூர் வளநகரத்
   தொளிமணிவீ திகள்விளக்கி
நற்கொடிமா லைகள்பூகம்
   நறுங்கதலி நிரைநாட்டிப்
பொற்குடங்கள் தூபங்கள்
   தீபங்கள் பொலிவித்து
மற்றவரை எதிர்கொண்டு
   கொடுபுக்கார் வழித்தொண்டர்.

Devotees poised in servitorship made the beauteous streets
Of Tiruvotriyoor the lustrous city of uberty, still more
Resplendent; they decked it with streamers,
Garlands, bunches of areca and goodly plantains
In exquisite order; they filled with water
Pots of gold; they lit lamps and arranged them in rows;
They burnt frankincense; thus they received Vakeesar.

Arunachala Siva.


Once Swami Rajeswarananda had planned to take a big party of pilgrims with Bhagavan in their midst.  Bhagavan Ramana said:  "I did not consent to go and the thing had to be dropped.  What is there I
could go and see?  I see nothing.  What is the use of my going anywhere? Nothing can be seen by me. 'Paarthal Ondrum Terihiradhu Illai'."

This is one of the self-revealing statements which escape Bhagavan's lips. 

The following remarks were also made by Bhagavan, on the same night.

"The Jnani sees he is the Self and it is on that Self, as the screen that the various cinema-pictures
of what is called the world pass.  He remains unaffected by the shadows which play on the surface
of that screen.  See with the physical eye, and you see the world.  See with the eye
of realization, everything appears as the Self, Brahma-mayam."

"To see an object that is in the dark, both the eye and the light of the lamp are required.  To see
the light only the eye is enough.  But to see the Sun, there is no need of any other light.

(Source: Day by Day, Devaraja Mudaliar, 21st November

Arunachala Siva.   

Let us ask the Physicist:

I go to the Physicist.  "Sir, What is the reality you are looking for?'  He says:  'We want to know how the cosmos
began and how it is evolving. We want to know why the world is just this way?'  I ask: 'Sir, how will you find out?'  He says:  'We know that all the matter of the universe was condensed into a small sphere.  We call it black hole, because at that density not even light could escape its gravitational hold. Then it exploded in what we call Big Bang.  The expansion since then is being measured and charted.  But we are clueless as to what happened in the first 1/10000th of a second. What triggered the Big Bang and how?  If we knew that, we could unravel the whole of creation.'  'Sir', I ask, 'When did the Big Bang happen?'

The Physicist says: 'The question is inadmissible.  Time start at the Big Bang, which is a singularity.  There is
no prior event at this horizon, so there is no prior time.'  'Sir, why do you need the time factor at all?'
He says:  'We study the play of cosmic forces like gravity, electricity, and radiation on matter.  We need time
to measure velocity and acceleration.'

I am beginning to feel isolated.  I feel let down.  Time has personal connotation for me.  I feel the subjective
need for memory in order to be the person that I am, to preserve my personal identity -  and this memory
needs time to establish continuity.  The consciousness in me is what confirms to me the existence of the universe.  The relevance of scientific inquiry has its focus on me.  My watch ticks with mechanical precision
but the watch has no need to know the time.  I wear the watch so that I may know the time. I have a purpose.
There is no purpose in the material frame.

More recently, physics, moving beyond Newton's determinations into quantum uncertainty, has included an
'observer' in the equations of the observed.  The word 'observer'  in the language of common usage has implied reference to a conscious entity, and leads to an erroneous assumption.  In truth, the physicist's observer is a machine, not a human.  The physicist does not talk of life or of consciousness.  Agreed he deals only with
dead matter and dead energies. If consciousness was only about feeling, about pain, emotion, or muscular
response, physics could disclaim any involvement with it.  But as time (unlike matter) is a concept and as
concepts are the exclusive domain of consciousness, how can physics distance itself from the inquiry into
consciousness?  Time will catch up with the physicist!


Arunachala Siva.                             

We could guess that from the fact that he and his wife came to the East seeking knowledge at a time when
such behavior was not only fashionable, but considered by family and friends in Europe as, at best, eccentric,
at worst mad.  Arthur had brilliant academic career, and was being groomed as a don for All Souls, the elite
college at Oxford, when he turned back on that scholastic tradition.  He saw early that the world of the mind
was inadequate for the task of understanding the meaning of life.  He searched for a position which would
aid him to find the time and leisure to pursue his own interests.  He had two offers.  The first, an  archaeological college in Palestine and the second, with British Council in Poland. He took up the latter. It was destiny as it was there he met and married Ludka Lipszyc, as she was then known.  She was a kindred spirit and was fortunately endowed with many qualities which he lacked.  Where he was an idealist and a scholar, she was practical and down to earth.  She came from a line of Jewish scholars and deeply respected Arthur's fine intellect. She was fluent in sis languages and he was in at least four, including Arabic.  Together they forged a bond that gave them the strength to face and accept all the vicissitudes to which they were subjected in the next thirty four years.


Arunachala Siva.           

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