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Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi is the Absolute Truth.  HE IS.
Brahman just is and exhibits no emotions.  It is beyond good
and evil, pain and pleasure, joy and sorrow.  But when He was
in His body, Bhagavan has exhibited certain extreme emotions of
sorrowful tears and joyful tears.  When Mother Alagamma merged
in the Self, He is said to have to remarked, 'Let us go and eat.'  But,
He had shed profuse tears, when Echammal brought her destitute
grandson Ramana, and placed him on His laps!  Similarly, when He
was reading Arunachala Puranam (Tamil), and when the chapter,
where Sadananda, son of Sage Gautama, came to his father and
reported the arrival of Uma to their cottage in Arunachala Hill, came,
Bhagavan is reported to have shed joy-ful tears and stopped reading
and kept away the book!  I want my fellow-Forum members to give
their views on this.  I know only some half-answer, but that is later. 

Bhagavan Ramana is the Absolute Truth.  But,  He insisted on the
contextual truths to drive home the devotees to the Absolute Truth.
For example, when devotees were circumambulating the Old Hall,
He did not like it.  He said that the best way is to circumambulate the
Self within.  But when someone asked, why, He then circumambulated
the Hill, He had simply smiled.  Again, he is above caste and creed. But
food was served in Ashram, with two separate rows for 'brahmins'
and others.  In fact, some 'brahmins' did not take the second helping,
because the food had already been served to others!  Muruganar had
written a beautiful poem called 'Ucchishta Vaibhavam',  when he
was prevented from taking food in Bhagavan's plate, because the
food brought by Keerai Patti, had been served there.  Similarly,
he did not consent when someone came to Him, saying that he
wanted to take up sannyasa.  But when someone asked Him, why,
He then left the household to come to Arunachala,  He is said to
have remarked in Tamil :  'Oh, this is kicking me within!". 
I request the fellow-Forum members to send their view on this.     

Pages: 1 ... 230 231 232 233 234 235 236 237 238 239 [240]