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Hello all,
I am new here, and I'm thrilled that there is such a forum, wish I'd known about it a year ago, but whatever. I have been "familiar" with Ramana Maharshi's self-enquiry for about a year now and have read quite a lot about and by him and by people like Nisargadatta and Papaji etc.
One aspect of it all confuses me and I have never gotten a satisfactory answer to it. Maybe someone here can help.
On the one hand we are told to be still and quiet, to just be, and on the other hand we are told to look for the seeker or the sense of "I". But this seems like a contradiction to me since if I'm seeking I am not being quiet and still and if I am quiet and still I am not seeking. Is it that we switch between actively looking for the seeker and being quiet or do I have a basic misunderstanding of the whole thing.
Thanks in advance,

Dear Andy,

Just BE what you ARE. Don't analyse, don't try to understand intellectually, just keep your attention on you. That simple!

The best book to understand Sri Ramana's teaching is, in my opinion, The Path of Ramana (book 1) by Sri Sadhu Om.

Read it slowly and a few times.


Dear non duel, srkudai, Gangaal, Sankar,  We are all going
round and round the snake, because we are yet to see the rope!
Where is the tenth man, by the way?

Arunachala Siva.

Sitting with Sri Ramana on Arunachala and laughing out loud .... ::)

Dear non duel, Sankar, srkudai,  The delusion or avidya or
ignorance can be empirical knowledge.  Knowledge is Self
Knowledge.  The empirical knowledge of snake, is delusion
avidya, ignorance.  When rope is seen, it is Self Knowledge.
The loss of necklace or the drowning of the 'tenth man' is
again empirical knowledge.  Finding the necklace around one's
own neck and 'seeing the tenth man alive' is Self Knowledge.

Dear non duel, the Self is definitely not beyond knowledge.
It is Knowledge.
Self is neither delusion nor knowledge in its empirical sense.
Self is Knowledge.

Arunachala Siva.

Dear Subramanian-ji,

My use of knowledge was in the dualistic sense. The duo of knowledge and ignorance. Thus Self is beyond knowledge in that way. I make a distinction between nonduel's knowledge (snake) and Self-knowledge (rope).

No no... its not non-duel's delusion ... coz non-duel knows it to be one with himself

 ;) ;D

Dear Subramanian-ji,

My preceeding reply could be elaborated upon. It is from avidya that vidya arrises. Vidya is Self, avidya is nonduel's knowledge.

Your posts Naishkarmya Siddhi - (29 and others) for example talks of this.

If one goes further, is it nonduel's "knowledge" that eventually leads him to vidya, or is it Grace from Self ? We are back to prarabdha!

There is only Self, one without another. Thus is there any knowledge and/or ignorance?

Sri Ramana said that when one loves the teaching and Self-Enquiry, it shows that Grace is flowing from Self. Although the tree has numerous leaves (Jivas) there is only one tree (Self) and the sap is the same.

Dear non duel,  Or could it be non duel's Knowledge?

Arunachala Siva. 

Dear Subramanian-ji,

Yes! Knowledge is also delusion, Self is beyond knowledge.

What nonduel "sees" and interpret is nonduel's delusion.

General Discussion / Re: Indian Cuisine
« on: September 12, 2008, 02:35:29 AM »
Gobi Dal - Lentils with Cauliflower
1/2     pound     masoor dal     (pink lentils)
1    small    cauliflower florets    
2    medium    onions    finely chopped
1/2    cup    ghee (clarified butter)    or oil
1    teaspoon    red pepper flakes    ground
2    teaspoons    black pepper    freshly ground
1/2    tablespoon    cumin    ground
1/2    tablespoon    coriander    ground
2    teaspoons    turmeric    ground
1/2    each    lemon    juice of
2 1/2    cups    chicken broth (I use a veg stock cube)   
2    ounces    dessicated coconut    
1/2    tablespoon    flour, all-purpose    
1    teaspoon    salt    
4    ounces    cashew nuts    raw


Wash the lentils well and drain.

Heat the ghee or oil in a large saucpan and fry the onions.

When they soften add the chili, pepper, cumin, coriander, and turmeric.

Stir in well and cook for 30 seconds or so.

Add the lentils.

Stir well to ensure that each grain is coated and add the lemon juice.

Cut the cauliflower into small florets and add to the pan.

Add the chicken stock and the coconut.

Bring to the boil and simmer for 20 minutes.

Mix the flour with some of the liquid to form a smooth paste and stir into the saucepan.

Add the salt and cashews.

Cook a further 5-10 minutes until the lentils have formed a thick sauce.

This dish is a complete meal in itself when served with plain boiled rice.

This is my favorite recipe... 

Dear KDE,

I had everything except the lentils which I bought today.  I have just finished eating your meal. Really, really good.  And HOT!

My scalp is still perspiring. Very easy to make and cook.

If you have other recipes, go ahead.

I've bought a few items to cook one of Subramanian-ji's recipe which I will try in the following days.

Thank you again,

Arunachala Siva

General Discussion / Re: Inidan cuisine - (2)
« on: September 09, 2008, 10:22:48 PM »

I think everyone will appreciate reading this short text by a devotee of Sri Ramana, called "Self Enquiry, its method and its fruits"

Arunachala Siva

General Discussion / Re: Inidan cuisine - (2)
« on: September 09, 2008, 05:35:26 PM »
Dear Subramanian-ji,

I have tamarind paste. The bindis, could they be Okhra? Also called gumbas I think. Once cut it looks like a weel inside.

General Discussion / Re: Indian Cuisine
« on: September 08, 2008, 06:02:32 PM »
Thank you all,

Spices aren't too bad for nonduel's stomach, but not as spicy as all of you. I believe that you are all used to eat very hot spicy food. The butter chicken recipe is from "Mamta's kitchen" (link below).  I have made it with chicken, vege chicken and even with tofu and it is very good. I have doubled the Garam masala and it is even better.

This is the recipe that made me love Indian cuisine.

Dear Subramanian-ji, my stomach has more problem with beans. maybe I should be more specific and say that the people around me share the results  :-[

I make my Garam masala also from Mamta. I've added this masala to many other dishs and it flavours like nothing else. What is very special, is that although it contains a mixture of spices that one would think would taste very peculiar like cloves and cinnamon, the overall taste is fantastic.

The vegetarian "chicken" is from the Gardein company:

My first recipes were from Mamta's web site:

Arunachala Siva

Dear All,

I would like to add one thing to this discussion. I do not want to leave the impression that no "effort" is needed. Keeping the mind one-pointedness on the self, requires an effort, as everyone here knows. Once the "I-thought" is disolved in the Self, then no effort is necessary.

The discussion on "difficult" is to nonduel, to destroy such thoughts as soon as they come, because they are from the ego and only the ego can do, work, try...

General Discussion / Re: Indian Cuisine
« on: September 07, 2008, 07:20:43 PM »
Dear non duel, My replies to your preparation of Indian cuisines
are not yet ready.  There are a few difficulties.  One, I am a
total vegetarian, I do not take even vegetarian eggs and chicken,
if there are ones.  Secondly, most of the Indian spices and seasonings
are 'Indian' and a correct English translations may be difficult.
Thirdly, I do not know cooking myself, hence I have to borrow
the ideas from my wife, "digest" them and then write to you.
Let me try.

Arunachala Siva.   

Dear Subramanian-ji,

The vegetarian chicken, I mentioned, is made from different products and does not contains meat. I am not completely vegetarian, although that we are striving to be. It isn't easy, since I have been brought up since birth in eating meat, as all family, friends who have the same diet.

Just give me the Indian name for the spices. I have a very good seller of world spices which knows almost all of them by their name of origine.

I do not want to impose this demand Dear Subramanian, do not worry if it isn't possible. I will love you nevertheless  ;D

General Discussion / Re: Indian Cuisine
« on: September 07, 2008, 07:11:04 PM »
Dear Raju-ji,

You are welcome to visit me and taste my butter "chicken". I also make a chicken Ticka, about which, I read that it is in fact a recipe that is almost unknown in India, but was made by an Indonisia chef for the palate of British.

I found those recipes through the web, and started to make the Garam Masala, which I now use for many dishes. I know that there are as many Masala as there are families. My wife isn't a good cook, really!  This is why I do the cooking at prarabdha  :-\

I just visited the site you mentionned,

Thank you for sharing eventually some recipes. I would appreciate some masala also.

Arunanchala Siva

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