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Arunachala / Health warning to travellers
« on: October 29, 2006, 04:08:24 PM »
Visitors to Tiruvannamalai and to India in general should be aware of the current epidemics and health dangers that are prevalent today.

There are a number of mosquito-borne diseases that are gaining ground over the efforts to contain them.

1/ Chikun Kunya/Gunya

This is a very debilitating disease now spreading throughout India. The symptoms are a very high fever of 105/106 farenheight, painful or itching body rash and severe pain in the joints.

This virus is self-limiting, lasting about 15 days, but the after-effects can last for months or years.

2/ Dengue fever

This is a far more serious illness, which if not treated properly, can lead to hemorrhagic fever and death. The symptoms are almost the same as for chikun kunya.

You can find details of this disease on the web.

3/ Malaria

This is becoming very widespread throughout Tamil Nadu. There are hundreds of new cases in Tiruvannamalai every year.

If caught quickly there are allopathic medicines which can destroy the parasite, but they are very toxic to the body. There are also herbal remedies which work perfectly and have no side-effects.

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