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Hi Friends,
         For all of us , whether we are students of Vedanta or whether we are seeking worldly success, its important that we gather our minds together and sharpen them so that they could be used effectively. Most often, our minds are not really with us. Let me take a simple example: Swami Vivekananda says "Be Strong" but then a "weakness" overtakes us and we are gone for a toss. The teaching is correct but we are not really in a position to "own it up" because our minds are not with us. To assimilate the teaching we need to introduce certain simple sadhanas into our daily practice. Daily practice is absolutely important and very basic. In this thread I will be presenting a few simple techniques / articles /videos on useful daily practices. In my opinion, any of these [or a combination, one can try some variation] can be of immense benefit in assimilating self knowledge. These are very elementary but "regular" practice of these simple and elementary techniques can transform our lives in big ways and also make assimilation of knowledge very easy.

Here I would also like to present some modern research findings on the effects of meditation and other  miscellaneous stuff.


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