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Cautionary advice / Re: Depression, despair and hopelessness in sadhana
« on: September 11, 2014, 05:01:11 PM »
Dear ksksat-ji,

Namaste, and thank you for very much for your kind response, which I have seen only just now!  I am extremely sorry for the late response- it is because I don't visit the forum very regularly.  Thank you for your kind words.  But I am afraid I am by no means in a position to inspire anyone, except perhaps to be more earnest & patient than me! 

For inspiration, I believe seekers could find no better example than the many sincere and long-time devotees who have given their lives to the path of self enquiry- many of them are documented so well in the books published by the ashrama at various times ( e.g., Ramana Periya Purana).  I myself am always drawn to the lives of devotees for inspiration and encouragement. Here in our Forum we are fortunate to have Sri Graham & so many others.  It might perhaps be useful if they could be persuaded to share their struggles & experiences in a thread-  although I feel most of them are likely to prefer remaining in the background.   Though the struggle can seem so lonely, yet it is surely of some comfort to remember that many have walked this path successfully, and are doing so even now.  I think that is why satsanga like this Forum is such a boon to us. 


Though it is now quite late-since the thread began in 2009- I would like to express my deep gratitude to Graham.  Since I first joined the Forum about 1 year ago, I have returned to this thread, especially his original post, time and again, whenever I have found myself once again in doubt & despair.  I am sure over the years there will be many others like me who will draw reassurance and comfort from this, in what must always ultimately be a lonely & often heart-breaking struggle.

Thank you for the reply, sir.  I browsed through my digital copy of the Talks but could not find the quote so far.  I shall keep looking.  If you or some other member finds the exact reference, I shall be grateful if they share it here.

On the second point, I just now found a conversation which I am sharing here for future reference of anybody who views this thread later (there are several similar quotes scattered through the literature, including the Talks):

I felt that I was not making spiritual progress, so I once asked Bhagavan, "How many times will I have to be born to get jnana?"

Bhagavan answered, "There are no factors like time and distance. In one hour we dream that many days and years have passed by. Don't you see in a cinema film mere shadows being transformed into great seas, mountains and buildings. The world is not outside you. The small world that is in the mind appears as a big world outside. The annihilation of the mind is jnana."

~ Rangan (from Face to Face with Sri Ramana Maharshi)

Namaste all

I remember reading in different places Maharshi's comments on the role that time plays in the "process" of self-realisation (for want of a better word), in two different contexts, and wanted to trace the exact statements and sources:

1) Responding to some people's account of his own "awakening" experience, that it lasted half an hour (or some such duration).  His response, as I recall, was something like "It's a lie.  Maybe (?) minutes.  No, not even that-where does time enter in this!"  Can anyone here recall the exact statement, and its source?

2) In the larger context of the supposed role of time in sadhana.  Many seekers lament their slow progress, some even despair if, at the rate they are going, they will ever make it, etc.  I believe there are many statements in the scriptures which suggest that it takes several lifetimes even to acquire the necessary qualifications for the enquiry or sadhana.  At several places, Maharshi seems to have refuted this idea, or at least advised seekers not to be limited by such beliefs

I hope you will excuse me if this seems too vague or elementary!

Thank you again sir  :)

Namaste from a new member, and many thanks for sharing this!

Somehow, just now looking at devotees' accounts of their experiences with Maharshi, I found several references to Katya Osborne & her brother, Adam.  Adam Osborne is, I think not nearly as well known in India as his sister.  I wanted to share this link to Adam Osborne's obituary from the New York Times, March 26, 2003, which gives some details of his quite remarkable career, and also mentions his growing up in the ashram:

PS:  Just after posting this, I found this more detailed account of his career & life after the ashram days:

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