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The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Free will
« on: August 01, 2013, 02:45:42 PM »
Hallo everybody!
I whas reading one evening & encounterd an obstacle.
Ramana said
that everything is predetermined en there is no free will 
for the adjnani.
with that exception that one can do self enquiry right?
Now when doing self enquiry in whatever situation
it does heave effect on the individual,
because he no longer identify with whatever happening.
and finds peace of mind & doesn't care any longer. (he thinks everyting is as it should be)
and sometimes doesn't act/react at all.
If he wouldn't heave done self enquiry in that situation 
he might feel miserable & things would turn out differently.
So a person has the choice to do or do not self inquiryand it has his influence on many platform.
how can you say then everything is predetermine & there is no free will?

I like the statement of schopenhauer wich accompanys Ramana's opinion
You can do what you will, but you can not will what you will

i'm stuck in the self inquiry by free will part.
If it's true it would blow the "predetermined & no free will " part down i guess

I hope someone would like the share another view about this.

thank you very much!


" yes , thats what "I" mean " ....... ha ha ha ha ha
the "I" , "illusions" , subjects objects , egos , achievements , problems , ways to follow ..... these all come and go "IN" who you really are, what never changes . they are not who you are .  they are not separate from you , but are included in you .

Yes. :) 

    even the "i" thought
    then see who you are without them

Who is there to see :) ?


Yes that's what i mean,
the illusion of subject & object remains, whatever the ego or mind achieves,
however if the mind "curls up" after all,  it shouldn't be a problem or even a good way to follow for the mind ?

Thank you all very much!
The help means alot


The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Question on who am I
« on: June 21, 2013, 06:25:13 PM »
If I ask
"Who am I ?"
The I thought or ego vanishes immediatly,
What is left the mind cannot discribe,
but it is still a "conception" from the mind.

I see it this way:
A golden ring cannot exist without the gold,
one who sees only the ring independent from gold, is only seeing illusion.
But one who sees the ring as dependent from gold, or the ring being gold itselve sees the truth.
Whenever you bend the ring or even melt it, the gold stays the same.

So the substratum of toughts, ego or wathever is the selve.
So by shrinking the variability of forms of  the mind to only one tought (in my case the imagined self)
& fixing all atention to it should make it more easely to see where that tought is made from.
(because there are no other toughts to destract ones attention.)
But even when that is found it is still a tought, imagined. ?

The self should be beyond toughts, so how could you eventually see it with the mind?
I think you cannot.
So how to realise the selve without the mind?
I've read it is realised by itselve, But for realisation the the Self should heave a mind
and the only mind the Self got is the one in the jivas?

Or is the mind becomming the Self (wich actually allready was)by fixing it to an imagined Self,
Or in other words only what was real about the mind "the Self" remains
By keeping the mind one pointed?

I hope someone can help me with these obstacles

Thank you very much!

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