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The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: Mind doesn't cooperate
« on: November 01, 2019, 08:45:45 PM »
Treat awareness as an apparent object and let awareness focus on itself. Try this throughout the day when free from compulsory mental activity. If you face some difficulty just say l, I with feeling in a way which you feel is correct.Keep saying this simple mantra I, I and as Bhagavan has said, this itself will take you to the goal.
Practice cheerfully since the practice is itself the goal and Bhagavan who is veritably our self and equally the supreme self is ever there watching you, guiding you in your own pace as per your nature and fitness,as the Sri Ramana Maharshi of old minus the restraints imposed on him by his physical body.

General topics / Who is Sri Ramana?
« on: October 26, 2019, 12:47:57 PM »
For long I was confused with how to relate to Shri Ramana now that he is no longer in the body.
Then I realised that the supreme being himself had taken birth as Shri Ramana.
So all his acts while in the body and later appearing in the dreams of devotees etc were the act of the supreme Being himself so Shri Ramana and the supreme Being are synonyms-didnt Bhagawan himself say so.
Then a question may arise how matters stood prior to Bhagawans death experience.
The supreme being out of supreme compassion chose to forget himself and demonstrated ordinary living and then self enquiry for the benefit of mankind and later how to live the spiritual life while still doing what it takes.
So friends when no sadhana is working, one will definitely work. Say Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Ramana and then focus on the origin of the mantra.
Bhagawan is there waiting to pull you towards him.But  there again who is making us recite the mantra?Isn't it he himself? 😌

Bhagavan suggested the Japa of Arunachala Siva and if accompanied by a feeling of devotion it becomes even more effective. Essentially the japa is also a way to be in constant remembrance of Arunachala - 'Smaranad Arunachalam'. The hill is the physical manifestation of the Supreme being/Supreme Self who dvelves in all of us or God or Saguna Brahman and remembering him slowly removes our impurities and makes us more receptive to his grace. Once, we come under the ambit of his grace we are assured of liberation from the transmigration cycle - perhaps in a few births or this birth depends on our pakva or fitness.But the very name of Arunachala falling into our ears means emancipation is just around the corner .Regds, Anand.

General Discussion / Any devotees in or around Saligramam, Chennai
« on: September 08, 2019, 11:22:54 AM »
Dear friends,
If there are any devotees residing in or around Saligramam,Chennai,India and would be interested in spiritual conversation on Bhagavan and related topics please message me .
Thanks, Anand.

As Krishnan has said praying to Bhagavan and Arunachala will definitely help. Bhagavan and Arunachala may alter the events or give you the strength to cope up with the same.
We should express the problem to Bhagavan and Arunachala and without getting into intellectual complexities, go about doing the needful vis a vis the problem. Having put the problem in their court , we should try to keep our mind at peace,yet doing what we feel  it takes.
Since the issues are  events in a dream like world which we call maya without any inherent strength or substance  , whatever transpires later should be considered as Bhagavans grace and peace be tenaciously held,onto, even if events seemingly dont go in our favour.
The events will pass on as passing clouds on the screen of our consciousness or peace which is its nature.

The importance of this forum and similar forums is to somehow imbibe the practice of focussing on the ' I am' feeling ' even amidst seemingly turbulent happenings in the outside world. Many thanks to Ravi Sir and Udai Sir for repeatedly emphasing this else where and here as well as other learned members through other posts. As far as the morning practice is concerned, even if the natural biological necessity is there, we should still try to get a few seconds of silence before proceeding since Bhagwan advocated this strongly. Some possible steps could be to reduce water intake just before going to sleep and getting a grip on diabetic condition.We could even in the process of fulfilling this biological necessity, try to focus on the I am. But we should somehow try to remind ourselves of the I am feeling through out the day which itself should be enough and drive us to a deeper practice. Hence we should reread the forum messages of these members who have been able to practice in the midst of their day to activities, and try to internalise this practice.Every post or a reply including the cryptic one liners of our beloved 'Beloved Abstract' is Bhagawans grace to us to spur us to remember the I am.

Dear friends,One of the simplest self enquiry practices informed by Ramana Maharshi  is as under. Just after waking up naturally in the morning,preferably  without an alarm, say weekends spend a few minutes quietly in the feeling of existence ie your feeling of I am for which no one else need point out to you. Repeated practice will help you recognize this feeling even in your day to day work affairs and you feel this under current of peace even during the trials and tribulations of day to day existence.i feel we can practice this even after siestas that we sometimes take in the afternoons. There has to be a firm determination before going to sleep,to hold onto the I am after waking and abiding in it.Just remember to spend a few moments of quiet silence, before embarking on the work required to be done next.All of us are intrinsically divine, and this exercise reminds us  just that.

General topics / Re: Karmayoga Doubt
« on: March 01, 2019, 08:11:25 PM »
Bhagavan has informed that except times involving compulsory mental activity as needed whether at work or at home, self enquiry should be practiced at all other times.

General topics / Re: All Thoughts Are Lies
« on: February 18, 2019, 08:36:00 PM »
Yes, All thoughts are concepts. They need to die. When the thoughts are weak, the Brahma Astra of Bhagavan should be used to whom are these thoughts, me, who am I. Then there is silence. Till the next thought. The battle goes on, guided by our real nature-or Arunachala or Bhagawan- till there is finally no thought. Silence reigns, peace reigns. All beings born and yet to be born will take this journey. But is there a journey.? Are we always that? Then what about the world around us.? Our pain, trials and tribulations. Is it all a mono act play ,enacted by us out of delusion, till it persists?

General topics / Smaranad Arunachalam
« on: February 16, 2019, 06:59:35 AM »
Dear friends, Along with the efforts on self enquiry we should also whenever time permits, read about the exploits of the Lord of Arunachala as mentioned in Arunachala Purana and Arunachala Mahatyam.
This cuts across all religions since the Lord of Arunachala is the one Almighty supreme Being and his stories associated with  mother Parvati stories, are of the non dual being aspect and active aspect of the one supreme Being, names being incidental.
The stories purify us and can take us to liberation in their own right. Smaranad Arunachala or remembering Arunachala always should be our parallel sadhana in unrealising our untrue nature. Regards to all. Even if we are repeatedly born, only to read about the exploits of the Lord of Arunachala, even salvation cannot compare with this joy.

Dear friends,

I will like to solicit feedback from various members like Subramanian Sir,Anil Sir(vide his post on self enquiry),Udai Sir,RAvi Sir,Krishnan to name a few ,and all others in this esteemed forum .Everybody's feedback is vital and requested , since each all of you ,being intrinsically divine ,have much to offer in terms of  some facets of how the divine operates in this.

I take reference to Bhagavan's instruction to Ms.M.A.Piggott wherein Bhagavan asks every thought to be killed at the root through self enquiry(pl refer the ashram's publication - Fragrant petals) .In the same conversation he asks one to live in the present,throwing all worries to the divine.I take reference to numerous other conversations of Bhagavan on surrender.

Of course as Bhagavan has said that all surrender is like removing a piece of jaggery from an idol made of jiggery and offering as Naivadya to the God, that that idol represents i.e what can we surrender when everything is actually his .But of course,Bhagavan meant the bhava of surrender without any reservations.

All our lives whether related to work or home ,we have to(or think we have to ) plan a lot of things related to say our job,home front like timely commencement of tasks,reflections on payments to be made, children affairs to name a few,all of which apparently involve a lot of conscious thinking.If this conscious thinking is not done ,we think that our world is crumble,we will be categorized as insane,a person who has renounced the world with no foot on practical living.

Bhagavan seems to say that we can surrender without reservations and live in the moment joyously.It then seems that the Supreme will take our activities and implant the right thoughts at the right time, so that we need not apparently,try to conjure up thoughts to initiate critical action,(critical at that juncture as we perceive it ).Our life will be on autopilot governed by the supreme and we need not incessantly worry about anything.THings will be done in the best possible way and at the right time,and without any criticism from stakeholders dependent on us.

I would like members to confirm above understanding and share their own view points on the above and perhaps experiences if they have practiced the same, in their own lives.Though talking about it is very difficult ,it is solicited as  a request for other sadhaks who would like to tread the same path.I know that that there is a thing called partial surrender but when Bhagavan has said that we have to surrender totally and reap the benefits,partial surrender seems to be just an excuse to postpone what is best for us. Hence, I am requesting members' viewpoints on this total surrender.


anand .

Thanks Sri Anil.Since the treacherous ego mind will not try to annihilate itself,it is clear that self enquiry and its practice is divinely inspired. Once we are graced  with it,the death of the ego in due course ,is a foregone conclusion. We can be rest assured that the. ego will not trouble us for long.

Dear Shri Anil,
Based on your knowledge and experience , I wanted your opinion on one  topic. The Buddhists hold that the 'I' that forms the basis of  all our interactions and conscious actions , is a 'pseudo I 'and does not exist . While Bhagavan  used to always ask to take recourse to his Brahmashtra 'who am I '  on any such discussions  which would probably deviate us  from sadhana  , he never seemed to have explicitly commented on this Buddhist view.But I think at some point, he has said that the 'I' that we commonly know it is being + memories , together apparently forming the I that decides,reflects , acts.I would like your thoughts on this when time permits.
Anand .

General Discussion / Re: Request: Atmavichar sir on deep sleep question
« on: September 21, 2017, 08:33:07 PM »
Dear Krishnan,,In addition, in case you wake up in between for whatsoever reason,pl utilise the same for a brief sadhana-Bhagavan has stressed the importance of meditation during these transitions. Do not get up abruptly but use it for self enquiry ,gently enquiring who is this being that has waken up,watch your mind .All such interruptions in our sleep may be viewed as not a health problem but an opportunity for sadhana.For as the Gita says,when the world sleeps,the yogi awakes to wisdom. Regds.

Yes,the eBook of Talks is also wonderful and can be purchased online from Sri Ramanasramam. We can keep bookmarks and catch up where we left off. And yes,so many passages of the talks, remind us of our real nature .All of our worries etc just pale into insignificance and we just become what we are.

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