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Once one cobra settled on body of Mahatma Gandhi.He advised others not to get panicky about that.After some times it crawled
down and went away.

Dear eranilkumarsinha,i agree totally with your point of view.Nice post.

Dear amiatall,thank you for your response.

Dear eranilkumarsinha ,beautiful post.This is exactly Bhagawan's point of view.Thank you.

Questiomimg the thinker is exploration.But the "I" thought won't vanish in single attempt.So thoughts will be there even after
several attempts of exploration.Just because it is vanished for Bhagawan in a single attempt we cannot say it is the case for everybody.

Dear amiatall,exploration is verbal,there is no explorer involved in that as noun.Exploration is done by awareness.
I really do not understand when you say " It is a tool which kills the thinker and thought even before exploration can start."
Can you elaborate on what you want to say and i will read it with an open mind.

The saint and murderer are both instruments in divine hand.This does not mean that the murderer is a jnani.The murderer is
just fulfilling his job of murderer efficiently in this cosmic drama.We take the events in the phenomenal reality seriously but
for the saint they are part of a dream and they do not take it seriously.

Self-inquiry is the process of uncovering the reality which is clouded by thoughts.We cannot investigate into the Self.
Self is oneness and a unitary whole.The ignorant mind cannot investigate into the Self.It is enough if we set aside the
ignorant mind so that Self is uncovered,Self-inquiry is not a search for truth.The search for truth is merely a fulfillment of
belief.Self-inquiry is the process of understanding how thought works and nature of thinker.It explores what the thinker is
and his thoughts.Without understanding this self isolation process which we commonly call the "thinker or ego".
Merely caught to be in a dogma is not the uncovering beauty of Self which is life,existence,truth.

General topics / Re: 6th sense
« on: September 23, 2010, 02:09:54 PM »

Intuition is the 6th sense.It happens with Self-knowledge when one is not even aware that he is in Self-knowledge during that period.Intuition is beyond intellect and reasoning which belong to mind.It is a direct perception of real as the real and false as
false and so there is no effort in intuition.Usually Our perception is distorted by conditioning which is false and so false appear as true and truth appears as false.Humanity is suffering from this calamity of distorted perception.


First of all because of Guru's grace only we are in this forum,we are remembering Arunachala and Bhagawan,some of us are doing
Self-inquiry.Are all these possible without his grace?A saint in Tamilnadu gave realization to a tree,Bhagawan conferred realization
to cow Lakshmi,there is no word like "impossibility" in Guru's language.

In the examples given in the thread the undercurrent of "I" thought is intact.The bliss we enjoy in those moments belong to
Anandamaya kosa which is the causal body of Self-ignorance.The bliss of that kosa is a reflected bliss of Self(Abhasa bliss).
Adi Sankara in Viveka Chudamani says even Samadhi state of mind does not annihilate tendencies."I" thought is just dormant in
sleep and Samadhi and it immediately rises after those states are over. Self-inquiry is the way to annihilate tendencies.

 It is impossible for anybody to entertain any doubt about this `I' notion.I tell him to take up the thread or the clue of `I'-ness and follow it to its source.~Ramana Maharshi.

Vichara finally leads to complete surrender.(Poorna Saranagathi).

If we are thirsty for truth we will find ways on how to prepare the mind for Self-inquiry.But are we thirsty for truth at all?
I feel majority of us are interested in the "information about the truth" rather than truth per se.
We are interested in concepts about the truth,scriptures about the truth rather than "being the truth".
Probably at the unconscious level we are all afraid to "be the truth" because it amounts to the death of the ego.
To be fed, there must be hunger. If you are hungry, you will find food. Are you hungry, or merely
greedy for the taste of some other food? If you are greedy, you will find that which will gratify; but it
will soon come to an end, and it will not be true food.

Bhagawan took humanity a great leap forward through his presence and teaching.September 1st is a vital day for humanity
in the evolution of consciousness.It is the work of grace through which Bhagawan lived amidst us to redeem us from the
pangs of ego.He simplified spiritual practice and showed a practical way of doing Self-inquiry without need to disturbing our
work we are doing and showed that there is no need to cause suffering to the body in the name of spirituality and he said
that real renunciation is not change in physical circumstances but to renounce the ego.

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