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A few words to clarify the question of being and doing..

Nobody needs to do anything to be aware that he is, to be aware of his beingness. You all know that you "are" without "doing" anything.

The doing is done by the ego called "nonduel". All the doing is happening as per the script and the vasanas.

To accept the doing, one has to accept that he is this ego, this mind, this "me"...that he is this body!


Sri Nisargadatta said that all the "happening" is only entertainment. Do not accept the mind's doing.

Just rest in the silence, the peace of the Self. Just stay in this awareness of being. Just this!


The mind is a scoundrel, it creates situations of conflict and most importantly it FEEDS on it.

Please understand that Vichara isn't a "doing" but a "Being".
I isn't a "DOING" but a "BEING".

To BE, there is no need to acquire anything. Everyone is conscious of being without having to "do" something to be. In fact you cannot escape this beingness!

You can certainly forget about it by searching everywhere, but realize at the same time, that you are only keeping yourself away from it.

Heated discussions like this thread are a good example. But it can also be a gift if one stops and tries to learn from it. Grace flows from one to another in many differents ways, always surging from the one un-divided SELF.

My Love to all of you. I will leave again for a while...

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Wishes from the heart
« on: January 04, 2013, 09:48:22 PM »
Pranams to all,

Came for a visit on the forum, and saw that there are still fierce arguments and discussions here. That's good, because it eventually wears out from sheer mental exhaustion  :) LOL!!!   

I know! Had my share of arguments. How the mind loves to chew on the intellectual level, that's it's food, energy and this is absolutely essential for it's own existence.

There's a lot of restlessness in a sadhaka. The quest is considered gigantic, beyond one's capacity, beyond one's sins... Only because one considers the body as himself.

Eventually something clicks, a deeper understanding that rises with peace and a surrender. Everything is in the silence of one's owm Being.

At the beginning of this new year, my Love to all of you and may you realise that the Grace of Bhagavan is ever within you, in the depth of your Being...

Forum advice, news & etiquette / Re: Message from Srkudai
« on: June 03, 2012, 06:17:45 PM »
Uncomfortable feelings after these posts a little tinted with jugements :(

Dear Jyoti,

Wolter Keers was a Dutch teacher and writer who had already adequate knowledge about Hindu Yoga methods and Advaita.
He came to Sri Bhagavan in early 1950s and stayed in the Asramam until a few days before Sri Bhagavan's Maha Samadhi,.
His encounter with Sri Bhagavan was always in silence and there were only a few word exchanged.

He says: The first time I saw Sri Bhagavan, even at a distance, I immediately recognized that this was the Being I had been looking
for all my life. My immediate experiences in His Presence, cemented that conviction. As I sat before Him, I became aware of an all
penetrating, all conquering love that nothing in me was able to resist. ....I was repeatedly struck by jolting, shuddering, mind
dissolving bolts of lightning, you will get a better idea of just how powerful His Presence was....Though He did not condemn me or criticize my efforts, there was something about His Presence that gave me a total shift of perspective.  As Sri Bhagavan's cleansing gaze ate
away my concepts, I felt I could hear Him saying, with astonishment, 'How could you have been misled into believing that you had an
ego and that this ego had any importance? ..... Tenderly, lovingly He showed me how I had brought all my problems on myself. Then radiating His loving kindness, He showed me the truth, the place of happiness where such ignorant ideas did not arise,. This approach left me in a state of utter amazement. I came to Sri Bhagavan to help me climb a mountain, and Sri Bhagavan showed  me that  the
mountain did not exist at all in the first place.

Wolter Keers returned quite blissfully to his home country and continued his practice and one evening, after a simple tea with
his friends and bidding them good bye, he fell like a stick and prostrated to Sri Bhagavan's photo and never rose again.


One can pray to Sri Bhagavan's photo or the Hill's photo, There is no difference.

Arunachala Siva,                   

Here is a small interview with Wolter Keers.

General topics / Re: Difficulties and desperation in sadhana
« on: April 18, 2012, 12:37:45 AM »
The "you" who is always in those situation is the ego, and you identify yourself with it. Its a case of mistaken identity! Just do not accept all these lies from the mind.

Very true sir but when you are afrain or depressed it is very difficult, really. It is like you are dreaming. There are times when you realize that these fears are not real, that you are dreaming, they are not you but you cannot wake up. I honestly that there are times when I can't do nothing to escape from desperation. In this time I just wanna sleep and to not think about anything.

Just do one thing. But do it with all your love, with earnestness. Stop everytime that you can and just place your attention on yourself, the sense of existence. Do not interpret how to do it, if it is the correct way, if you are doing it right...just stay put there.

I promise you, after a while you will have bliss rising in you. This is the closest to the Self that you can "be". It is said that when a disciple makes one step, the guru (Self) makes ten steps. MAKE THIS STEP!

Just rest there, just BE in yourself. Please DO IT!  It isn't that easy to keep your attention there, but return to it uncessingly. It doesn't matter if it is only for two second or ten minutes, it will increase with practice.

When these negatif thoughts surge, ignore them.

General topics / Re: Difficulties and desperation in sadhana
« on: April 17, 2012, 09:01:15 PM »
Is there time in your life when somehow your daily duties press you so much that you forget about your sadhana, about your spiritual life? Or moments when you feel depressed and desperate and like nothing can help you? What do you then? How you help yourself?

Dear Sir,

I almost always have the above situation only. 

Actually in the name of duties and responsibilites, our bad karma is only coming in the forefront all the time.   The reason we were not born into a royal family without need to labour is that much merit only we have in our credit. .  There is no purva punya and hence I am bound to work day and night just for food, shelter and clothing in variety of flavours.

I do get considerable free time  and only with inherent fear that I am using this free time not for any extra study or certifications but on something called 'sadhana' ,  I use it. 

Anycase I do the so called sadhana.    My sadhana means working with my closest enemy mind.  Every nerve will pain.  My desires and the thirst for liberation colide with each other and fierce battle will take place.   Finally without any side winning totally,  my sadhana time will end.  Bell will ring for next Monday.  Depression results.  Somehow I am continuing my sadhana with a grace of light given by my Guru.  Otherwise long long ago I would have been totally wiped out in all aspects.

Dear ksksat27,

Permit me to lovingly tell you to throw overboard all those thoughts from the mind. Do not fight with the mind and its thoughts, just don't give them your attention.

The mind only create thoughts that appear in your consciousness, and if you understand this, you will realise that you CANNOT be what you observe.

If you know who you are, then even during work, labor, you will be able to keep your attention on the self.

The "you" who is always in those situation is the ego, and you identify yourself with it. Its a case of mistaken identity! Just do not accept all these lies from the mind.

Another way of saying this is "SURRENDER"!  Just rest in Beingness!

Dear Srkudai,

There is a difference between a "Practise Technique" and "Attitude"
Attitude is more powerful and one need not do it continuously and yet it works. But one needs to hold onto it.
A techinque has to be practised continuously and then too chances of falling are high.

Example: observing breath is a technique.
Try it and see, u will slip a lot of times, obviously its not possible to keep the mind on it continuously.

Nowhere to Go, nothing to do ...
this is an attitude. it also needs to be practised, but easier ... and far less taxing  and easy to maintain continuity. coz its an attitude.

WE need change in attitude more than practises in spiritual journey.
We need a perception change: as explained by Psychologists , more than a new practise.

For a sadhaka, at first, there is a great need to "do".

And I think that unless one puts a lot of effort in different practices, reading, searching for answers, being flooded with doubts and becoming discourage with results. After a time, this is where surrender becomes evident. Then the question is how?

That's where the "change in attitude", the "perception change" occurs. Because although the ego does all the practices in the world, it will NEVER Realize. NEVER!

I Am what I Am looking for. Rest in that conviction! Not giving any credibility to the thoughts, to the doubts. Just resting in Beingness. Being still!

The more one gives attention to "doing", the more the identification with the ego is strenghtened. That's the biggest obstacle.

Dear Srkudai,

This is a very, very important point that you posted. Much more than it seems!

I understand perfectly what you are saying. Now let's go a little further on this. The first thought is as you pointed out the "I-Thought". This is the though that we identify with..

And accept this as reality, the reality of our existence.

It is also with this thought ("I") that we consider that we are in bondage. It is also a THOUGHT that we ACCEPT. It is the same "processus" we continously use for all the other thoughts.

Thoughts surge by themselves, we do NOT "think" or create a particular thought, it just spontaniously appears in consciousness. If you practice just observing them, you realize that it is an unending chain. Just observing them passively, they pop up and dissolve in silence one after the other.

But we think they are ours and we thus act on them. This brings happiness, guilt, sadness, anger etc...

Happiness is the SELF. Since we think we are something else, like this human body, we think that the thoughts are also ours.

Boundage is also a thought that we "cultivate" and we react with sadhana. Thinking we have to do more to be liberated and the chain of thoughts continues with other thoughts, never ending.

When the mind is silenced, like in deep sleep, where are the thoughts? In the silence between the thoughts, where is the belief of boundage?

The greatest gift that Bhagavan gave us is self-enquiry which turns the mind from the thoughts to the inner silence. There is where happiness is.

Tripura Rahasya and other ancient works / Re: Bhagavad Gita online
« on: April 14, 2012, 07:35:39 PM »
The "just being state" and "doing".

Most aspirants imagine that they are in the 'Just be' state or 'There is nothing to be done',etc.I have seen learned Swamijis caught in this belief.This belief is propagated as 'Yajnya'.

The duality dilema!

It is true that there is no effort in just being, but at the same time you have to DO self-enquiry. It's a doing without effort!!

Dear Ramana,

"Lord Jesus again says that we should seek the Kingdom of God which is God Himself, the Self and we should not stop until we find It. Only then we will be in rest. There are many impediments in our life but whatever happens we must continue our quest whatever it takes."

The searching is made by the mind. You can never find what you are, you can only BE it.

You are conscious of existing, of being aren't you?. Do you have to search to find your consciousness? How do you find your consciousness?

You can search for something, but you can only find an object, not the searcher.

Forget about the impediments, they are only pictures appearing on the screen, in consciousness. 

Being Aware of Aham Asmi --- is enough.
provided there is clear understanding of aham asmi.

Dear Udai, yes!

General topics / Re: Difficulties and desperation in sadhana
« on: April 14, 2012, 06:45:32 PM »
Dear Ramana,

I have just made a short post on the "Nisargadatta Gita" and I hope it be helpful for you as it was/is for me. 

General topics / The Nisargadatta Gita
« on: April 14, 2012, 06:40:44 PM »
Namaste to all,

Keeping our attention on the self, Self-Enquiry, isn't easy and one must be earnest. Sri Nisargadatta said it was "a slippery place". The mind and thoughts do not collaborate as we all know.

A disciple of Maharaj made a compilation of all the quotes mentionning "I Am". It is the same teaching as Bhagavan, which is to keep our attention on the self, which Maharaj called the "I Am". This disciple is Pradeep Apte and this compilation is easy to find on the web.

I don't know of any other "tool" that centers one's attention on the self.

He also made a shorter compilation called the Nisargadatta Sadhana.

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